Her Last Day of School Ch. 02

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Kim Dudley could feel her tears beginning to dry on her cheeks as wave after wave of euphoria from her initial orgasm continued to sweep through her body. Between the tears and the beads of sweat that had formed on her brow, Kim was pretty sure the make-up she’d dutifully applied that morning before school was probably ruined.

Feeling every eye in the room centered on her naked body as she caught her breath sitting on her desk, Kim could hear the students’ collective sigh when she leaned to her left and pulled a purple, double-headed dildo from her briefcase. The texture of the bumps and ridges that lined the footlong phallus felt like love against Kim’s fingers from all the joy it had brought her since she bought it years earlier. Lowering the imposing toy between her legs, making sure all the students could see exactly what she was doing, Kim glided the smooth skin of the dildo up and down the insides of each of her thighs as she tugged at her tingling breasts with her free hand, in effect priming the pump of her internal lust until she was ready for round two.

Once the students realized their teacher’s impromptu show wasn’t quite over, most of them settled back in their seats and waited for Kim to continue.

Sneaking a peek up to the clock on the wall, Kim knew time was of the essence. The frothy cauldron of her vagina once again aching to be penetrated, Kim reached down with her free hand and used her fingers to pry apart the buzzing folds of her labia before aiming the head of the dildo directly towards its musky and glistening target. She’d just endured a very nice clitoral orgasm, but as she pushed her ample toy inside her, Kim longed to have the bone jarring release that came with her g-spot orgasms, right there for the whole class to see. And the dildo she was now using had accomplished that very task an alarming amount of times for Kim over the years.

Settled somewhat as the shockwaves of her first orgasm gradually subsided, Kim felt as if the release had somehow cleared her head a little. Now she could look out around the room and see all the students’ faces, not to mention hearing some of the muffled whispers, from the boys especially, as they looked on. The endorphins of that initial release wearing off slightly, Kim could feel the muscles in her legs howling as she leaned back against her desk, and her right arm twinged from the awkward angles she was using it to fuck herself with. Right then, Kim mentally patted herself on the back for making the 3 or 4 weekly endurance building trips to the gym, even on days when she didn’t really feel like it.

Able now to sit back and study the class as she patiently churned the dildo in and out of her cunt, Kim made sustained eye contact with every pupil in the room, as if trying to telepathically fuck each of them as she played with herself.

The heel tips of her shoes rising off the floor each time she rhythmically drove the shaft of the dildo home, Kim scanned her gaze across the landscape of students several times, taking in the wondrous and hungry gazes of the boys in the group as well as the unsettled, yet in several cases, lustful ones of the girls. Like she had a little earlier however, Kim’s attention eventually settled on the brown haired girl named Anna that was sitting directly in front of her.

Her juices starting to flow once again, Kim felt every morsel of her body beginning to viscerally react to her own masturbatory assault and she found herself careening a little further backwards on her desk each time the fistlike head of the dildo pressed against the back wall of her cervix. By the 12th or 13th really deep thrust, Kim’s ass had drifted so far backwards on top of the desk that she found herself collapsing all the way down, flat on her back, with her nylon clad legs spread out high in the air to each side of her. Almost like a baby kicking in it’s crib as she slammed the dildo hard down on her snatch, Kim ravaged herself, sliding side to side on the monthly day planner that covered the work area of her desk.

Looking up between her raised and parted thighs, the only thing Kim could see was Anna’s plain but attentive face, partially obstructed by her own arm pumping the sex toy in and out of her molten fissure. Kim could see the young girl’s brown eyes glaring at the way the dildo made her teacher’s shiny pink pussy expand to ungodly proportions, not to mention the river of vaginal drippings that now seeped from Kim’s cunt and trickled down the crack of her anus.

On and on that private connection between Anna and her teacher went for nearly a minute, the 18 year old girl’s eyes glued to the way Mrs. Dudley’s body flopped and thrashed across the desk, knocking several pens and knick-knacks down to the floor in the process.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, as if ejected up from her prone position on the desk, Kim rose to her feet, the dildo still wedged tightly inside her pussy as she started to walk directly towards Anna’s seat.

Stepping right up to the edge of the female student’s desk, Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort Kim continued to wrench the dildo in and out of her snatch until it was directly in front of the girl’s mesmerized face. Looking straight down between the swells of her breasts, Kim could see her own vaginal spittle spraying against Anna’s cheek and neck each time she churned the toy in and out of her cunt. Everyone in the class now clustered around her, Kim could feel her core temperature rising with each passing second as she fucked herself right in front of Anna. Reaching down with her free hand, Kim dropped her palm on top of Anna’s head and began massaging the girl’s hair. Emboldened by the teenage girl not turning away, Kim filled with a sense of invulnerability seeing the way the shy 18 year old seemed to follow her every whim.

Testosterone thick in the air each time she tried to inhale, Kim pulled the greasy shaft of the dildo free from her cunt just before brushing the dark purple cylinder across each of Anna’s blushing cheeks and chin. The sticky trail of arousal that soaked the dildo left a shiny swath along each side of Anna’s face before Kim finally pushed the head of it right up to the 18 year old girl’s lips.

“Suck it,” Kim prodded her student through clenched teeth.

Kim’s adrenaline surged when she saw Anna’s lips part as she leaned forward in her seat. An instant later, a rapid pulse of electricity raced up and down the teacher’s spine when she watched the young girl close her lips around the same head of the dildo Kim had just fucked herself with. The room seemed to decompress as all the other students stared at Anna working Mrs. Dudley’s ample toy into her mouth.

Continuing to massage the top of Anna’s head with her left hand as her knees grew wobbly, Kim held the dildo tight in her right hand as if feeding it to the young girl who was now cautiously trying to lather every inch of the musky scented device with her tongue. Seeing the 18 year old’s cheeks puff out each time she sucked in a fresh dose of oxygen through her nose, Kim felt her titties burn with lust as her aroused nipples pointed like two straining arrows straight down to Anna.

Taking a small step back before knees gave out, Kim pulled the dildo from Anna’s lips and left it dangling there tantalizingly close to the student’s face, allowing some of the vaginal residue that heavily coated the toy to glisten on the young girl’s lips and chin.

“Get up,” Kim said softly to Anna but with definite intent.

The young girl remained stone faced and still in her seat.

Swallowing hard as if to keep from choking on her overflowing lust, Kim raised her voice a little and told Anna once again to stand up.

Holding the dildo in her right hand as if it were an unsheathed weapon, Kim glided the fingers of her left through her glowing cunt, never once taking her eyes off the girl seated in front of her. She could feel the rest of the room waiting with baited breath, each student sitting in the cluster around her, watching their teacher and Anna in a silent but overwhelmingly emotional stare-down.

“Come on Anna..stand up and come up here,” Mrs. Dudley said a third time.

Time seemed to screech to a halt a few seconds later when everyone saw Anna’s weight shift in her seat. For a brief moment even Kim seemed stunned herself, but she gracefully took two steps back allowing her young pupil room to stand up and ease around the front of her desk.

“Now Anna….come up here …and then get down on your knees,” Kim wasted no time in demanding, her left hand still rubbing at her swollen pussy as the the dildo waited in her right.


Anna Schwegert couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment she went from simply being another face in the crowd of students watching her teacher disrobe then masturbate for the entire class to see, to having the spotlight of the entire situation shining down on top of her. When Mrs. Dudley directed the words, “Get up,” towards her the first time however, the shy 18 year old suddenly felt every eye, not to mention every libido, in the room focused squarely on her.

Like every other student in the room, Anna had been seduced by Mrs. Dudley’s actions and by the time she was naked and masturbating on the top of her desk, Anna had found herself struggling to keep her thighs pressed together to contain the arousal that was brimming inside her. Stealing an occasional glance to her left and right, Anna saw several of the boys around her with their hands down in their lap, obviously groping themselves as they watched their teacher writhe in pleasure in front of them. Anna found herself fighting the urge to do the exact same thing.

By the time Mrs. Dudley had came for the first time then pulled the dildo from her case, Anna might as well have been snakebit. She simply couldn’t move, much less tear her eyes away from her naked teacher.

Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion for Anna as Mrs. Dudley walked towards her. Almost descending into a tunnel-like state watching the 30 year old teacher stand before her with the dildo in her hand, the blood was rushing so briskly through Anna’s ears, every noise she heard, including Mrs. Dudley’s voice was muffled terribly. In fact, she never actually heard her teacher tell her to open her mouth and suck on the same dildo she’d just fucked herself with, but her lips parted on pure want and instinct and the next thing Anna knew, all that delicious moisture that coated the toy was now washing down her throat as she struggled to accept the girth of it all the way into her mouth.

When Mrs. Dudley pulled the dildo free from her lips, Anna’s palate quivered from the loss but her eyes never left the purple cylinder dangling in her teacher’s hand. And when she saw Mrs. Dudley take a few steps back and nod her head for Anna to join her in the center of the room, even with the other 21 pairs of eyes there to document her every move, Anna’s rational strength to resist was completely gone.

Almost the same height as her teacher, perhaps even an inch or so taller, Anna still felt overwhelmed by Mrs. Dudley’s naked presence. Dressed in her normal attire of faded jeans and a loose fitting shirt, with her long brown hair tied in a pony-tail behind her, Anna trembled noticeably as she approached her teacher. Yet Anna continued on, seemingly drawn to the warmth in Kim Dudley’s eyes and the stirring heat inside her own loins. Her back turned towards the rest of the students in the room, Anna quickly lost herself in the private little world her teacher had created in front of her desk.

Staring at Anna as a shepherd would watching one of the her lost flock return, a lurid and heartfelt smile spread across Kim’s face as she watched her student approach. The used dildo still secure in her right hand, Kim pointed the head of the thick purple shaft towards her feet in a subtle but clear gesture for the 18 year old girl to kneel down on the floor in front of her. A second after she did, Kim stole a quick glance up to the throng of students looking on and could see yet another wave of wonder sweep through their eyes. Quickly returning her gaze back to Anna, Kim’s pussy quivered watching the girl drop down first to her right knee, then both, at her feet.

It wasn’t until her knees were flush on the floor, nudged right up against the toes of each of Mrs. Dudley’s black high heels that Anna felt a soothing cocoon of calm envelope her. It was as if for the first time in her young life she’d found a calling, a place where she belonged. Her hands resting in her lap as she knelt between Kim’s stocking clad legs, Anna had to crink her neck to look up at the naked woman’s body.

Anna’s insides fizzed each time her gaze swept a little further up Mrs. Dudley’s seemingly flawless frame and she felt her nipples harden and nostrils flare when she inhaled the aroma of her teacher’s vagina mere inches from her face.

Looking all the way up to Mrs. Dudley’s head, Anna felt as if she was kneeling before a goddess when she saw the way the classroom’s tubular lighting cast Mrs. Dudley’s smiling face and shiny blonde hair in an aura of white light.

Anna felt every muscle in her body initially tense then fill with a visceral inner peace when Kim laid her left hand down on top of her head before rubbing her fingertips gently down over her ear and cheek. An instant later Anna felt the dildo that was hanging in her teacher’s right hand brush across her left cheek. This time Mrs. Dudley didn’t have to say a word. Anna instantly opened her mouth, tilted her head a little to the side and corraled the used end of the shaft between her lips and resumed sucking her teacher’s juices from it.

Kim could feel Anna’s breath cascading across her bare genitals each time the kneeling girl exhaled. She could also feel the energy of Anna’s mouth sizzling up her right arm as she held the dildo there for the young girl to nurse from. Kim even found herself swiveling her pelvis side to side in short, choppy circles, much the same way any random guy would with a school girl on her knees giving him head. Kim even sighed out loud when she felt Anna wrap her hands around the back of her thighs, trying desperately to stabilize herself as she lathered her tongue all over her teacher’s favorite toy.

Balancing herself on her high heels as she stared down at the 18 year old girl at her feet, Kim felt her pussy burn and quiver, aching to be filled again. Looking at the clean, unused half of the double headed dildo resting in the palm of her right hand, a devilishly perverted idea illuminated inside the teacher’s spinning head.

Taking a half step back, but staying close enough to keep Anna’s hands wrapped around the back of her lower thighs, Kim positioned the free head of the dildo against the entrance of her cunt and allowed the girl’s pistoning mouth to push the phallus forward.

Her eyes closed, Anna didn’t have a clue what Mrs. Dudley was doing until she felt the teacher’s hold on the dildo loosen just before the free end of it crashed into something soft and moist. A millisecond later Anna felt Kim’s warm vaginal juices spray out across her face after she’d unwittingly forced the dildo’s second head inside the older woman.

Like a boxer who walked into an unexpected punch, Kim found herself startled by the impact of Anna’s mouth forcing the opposite end of the dildo into her throbbing sex. Kim even had to dig the fingers of her left hand into her student’s long brown hair to help keep her balance as she felt the bumpy shaft of the phallus penetrate her.

Her head rocking backwards on her neck, the fluorescent lights above turned everything into a radiant blur as Kim’s vaginal muscles fired around the invading appendage. Her balance eroding quickly, Kim reached around her back with her right hand and tried grabbing the edge of her desk to hold herself up as every boy and girl in the room melted with lust, watching from their seats.

Looking down at Anna with a new found appreciation once she was able to steady herself, Kim watched the girl’s nostrils flare wildly as Anna plunged the dildo in and out of her cunt with her mouth.


For 18 year old Steven Holcomb, to look up and see one of his fellow students on her knees with a huge purple dildo stuffed in her mouth at the same time she was ramming the other end of it forward into his naked social studies teacher’s pussy was nearly too much for his young mind to process. Steven’s dick pressed now like a raging spear between his legs and it took everything he had to keep from putting his hands under the desk to quell the angst in his pants.

When he did steal a peek to his left and right to gauge the reactions on the 21 other faces in the room, Steven could see the smoky look of release in several of the other students’ eyes, clear evidence that their willpower hadn’t been so strong. He was also sure he could smell the faint whiff of male jism in the air and knew there had to be a few wet spots in the pants of some of the students surrounding him. His jeans had thankfully stayed dry, but Steven didn’t know how long that would last given the nature of what he was witnessing.

He could hear another suppressed male groan of release filter through the room, but Steven didn’t turn to see who it was. Instead, he kept his eyes trained forward, committing every detail of the carnal lesbian coupling to memory.

When Mrs. Dudley had been undressing and then masturbating all by herself with the vibrator, as arousing and graphic as it was, there was still a clinical, almost step by step feel of a long time plan finally being executed. Despite his youth, Steven could now smell the loss of control radiating from his teacher’s body as she writhed and grinded in front of the room, her knees spread wide as she allowed the 18 year old girl with the dildo in her mouth to orally penetrate her. And as Steven tried to absorb it all, his right hand unconsciously slid down into his lap.

Of all the girls in school, Anna Schwegert had been way down on Steven’s list of girls he fantasized about having sex with. Like most of his fellow students, he’d bought into the notion that she was either gay or just one of those free love hippy chicks that swung whichever way the wind blew. To see Anna kneeling there on the floor between Mrs. Dudley’s legs, her cheeks puffing out as she drilled the dildo forward, was an epiphany of sorts for Steven as he guiltily started to rub the erection inside his pants.

A few moments later, the sound of Mrs. Dudley’s frazzled voice snapped Steven out of his lust induced, hypnotic state. Following the course of his teacher’s gaze across to the room, Steven tried to figure out who she was calling out to. Once again she spoke up, her voice jumping noticably each time Anna relentlessly plowed the shaft of the dildo into her cunt. Finally Steven figured out who Mrs. Dudley was addressing, and to his dismay but not surprise, he saw his teacher’s eyes lock with Matt Troutman’s, another one of the boys in the class.

Mrs. Dudley’s choice to call Anna up to the front of the class for the chore she was now performing had been a complete shock, there were certainly prettier and much sexier girls for her to choose from. Matt being called up there wasn’t as much of a shock. The ruggedly handsome football and baseball star seemed to always have an aura of good fortune following him around every since Steven first met him all the way back in kindergarten.

There always seem to be a couple of boys in every age group that outgrow their peers, socially and otherwise, and those 12 and a half years since had done nothing but further cast most of the other boys in Steven’s class in Matt’s hefty shadow. Steven always held out hope that in 20 years maybe he could make a triumphant return to a class reunion as a successful business man only to discover that Matt had become a balding and burnt out ex-jock, but that was still two decades down the road. At that moment, Steven wallowed in a stew of jealousy and envy watching his naked teacher call out to Matt in her desperate time of need.

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