His Father, My Lover, Our Bull Ch. 01

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I fell madly in love with Edward shortly after meeting him. I was in my last year of my graduate studies. I was in a very unhealthy relationship with a man, Tom, almost ten years my senior. Meeting Edward gave me the motivation to leave that relationship. I have always been what is referred to as a sapiosexual – I’m attracted to men with intelligence. Edward had that in spades. His dry, sarcastic wit made me laugh the first time we met, and I loved that about him.

I had no feelings for the older man, Tom, I was dating at the time. The year I was with him, however, had a profound effect on me and my outlook on sex and relationships. I was far from being a virgin when I started dating Tom. What made the relationship with Tom unique compared to all the other guys I had slept with? He had a really large cock and the skill to use it.

Sex with Tom was exquisite. The truth is I was addicted to it. I was addicted to his dominance and the way he treated me like a slut. But I owe him for showing me that my inner slut exists.

When Edward and I started dating, I went without sex for almost two months. He was shy, polite, and a gentleman. Despite every signal I gave him that I was receptive to any sexual advances he might want to initiate he would not do so. I therefore took the initiative to initiate sex for the first time myself. I adore performing fellatio, and in my mind that was the perfect way to start out our first time.

I soon discovered the reason for him being so hesitant to be amorous with me.

My aggressive efforts to lower his pants turned to insistence. Once they were down and he was exposed to me, I was presented with the smallest erect penis on a man I had ever encountered. Yet I was neither disgusted nor disappointed. I truly had feelings for Edward. I actually thought his small penis was somewhat adorable. I took him into my mouth hoping he would enjoy my skills. He climaxed and ejaculated into my mouth in less than a minute, and I swallowed as always.

He began apologizing profusely, as if he had committed some kind of egregious sin by finishing in my mouth. I comforted him and gave him reassurance that what happened was the result I desired even though I had hoped to initiate intercourse instead. That’s when I learned that he was a virgin, and that he had always avoided sex with the girls he dated because of his diminutive penis.

I told him that it didn’t matter to me. At the time it really didn’t. During the following months of our relationship I began to find out exactly how mistaken I was.

Edward was under no illusion that I received sexual pleasure during intercourse with him. His penis was too slender and short and provided very little stimulation if any. Edward’s testicles were the size of grapes and never slapped against me during his thrusts. His climaxes arrived quickly, almost uncontrollably, and the semen he ejaculated rarely made it inside me. Usually I would soon feel the vast majority of it oozing down my perineum and across my anus to the bedding underneath me.

That said, I enjoyed witnessing how much pleasure he received during those orgasms while barely inside my entrance. It was obvious he adored and appreciated me. While he lacked endowment he more than made up for it with his willingness to allow me to teach him how to use his fingers and mouth to satisfy me. His determination to give me pleasure in that manner allowed me to climax almost every time.

The orgasms were pleasant, but they were not the kind that every woman desires to have. Having climaxed numerous times while being stretched both wide and deep by a large cock, I was keenly aware of the pleasure that Edward would never possibly be able to give me.

A few more months into our relationship he began asking me questions about my sexual history. I was somewhat defensive about it at first. My fear was that, if he learned the extent of my sexual history he would no longer love me, or that he would judge me. I was always under the impression that men did not like to even think about their girlfriends being with another man.

Not Edward.

His persistent questions made me slowly start opening up about my past sexual experiences with other men. It became obvious that my stories aroused Edward, so I began to tell him even more. I confessed that Ataşehir Escort I loved performing fellatio, I loved having sex in general, but that I had always been furtive about my promiscuity by hiding under a cloak of being conservative, of acting like a “good girl” to everyone that I knew.

Then he asked about the largest cock I had ever experienced. I told him everything about Tom, the man I had dated prior to him.

“I know this sounds weird, Beth,” he said, “but I would have enjoyed watching you have sex with Tom.”

“Why?” I responded.

“I’ll never be able to see you overwhelmed by lust and passion during sex. I’ll never witness you lose control and become animalistic with me during intercourse. I find the thought of witnessing you in that state so sexy.”

What he said immediately afterward shocked me.

“I know that I will never be able to satisfy you sexually. I also know that is a very important part of a relationship for a woman. If we continue to stay together, if you truly love me, I promise that I will do whatever it takes to ensure that you receive sexual satisfaction.”

I responded by telling him that I did receive some sexual pleasure while with him, to not “worry” about it, but he quickly interrupted me.

“You don’t understand,” he explained, “I know that all women prefer much larger cocks than what I have to offer. The fact that you’ve experienced one, that you enjoyed it the most, will only make you yearn for one again. I would never want you to cheat on me emotionally, but I am willing to let you have sex with other men, men who are much more endowed than me, to ensure your love for me never diminishes because of that yearning.”

I was honestly confused by the honesty of his statement. He perceived it. Then he began explaining the concepts of cuckolding, open marriages, and hotwives. He also affirmed that he would never desire to have sex with another woman – only me. He said, “Just think about it. It will always be an option. I’ll never refuse to give you permission to have sex with any other man you find sexually attractive. I give you my word. I do, however, have one request.”

“What’s that?” I asked curiously. If he was willing to let me have sex with other men, what possible stipulation could he have?

“I want to participate in some way. To be there, or be with you afterward. I want to reaffirm my love and desire for you immediately after you’ve had sex with another man.”

I had no idea what he meant when he used the word “participate” in this context. I would not learn the full extent of his desires to act upon his submissive male tendencies until a few years into our marriage.

A few months later I finished graduate school. He proposed to me a few days later. I accepted. Little did I know that my first opportunity to cuckold him and experience sexual pleasure with a large cock just a few weeks later.

* * *

Soon after learning of our engagement, Edward’s parents invited us to come stay with them for two weeks at their ranch in west Texas. It was obvious that Edward and his family had wealth. His father owned a company that supplied parts to the oilfield industry. He had worked for his father in the family business throughout college, but moved across the state to “pursue his own interest” of computers. Having just graduated, I did not yet have a job. Edward took vacation and we began the six-hour drive for our visit.

We had not been on the road long when I reached over and began fondling him through his shorts. The other cars on the Interstate did not deter me from leaning over to take his penis into my mouth. Despite his protests and citing how dangerous it was, I was soon swallowing his cum and learned that I enjoyed giving road head.

“There’s something I need to tell you before you meet my parents,” he said after I had sat back up in my own seat and composed myself, “My dad is a real jerk. Nothing I’ve ever done had been good enough for him. Just be prepared if he seems overly critical of me while we’re there.”

“That’s horrible,” I responded, “You’re an amazing and intelligent man. You’re an expert in your field -“

“It doesn’t matter,” he interrupted, “He was bad enough when I still worked in the family business. He’s the main reason I left, and he Acıbadem Escort hasn’t forgiven me since. But there’s more.”

“OK,” I prompted.

“He thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Granted he’s a good looking guy -“

“So are you,” I interjected.

“Whever I would bring a girl home that I had started seeing in college, he would always… flirt with them. I think he did it sometime just to embarrass me. I hated that he did it, but I also hated that the girls were so flattered by his attention to them.”

“I’ll be polite. I don’t want to give either of them a bad first impression of your bride-to-be.”

“He might make other comments about me. Comments about me being… small down there.”

“OK, that is cruel. How does he know how small you are anyway?”

“He convinced me to join a gym with him, to go work out with him my freshman year of college. I only went once with him, because I had no idea that I would be expected to shower after our workout. That’s when he saw me, and you know what he did?”

“What?” I asked hesitantly.

“He laughed. He laughed almost uncontrollably when he saw it. I had never been so humiliated in my life, and he’s never let me live it down.”

I probably should never asked my next question, but I did. “What about him? Isn’t he small like you? Isn’t that genetic?” He became quiet and didn’t immediately answer. I prompted him, “Well? Is he?”

“That’s the thing, Beth. I shouldn’t even tell you this, but my father is huge down there. Obviously I’ve never seen his erection, but if he’s that large when he’s flaccid…”

That’s when I became quiet. I stared ahead at the road pensively. Surely I could not be so wicked, could I? I tried so very hard to dispatch the thoughts and fantasies I was having as a result of the revelation about his father’s cock. My efforts to do so were futile. My mind quickly shifted to trying to come up with the justification to make it happen.

“Has your father ever cheated on your mother?” I queried as part of the possibly cruel scheme I was devising.

“I have no doubt that he has. I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard rumors. If my mom cares, though, she turns a blind eye or is in complete denial.”

Excellent, I thought to myself.

“Edward, let me ask you something. What if there’s a way to fix the relationship you have with your father? What if something would make him treat you better and give you the love and respect that you deserve from him? Is that something you would want?”

“Beth, you have no idea how much I would want that. My father and I used to be close when I was much younger. I don’t know what happened or what I did to make him treat me the way he does.”

My next words, and the intention they implied, would forever change the nature of my relationship with Edward, including the many years of our marriage together.

“Do you remember giving me your word that I could have sex with any other man of my choosing? Do you remember saying that you would never refuse to give me permission to do so?” Edward slowly turned his head to look at me, his shocked expression conveyed that he knew exactly what I was thinking, “It is my intention to seduce your father and let him fuck me.”

“Beth, I don’t know -“

“I intend to make his first experience with me so amazing that he will do anything to continue having me whenever he wants. The condition of that will be that he treats you differently.” Edward continued to stare at me wordless between his glances back at the road. “I intend to be the slut that he has always fantasized about being with but never has.”

He turned his head back toward the road. His hands noticeably tightened on the steering wheel. He did not appear angry.

“If you were just saying that to me at the time in order to convince me to stay with you, you need to tell me now,” I continued. I prayed that this man, the man I truly loved, would not immediately turn the car around or, even worse, stop it and make me get out.

“No, I meant what I said, Beth. I just… I never thought you would want to do that with my own father.”

“Access to him will be convenient when we are all together. Not to mention he will have the motivation to alter his treatment of you.” I reached over and touched his arm, “I want to İstanbul Escort do this for you, Edward. This is mostly for your benefit,” I lied.

I let him continue to contemplate what I had said in silence as he continued to concentrate on driving. The more time that passed, the stronger my urge was to say, “I’m just kidding! It was just a test.” Just as my anxiety was at a level that I almost blurted just that out, he broke the silence between us.

“You’re absolutely right. I gave you my word. It’s not like you won’t be attracted to him anyway once you meet him. Most women are.” He paused, then looked over at me, “How do you plan to seduce him?”

“I’m open to anything you might suggest,” I replied, still in shock that he agreed to my plan.

“My mother takes a sleeping pill every night and goes to bed at 10:30pm. She’s done that like clockwork for years, so I doubt that’s changed. My dad’s a night owl, so probably any time after 11pm is, um, you know…”

“…a good time for your father to fuck me?” I completed his sentence.


“That takes care of the ‘when’ but where is a good place for me to have sex with him undisturbed?”

“That’s easy. Our pool house. It’s off of the main house just in case you make any, um, noise.”

“Perfect. I still need one more thing. I need some time alone with him to make the proposition before that. Any ideas?”

“How much time will you need?”

“Ten minutes. Fifteen tops. That should be long enough to convince him that I’m receptive and tell him where to meet me.”

“I’ll run interference with my mom after dinner and try to get her alone and out of sight of the two of you. Once we’re gone you can do whatever you need to do.”

“Do you think there will be time for me to swim tonight?” I asked, an idea had suddenly popped into my head.

“Which swimsuit did you bring?”

“Both, including the bikini.”

“Then he doesn’t have a chance. You look amazing in that thing. He will be drooling all over himself.”

“I hope he doesn’t have anything against small boobs.”

“Trust me. He will love your body. He’s not going to be able to resist your advances after seeing you in that thing. Fuck, I can’t believe I am saying all of this.”

We remained silent with each other for a while as the drive progressed. I finally broke that silence, “Edward, I need to hear you tell me that you want this. I need to hear you say it out loud to me.”

“What exactly do you want to hear me say, Beth?”

“I need to hear you tell me that you want your father to fuck me because his cock is much larger than yours.” I reached over to his lap once more and rubbed his penis through his shorts again. I was honestly surprised to find that his little penis was erect once more.

“Beth,” he spoke slowly after a short silence, my fingers continues massaging his erection the whole time, “I really want my father to fuck you. I really want you to have the pleasure of being fucked by his large cock. There’s only one more thing I want to say to you, though.”

“What’s that?”

“I told you that I wanted to watch you with another man, to participate. I can’t this time, not with my own father, not with him.”

“Don’t worry. I wasn’t going to let you even if you had wanted to. I need to be alone with him the first time. There are things that I need to say to him to make this work that you must never hear.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You don’t need to understand, nor are you supposed to. OK? Just trust me to make this happen for you.”

“I trust you, Beth. I trust you more than anyone in the world, because I love you.”

My thirst for cum no longer temporarily sated, I leaned over and lowered his short and took him into my mouth once more. Despite his earlier climax he quickly ejaculated quickly, perhaps even more copiously and forcefully than before. This time, however, I continued licking and suckling his tiny member for countless miles. My intention was to show my appreciation for the gift he would soon give me.

The remaining hours of our drive together after I sat back up were mostly wordless. I think both of us were lost in our own fantasies and perhaps disbelief about what was to come. My panties were completely drenched, the musky feminine smell of my pussy permeated the car, as I contemplated the possibility of experiencing sex with a large cock once again. The fact that it would be with an older and more mature man made the prospect even more enticing. The fact that it would be his father aroused me like I had never been aroused before.

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