Haunted Mirror Ch. 04

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Vivian woke up to find her hand in a strange position, and remembered what had happened last night. She had had to fall asleep with two of her fingers still stuck fast inside her vagina through some supernatural force. She tried to pull them out, but found them still stuck fast inside her.

“God damn it. Whatever.”

She decided she would just deal with it. She sat up and made to get out of bed, and that was when she found the bedsheet was stuck fast to her nipples.


She bunched up the bedsheet and tugged a few times with her free hand, but there was no helping it. The fabric was clinging all around the pigmented flesh of her areolas. Both her flesh and the cotton fabric stretched out as she tugged, as if they had been knitted together.

“Abigail! Come on!”

But there was no response from the formless spirit haunting her. She gave a few more tugs, several on the blanket and a few on her fingers, but it was hopeless. She groaned and stood up from her bed. She used her free hand to yank on the bedsheet until the bottom came free from being tucked under the mattress. She hobbled over to her dresser and picked out a pair of sweatpants to put on. She awkwardly stepped into them and managed to get them up to her waist, though it took some kicking. Now she was stuck with her hand down the front of her pants, but at least she was wearing something. She took a look at her favorite comfy sweatshirt with envy. Even Abigail would let her put it on, there would be little point even trying in her current state.

Next, she took a few steps toward her bathroom, then decided to toss the bedsheet over her shoulder, which made walking without tripping considerably easier.

She held the toothpaste tube between her elbow and her side, and somehow managed to squeeze a decent amount onto her toothbrush. It was strange trying to do everything with only one hand, but she managed, though she decided she could skip the flossing just this once.

Once she had rinsed her mouth out, she realized a new problem. She had to use the toilet. Her palm was trapped directly over her urethra, and there wasn’t far she could move it. She spent a minute trying to think of some way she could take care of her business without pissing all over her hand and making a horrible mess. Would she even be able to get it all in the toilet like that? The best idea she could come up with was to do her business in the shower. If she knelt down with her lower half in the shower while leaning her upper torso out, she might be able to wash herself off while keeping the sheet from getting soaked, and thereby considerably heavier. It was far from a good solution.

She pointed her knees inward and did an urgent dance.

“Abigail, please? Can you unstick me already? I have to pee! How am I going to pee like this?”

Fortunately, Abigail honored her with a response this time.

“I’m sure you’ve figured out the rules by now. Once you slip and get stuck, you have to give me something to let you go.”

“What do you even want? You’re a ghost!”

“Sexual pleasure is always nice! Of course, I don’t have a body other than yours, so you’ll have to do it. But don’t worry, I’ll feel everything you feel!”

“I’ve had my fingers up my vag for like ten hours! Is that not enough?”

“You have, but all that’s done is tease me and make me dreadfully excited! If you masturbate to orgasm, maybe then we can talk.”

“I’m not even horny right now. It’ll take me an hour! I’m going to explode before then! How about I feed us some breakfast? Does that work?”

“Mmm… no. Not good enough.”

“So you can feel everything I feel, huh? How about I not piss all over my hand in return for you setting me free? I’ll suppose you’ll feel every warm drop that comes out just as I will… leaking all over myself… making a horrible mess. Not going to be pleasant!”

“Really? You think you can endure something that will disgust me? Please! I’ve done more things than you can even imagine… and enjoyed many of them.”

Vivian cinched her pants down and sat on the toilet. She waited for a response from Abigail, and after several seconds of silence, she loosened her muscles. She didn’t feel any movement yet. Would she even be able to?

“Anything else you want?” Vivian asked, hoping to find any solution other than what she was threatening. “Or are you really going to force me to do this to both of us?”

“Very well, I do have another idea! That friend of yours, Olivia? She’s as beautiful as a blossom! Promise me we’ll see her again today, and I’ll let you go, fingers and nipples alike.”

“I’m meeting up with her today, anyway. Just remember: you promised none of those weird tricks around her, okay?”

“Oh, is that what I promised? Maybe I did.”

Suddenly, she bedsheet detached itself and fell down to the bathroom floor. She tugged on her fingers once again, and they finally slid out. But barely a moment after the bedsheet had fallen away from her nipples, she did a double take when she caught a glimpse of them. They were Anadolu Yakası Escort quite a bit pointier than usual. Her poor girls had been through quite an ordeal the last night. Had she permanently stretched them? She palpated her breasts, being careful not to let her fingers touch her nipples, but nothing seemed to hurt, and nothing felt different to her hands. Although, her nipples didn’t just look pointier, they looked a little swollen, too. Maybe they would go back to normal eventually. All the same, she promised herself no more hard tugging on them until then.

As she emerged from the bathroom, she finally dared to look into the mirror, which she had been avoiding direct eye contact with. Her topless reflection looked so tempting, she almost didn’t want to bring her eyes away from it. She stared for a minute, striking several poses. Her unusually enlarged nipples were actually a nice touch! Then, without really knowing why, she pulled the front of her sweatpants down and took a peek at her vagina. She was surprised at how much she liked the view. Suddenly, she didn’t feel so embarrassed about all the people she had flashed yesterday. That shaven slit of hers was simply adorable! She should be proud to show it off! What was the problem?

Suddenly, she remembered the old shopkeeper’s story of how Abigail had become obsessed with staring at herself in the mirror, before she died in front of it. Perhaps to distract herself from its spell, she asked Abigail a question that had been bothering her.

“So… how come I don’t stick to my bra, but I do stick to my bedsheets? Can you at least give me a hint about what kinds of materials I’ll stick to with this little ‘game’ of yours?”

At once, her reflection changed to an image of Abigail. Abigail was still fully nude, except for the bindings keeping her intricate and old fashioned hairdo in place.

“Your teats don’t stick to the inside of your bra because I don’t want to give you a reason to keep it on. It’s as simple as that.”

“So… anything else my nipples touch, they stick to until you decide I’ve pleased you enough?”

“Just so.”

“I see. So, if I were to do something like… this…”

Vivian approached her nightstand and picked up two quarters from a small pile of change and placed them over her nipples. Due to her nipples’ unusual pointiness, she had to press down a little, but was able to lay them flat, with only a little bit of pink showing past the edges. As soon as she began to release the pressure, she could already feel them clinging to her nipple flesh. Perfect!

“Hey! That’s cheating! Well, you’ll see what cheaters get.”

As Vivian tried to pull her fingers away from the quarters, she got a frustrating surprise! The first and second fingers of each hand were stuck fast to the opposite side of the quarters. She tried to pull her hands free, but her fingers were effectively glued to her nipples through the quarters.

“HEY!” she complained, but the only reply was Abigail’s distant laughter.

She stretched out her breasts for a minute, but quickly gave up. She was getting used to how strongly her nipples adhered to things, and realized there was no point in trying to force them free. When they were stuck, they were STUCK! Simply for the virtue of trying everything, she tried to separate her fingers from the quarters one at a time, first lifting one finger, then the other. Unsurprisingly, her fingertips seemed to be stuck just as tightly. She could feel the quarters’ surface pulling mercilessly on her skin as if it had frozen to it. In a last-ditch effort, she pulled her nipples close together and hooked the free fingers of her right hand around her left index finger in an attempt to pull with more force, but even that availed nothing. More out of frustration than an honest attempt, she tugged hard with both hands once again, stretching her breasts out into cones.

“Fine… you win,” she groaned, as she relaxed her hands and hunched over in defeat.

“And now you know that you can’t outsmart me. So, this will be your punishment for a little bit. Anyway, I’m starving, because you really didn’t eat much food last night. Go get us some food.”


“You’re such a clever girl; go figure it out.”

Grumbling, Vivian pried her bedroom door open with her elbow and stomped to the kitchenette. She stared at her cabinets, wondering what ever she was going to do. A bowl of cereal sounded wonderful, or maybe some warm toast, but both the cereal and the bread were in the cupboard high over the countertop, and well out of reach in her current situation.

She instantly gave up on those ideas. She leaned in toward the fridge and did her best to grasp the handle with the free fingers of her right hand. Then, in one motion, she pulled with her hand and leaned backwards, and after a brief struggle, was able to pop the door open. There, right in front of her at about chest level, was the same tub of vanilla yogurt from yesterday. It wasn’t what she was hoping for, but once again, she was Pendik Escort limited to what was within reach.

She leaned in as far as she could, trying to reach it with both hands. She had to stretch both breasts about as far as they would go until she could feel the container with her fingers.

“Maybe one day, you might let me prepare a meal without being stuck to something in a super awkward way?” she complained with her cheek pressed up against her freezer door.

“Why? You’re doing a great job!”

Vivian finally pinched the container between the free fingers of both hands, and carefully extracted it from the fridge. She nudged the door shut with her elbow, then bent over enough to set it down on the counter.

“It’s still pretty fucking difficult! It’s like I’m working with tiny little T-rex arms!”

“What kind of arms?”

“You know… a dinosaur?”

“Sorry, I still have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“How old ARE you?”

“Oh, that’s not important. Let’s eat!”

Vivian fumbled with the lid until she pried it off. After that, she squatted down to reach her silverware drawer and managed to hold a spoon between her thumb and first knuckle. After taking a few hearty bites, she was still hungry. With even more difficulty than before, she was able to grab a carton of sliced melon, almost dropping it in the process. It had been several days since she’d had fresh fruit, and her body was craving it. Several of the items, Abigail had apparently never eaten in her life, and was quite impressed.

Once she had finally taken care of hunger, she looked at her coffee machine with a sense of sorrow.

“Damn. A cup of coffee sure would be nice right about now.”

“You have coffee?” Abigail answered, excitedly. “That DOES sound good! Why don’t you make us some?”

“Seriously? There’s no way I’m going to be able to work the coffee machine like this!”

“Sure there is! Well, why don’t you give it your best try. You do want that cup, don’t you?”

Vivian really did. She saw no way of this succeeding, but maybe if she gave it her all and failed spectacularly, Abigail would finally take pity and release her. She kept the bags of coffee in the cabinet above the counter. The handles were well out of reach, but she extended her elbow above her head and was able to brush it against the bottom of the cabinet door, though this pose twisted her nipple something fierce. After a few attempts, she was able to nudge the door open.

But now how to reach the coffee? The pre-ground bag was close enough she might be able to pick it up in her teeth. She leaned in, and eventually managed to grab it by a corner. It slid off she shelf, fell out of her teeth, and bounced off her stomach and onto the countertop. She repeated the process for the pack of filters. Through some miracle, she managed to pick up the urn and fill it up with water. By the time she was all done, there was water and coffee grounds spilled all over the counter and floor, but she had enough in the pot.

As she stood there waiting for the coffee to brew, the gently tugged at the quarters. She was only fidgeting, though she accidentally began to stimulate herself.

“So… when you stick me to things like this, are you, like, actively holding my skin against them? Or do you just stick it and it stays like that until you tell it otherwise?”

“Why does it matter to you?”

“Just curious.”

“Or are you just trying to distract yourself from how horny you’re getting? Are you sure you don’t want to have a go at yourself while we wait?”

“HOW? Are you serious? How would I do that even if I wanted to?” she complained, tugging at her fingers for emphasis.

“Just go touch your lips to something solid. You know… THOSE lips. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Vivian didn’t respond. Soon, the coffee was nearly ready. She tried to think about how she was going to safety pour herself a cup. She took a whiff.

“Mmm, that smells so good!” said Vivian.

“It does!” Abigail agreed. It sounded like she really wanted some. “You’ve definitely earned it!”

“But… here’s the thing. You remember how much water I spilled all over myself just trying to load the coffee maker, right? Well now, same thing, but it’s scalding hot. So, yeah. I’m going to need my hands to do this safely. I mean, you were saying the game ends when I give you something, and I don’t see you getting that cup any other way.

“Oh, fine! You’ve entertained me more than enough, anyway!”

At once, the quarters unglued themselves from her skin. She managed to catch one midair as it fell. She picked the other up off the floor and set them both on the counter, then poured herself a cup. She topped it off with a generous portion of cream, and took a sip. The rich, creamy flavor on her tongue was the best thing she had had all morning!

Back in her room, Vivian looked at her mirror and contemplated what she wanted to do for a photoshoot with it. The fact that it had turned out to be cursed hadn’t ruined her plans yet… Kurtköy Escort maybe just delayed them. She thought about what time of day would produce the best natural light, what angles to use, and of course what she wanted to wear. But after staring into the mirror for more than a minute, all she could think about was her topless reflection and how sexy she looked, and how much it turned her on to know she looked that beautiful.

“Abigail, can you please stop distracting me for just a minute? I’m trying to get some actual work done here.”

The reflection shifted to Abigail’s image.

“What, you mean how horny you’re getting stating at your own naked breasts? That’s not me. That’s the mirror’s allure. That’s outside of my control.”

“Maybe if you’d let me put a bra on, I could focus a little better.”

“Sorry, rules are rules. Besides, the quickest way to get rid of that urge is to just satisfy it. I can feel how badly you want to.”

Vivian’s reflection popped back into view, and Abigail was silent. But Abigail has been right. Vivian was still plenty horny from all the stimulation, and by now, it would be faster to push through to the end than wait for herself to cool down. She looked at the mirror again, and contemplated the smooth, reflective surface, and what it had felt like to have her nipples cling to it… or to her shower stall. She was getting wet just thinking about it.

She looked into her reflection again, and imagined it was another woman just a beautiful as herself. She took a step forward and stood chest to chest with her reflection. She leaned forward and touched nipples with that beautiful double of hers.

Thirty minutes later, Vivian was getting ready to go out. Unsurprisingly, Abigail had a lot to say about what she should wear. Abagail had been infatuated with some of the minimalist clothing she had seen during their last trip to the city. Vivian wasn’t excited about another ordeal with a miniskirt, so she picked out a pair of short shorts make sure she would be covered from all angles. For her shirt, she showed Abigail her selection of crop tops. The two of them decided on a white long sleeve crop top that stopped just a few inches under her breasts.

Thankfully, Abigail allowed Vivian to wear underwear with this outfit. However, when she reached for a bra, Abigail stopped her.

“Uhh… the top we picked out is white! And my nipples are kind of swollen today, probably from all the tugging.”

“Yes. Is there a problem with that?

“Yeah, my nipples are going to be very visible if I go out like this!”

“I saw some women with some nice little bumps under their shirts, and nobody seemed to mind. I think it looks cute!”

Vivian sighed. “Whatever.”

Vivian and Olivia met up at the gym for an early afternoon workout.

“Whoa! Brave today, are we?” was Olivia’s first comment when she saw her, as she took the briefest glance down at her chest.

“Is it really that bad?” Vivian had gotten more stares than usual on her way over, and had been starting to worry.

“I think it’s freaking hot! It’s just a personal choice of how much you want to show off. I mean, I wouldn’t walk into an elementary school looking like that, but I think you’re fine to walk around the street. I just never realized you were so… well… pointy. It’s kind of impressive!”

“Usually, I’m not. Maybe it’s hormones.”

At least once they had changed into their gym attire, the problem had abated a little. The sports bra she had brought mostly managed to flatten her nipples, with just the tiniest bump visible underneath, probably not even noticeable unless someone looked directly at it.

When Vivian saw Olivia in her outfit, she couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked! She wasn’t even wearing anything all that unusual: just sweatpants and a somewhat form-fitting t-shirt. Maybe it wasn’t her outfit after all, but Olivia had an allure about her that Vivian had never noticed before.

The two of them found exercise bikes next to each other and got to work. As their workout progressed, that unusual allure Vivian had noticed only increased. Every time Olivia looked at her, every time she smiled at her, Vivian felt a little flutter in her heart. It was like she was attracted to her… but she had never been into girls before. What was different about her?

“Such a pretty little flower, isn’t she?” Abigail’s voice rang in her head.

Suddenly, it all made sense. Whatever she had been feeling for Olivia today hadn’t been her real feelings. It had to be something similar to the mirror’s effect. Abigail had said the mirror’s allure wasn’t hers to control, but did that mean she couldn’t copy its power for her own purposes? Vivian ignored Abigail’s comment. She put her headphones in and tried her best to put these strange feelings out of mind.

But before long, who else should come along but Jaden? Vivian was starting to suspect that Jaden had figured out their weekly workout schedule, because he always seemed to be there. He approached wearing basketball shorts and a gray tank top that showcased his strong shoulders. Somehow, his short hair was always immaculate, even in the gym, though he always had exactly the same amount of stubble, no matter the time of day. But all in all, he was definitely a looker!

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