Harriet’s Liberty Ch. 04

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Harriet strutted through the High Street with a confidence she could never have envisaged just a few weeks ago, her tall heels and tight skirt turning male heads which she did not give a returning glance. She was the same woman whom males had barged past and tutted at her obstruction as they gave their attention to mobile phones and newspapers, but she now cut a swathe through them, seeing them part like the Red Sea and some of them stumbling as they gaped at her pleasing form. Her dominance grew aside her confidence as she mused on her enslavement of Bryant, the stroll in one of her tighter new skirts and the eyes upon her bringing a pert sexual arousal which wet her cunt nicely; she would allow him to lick her to orgasm when she returned; he wasn’t going anywhere after all, and the fact that he was chained and waiting to be dominated filled her with acute pleasure.

She was a keyholder to the library, and she gave the dour fifties concrete structure a look of contempt as she quickly moved down the side passage and opened the door, careful to switch off the alarm as she did routinely. She had often attended in closed hours as a sense of duty, often finding sanctuary from her mother there, sorting the returned books that the other staff had not bothered to relocate to the appropriate shelves, and sometimes comforting herself by masturbating over the few risque novels and texts that were stored there. She had been treated like a slave by certain other members of staff, who though not necessarily unkind to her, had taken it for granted that she would do their fetching and carrying, and there were certain regular male customers who had had many laughs at her expense; curt remarks about her plain appearance and spinstership being their favourite topic. All this was to change forever before she handed the keys back.

She knew the habits of some of those regular customers who were like clockwork, and used to dread Mondays, which was a day she was often pilloried; this one would be different. She moved to a section on engineering and took all the books from a lower shelf, placing them high up, out of reach without the aid of the wheeled stool she employed and then hid away, someone would need assistance to retrieve them. She made several other adjustments, moving one section into a far aisle rarely frequented, before leaving with her cunt in need of Bryant’s services; she had thought initially that simply teasing him, teaching the old pervert a lesson before cutting him out of her new life would suffice, but now realised the services of an enslaved single male was very beneficial, she would dominate him into perpetual enslavement and have him witness the pleasure of her conquests.

Another thought crossed Madam Harriet Harper’s mind as she opened her front door, she would make the pervert open his computer and divulge his lurid obsessions; he was bound to hold dark perverted desires, and the thought of his humiliation excited her no end. She opened the cellar door, stepped in, and closed it hard to announce her arrival and descended the steps with slow deliberation. Bryant’s thoughts were immediately awakened, his heart jumped at the sound that he had waited for, seemingly for an eternity though it had been a matter of two hours or so. He had had plenty of time to mull over his predicament, squinting through the mask at the racks and the beckoning noose in the far corner, whips trailing from shelves; instruments which showed the intention of sweet revenge by the once dour girl. His anus tingled in unison with the rising of his cock as he tested the cuffs which held him in wait of her pleasure, and listened to the steps of the approach of a woman who had shown him his correct position.

Harriet’s cunt tingled, her nipples poking rock hard as she looked on at the delicious novelty of a male controlled by her merest whims, his eyes showing fear and anticipation through the mask, his cock erect and betraying the excitement of submission to her feminine power. Bryant’s cock pulsed and bobbed on seeing the pleasure in her eyes on strutting toward him on those spiked heels, her broad hips bustling in the tight skirt; each time he saw her his submissive worship of her grew stronger, kuşadası escort masked and cuffed, his mind went back to the way he’d letched and teased the once humble girl – he now grunted through the ball gag in an attempt to pledge confirmation of her superiority. Harriet stood proud and dominant before him, sneered, and slapped his face.

‘You’ll remain silent while I tell you how things’ll be from now on. I’ve been thinking, what would the police have to say if they saw the pictures of me plastered all over the walls? How would the neighbours view having a peeping tom in their midst when it all came out? She smiled cruelly as he panted and grunted through the gag, salivating at the thought of his public exposure, before awarding his face another playful slap.

‘I think a full confession of your perversions might just save you from that shame. We’re going to go up to your bedroom, and you’re going to open up your computer and show me what really turns you on. I’ll know if you’re hiding anything from me, and you’ll feel the cane until I’m satisfied you’ve revealed all.’ A mild panic flashed through his mind as he recounted the filth he liked to masturbate over, but she had him under her control; he could not believe she’d go public, but if that ever happened, who would the police take more heed of? She’d become a meek single woman for the occasion, and he was a single middle-aged male and the pictorial evidence was damning, despite her posing exposed in her garden. His cock pulsed hard as she strutted to a shelf, put a cane under her arm and chose a shiny new leather leash, then smiled contentedly as she fastened its collar about his neck.

‘I know you’ll be a good boy for me and not make any fuss. If you behave well, and you will, I may let you masturbate over what pleases you while I watch. I may even let you lick me again; I know you’d like that.’ The maintained rigidity of his cock showed that the thought of his exposure on both counts was as pleasing as it was painful to him, and his grunted protestations through the gag as she released him and led him to the stairs on all fours like a dog, were more confirmation of his submission to her than pleas against what would be; she had decided and he would conform. Harriet led him up the stairs to where his clothes lay in a pile, and he jerked on the leash thinking she’d allow him to dress. She tugged hard on the leash and sneered at the naked and masked male.

‘Oh, your mask is all you’ll need, but I do need your keys.’ Her cunt moistened as she felt his reluctance after retrieving the keys and tugging him toward the door, naked.

‘Oh, you’ll know many humiliations under my control; I do hope some of the neighbours are out doing some gardening.’ Bryant’s anus tingled incessantly, as his grunts through the gag went unheeded, Harriet opening the door to the world beyond with its possibilities of exposure, Bryant cowering as he felt the cool air around his balls and arsehole. She looked quickly from side to side, ensuring the coast was clear; too much exposure at once might not be beneficial, though Bryant did not know her thoughts. He felt as though every nearby residence had eyes upon him as Harriet tugged him out through the door, her feeling of triumph glowing as she led the owned dog he had become. Though close to the house and at least partially obscured by the hedges, Harriet enjoyed every step, pausing halfway to smile down at the male in his defeated splendour, he making muffled grunts through the gag and straining at the leash like a frisky hound wishing to give chase to local cats. Harriet looked about her, then enjoyed the tease.

‘Maybe we should take a walk through the park, I’d so love to show the world your new position.’ Bryant whimpered pitifully through the gag, though his cock boned with a strangely perverted but subconscious enjoyment at the thought. Harriet’s cunt would not wait that long though; his brief exposure had excited her beyond all expectations, and her spite needed the reward of his tongue. She savoured his misery as he strained impatiently on the leash.

‘I can see that you’re in need of some sharp discipline; I think you’ve earned the cane already.’ kuşadası escort bayan Being caned by her seemed more than a pleasure to him at that point, and he gasped with relief as he was led to his own door. Back in the private confines of his house, the relief allowed Bryant’s balls to tingle with submissive pleasure as he watched her delicious arse move in the skirt as she ascended the stairs, he knowing he now faced further humiliation on being forced to show her the lurid sites he frequented. Harriet imposed the further intentions of her dominance immediately on entering his tired and typically single male bedroom, tearing one of the pictures of her from the wall with her cane.

‘Look at the state of this room! What if I hold a party in my house and require yours to provide overnight accommodation? You’ll redecorate the bedrooms to my taste; I’ll want it done before the week’s out.’ Bryant looked up at her smug face with disbelieving eyes as she dropped his leash and crossed her arms, waiting for a grunt of disapproval; she was quietly triumphant on no sound being offered, Bryant’s erect cock pulsing in recognition that he would be totally ruled by her, even in his own house. She would now own it. Harriet pulled the chair from the computer desk and sat cross legged on it, giving him a generous view of her thighs as he knelt before the keyboard, and toying smugly with the cane; his eyes wandered up at the pictures he’d taken, he’d have difficulty denying his actions to the police even if he took them down; Harriet had one in her clutches, and it was hardly a selfie, with his curtains on show to one side. She had him just where she wanted him, under her control. He now faced glorious humiliation which she would revel in, as he was made to disclose his darker desires without choice.

Harriet pointed to one of the pictures with her cane, and gave Bryant a stern look on his showing a little reluctance to open up and reveal what he had.

‘Believe me, you’ll learn you’ll enjoy being humiliated, and humiliated you will be.’ She smiled with contentment as he tapped in his password.

‘And your password is?..’ She pointed to a pen and pad on the desk.

‘Write it down. I’ll want to give things a thorough check over at my leisure; if I find you’ve hidden anything, you’ll be punished most severely.’ Bryant’s muffled protestations were responded to with a spiteful stroke of the cane to his exposed buttocks, and Harriet’s cunt tingled with the haughty pleasure of her power over him as he meekly obeyed, his cock jutting erect as it poked forward when he stretched to scribble it out; his submissive side unable to hide the twisted pleasure of being controlled and humiliated by a dominant female. She grinned as the screen illuminated, and stood next to him.

‘I see the screen has a camera function; we’ll take a snap of your new position and keep it as a screen-saver to remind you of it.’ Bryant’s cock wilted slightly at the idea, but was brought to a healthy erection again as Harriet teased it with the cane as they posed, and he saw himself gagged and leashed on his knees; that cock showing the pleasure of his submission, despite the look of bewilderment in his eyes, mirrored by the smug pleasure of ownership in Harriet’s as she kept the leash taut and ensured the defeated salute of his aching member.

Harriet played the cane on his flesh as he was made to stroke his cock on viewing what he frequented, watching what made him jerk most and keeping note of it while laughing softly as she witnessed his excitement. The cane was applied a little harder as he revealed his lust at depictions of girls in bondage, Harriet frowning theatrically as his cock boned at the sight of young flesh held firm by cords.

‘We’ll soon whip those thoughts from you; this sight is forbidden from now on.’ It was at this point that notice of a new mail popped up, and she felt Bryant’s need to pretend it wasn’t there. She enjoyed his discomfort thoroughly as she pointed to the already more than obvious envelope at the base of the screen.

‘Why, I forgot all about correspondence! That could be most revealing, couldn’t it? Open it… NOW!’ Her cruel pleasure escort kuşadası had her cunt buzzing as she saw Bryant’s face actually redden and saw him squirm with unease as he opened it. The relief that he showed on it just being a flyer from a BDSM site did not save him, Harriet knew he had something he did not feel easy about revealing within his mail box. A feeling of spiteful victory warmed her cunt as she awarded him a sharp stroke of the cane, Bryant grunting through the gag as his arse glowed to match his face as a list was revealed.

Harriet noted that there were many entries from a ‘Curious Mandy’, and took control of the mouse in her eagerness to sate her own curiosity, giving Bryant a thoughtful sneer as she watched him pant anxiously through the gag. She grinned as she read how Bryant had controlled her – at a distance – telling her how he’d tie her up for his enjoyment, and receiving pictures of her with ties ankles or wrists, which he had no doubt masturbated hard over. Harriet gave him a slap to the face as he grunted protestingly at her viewing older mails from her; it seemed she was a lonely housewife with plenty of time on her hands, her initial mails had shown how she was curious about being dominant as well as a sub, but Bryant had laid the path to be the dominant one. Harriet grinned as she took over the keyboard, she was delighted to note that the woman lived within easy driving distance.

‘I think it’s time she realised her potential, don’t you?’ Bryant received another cursory slap as he continued to grunt pleadingly through the gag, his cock pulsing as he watched her take command of another aspect of his life. Harriet responded to Curious Mandy’s last mail, adding her own mail address: “There have been changes around here, I would love to hear from you.” Bryant’s balls and anus tingled as she attached the picture of him, leashed and dominated… and sent it. She watched him pant through the gag, his eyes fixed on the screen as she filled it with the picture, then undid her skirt and slipped her panties down her legs.

‘I’ll see you masturbate over that picture now, I know you want to; I expect someone else will be masturbating over it too, just think of that as you shoot your mess. Put on a good show for me, we’ll have that gag off and I’ll have my cunt and arsehole licked when you’re done.’ Harriet sat back in the chair, lifted and spread her thighs over its arms, and stroked her moist cunt as she watched Bryant eagerly strop his stiff cock. The pleasure he felt was immense and overpowering as his eyes flicked from the picture of his own humiliation to the juiced cunt of the woman who had instigated it so profoundly; the whiff of her arousal ensuring his balls would provide a more than worthy expenditure, his mind in a glorious rapture of total defeat as a torrent of hot semen burst from his cock in pure ecstasy. He was owned and she knew it, she was in command of him and fully enjoying total control which he could do nothing to prevent; the cruel and teasing pleasure of his submission to femininity took him down to a perverse level of ecstasy as her victorious sneer drained his balls.

She watched with utter contempt as he jerked on his knees and spent his seed at her whim, then deftly pointed him to her feet. He waddled to her and stretched his jaws after she unbuckled the gag, she smiling at the line it left around his cheeks, then pulled his face down to her slippery labia, caressing his hair like a pet animal.

‘Lick! I’ll tell you when you’ve earned my arsehole, I know how you love to show your worship there, and you’ve made it nice and sticky after today’s amusement.’ She sighed with immediate pleasure as he licked at the slippery folds so willingly, the musky scent and taste bringing fresh excitement to his spent cock. She allowed him to rasp vigorously at her clitoris before its urgency required her to slip a finger down to it.

‘Lick my arsehole! Show me you know your place!’ Bryant continued to sniff at her cunt as his tongue slid down to the honeyed tang of her sticky pucker, his cock rising in tribute again as the tingling of his own anus told him he truly did know his place, the thought of further humiliations to come making him want to spend again as his tongue slipped into the warmth of her arsehole. Harriet moaned with satisfaction, her legs tensing and pointing her toes skyward as she indulged in a glorious orgasm, her thoughts that his enslavement was just a mere aperitif for what was to come.

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