Helping Hand Pt. 02

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If you’d have asked Elizabeth Green a few months ago what she thought she would be doing the first Friday in March, she might have said that she thought she’d be watching a movie with her husband. Maybe she’d have gone to her sister’s for some drinks. Maybe she’d be travelling for work. Maybe she’d be out for dinner with her school friends who she rarely was able to meet up with. She probably wouldn’t have said that she would have been getting a naked massage from a sex worker. She definitely wouldn’t have said that she was more turned on that she thought possible by a voluptuous woman called Alexis.

Alexis pressed her palms firmly against Elizabeth’s sternum and the oil let her hands slide between her breasts. Alexis could feel the slight inhale of breath of Elizabeth as her breasts were parted. Alexis watched the prickling of goosebumps before looking up to Tom who was wetting his lips from his perch on the chair, already having had his massage. Slowly, Alexis tilted her body a little and slid her hand back up to top of Elizabeth’s chest, massaging against her collarbone.

“If I’m too firm,” Alexis spoke softly to a hazy Elizabeth. “Just let me know.” She didn’t get a verbal reply, just a nod. Alexis continued and her slick palms curved into a c-shape between her thumb and forefinger as she began to focus on one breast at a time. Her palms pressed flat against Elizabeth’s soft skin and smoothed up the crest to reach the peak, eliciting a slight gasp from Elizabeth. With repeated movements, Alexis felt the stiffness of Elizabeth’s nipple against her palm. It only grew harder under the back and forth of Alexis’ hand. The oil soaked into Elizabeth’s skin and made it shine as Alexis slipped her fingers over the tanned skin. Her nipple was a dark tan, puckering the skin around the areola as it stretched up in search of touch. Alexis could feel the shakiness of her client’s breath as her arousal continued to grow. Alexis knew that with a pull of Elizabeth’s nipples and a quick touch of her pussy, she could make Elizabeth tremble and come and be done with it. But that wasn’t the point.

Instead, Alexis moved her hands upwards to Elizabeth’s shoulder and then down her arm, massaging the muscles all the way down to her fingertips, making her slick with the absorbed oil. Elizabeth had a look of concentration on her face as she tried to hide her tension and anticipation as Alexis moved to the other arm and repeated her warm, firm actions. There was a clench of Elizabeth’s jaw and a push of her eyebrows as she tried to keep her breathing calmed.

“Elizabeth,” Alexis’ voice was almost a purr as she got Elizabeth to look at her. “You don’t need to hide it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I want to see you getting turned on.” Her voice was husky as she stood by her hip with her hands resting on Elizabeth’s flat stomach. She was only covered, at the point, by the towel draped across her hips, just a few inches wide. “Your husband wants to see you get turned on.”

At the mention of him, Tom straightened, not bothering to cover up the tent under his towel which had been there since he had gotten onto the massage table. “I do, Lizzie. Just relax.”

“See?” Alexis smiled. “We like seeing this. We like seeing your toes curl.” Immediately that prompted Elizabeth to uncurl her toes. Alexis knew that she had to move a little more firmly than she had been. She had to get Elizabeth to realise how fun this could be. Pressing her hand to the massage table, right by Elizabeth’s elbow, Alexis pushed up to climb onto the table and straddle Elizabeth’s hips. Alexis was easily forty pounds heavier than Elizabeth: her breasts were larger, her thighs were thicker, her ass was bigger, her stomach was plumper and her cheeks were rounder. But she knew how to manoeuvre her body. It was literally her job. Elizabeth’s hands had jumped slightly in response to Alexis’ movements but she didn’t push away. “We like to see your stomach moving a bit deeper because your breathing’s getting heavy.” Alexis hands rubbed across the tanned torso under her and she could feel the muscles twitch slightly. Her silk robe was still done up tightly at her waist and the shortness of it had ridden up her thigh as she straddled the woman under her thighs. Still, there wasn’t any part of her body exposed that were too sexual, but she wasn’t wearing underwear- just like Tom had predicted. Alexis scooted upwards slightly so that her lack of underwear became clear to Elizabeth, who’s eyes had widened slightly at the skin to skin contact at the very bottom of her stomach. She could feel the heat emanating from Alexis’s lower lips as it nuzzled against her navel. “We like seeing this,” Alexis leaned forwards slightly, supported by her thighs, and brought both hands slowly up to cup Elizabeth’s breasts. They were firm but pliant in Alexis’ hands, not as soft and flesh as her own. “Your nipples getting hard for us. God, they look so delicious, don’t they, Tom?”

Again, Tom straightened at his name. He was surprised that he could hear anything istanbul escort from the ringing in his ears. This time, he could hardly get the words out. All he could do was nod. All he could do was look at the strange, exotic and alluring woman straddling his wife.

“I love feeling that,” Alexis murmured. “Feeling your nipples getting hard. Does it feel good for you? When you touch yourself, do you touch your tits?”

“Yeah,” Elizabeth exhaled. “Always.”

“Me too,” Alexis told her. “Now, I’m, like, conditioned by it. Anytime I get turned on, my nipples stick out. Look,” She straightened her shoulders to show off the beads poking through the dark purple silk. “It’s like they’re looking for someone to touch them like I’m touching yours.”

Her hints seemed to take root where she’d wanted them to, as Elizabeth glanced up with a tiny flash of confidence, egged on by Alexis’ continuous massaging. “Can I?”

“Touch mine? You want to?” Alexis bit her lip with a tilt of her head, acting innocent as Elizabeth nodded. “I want you to as well. But wait, just a second.” She looked over to Tom and reached a hand out. “Tom? Can you help me off?”

Tom didn’t hesitate to stand up and his hand caught the towel before it dropped to the floor, but it was hardly enough to hide his cock. He realised, when Alexis’ eyes didn’t drop to his crotch, that there was no reason to hide it anyway. With a drop of the towel, he stepped towards the table and helped Alexis off.

“Oh, god,” Alexis said, looking back to Elizabeth’s flat tummy and seeing a slight glisten of juice above the towel. “You can see just how much you and your wife have turned me on, Tom,” Alexis said, rubbing her hand up Tom’s still oil-slicked arm. “Do you see?” He pulled his eyes off of Alexis and looked to what she was referring to, swallowing when he saw the moist patch of skin. Even though she was leaning close to Tom, she kept her gaze on Elizabeth’s blue eyes. “Why don’t you taste just how badly I’m turned on?”

It took him a second to know what she meant but with the gentle guiding of him towards his wife’s stomach, he understood. As he leaned down, Elizabeth’s hands lifted slightly and touched the back of his hair as he licked at her skin. He almost passed out from the mixtures of Elizabeth’s sweat, the oil and the tangy taste of Alexis pussy juice. As he lapped it up from the stomach, he realised he couldn’t wait to taste it from the source.

With kisses upwards towards Elizabeth’s ribs, he noticed that whilst he had been kissing and licking her stomach, Alexis had been making sure not to neglect those all important nipples. Her fingers expertly brushed Elizabeth’s pebbled surfaces for a few more seconds before she stepped backwards. Her step away prompted Tom to turn around and Elizabeth to sit up. They didn’t reach for their towels this time. They just stuck to their nudity, aware that they both wanted to make Alexis be in the same state.

“What are you thinking right now?” Alexis asked, looking to the pair: Elizabeth perched on the edge of the table with her slim legs hanging down and her sumptuous breasts garnering attention and Tom who stood by his wife and stood with his substantial dick at mast.

“I want to see you naked,” Elizabeth blurted out and looked a little taken-aback by what she’d said.

Alexis smiled, glad to hear it, and reached out her hand in their direction. “Come and do it then.”

With a small hop from the table, Elizabeth got up from the table and was followed by Tom, closely enough that the bulging head of his cock touched the back of her naked curves. Elizabeth, turned on beyond return, was determined now. She stood in front of Alexis, this woman who she hardly knew, and hooked a hand in the belt of her robe to undo. The neckline fell apart and Elizabeth’s legs almost went weak at the sight. Alexis’ substantial tits hung down slightly but her pink nipples pointed forwards in search of attention, just like she had said they would. There was a softness of them that Elizabeth immediately wanted to touch. Her tapered waist was tight and perfected her hourglass shape just under her ribs. From behind Elizabeth, Tom’s eyes couldn’t help but dart from part to part of her body. He looked down to her wide hips and saw the plumpness of her stomach that he had the urge to sink his teeth into and nibble down to her bare pussy. He could only imagine what Elizabeth would have felt with Alexis on top of her. He hoped his imagination would come to life soon.

Alexis shrugged out of the robe to let it fall to her wrists and turned around to drape it on the bed, only to show off how she looked from behind. Tom especially felt his mouth salivate when he saw the roundness of her ass. He wondered how it would look with handprints spanked into it, how it would ripple when he grabbed it. He couldn’t wait to find out.

When she turned back around, she took a step towards the couple to stand in between them as they faced her now that avcılar escort they were all three completely naked. Alexis reached out to put a hand on both of them; one along Elizabeth’s back and one onto Tom’s waist. There was only an inch or so difference in height between all of them: shorter Elizabeth then Alexis and then Tom. Neither of the couple made a move except to both place a palm against her back, so it was up to Alexis to decide what was going to happen first. Slowly and with enough space that they got to decide, she edged them closer to that their hips and thighs bumped against each other’s. Deciding that Elizabeth was the main focus of the evening, Alexis leaned towards the wife first. She could feel Tom’s eyes on her as she guided Elizabeth towards her. The first kiss was tentative and patient as Elizabeth inhaled the honey scent of Alexis perfume and came to grips with the differences in kissing a woman. It was softer, less scratchy but just as powerful. Alexis led the way, waiting a second before parting her lips to suck gently on Elizabeth. Her tongue was firm but not pushy as it slipped between Elizabeth’s lips and brushed hers. Alexis only let it go on for a few seconds before pulling back and looking to Tom who had been staring at them lustfully.

His kisses were firmer and led more by him. He didn’t wait long before searching out her tongue to encourage her gentle licks of the inside of his mouth. She made him moan softly as she turned a little so that her hips brushed against his cock. She could feel him leave a line of pre-cum streaked across her skin, just like she had done with Elizabeth.

“Oh, god,” Elizabeth exhaled shakily, shocked at how turned on she got at seeing her husband kiss another woman. She realised, for the first time, that she truly wanted to see him fuck this woman. She wanted to see his cock disappear inside of Alexis. She wanted to see Alexis bounce on his cock and have her tits bounce and shudder and her ass slap against his thighs. She wanted to see Tom rendered powerless by this stranger.

At the murmur from Elizabeth, Alexis parted from Tom and looked back to her with longing. “Come here,” She pulled at Elizabeth’s back to bring her even closer. “I want to watch you two. I want to watch you kiss.”

They obeyed her instruction and leaned in to kiss familiarly. They’d had years of practice and they knew how to kiss each other in the way they liked. Alexis stroked both of their backs as she watched their mouths open and their tongues touch and their lips pull. Letting go of Tom, she stepped just a little to the side to stand behind Elizabeth slightly. She pushed the blonde hair from Elizabeth’s shoulders to expose more of her breasts. “You two look incredible doing that,” She whispered into Elizabeth’s ear, loud enough for Tom to hear. Her arms snaked around Elizabeth’s body to flay against her torso, pulling herself flush against Elizabeth’s back. In this stance, Alexis’ exposed vulva rubbed against Elizabeth’s ass and Elizabeth gasped into her husband’s mouth as she realised that she could feel Alexis’ hard nipples against her back. Just as she realised that, she also realised that Alexis’ hands were back on her boobs. Even Tom could feel the movements as Alexis palmed Elizabeth’s tits.

“You’re such a lucky woman, Elizabeth,” Alexis murmured as she kissed behind Elizabeth’s ear. “I’ve hardly been able to keep my eyes off of your husband’s gorgeous cock.”

Tom’s eyes opened at that and his heart beat even faster when he saw that Alexis was staring at him.

“When I was giving him the massage, I just wanted to lift off that towel and lick it all over. I wanted to shove it in my mouth, but I don’t know that it will fit,” She sang with a wild glint in her eye. “God, I can’t wait to get my tongue on it. I don’t know what I want more: your tits or his dick. I have a feeling I’ll get to test out both.”

Alexis lifted a hand off of Elizabeth’s breast and reached for Tom’s arm to pull him tight against his wife so they were all pressed together, sandwiching Elizabeth in between their slick bodies. He separated his mouth from Elizabeth’s and searched for Alexis. They were rougher this time, both deciding to save their gentleness for Elizabeth. Their tongues sucked and pushed at each other, pulling for dominance as Tom hooked his hand around Alexis’ ass. He squeezed the flesh in his hand roughly, shaking it slightly to feel the jiggle that he wanted to see and then crushed her closer to Elizabeth. This forced Elizabeth even closer to him and she became the piggie in the middle as the other two grinded against her.

All the pent up energy was beginning to overflow for Elizabeth and Alexis could feel it. Separating from Tom’s mouth, she nudged at Elizabeth to turn. For the first time, their tits brushed against each other and Elizabeth gasped at the sensation of their nipples touching. Even though Alexis was a little taller, their nipples stood at the same point.

“I’m going to touch your pussy, Elizabeth.” şirinevler escort Alexis’ voice was firm as she spoke. “I’m going to touch your pussy because I think you’re about to come for the first time tonight. And it’s not gonna be the last. I’m gonna touch it and I already know that you’re dripping wet.” Her eyes stared right into Elizabeth’s as her mouth dropped open with desire. “I can tell that you’re so wet for me and Tom. You love your husband’s thick cock against you,” She leaned to ghost her lips over Elizabeth’s just as Tom began to kiss his wife’s neck roughly and sloppily. “God, I bet it’s right up against your ass. I’m so jealous. I want that beautiful dick against me. But it’s you. And you’ve got my cunt so wet too. You felt it when I was on top of you.”

Elizabeth’s legs began to give out a little and she had to cling onto Alexis’ hip for support. “I did. I felt it.”

“What did you feel, Elizabeth? Tell me. Tell us. What did you feel?” Alexis coaxed words from her.

Elizabeth swallowed hard, trying to wet her dry mouth as she felt Alexis’ fingers slid down to her mound. “I felt…I- I felt you. You were wet. I could feel you warm on top of me. God, I could feel your pussy lips. I could feel them on top of me.”

“Yes, you could,” Alexis encouraged. Her hand at Elizabeth’s opening had barely moved but her fingers were already slick. With her free hand, she reached for Tom’s to bring up to their tits, prompting him to play with his wife’s nipple with gently tugs and pulls, enjoying the brushes of her own nipple too. “Did it make you feel hot? Feeling me on top of you?”

“So hot,” Elizabeth moaned and her eyes fell closed as she dropped her head back to rest on Tom’s shoulder. “I wanted to feel your pussy on mine. I wanted you to tell me what to do.”

“You did?” Alexis whispered as her fingers moved to touch the bundle of nerves that were ready to explode. “I’m telling you what to do now. Right now, I want you to cum, Elizabeth. I want you to cum on my fingers with your tits on my tits and your husbands dick leaking on your ass. I want you to cum for me.”

All it took was ten seconds of movement to push Elizabeth over the edge and then she was gasping and digging her hand into Alexis’ skin and moaning and clenching. She almost dropped but Tom and Alexis had supported her to keep her on her legs.

“Yeah, baby,” Tom whispered with encouragement from behind her. “Fuck, Lizzie. Fuck Alexis’ hand, fuck it.”

As her moans and twitches subsided, they managed to stumble towards the bed a little so that Elizabeth could drop down on the end. Her whole body was sweating and glowing with the exertion of being sexually manipulated.

“God, you’re such a good girl,” Alexis leaned down to kiss Elizabeth softly. “Just relax.”

“Mm,” Elizabeth whimpered into Alexis mouth before they separated and Alexis stood up again. She wasn’t able to ignore the hardness of Tom, pressed against her thigh as she turned.

“Your turn, baby,” Alexis hummed and leaned into him, pressing her chest against his as they kissed. Having her to himself now, Tom squeezed her ass again and crushed her against his hips so that his cock rubbed painfully against her stomach. “Like I said, I’ve been dying to get this in my mouth.”

“Do it.” Tom couldn’t tell if he was begging or ordering but Alexis dropped to her knees anyway.

“Tell me what you want,” She commanded, looking up through her green eyes to tempt him as she grasped the base of his cock.

“I want you to suck it. I want your mouth on my dick,” He spoke breathlessly. “I want it, Alexis.”

“Nothing that I want more.” With a wink to Elizabeth, the women kept eye contact as Alexis’ mouth wrapped around Elizabeth’s husband’s cock. She stared as Alexis’ dark lips slid over his almost purple head and made his length disappear. Her tongue languished on his underside, licking against his veins as his dick pumped in and out of her hot, wet mouth. Tom could already feel the familiar twist of his insides and the twitching of his member. She encouraged him down her throat and he moaned loudly as his head bumped against the back of her throat as she hummed, causing vibrations to shudder through him. He thought he could contain it a little longer but her hand went to his balls and the oil left on her palms made his balls contract as she massaged them both.

“Oh, fuck!” He exclaimed and thrust his hips up to fuck her mouth. “Fuck, I’m gonna come,” He warned and when she didn’t let go, he took it as the signal to finish in the pillowy confines of her mouth. Streams of his sticky cum shot into her mouth, hitting her tongue to give that salty taste that she lapped up. He understood why Elizabeth had needed to sit down because his legs were like jelly as Alexis licked and sucked every ounce of his semen as if it was keeping her alive. Without a drop wasted, Alexis pulled back and let him drop onto the mattress beside his wife but before they could say anything more, she leaned down to kiss Elizabeth. Although taken by slight surprise, Elizabeth responded after a second and parted her lips when Alexis pushed her tongue in. They shared the remnants of Tom’s cum between their mouths and Alexis rested a hand on Elizabeth’s thigh to balance herself. Tom watched their noisy smacking kisses and grinned when Alexis straightened up.

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