His Taboo Fantasy

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He turns off the lights… and undresses you. You said he could do whatever he wants… and this is what he wants. You cross your wrists, and he swiftly ties them in front of you. How long had he been practicing these knots? Naked, bound, and in the dark, you feel the cold wetness of an intimate personal lubricant applied between your cheeks… foreshadowing things to come.

His hands caress your bare skin. Shoulders, hips, arms, bottom, and breasts… his fingertips brush against all of them in turn. They all ripple with goosebumps. Then, from behind you, he places a hand on your neck. He’s not strangling you, but his grip is firm, and he starts to guide you back. You soon feel the hot firm flesh pressing against your bare bottom. He wiggles your hips back and forth, as “It” finds it’s place, and you are pulled back again.

Without any way to resist, you submit to this part of his fantasy. You bend forward slightly, opening your self up to his invasion. You know it’s going to happen anyway. It’s inevitable. You feel the warm, bulbous head pressing against your tight pucker, as his other free hand reaches around, and fondles your breast. It holds it firmly, and then, along with the hand at your neck, begins to pull you back a little more firmly, pressing “It” into your ass… You try to not be nervous, and not tighten up, but the anticipation is strong, and you are a little nervous.

As you slowly exhale a long, deep breath, you feel your muscles start to relax, and you begin to stretch, letting him in. You feel it slowly and insistently slide into you… impaling you. As you feel his body close to yours, you begin to think he is done… until the hand at your throat pulls you backward, Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort and off balance. As you fall into a reclining position on top of Him. Your own weight drives “It” even deeper into you. You gasp at the sensation… but don’t retreat from it. You embrace the taboo… the “naughtyness” of it. The sensation of being sodomized…. of having his rod driven deep into your most forbidden areas. You find yourself grateful for the generous application of lubricant he gave you… and try not to think that he only put so much on, because he liked rubbing your ass.

The hips under you begin to thrust softly beneath you, and you feel It’s length moving deep inside of you. His hand is still at your throat, holding you tightly. His other hand now gropes, and clutches at your breasts. Squeezing them… playing with them… pinching you nipples sharply… pawing your tits like an animal. It moves from breast to breast, fondling each ample globe in turn. Roughly grabbing and tugging on your nipples so hard, you are sure it should hurt and be unpleasurable… but instead you are somewhat disgusted to find that you actually enjoy it. It does hurt…. but “in a good way”. That cliche suddenly has new meaning to you. Then His hand starts to move down, your chest and arms, down your bound hands, and across your soft belly.

The hand at your neck tightens, choking you lightly, and pulling your head to the side. His teeth soon bite the tender exposed skin of your throat. And His hips continue to thrust beneath you… His free hand forces its way between your thighs, and pushes them open. Pushing down on your pelvis as he thrusts his cock into you… he drives It deeper into you than you had ever imagined it could. You would scream… yell… make some kind of noise… except for his hand, choking you more firmly. You can still breathe, but he’s not making it easy. He wants you to feel powerless, and submit… and so do you.

His coarse fingertips fumble with the wet folds of your intimate flesh. He spreads his fingers, and spreads you open like a whore in cheap porn. Even tho no one can see it in the darkness, you can still feel it, and enjoy the feeling of being handled whore.

As you feel his fingers being shoved into you with a wet squish, his teeth come down hard on your throat, and his hand tightens further. Ages of vampire fantasies start coming to mind. You are now completely his. Unable to breathe, and double penetrated, and unable to resist. As his fingers reach the limit of your depth, you revel in the massive fullness of his hand in your cunt, and his cock, fully and completely up your tight ass. Your legs kick somewhat instinctively, but can’t find the ground. You can’t even stand on your own two feet, so you give into him a little more.

His grip eases, and you gasp for breath. The pace of his hips quickens, and you feel your breasts, and your whole body jiggle on top of him. Grunting and gasping now, he kisses, licks, and chews at your neck. His fingers grind your clit as he mercilessly pounds away at your ass. Faster and harder with each moment. You feel like you would slip off, if you weren’t already impaled on him.

You don’t want to cum. You don’t want to give him that satisfaction. It’s the only resistance you can offer, being otherwise bound, in the dark, and being fucked in the ass. But as you are bound in the dark… there is very little you can actually do to resist cumming. Despite yourself, you hear some soft whimpers escape your lips. You realize how helpless you sound… and it only adds to your excitement.

“It’s time…” he whispers in your ear. Then his large, strong hand clamps down on your soft throat. You know he now won’t let you go until he cums. Part of you hopes you can cum too… before he chokes you unconscious. Part of you still wants to resist. Part of you wonders what happens to you if it takes too long…

Now as he’s mercilessly finger-fucking your dripping wet cunt, and thrusting his long shaft up your tight ass, you can’t help but feel an orgasm building… Reveling in the submissive whore-ishness… you feel him start to tremble… and you feel the first spasm of his cock deep inside you. You know that with every spasm, he is filling your bowels with his fluids… and that last depraved thought pushes you over. Light-headed from the choking, the single most powerful orgasm you can remember wracks your body. Every muscle in your body tightens, making the abuses of your ass and pussy that much more intense. Unable to scream, or raise your arms, or even breathe, you cum silently.

Just as you start to fade out, he releases your throat. You cough once or twice, and begin panting heavily. He flips you onto your belly like a rag doll, and very slowly, withdraws from your now aching ass. You shudder from several “aftershocks” as he does. For the first time, you realize how wet you really were… as you notice everything is soaked. But you don’t mind. He unties your wrists, and they fall limply to next to you, as you are too exhausted to even lift them. He then, kisses your beautiful, round, bare ass, lays down beside you, and whispers,


And it was…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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