Her Toy

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Mistress Diane was not usually the anxious type, She was usually totally in control, cool, calm and collected at all times. But today was a little different. She had released Her sub some six months ago, and now felt that enough healing time had lapsed, and She was now in search of a new one. Her quest took her to the local Dungeon where they were having an auction that night. She hadn’t even been to the clubs in months, She loved dressing the part and She had missed it.

As She took Her bath Her mind drifted back to the times Her sub would bathe Her, and She smiled to herself, knowing that there was so much about the life that She had been missing, but up until now just wasn’t ready to delve back into again. She stretched her long willowy figure in Her extra large tub that She had made to Her dimensions, and with a little extra room for two to play in. Her hands cupped Her full firm breasts, thumbs rolling the sweet smelling suds on Her nipples, and a soft shiver ran thru her body. Oh yessss…..She longed for a sweet toy once again. One that worshipped Her, obeyed Her, one that She could drive into a sexual frenzy, and one that could do the same to Her when She permitted it.

She had went on an extravagant shopping spree, buying all new toys, seeing the latest that was out there, and filling Her shelves with cock rings, new straps, a new crop, several new paddles, a rubber one, a thick wooden one and a thin wooden one, a new strap on dildo and several hand held ones in different lengths and widths. And the crème de le creme….a new toy that She had ordered from Las Vegas, a vibrating cock ring, with all the intricate attachments to be placed on his cock, the controls held in Her hand as She changed the intensity of the pulses to his cock.

She dressed to kill that night, wearing a new black latex dress, the zipper in front pulled low exposing the tops of Her breasts, black fishnets and black patent leather thigh highs with a 5 inch heel. Her make up was expertly put on, not giving Her a hard look, but it was a tad more than most women would wear for evening.

As she strode into the club, she could feel all eyes turn on Her, even the Doms took a second look, no doubt wishing She was a sub. Her blonde hair cascaded down Her back, and the short latex dress accented every curve of her body. She walked confidently in the heels, Her hips swaying with a promise of sensuality with each step.

She found a table up front by the stage and stretched her long shapely legs in front of Her. Her edginess now gone, not knowing really what She was looking for, but knowing if she saw him she’d know it instantly.

As the Master of Ceremonies stepped up to the mike and the lights dimmed everywhere but the stage, She looked at Her long red nails and slid one leg under Her, the other crossing it as Her steel blue eyes scanned over the stage. There were many subs and slaves up for auction this night, but She wasn’t interested in a slave. She wanted a sub, one that could think and function without Her telling him every little thing, but also one that had that burning kuşadası escort desire to serve a Mistress and all Her whims, whatever they may be.

She had seen a dozen of them paraded before Her, and was about to give up when he walked out on the stage. A tall, muscle bound black male, She guessed in his mid 40’s…the perfect age. She sat slightly up and uncrossed Her legs, reaching for another cigarette as He posed and strutted. The outline of his cock clearly visible in the tight leather pants, and when he turned around to reveal the ass of the pants cut out and he flexed that tight little ass, She knew that this was the one she had to have. As he turned around again their eyes met, and his lingered on Hers for a moment, then traveled slowly down Her body. She could see his cock stiffening and she just grinned up at him and winked. And then the bidding began. The bidding went quite high as he had been trained by a Mistress before, but She just kept on. His eyes never leaving Hers until she won the bid. She saw the slow lazy smile spread across his handsome face, and before he even had time to think about it anymore she put a thin black leather collar around his neck and attached the leash, leading him out of the club on Her way out to pay what She owed for this prize.

She wasn’t a cruel Mistress, and wasn’t into extreme pain, but She did expect obedience, and She did have Her quirks as anyone in this lifestyle did.

When the valet brought Her car around to her, She tossed him the keys and let go of the leash for a moment, Her voice almost teasing as she looked over him, “you’ll do the driving, I hate driving”…he held the door open for Her and as he slid behind the wheel She once again wound the leash around Her hand as She gave him directions to Her house.

She didn’t usually do this, going to the auctions and buying a sub for the night, but She was so horny, and had been out of the loop for so long now, and this sub was just so damn beautiful with his ebony skin, big expressive eyes, and that cock that She kept glancing at out of the corner of Her eye as he drove to Her house, that She decided for one night what the hell. She was going to take Her fill of this willing sub, exactly the way She wanted to.

As he pulled in and parked Her car in front of Her house she loosened the grip on the leash, he handed Her the keys and then slid out of the seat to once again open the door for Her. She hated to admit that She was beginning to be impressed with this man, but She was. She discreetly held onto the leash as She walked him up the stairs to Her porch and then opened the door. She had an extra room ready for the one that She would eventually train as Hers, and She glanced over at it quickly wondering if Anthony was going to be the one that would inhabit that room. He quickly took stock of the room as She brushed up against him, Her nipples brushing across his chest, a tingle running thru Her clit as She heard the slightest moan escaping from him. Oh yes, She was going to use this one well…and hard. Her heart began beating faster at kuşadası escort bayan just the thought, and as he sat at Her feet as she settled into the comfortable couch, Her slender thighs spreading slightly so that he could see that She was wearing crotch less fishnets, She once again smiled to Herself as She looked down and saw his cock twitch. But he was going to have to work before that big black cock even touched Her.

She looked him over with a critical eye, Her steely gaze penetrating right thru him. Her voice calm and sure as She instructed him to take off his clothes and present himself to Her. She leaned back…spreading Her thighs wider and lit a cigarette as She watched his every movement.

As he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, and that beautiful dark skin came more into view, She saw that his nipples were already hard. She licked her full lips softly, running Her tongue slowly over Her upper lip as She thought of how She was going to tease him. His limits were already discussed on the way over here, and they were in total agreement on the do’s and don’t’s, and the safe word had already been established as well. As he unzipped his leather pants and his cock sprung out of them She almost gasped. She had never seen a cock that big or that beautiful, and Her cunt muscles twitched thinking about how well it would fill Her, but he never saw these things in the expression on Her face, and as he slid his pants down his muscular legs and then stepped out of them, he looked up at Her and turned slowly for Her, his shoes still on. He bent over slowly, his firm muscular ass now raised high to Her as he kicked off his shoes. Before he could begin to raise up Her hands slowly squeezed his asscheeks, the tip of Her fingernail running lightly down the crack of his ass and over his smooth shaved balls. She was glad he was shaved, She much preferred shaved men. She saw the goosebumps rising on his ass as Her nail toyed and teased along his balls and up the length of his cock, and She laughed out loud as She told him to turn around and drop to his knees. He knew what She wanted, and why he was purchased that night. His specialty was eating pussy, and Mistress Diane was going to find out if he had been telling the truth.

She looked into his eyes for a moment, stating calmly, “When your face is totally covered in My juices, then, and only then, will I consider letting you fuck Me.” She had placed a the crop behind the cushions of the couch and as she pulled it out and waved it in front of his face, Her voice once again calm as She looked up at him again, “And if I feel you’re not doing it good enough, or if I just feel like it, this crop will be used on your tight little ass.” His eyes were dancing, his cock so hard and aching just thinking about eating this elegant Mistresses cunt that he just nodded and said, “yes, Ma’am, as You wish”

As he moved closer to Her…his breath teasing the tender skin of Her inner thigh, Her last command was spoken, “you may not touch yourself while you’re sucking My pussy”, and in one swift motion she had expertly escort kuşadası slipped a cock ring over his huge cock, hearing the intake of his breath as it slid around the base of his thickness. She then spread Her thighs wide and placed Her hands on the back of his neck, pulling him deep into Her shaved cunt, and his tongue parted Her lips and barely flicked over Her clit, She knew She was going to make him make Her cum many times this night.

His mouth was magic on Her pussy. He would suck and lick in places that none had ever dreamed of before. Sucking softly on Her swollen lips, and then spreading Her lips with His finger and just sucking on Her extended clit. Sucking on it as if it were a little cock. Her moans and screams just egging him on more. She came numerous times, Her hot cum shooting over his face and trickling down over his lips. Her long nails digging into his back as She rode his face…bucking and grinding Her pussy harder and deeper onto his face, occasionally the snick of the crop on his ass when he would let up a little, and then his tongue would slide deep into her pinkness and once again She would be lost in his magic tongue. Oh gawd this one could lick and suck pussy like none She had ever had. His face was drenched with Her cum, it was dripping down his nose and small little droplets were running down his cheek when She finally told him to stand back…Her breathing heavy and ragged as She whispered to him to stroke his cock, to get it rock hard for Her as She watched.

She knew there was a huge wet spot on the couch, but She didn’t care. Her eyes were riveted to his throbbing shaft as She watched it bulge out from the cock ring at the base. Her body shivering as She thought of that huge head sliding into Her aching pussy, knowing the cock ring would make him last all that much longer. His large hand stroked and pumped on his cock…and when She could see it beginning to throb She reached out to him and pulled him down on top of Her….growling into his ear….fuck Me NOW!!….immediately his cock pressed at the entrance of Her cunt…the head spreading Her tight hot wet hole open. Her nails raked down his back leaving burning scratches as he thrust deeper into Her, and then he lifted Her legs up to his shoulders and began a steady assault on Her pussy. She could barely breath for the strokes that he was taking, and when the massive head banged into Her cervix She would scream out to him and buck up harder into him. She fucked him like a woman possessed. Her cunt muscles tightening and loosening around his shaft, milking it from the base to the tip, and then the tremble of Her legs as She finally gave in. A low wail filling the room as Her orgasm rocked Her to Her very soul. Her cunt muscles still flexing around his shaft as she nodded to him, signaling him that he could now release. He thrust deep into Her one more time, and with a low groan his hot seed shot deep into Her. Filling Her totally.

He collapsed on top of Her and Her arms went around him holding him close to Her. Her body still trembling from the intensity of the orgasms She just had. She motioned him to the bathroom and he soaped a warm washrag and wet another one, he knelt before Her and lovingly cleaned Her cunt and then gently patted Her dry. She pulled his head down back to Her flat smooth stomach, and they both dozed off for a bit, totally spent and sated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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