Having Some Brie Ch. 06

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All characters are at least 18 years old.


“The hell’s wrong with you?” Drew asked, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“What?” I asked as I sat down on the seat next to him. As usual, Brie found a seat on the bus next to one of her friends. Nothing out of the ordinary.

“There’s something about you…” Drew scratched his chin. “It’s like that glow that pregnant women have, y’know? Except you’re a teenage dude who’s probably not pregnant.”

“Probably,” I agreed dryly.

“I dunno, you just… I haven’t seen you like this *ever*. You haven’t even been *happy* since before, well, y’know. The whole thing over the summer.” He scratched his head awkwardly, unsure of how to address my parents’ divorce in casual morning conversation. I grunted in response.

“Well, my mom got a new job,” I said as if to answer him. “Pays more than both the jobs she has right now, and fewer hours too.”

“Oh, neat. Is that what you were talking about last night?” I nodded. “Gotta say, I thought it was gonna be some wild shit. Like your mom stalking your dad in her free time or something.”

My face scrunched up in utter confusion. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m just saying your mom needs rope. Does she have rope? She needs to get, like, that nylon shit so the fibers won’t be left on his skin or clothes.” He spent the rest of the ride to school talking about, were my mother to kidnap my father for torturing purposes, all the ways she could get caught and how she could potentially circumnavigate them. He later confessed to bingeing a forensic series, which I said was evident and didn’t require his admission.

Classes seemed to crawl. At times I could’ve sworn that when I looked at the clock, the time displayed was even earlier than when I’d checked it five minutes prior. Lunch period finally arrived and I hurried to the cafeteria, eager to see Brie again. We shared none of our classes, so lunch was the only time during school that we’d see each other. Drew had beaten me there, and was waving me down at our usual table. It wasn’t long before Brie and Lexi showed up again. Now that Lexi knew our secret, I expected she’d be spending a lot more time with us, as well as putting me and Brie together in social situations as often as possible.

Brie seemed ready to assume the same seating arrangement as last week, but suddenly Lexi cut her off, almost making Brie drop her lunch. Lexi sat herself next to Drew, looking at Brie expectantly to sit beside me. Brie gave her a stern glare before settling next to me.

“Hey,” I said with a smile.

“Hey,” she replied, biting her lip.

When I turned back, the two people sat across from us had expressions of interest clearly displayed, and I realized that even with an exchange as innocent as it was, we just slipped up. Lexi had a knowing smirk, which was to be expected. But Drew was looking between the two of us with a quizzical frown. He glanced at Lexi and saw her reaction too, as well as whatever guilty expression I had on when I found him taking notice.

“What?” I asked, trying to pass it off as him being weird and seeing something that wasn’t there.

He grunted then shook his head. “Nothing.” His gaze shifted from me to Brie, then to Lexi, and my heart sank.

“So, Stef,” Lexi crooned, in full flirt mode. “How was your weekend?”

Lexi coming in with the save of both pushing the conversation as well as feigning interest in me was a godsend. Drew immediately lost his inquisitive look as I shrugged and gave a generic answer about work.

“Aw, that’s too bad,” Lexi continued. “Because we girls…” She beamed at Brie. “…went on a nice shopping spree and then to a movie. You boys watch A Dreamlike Life yet?”

Drew groaned and hung his head as Lexi launched into an in-depth summary of the film, and Brie and I shot her grateful looks when he wasn’t looking. She gave us a wink, not skipping a beat as she fawned over Felix fighting off an entire rival gang on his own. By the time lunch was over, Drew looked like he wanted to hang himself, and had apparently forgotten all about whatever theories he had about me and my sister.

“So I’ll see you after school?” I murmured to Brie.

She looked glumly at the ground. “I have work.”

“And I have practice,” I groaned, just remembering. “But maybe I could come over after I’m done? Pretty sure your shift is longer, so I can pop by to pick you up?”

A small smile played across her lips. “Careful, Stef. I think we’re getting too comfortable too soon.”

“Like I give a fuck.” I put an arm around her shoulders and hugged her, wishing I could give her a kiss on the cheek. “See you later, sis.”

The rest of the day passed more quickly than the morning as I occupied myself with thoughts of seeing her later. One of my friends, Rowan, had to snap me out of it during practice.

“Yo, Stef!” He smacked me on the shoulder, giving me a start. “Focus up before coach kicks your ass. I don’t even have bursa escort a stopwatch and I can tell your times are down.”

“Right. Thanks, Row.”

“C’mon. Last two. Let’s go.”

Anxious to be done, I think I might have done my best laps yet. Coach harrumphed and let my earlier times slide, and I quickly showered and walked to the store Brie worked at. I still didn’t understand how Brie could work at a clothing store without knowing anything about clothing. I once told her that she didn’t seem enough of a fashionista to work there, and instead of proving me wrong, she just pelted me with stationery.

It was shortly before dinner when I got there, nearing the end of her shift. Mom had left a note that morning saying she was going to be late again, and I could imagine she was very much looking forward to starting her new job. It occurred to me that we’d forgotten to ask her about that. Brie was the only person in the store.

“Excuse me, miss,” I called as I entered. “I’m looking for something nice and sexy for my girlfriend.”

“You don’t have a girlfriend, you virgin,” she shot out with a grin, and I clutched my chest theatrically. She laughed and I straightened up, walking up to the check-out counter.

“Well, I have a very disapproving sister who has high standards for me,” I said, wiggling my eyebrows. She couldn’t decide how to react and instead opted to slap my hand. “So, you ready to go?”

“I can’t,” she grumbled. “Georgie’s sick, so I have to close tonight.”

“And when’s that?”

“In another hour.”

I groaned, already looking for somewhere to sit. Naturally, this was one of those stores without any seats, the kind that forced boyfriends and husbands to stand right next to their ladies so that they could find something expensive for him to pay for.

“I know. I’m sorry.” She actually did look disappointed. I looked at her and thought for a moment before giving her a playful look.

“Y’know what we should do…”

She looked at me warily. “What are you planning?”

“Does this place have cameras?”

She looked indicatively at the black hemispheres in the corners of the store’s ceiling. “Only place that doesn’t have any is the dressing room area.”

I grinned and went to the front door, flipping the sign to “Closed.”

“What are you up to?” she said slowly with narrowed eyes.

I leaned back on the counter, weaving my fingers together. “We… are playing dress-up.”

“We don’t close for another hour,” she stage whispered, as if her boss would hear her, wherever they were.

“It’s a Monday night with no customers,” I retorted. “Were you expecting somebody to come in and make a big purchase all of a sudden?”

She blew out a breath. “So what do you mean by dress-up?”

I grinned and spread my arms, doing a slow spin to gesture at the racks and stacks of clothes around us. “C’mon, you’re telling me there’s nothing in here that you’d like to try on?”

She shifted from foot to foot uncomfortably. “We’re not allowed to try on the merchandise.”

“Oh my fucking God,” I muttered to myself before setting my hands back on the checkout counter. Continuing at a normal volume, I said, “I’m looking to buy something nice for my sister. Something she’d like. I was hoping you could model some stuff for me to see how it looks. So, miss, are you going to help me, or will I have to take my business elsewhere?”

Brie gulped and looked at the door, presumably to check that there indeed seemed to be nobody walking the streets and window shopping in this area. She looked back to me and nibbled on her lower lip, a smile slowly spreading across her face. Stepping out from behind the counter, she made a beeline toward a displayed set. It was a white short-sleeved ruffled blouse with a short grey skirt. She’d always been more of a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, so I was both surprised by her first choice and excited to see how she looked in it. She went into the dressing room to change, and I took the opportunity to browse for something I’d like her to wear.

When I heard the curtain being drawn aside, I looked up in time to see her nervously step out, looking down at herself. The monochrome colors worked well with her dark hair, and I struggled to find words. She distracted herself with smoothing out nonexistent wrinkles in the clothes, before finally looking up at me.

“Say something, damnit,” she snapped, her cheeks rosy.

I smirked. “Is that any way to talk to a customer, miss?” I drawled, and she fidgeted her fingers nervously. “That aside, I think if my sister ever changed her wardrobe to something like this, it’d be a welcome switch.”

She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and bit her lip again, and I chuckled before maneuvering over to a rack of dresses with a short shelf below for heels, lightly gesturing to them before rolling the entire display over to the alcove outside the two dressing rooms. She walked around the rack thoughtfully, and I was bursa escort bayan treated to the sight of her skirt swaying around her bare thighs.

“Turn around,” Brie said suddenly as she began perusing the selection available. “I want my choice to be a surprise.” I obeyed, but snuck a peek over my shoulder and spied her deliberating on a sunny yellow sundress. She caught me looking and gave me a sour look of disapproval, twirling her finger for me to turn back around. When she finally walked to change, I looked at the rack, but there were too many dresses to be able to tell which one she’d picked.

I returned the rack to its place and wandered around, surprised to find that this store sold lingerie as well. A little bit of everything, I suppose. Keeping inventory must be a nightmare. Something caught my eye. A sheer red babydoll with an open front that left the midriff exposed. The matching panties were lace, and I was instantly taken back to that first day of this entire dance. Brie only wore cotton, but obviously people didn’t wear lace for comfort. I meandered back toward the dressing room, wondering what was taking her so long, when she stepped out. My jaw dropped.

She’d picked a dark cerulean halter top, and the color made her electric blue eyes pop. She looked more confident now, and even crossed her legs to pose. The slit in the side ran all the way up to almost her hip, allowing me a beautiful view of her legs. She’d apparently also snatched up some black heels on her way to the dressing room, and they did wonders for her figure. Even her hair was down, flowing over and around her shoulders like molten obsidian.

“Does the gentleman like what he sees?” she teased. I don’t know why, but something about this role play made me excited. It was as if pretending she wasn’t my sister made what we were doing… I don’t know, I couldn’t place it. But she was enjoying herself now too, making me smile. She turned around, showing that the dress exposed almost all of her back, and my breath caught in my throat. I’d already showered with her, so what was it about non-nude women wearing revealing clothing that was more sexy than if they had nothing on at all?

“Very much so,” I growled, reaching a hand out to stroke the smooth skin of her back. She turned around and batted it away, playfully wagging a finger at me.

“No touching the merchandise,” she said, and she immediately put a hand to her mouth. I could guess why. Her choice of phrase made it sound like she was a whore I hadn’t paid for yet. The color was draining from her face.

“They’re just clothes, miss. But it’s not the merchandise I’m interested in touching,” I said, hoping to assure her that I hadn’t misinterpreted her words like she feared. I stepped forward again to take her by the hips and she slapped my hands away once more, eyes flickering out the doorway of the alcove. A glance around the corner at the storefront showed that there were still one or two people walking past at any given moment. I grunted in disappointment before admiring her again. She looked fucking fantastic. “One more outfit, my dear. If you please.”

I walked over to the lingerie area and mentally went through my finances. No way I’d be able to buy all these for her, I realized sadly. Maybe Lexi would be willing to spend on our behalf, but exploiting her generosity was wrong. I almost sighed aloud before snatching up the red babydoll I’d spotted earlier. I lifted it up by its hanger and brought it back for Brie to see, and she almost turned the same color as the lace.

“Stef,” she stammered, and I cleared my throat, making her correct herself. “Sir, that’s… It’s a bit revealing, isn’t it?”

“Anything for the customer, no?” I prompted, eyeing her hungrily. Her dress already hugged her svelte curves flatteringly, but now I wanted to see her bedroom-ready. The beast within me was stirring, and it seemed to lift its head in interest when Brie took the hanger and hesitated. She made note of the cut and the sheer material. Her modesty would only be maintained by the sparse lace around the breasts, and the panties. Her eyes darted to me for a split second before affixing back on the outfit, and she took a deep breath nodding with resolve. She catwalked back to the dressing room, her hips swaying hypnotically with every step.

I almost couldn’t believe she was going through with this. I watched the curtain she was changing behind, listening to the sounds of fabric shifting, imagining what was happening just on the other side. She was taking a long time. Was she getting cold feet? In a split second decision, I pushed through the curtain. Brie was already dressed, but yelped and covered herself when I came in.

My heart almost stopped. She had been standing in front of the mirror, probably debating whether to walk out for me to see. Wordlessly, I moved her hands aside, and she squirmed under my scrutiny. The cups of the outfit didn’t offer much in the way of support, so escort bursa her breasts bounced when she moved. The open front gratuitously displayed the soft milky skin of her midriff, with the fabric gently draping over her hips on either side. With only panties on down below, nothing about her legs was left to the imagination.

“Brie,” I breathed, words failing me. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, and they roamed over her figure endlessly. She tried to shy away from me, and I backed her against the mirror.

“Stay in character–” she managed, before I pressed against her and put my lips to hers. She gave a soft exclamation before moaning into the kiss, arms wrapping around my neck. My hands roamed all over her body before settling on her tits, squeezing her through the fabric. She broke off the kiss and gasped, her arms instead pulling my face to her exposed neck. Her hips were grinding into mine, and one of my hands dropped down to squeeze her ass as well, pushing her roughly against the growing hardness in my pants.

When touching her like this wasn’t enough, I turned her around and pushed her forward. Her hands pressed against the mirror while I held her hips against me, and she began rising on the balls of her feet to rub her ass along the length of my member. I groaned appreciatively before filling one of my hands with a breast. The other hand went down to her crotch, and her breath hitched again. Even through the lace, I could tell she was wet. This time, instead of a bar of soap, there was only a thin piece of fabric between my fingers and her sex. I could better feel the plushness of her womanhood, and she spread her legs to give me better access. Her thighs already had droplets of her arousal running down the insides, and she began dripping on the wooden slats of the floor.

My fingers worked slowly, and her grinding matched my pace. I couldn’t start off fast without risking freaking her out. I massaged her soft folds through the lace, a small pool of her lust beginning to collect in my palm. The splatter of the rest of it hitting the ground turned me on even more. Her breathing was heavy, interspersed with moans and whimpers, and I think the amount of arousal I could build from auditory cues reached peak potential. I could see her in the mirror, and she was looking right in my eyes lustfully, alternating between biting her lips and parting them erotically. She had me on visual cues as well.

Her scent seemed to be coursing off of her, and the pheromones were making me heady. I groaned and ran my tongue along her nape, savoring the taste of her skin. Olfactory and gustatory covered too. And tactile went without saying. Her soft ass wrapped around me through my pants was heavenly, speeding up to match the pace of my fingers rubbing her more urgently. My hand was drenched, and she shuddered against me as my ministrations reached an apex.

I shouted her name as I exploded in my pants, and she screamed mine before hanging her head as spasms wracked her body, her fingers clenching against the mirror. It took a good minute for us to catch our breaths. Her fingertips were holding onto the sheer surface of the mirror with friction alone, and my arms barely had any strength left to pull her upright by her tit. There was a puddle between her bare feet, and I carefully backed us up before we separated, looking at each other with feral looks, still coming down from our highs.

“I don’t suppose… you have a return policy?” I gasped, eyes flashing to her soaked panties. She couldn’t help but laugh, and I grinned before licking my hand.

“Ew!” she squealed as if disgusted, though her expression told me she was anything but. She tasted as expected, yet mildly sweet. I always thought descriptions like that were an exaggeration. She looked down at the lingerie and sighed. “Fuck. What am I gonna do about this?”

“Put it back on the rack?” I suggested, and this time she really did look repulsed.

“That’s so gross, Stef. And what if my boss found out?”

“Fine, fine. Then I’ll… I’ll buy it.” Wiping the rest of her nectar on my jeans — I’d definitely need to wash those later — I checked my wallet. I had roughly enough for one outfit from this store.

“No, I will.” She sighed and looked down at her clothes. “At least we know we both like it.” I burst out laughing, and she giggled as well before shooing me out so she could change.

The other, and more pressing, reason I needed to wash these jeans was the load I’d just shot into them. Making sure I was out of sight of the cameras, I used a paper napkin to clean up as best I could. I discarded it in the waste bin at the counter, then eyed it warily. It was gonna stink. Whoever had the shift tomorrow would know that Brie had closed tonight, and she’d have to answer some questions.

I grabbed the plastic trash bag and tied it up just as Brie stepped out of the dressing area. Her hair was back up in a ponytail, and she looked as cleaned up as she could without a bathroom sink. “You’re… taking out the trash?” she wondered aloud, and I nodded. “Do you mind?” She held up a large wad of wet paper napkins herself, and my eyes bugged out. She withdrew her hand a bit shyly, and I opened the bag for her to toss the wad in.

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