Harry’s Heaven Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – Moonlight Dip

Hell no, I’m not a hero. I was invited to a get-to-gather in the Persian Gulf, but it was more a political power ploy than it was a necessary engagement of a life-threatening dictator as Washington claimed. I was luckier than some. I’m home now and all of my vital parts are working well.

I can definitely declare that all of my working parts are indeed working. My neighbor helped me confirm that fact. It was about nine o’clock on a nice spring evening, and I was still regaining my grip on civilian life once again. My recent experiences had made me feel much more comfortable outside under the stars than hidden away in some structure. Tonight I had chosen the back yard at my Mom’s house.

Mom’s a nurse, and as such, she is apt to be called to work some of the damnedest shifts I have ever heard of including the one tonight – 8:00 pm to 4:00 am. Mom and I had become intimate before I went to the Middle East, so my homecoming yesterday was a fucking blast – literally. Mom left for work humming, and I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in months. Now it was just me and the stars. Or so I thought.

“Harry?” said the voice from across the fence. “Harry, is that you?”

The voice was female, very soft and soothing, yet seductive.

“Yes, I’m Harry,” I called back. “Who wants to know?”

“My name is Julia,” was the reply. “I’m your new next door neighbor, and by the way your Mom brags on you, I feel we are already old friends. She and I have become quite close over the last few months. She’s a lovely person.”

“You’ll have to excuse me, Julia,” I confessed, “but I feel like I am talking to the wind. Where are you?”

“Oh my,” she cried and I heard a click as the lights illuminated the pool. “This is my favorite time to enjoy the pool, and I usually do so in the dark. Come join me. Please.”

With the lights on I could see that I was talking to an attractive strawberry blonde somewhere around Mom’s age. She was leisurely making her way to the shallow end of the pool when I confessed.

“I don’t think I can find my swimming trunks. I’m not even unpacked yet.”

“I don’t see the problem,” Julia said as she stopped in the shallow end of the pool and stood erect. I began to become erect at the same time. Julia was butt-assed naked, and she was lovely. The water made her body glisten in the artificial light around the pool, and her ample breasts made me get harder as I stored this vision in my memory. “Chicken?”

“Not hardly,” I boasted as I bounded Ankara travesti over the fence. “I’m all yours.”

“We’ll see,” she said smiling demurely and watching me drop my shorts and kick aside my thongs. “I have to agree with your Mom, Harry. You do have a handsome cock, and it’s growing nicely.”

This whole turn of events made me feel like a child again. In fact, I launched my body face up out into the deeper end of the pool. Naturally this maneuver caused my shaft to wave in the night air like a periscope. When I looked down my body to where I had left Julia standing, she was gone. Was I dreaming?

Suddenly her head emerged directly between my legs, and by the time her boobs appeared she had a grip on my cock. By the time she settled in the water her mouth had covered my pecker head and about half of my shaft. This sudden excitement definitely left my mind in neutral especially when it came to remembering to keep my body afloat. As I sank ass first, Julia calmly hooked her arms under my legs and, with my cock still in her mouth, treaded water sufficiently to keep us both afloat.

I thought I had already had all of my first times with sex, but this woman was changing my mind rapidly. As skillfully as a pilot boat’s skipper in the harbor, she navigated us both to the edge of the pool. We docked at the ladder. Julia disengaged from my throbbing dick and started up the ladder. I was directly behind her. In fact, I was so close behind that my erection was wedged between her legs.

I could in no way read this woman’s mind, but when she paused on the ladder briefly, I took the opportunity to grasp my cock and guide it into her swollen pussy. I moved up to the same ladder rung as she was on, and using the guard rail as leverage, I gently lunged forward into her pussy. She moaned softly, and then she did something that caused her pussy to massage my cock. This was another first for this supposedly seasoned veteran.

I continued to lurch forward, and with equal enthusiasm she pressed against my advances. Although extremely exhilarating, this coupling had a short life. My cock began to buck like it had the dry heaves. Julia had placed her hands on the edge of the pool and was pounding my raging cock like a butting ram. I’m sure we both experienced sensational orgasms, however, I was so involved in my climax that I had no idea what reaction Julia was having. I do know that shortly afterwards we found ourselves floating listlessly in the pool.

Julia was the first to break Konya travesti the silence. “Beth,” using my Mom’s given name, “was right about one thing, young man. That’s one hell of a cock you have there. I love it.” As she spoke she was groping around under water until she found my limp cock. She gave it a gentle squeeze. “However,” she continued, “I will not consider this a total sexual romp until you eat my pussy. My information has it that you’re pretty good at that as well.”

Tell me, Julia,” I said, “how did you and my Mom come to talk about me so much. That’s pretty personal stuff she told you.”

“Oh, Harry,” she huffed, “your Mom talked about you all the time. That’s what first brought us together. Then we became such good friends that I wanted to show her a new and special way to express our feelings. We had sex, woman to woman, one evening, and before we realized it Beth started spending her days off with me. We are very compatible, and your mother has developed an exciting technique for eating pussy. I love it.”

“What else did she tell you about us?” I asked.

“Well, she said that you ate her pussy better than anybody besides me. Now I want to find out just how good you are, young man. Let’s go.” I was rapidly learning that Julia was a no nonsense matter-of-fact sort of woman. I had no doubt I was well on my way to eating her pussy, and to tell the truth, I was looking forward to it. I watched with arousing interest as her buttocks twisted toward one of the loungers at poolside.

“How should we go about this?” I asked not knowing at all what to expect next.

“Well, I think you will enjoy your food better if you warm it up a little before you dive in, don’t you?”

“Absolutely,” I replied as I knelt between her wide spread thighs. She had drawn up her legs as far as she could, but taking her advice I lay across her damp snatch and abdomen in a manner that allowed me access to her monstrous boobs and her waiting mouth. As our lips touched I could feel a vacuum building even though her tongue darted into my mouth and sought out mine. Describing this as a passionate kiss was hardly adequate. She almost sucked my entire head into her mouth. I filled each hand with titty flesh, and rubbed my rapidly growing cock against her pussy. A few seconds later she broke away from our embrace.

“Eat me, Harry,” she gasped. “Eat me now, please.” I paused on my way down to her valley while I suckled each of her rock-hard nipples. She moaned with pure pleasure as she gasped İzmir travesti again. “Eat me, Harry.”

I started with my usual routine. I ran my tongue over the soft warm flesh of her inner thighs pausing only long enough to kiss here and there. By the time I reached her furry patch and her pussy she was soaking wet. She tried to spread her legs even wider as I moved in, but that was wasted effort. I buried my mouth against her vaginal hole and wiggled my tongue as I worked my way inside her. Her moans were much more audible now, and she had wrapped her long legs around my mid-section. As I licked the length of her slit, she tried desperately to pull my body closer using her scissor grip. There was no room for improvement, but I was helping as well.

“Oh God, Harry. Your tongue is as long as your mother’s. It must be in the genes.” In spite of her heavy breathing, she giggled.

“What’s funny?” I asked hoping I had not displeased her.

“Oh, I’m sorry baby. I wasn’t laughing at you. It just occurred to me what I said. The long tongue was in the genes when it is perfectly obvious that it is buried in my grateful pussy. You feel great. Don’t stop.”

I moved my action up a little where I could latch on to her clit. Her low sensuous moaning quickly changed into a whining, growling sound. Her snatch pounded against my face, and everyone for miles around knew that Julia was having an orgasm. I drug my body up between her thighs until my newly formed erection was poised for action.

“Ready?” I panted.

“Oh God, yes. Fire away.”

Her gasping commentary amplified. She bucked against the sensation caused by my rigid shaft sliding into her pussy again. Her excitement excited me, and once again we were like two wild animals in the jungle engage in a fierce mating ritual. Julia, as is common with women, reached her climax first this go round. I had just gotten my second wind. I was deeply engaged in achieving my second orgasm so I didn’t notice as Julia, with the help of her hands, raised her legs and draped them over my shoulders.

I almost didn’t hear her when she gasped in a hoarse voice, “In the ass, Harry. Bury it in my ass.”

“Are you sure?”

“In the ass, Harry. Dump this load in my ass. Please.”

When I reluctantly withdrew my rod, she grasped the slimy tool in both hands and guided it to her asshole. “Come on in, baby,” she cried. “Momma’s ready. Pump till you spurt.” With that she fell back on the lounger and humped her ass viciously against my crotch.

The battle was over, and it would be extremely difficult to decide on a winner and a loser. Julia and I both were reduced to limp, putty-like masses, but we were totally satisfied with the engagement.

Not many people are lucky enough to have such nice neighbors.

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