Have You Ever?

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As the third glass of wine eases its way down my throat, my conversation with Marie takes a turn.

“Have you ever been with another woman?” she asks.

I smile. I’ve wanted to explore this subject with her, many times but never found the right time.

“Yes. A few. Why?”

She shifted in her chair, squirming with the question that she wanted to ask.

“Have you ever been with another woman?” I ask.

“No” she blushed, while looking at her feet. “I’ve been curious, but never had a friend I could ask about it. What’s it like?”

I smile again. I look her over for the thousandth time, taking pleasure in studying her dark eyes, how her breasts swell over the low, silk shirt she is wearing. The curve of her hips beneath her skirt tempted me all night in the club. Keeping my mind off all that milky skin under those clothes had been a hard thing to do. Now that we were alone in my apartment, it was even harder not wondering what her skin would feel like under my hands.

Her eyes caught mine and I could see the desire behind them. I stand, putting my almost empty glass on the end table.

“Why don’t I show you?” Leaning down I take her hand and slowly pull her towards me. The shock on her face is enough to make me continue. My hand finds her face and I pull her toward me, my lips brushing hers, testing. When she doesn’t pull away, I kiss her harder, my lips parting, my arm circling her, bringing her closer. My tongue slips into her mouth finding hers, they dance lightly for a moment. When I feel sarışın porno Marie’s hand on my waist, I know it’s okay.

Pulling away from our first kiss, my eyes open to Marie’s face showing part disbelief and part curiosity. I lead her down the hall to my bedroom and shut the door. I turn without a word and start unbuttoning that silk shirt which has been taunting me all night. My long fingers make quick work of it. I slip the shirt from her shoulders and free it from her skirt.

My gaze travels down her neck and I wonder how delicious that skin will taste. My eyes follow the delicate lines of her throat down to her black lace bra. I lower my mouth and lay a kiss on the swell of her breast. I reach around and unhook her bra. Her round, pink nipples peek up at me as I pull the lacy barrier away.

Sitting on my bed, I pull her towards me. Marie gasps as I draw her hard nipple in my mouth and use my fingers to roll the other, pleasuring her the way I have only dreamt about.

Minutes pass as I take my time making sure each beautiful breast has had equal attention. Finally, I slide a hand behind her back unfastening her skirt. She helps me work it down her full hips. I watch as it falls to the floor and cannot help but smile to myself. Seeing her matching panties makes me wonder if maybe, just maybe, she was hoping for this all along.

Standing, I turn her around and sit her on the bed. She looks up at me with both wonder and excitement. In one motion I push her back , pull sex hikayeleri her legs up, and slide her panties off – tossing them onto the floor. I sink to my knees in front of her. Observing her from this position is almost more than I can take. My hands gently slide up her thighs as I visually consume her, spreading her legs wide.

My mouth follows my hands, kissing my way up her smooth skin. I nuzzle against her hot, wet core. Her scent is intoxicating. I need to taste her. My tongue flicks across the top of her smooth pussy. This not only gives me enough to know that I want more, but also enough to elicit a small gasp from farther up on the bed. I take the gasp as permission to continue and flick my tongue again, ever so lightly getting the same response.

I press her thighs as far apart as they will go, my mouth hovering just above her pussy. I lick her deep, rubbing my tongue over as much of her as I can. Her flavor rolls my eyes back and elicits a groan from deep within me. I feel her legs tense and watch as her back arches with the touch of my tongue. My next touch is lighter. Little flicks to tease her lips. With time, they become deeper, finally reaching her clit. Her sounds of pleasure incite my pursuit of what I have wanted for so long, her writhing and screaming my name.

I move my hand closer, so I can touch her deeper than my tongue can reach. The tip of my finger tracing her entry as I alternate light flicks and deep laps with my tongue causing Marie to writhe so şişman porno much I have to hold her tighter. Apparently, having a woman licking and rubbing her was Marie’s idea of a good time. I was not about to prove her wrong.

I slide my finger deep inside. She is so hot and wet that I need no help getting where I want, that magical spot. Between my tongue and my fingers Marie is not far from cumming. I keep rubbing that spot deep inside that she likes so much and my mouth works hard keeping up the pace that she needs.

Loosening my hold on her, I reach up and caress her breast. My fingers tracing around her hard nipple, squeezing it, pulling it. Not hard enough for pain but hard enough to hurt for pleasure. This is the key. I feel her body tense and hear her whisper something before the orgasm rolls over her body.

Her back to arches off the bed and I fight to keep my mouth and fingers in place. I feel the muscles inside her pulse with pleasure. As her spasms subside, I push my fingers in deeper. My mouth presses harder with my tongue working faster. It isn’t long before another orgasm explodes through her body; this time she gives me everything that I wanted. She screams my name over and over, so loud it hurts my ears but it’s such a sweet sound I don’t want it to stop.

I remove my mouth and hands from her, licking her sweetness from my fingers as I crawl onto the bed next to her. I lay my arm across her supple body and she turns to me and kisses me.

“That was amazing” she says. “Is that something we can try again some time?”

I smile. “Anytime you want to try that again, you just let me know.”

A look crosses her face. “Next time, can I try doing that to you?”

The smile on my face couldn’t be bigger as I kiss her again and say, “Yes, next time it’s your turn to make me scream.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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