He’s in Control of Me

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I can’t stop thinking about him and the way he manhandles me. He’s definitely the best fuck that I’ve ever had and I need his cock in me as soon as possible. I know he’s busy with his job and I need to be patient, but I just can’t. I can’t stop my fingers from finding my pussy and I can’t control the way I diddle my clit until I’m a wet, throbbing mess.

I know I shouldn’t take pictures of my pussy and send them to him while he is at work, but better than sending them when he’s at home with his wife and kids. My pussy pics could get him in a lot of trouble. I picture him in his lab coat, hearing his phone buzz in his pocket. He knows better than to check his messages in front of his patients by now.

“Excuse me for just a moment. I’ll be right back,” he’ll say.

“Of course, Doctor,” his patient will answer and he’ll step into the hallway to open my messages.

By then, I’ll have sent a few pictures, some of them of my wet pussy and others of me with the dildo I’m about to shove inside of it. I know that this will turn him on and make him want me. I know I have to push him to the edge, until he’s abandoned practicality and thinking with his cock instead of his brain.

He’ll flip through the photos I sent, his heart pounding as he realizes that I’m completely naked and I’m about to fuck the shit out of myself with my dildo. His dick will already be hardening, but he will force himself to put the phone back in his pocket and go back to work.

I see that he has checked my messages and seen my photos, but he hasn’t responded. He’s probably with a patient and so I decide Esenyurt escort to make him a video so he can tell how horny I am. My dildo has a suction cup on the end and so I stick it to the smooth glass top of my coffee table and I straddle it, feeling my sluttiest.

With my camera in one hand and the other bracing myself on the table, I lower my pussy onto the dildo with a satisfied sigh of relief. I need my pussy worked open so badly, and since he’s still busy I’m going to have to take care of myself. I start slowly, lowering my pussy down until the dildo hits bottom inside of me.

“Oh my God!” I moan as I realize how perfect it feels. The only thing that could be better is his cock inside of me and so I look into the camera and tell him so.

“I want you in my pussy so much! Please! Please come by after work and fill me with your big, fat dick! I’m so horny!”

I pause for a moment to send him the video before I begin making another one. I know he is probably annoyed with me as he opens the video. I’m probably making it hard for him to work, but my pussy is hungry for his cock and he deserves to know. He needs to understand that I’m a pit of ravenous greed for his cock, and only his cock. No other dick will do.

I think about all the times we’ve fucked in the past, a montage of moments flashing through my memory as I bounce on the dildo with all of my might. I capture every moment for him so he can see the look in my eyes right before they roll back into my skull. I want him to hear my sighs of pleasure, and revel in the peaks of my orgasms Etiler escort bayan as my nipples pebble, dying for his mouth to cover them. I imagine the dildo is his cock and that he is going to come and give me what I need.

I scream loudly as I cum, knowing that he will turn the volume down so no one can hear my cries of ecstasy. What man could resist my hot, young pussy? How could he not stop by and take care of my needs with his big, fat doctor cock on his way home? It’s not like I want him to be my boyfriend or husband, or anything special like that. I simply want to be his mistress and I want him to be as addicted to me as I am to him.

I need him so badly as I cream all over my dildo, my pussy gushing with juice until I can see it pooling on the glass beneath me. I love the way my reflection looks in the glass, my own dildo-filled cunt on display for me. I come to a stop, exhausted for a moment by my climax. I send him the video and then wait to see if he picks it up, but he doesn’t.

Minutes go by and I am filled with dread that he hasn’t checked his messages when he knows that I’m fucking myself. Surely he isn’t ignoring me. Is he? I can’t bear the thought that he could ignore me and I start to freak out and get angry. How dare he ignore me! I’m hot and young and he should be happy to have a little slut like me to fuck on the side. I don’t ask for much! I just want his cock and I want to get fucked.

I turn around, mounting the dildo from another angle and holding my phone so he can see my butt as I bounce on it. This is the kind Escort Eyüp of video he likes best. He likes the way my ass jiggles. He’s told me so plenty of times. I know that he will not be able to resist this one and I cum on my dildo again, this time making an even bigger mess on my coffee table. I make sure to shoot the mess with my camera before I send it to him.

I wait for him to pick up my messages, my heart pounding with every second that goes by without him answering. I need him to answer. I need him to need me as much as I need him. I know that the way I feel about him isn’t healthy. He’s like a drug to me and I can’t seem to stop wanting him every second of every day. I begin to cry as I realize that ten minutes have gone by, and then twenty. Surely he can’t be so busy that he can’t take a moment to look at my pussy and ass fucking a dildo for him.

For him! I did this all for him and he’s not responding. My tears become sobs as I stare at my messages, willing for him to see them.

Finally, I see that he has picked them up. My heart is frozen in the moments between the time he sees my messages and the time that he responds. I can’t stand the way I feel about him. I feel so desperate, and so needy and yet I can’t stop myself. I’m obsessed and I need his big dick so much!

“I’m coming by on my way home.”

I read his text, blinking back tears. He is coming! He is going to see me and give me what I need. I won’t tell him how I cried over the fact that he took too long to message. I won’t let him see that desperate, needy side I try to hide. I will hide it for a little while longer and savor his perfect cock as if it is the last cock on the planet. For me, it feels like it is. He is the only one I want and the only one I need. I know when he arrives I am going to devour his cock and show him that I can fuck his cock exactly the way I fuck my dildo for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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