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I was on holiday and just generally touring, wanting to see a bit of the country. At the time of this particular incident I was just heading north, aiming in the general direction of the Sunshine Coast. How long I stayed there depended on what I found to amuse me.

I’d just pulled out of Wyong, and was happily leaning on the accelerator when I spotted a group of young ladies up ahead, hitchhiking. Now if it had been a single young lady I’d have naturally pulled over and offered her a lift, not that I’d expect them to be silly enough to take it. A single girl hopping into a car with a stranger when you’re way out in the country? A very silly idea.

However, I was driving a big 4WD and it was empty apart from me and some equipment. Seeing that there were three young ladies it seemed reasonable that they would agree to a ride and I’d have some congenial company for a while.

I pulled up next to them and greeted them.

“Ladies,” I said. “I’m Brendan. I’m heading that-away and will be doing so for several hours yet. I have ample room and if you want to head that-away I have no objection to giving you a lift. Ah, I should clarify that. I have no objection provided you’re all eighteen or older. I have no desire to be run in for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

Blondie gave me a superior look.

“Really. Can’t you tell that we’re all eighteen or older? I’d have thought one look would tell you that.”

“My dear girl,” I said. “I may be a little slow at times but I’m not so stupid as to take a guess at a young lady’s age. If I guess right or wrong you’d feel insulted. Mind you, if a woman was in her thirties I’d be willing to guess her age at around twenty five. No-one is offended to be told they look younger than they do, except for young people.”

I gave her a big smile and continued.

“Anyway, as I said, I’m heading that-away, and if you want a ride hop in. Just yell when we reach your destination or turnoff, as I’m going straight.”

The girls had a quick discussion and seemed to be in agreement and they all piled in. I planted my foot down again and away we went. We chatted a bit as we cruised along. They weren’t actually going that far, they told me. Just to a little town about twenty kay down the road. I explained that I was just touring generally, having several months leave I was taking.

Now when you’re travelling down a long straight stretch of road the time and the kilometres can pass quite quickly. I guess we’d been travelling for about half an hour when Carla, the blonde, checked her watch and seemed a bit surprised.

“Um, I’d have thought we’d have arrived at Bulong by now,” she said. “Do you have any idea how far away it is?”

I did a quick estimation of how far I’d travelled since leaving Wyong, added another twenty or so to that and nodded.

“I have a rough idea,” I told her. “I make it about eighty, eighty five, kay and increasing.”

Instant pandemonium. Where was I taking them? What the hell did I think I was doing? I wouldn’t get away with this? How dare I? And so on, with the girls being unanimous in their desire that I stop the car immediately.

I spotted a truckies break area ahead and pulled into it, engaging the door locks at the same time. The girls promptly tried to open the doors and jump out and became rather disturbed when the doors wouldn’t open. Finally they shut up, just sitting and glaring at me.

“Carla,” I said, addressing the blonde as she seemed to be the spokesperson for them. “If you wanted to go to Bulong why were you hitchhiking in the wrong direction out of Wylong. For that matter, if you’d told me that Bulong was your destination when you hopped in I’d have pointed out that you were going the wrong way. Don’t blame me for your mistake.”

That led to a rather acrimonious discussion between the girls as to whose fault it was, with no-one being willing to admit fault. Finally they shut up and Carla turned to me.

“Alright. It was our mistake. If you’ll kindly unlock the doors we’ll get out and hitchhike back.”

“Not happening,” I said flatly. “I am not leaving the three of you stranded here. You can just sit and sulk and I’ll let you out at the next town.”

Suzette had her phone in hand and was looking something up.

“You can’t do that,” she gasped. “The next town is Badalong Creek and that’s another eighty kay. It’ll take all day for us to get there and then we’ll be stuck until we get a lift back.”

“You might be lucky,” I pointed out. “If we run into a decent diner along the road I don’t mind dropping you off there.”

“If,” was Carla’s bitter comment. “And if we don’t we’re stuck.”

They argued amongst themselves and they tried to argue with me. I just didn’t respond. They didn’t really believe that I’d abandon three young women in the middle of nowhere, did they? I’d be in deep shit in my own eyes and the eyes of the police if anything happened to them.

It was Fiona, the relatively quiet one, who came up with what she saw as an canlı bahis equitable solution.

“You could always drive us back to Wyong,” she told me. “It’s only a half hour drive.”

“But it’s half an hour in the wrong direction,” I pointed out.

“Not really,” she said. “You’ve already said that your time is your own and you weren’t going anywhere in particular, just that-away. Turning around and going this-away shouldn’t make any real difference to you. As a matter of fact, if you kept going you could take us all the way to Bulong. It would add to your sight-seeing.”

Carla and Suzette quickly chimed in, considering this a terrific idea. I wasn’t quite so keen.

“I can see why you all think it’s a good idea,” I admitted, “but I wasn’t the one who made the mistake. What’s in it for me to backtrack and deliver you to Bulong when I can just as easily continue and drop you off at Badalong Creek.”

Carla gave me a brilliant smile and somehow or other manage to improve on the cleavage she was showing.

“Well, gee, Brendan,” she said in a sultry voice. “We’d be ever so grateful and I assure you we’d be more than willing to demonstrate that gratitude when we get to Bulong.”

Yeah, I’d just bet they would. They’d be out of the car and running as soon as we reached Bulong, even if they had to climb out the windows.

“Uh-huh. I don’t suppose you want to show me a little of that gratitude here and now?”

“Oh, we couldn’t,” came the fast excuse. “What if someone stopped to see if we needed help? We’d die of embarrassment if that happened. Besides, you haven’t actually agreed to take us back.”

“Uh-huh. Tell you what. I’ll drive you to Bulong if you all take off your tops right now and give me a preview if the possible delights that await me.”

“You’re joking,” said Fiona. “You expect us to get undressed while you drive us back? Not happening.”

“I didn’t say get undressed. I said take your tops off. Let’s say that I do like to admire a fine chest. Actual nudity is contra-indicated in this hot weather. I’m sure you can understand my reluctance to having sweaty buttocks bouncing on my nice seats.”

I wasn’t totally surprised when Carla made a growling sound and whipped of her top and bra. She really had a magnificent rack. I admired them for a moment and then turned to look at the other two girls. There was some sotto voce grumbling and swearing but Fiona and Suzette took off their tops. Suzette’s breasts ran a close second to Carla’s for size but, oddly enough, it was Fiona’s rather more modest B cup that I found most appealing. They were beautifully shaped and I gave her a sincere look of appreciation and a nod of approval.

Seeing I was in the truckies break area I had ample room to do a U-turn. Before I did so I took steps to remove a potential traffic hazard.

“Ladies, while I truly appreciate the scenery I’m afraid I have to ask you to get dressed again. There is no way I’ll be able to pay attention to the road with darling like these bouncing around.”

To emphasize my point I casually reached over and bounded one of Carla’s breasts in my hand.

So the girls rushed to cover up again. Right? Wrong! Carla wanted to argue.

“Get dressed again? But you’re the one who wanted us to take our tops off. We didn’t want to do it.”

Suzette and Fiona promptly backed her up, out of sheer perversity as far as I could tell.

“I know I did, but you can’t seriously expect me to drive with your bodacious bodies distracting me,” I pointed out. “Besides, you wouldn’t only be distracting me but any drivers who pass. We could have semis running off the road all over the place.”

The girls slowly put their things back on, smug smiles on their faces. And they took their own sweet time about doing it. I never knew that bras required so much adjustment to have them sit right.

There was a lot of talking and sniggering as we headed back and I was sure that a lot of the sniggering was at my expense. A lot? Probably all of it. I barely slowed as I passed through Wyong and it wasn’t all that long before I was approaching Bulong.

“Bulong,” I announced. “Do you want me to let you off on the outskirts or in the centre of town? Not that it makes much difference. From what I can see the centre of town is also the outskirts.”

Not by any means one of the larger towns around, that was for sure.

“Just drop us off outside the general store,” Carla said. “We’ll be right from there.”

I did just that. Neither I nor the girls mentioned the effusive gratitude that they’d been going to demonstrate. Well, they did thank me, but that was it. I turned and headed back to Wyong.

I finished up refuelling in Wyong, had dinner, and stayed over-night in a motel. Rising next morning I had breakfast and prepared to depart. Right across the road from the motel was a big sign advertising the Coffs Harbour Porpoise Pool, with an arrow pointing to the east. I decided on the spur of the moment to drive east rather than north, visit bahis siteleri the dolphins, and then continue my journey north along the coast.

(I know it’s called the Porpoise Pool but they don’t have any porpoises. Only dolphins and seals and penguins. The names an anachronism but also a nice alliteration so they’re not going to change it.)

I’d barely pulled out of Wyong and there they were, by the side of the road, hitch-hiking. I pulled up next to them. Before they could say anything I held up a hand to stop them.

“Don’t tell me. Let me guess. I know Badalong Creek was the wrong direction for you. Apparently Bulong was wrong as well. Presuming you came from the west that leaves east the only road open for you. Unless you actually live in Wyong, in which case I expect you’ll be hitching a ride down the west road tomorrow.”

“My brother lives in Bulong,” said Fiona repressively. “He was going to drive us to Coffs Harbour today, where we’ve got a unit booked. Unfortunately, he broke a leg yesterday and is currently in hospital.”

“I can see where breaking a leg could cause you to forget to call your sister and tell her not to come over,” I sympathized. “Ah well. I decided this morning to head to Coffs and see the Porpoise Pool so it’s your lucky day. Hop in. Might I suggest that you keep your tops on? Too much of a good thing would spoil me.”

That last comment earned me three repressive looks but they did hop in the car. Logical, really. They’d be silly to pass up an acceptable lift. I mean, I’d proved my good intention yesterday, hadn’t I? (OK. Apart for that bit about having them flash me.)

It was a pleasant drive to Coffs. The girls were talkative and flirtatious. Carla, especially, was good with inappropriate innuendos, pushing the limits but never going that step too far. If I’d been silly enough to call her on anything she’d have been all insulted innocence. If she’d been alone in the car with me she’d have either had to be a lot more circumspect or prepared to face the consequences. My opinion was that she’d have pushed as far as she could just to see if she could avoid the consequences, without caring too much if she couldn’t.

We finally pulled into Coffs and I stopped at the motel where they had booked. I strolled in behind them and arranged for a room for a couple of nights. I had to stay somewhere and this place was as good as any. We parted company at that point, with my unit being on the next floor to theirs, almost directly over them.

I dumped my stuff in the bedroom and then made myself a cold drink, it being a rather hot day. It was a little too early for dinner so I just took off my shoes, flopped down on the couch, and turned on the tellie, looking for some mindless drivel to distract me for a while. I was watching Judge Judy when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and Carla was standing there.

“No Suzette or Fiona?” I asked, stepping aside to let her enter.

“They decided to go down for a dip in the pool,” Carla said with a smirk. “I was going to just relax and watch tellie, but then I remembered that we never did get around to showing you that gratitude we were supposed to demonstrate when we reach Bulong. It was terribly remiss of us so I thought I should come and see you and make up for it.”

I simply reached for her and pulled closer and started kissing her. She promptly responded by kissing me back just as enthusiastically. My hands drifted down from her hips and around until they were clasping her bottom and I casually ran my hands up and down her cheeks. It wasn’t really my fault that her dress tended to ride up while I did that, resulting in me finding myself rubbing her bottom through a skimpy pair of panties.

“Um, your hands,” she said, pulling back from the kissing for a moment.

“Oh, right,” I said, the epitome of brilliant wit. I slid my hands up and then back down, this time inside her panties. It’s always a lot more friendly that way.

“That’s not what I meant,” she was quick to point out, but I was equally as quick to point out that that was alright. I didn’t mind.

“Did it occur to you that I might?” she asked.

“Ah, no, not really,” I admitted. “Now if you’ve finished kibitzing. . .”

I resumed kissing her, my hands continuing to drift over her bottom with no further argument. Again I have to point out that the fact that her panties tended to ride down a bit while I was stroking her bottom wasn’t my fault either. It’s just something panties do.

After a few more minutes of kissing, with my hands wandering a bit more freely in what I considered to be interesting places she stopped the kissing again.

“Are you trying to seduce me?” she demanded.

“Certainly not,” I protested. “I am, however, agreeable to you seducing me. Take off your top.”

“I’m not wearing a top as such,” she pointed out. “I’m wearing a dress.”

“I don’t mind as long as it comes off.”

“Do you really think I’m going to take off my dress just because you ask me to?”

“That bahis şirketleri would be a yes,” I said agreeably. “That’s why I asked.”

She rolled her eyes, putting on an expression that indicated all men had one track minds. I didn’t mind as she also took off her dress.

“And the bra,” I added, lightly plucking at one bra strap. “I really need to see if your breasts are as magnificent as I remember.”

More eye rolling and another ‘for god’s sake’ expression, but her bra came off, leaving her naked before my greedy eyes. After I’d helped her panties down past her hips they’d managed to slither down to her ankles of their own accord.

“This is all that’s happening. A bit more kissing, maybe, but that’s as far as it goes.”

“Who are you trying to kid?” I asked. “Me or yourself?”

I was already undoing by belt, preparing to drop my trousers.

“I mean it,” Carla insisted, even as my trousers dropped, revealing my state of readiness.

“Of course you do,” I said soothingly, taking her hand and pressing it against my erection, feeling it wrap around me and hold on firmly. Hands on her shoulders and I was turning her around and pushing her down onto the couch.

“You’re not listening to me,” she said as I eased one leg off the couch so I had room to settle between her thighs.

“Of course I am,” continuing to soothe her. “Ah, you might want to steer me into position.”

She did so, quite deftly, too, still protesting that she didn’t want this and that I was making her do it. Even as I was pushing into her, her legs were coming up and wrapping around me, pulling me deeper. My hands landed on those lovely Ds of her, massaging them even as I started moving inside her.

It was funny to watch her reaction. She wanted to protest that she didn’t want this but after clutching hold of my erection so tightly and then guiding it into place that just wasn’t going anywhere. She was already way excited and starting to sound off. It wasn’t until I gave her a gentle reminder that we were in a motel that it registered with her that being exceptionally noisy was a non-starter.

She still managed to make a lot of noises, just not very loud ones. She was responding to my actions most fervently, bucking under me and urging me on. She wanted me to move harder and faster whereas I was content to proceed at a medium pace for the time being. Why spend all your energy in one quick rush?

When I finally did pick up the pace a bit Carla looked gratified, and then startled. Not as startled as I was to find her climaxing before I’d really got going. I rode out her little convulsion, taking note that I’d probably need to gag her when she reached her next climax because it was bound to be bigger than that one. Then I got down to thrusting into her with style.

Carla seemed surprised that I was still going but this didn’t stop her matching my stroke and keeping up with me, her legs once more wrapped around me as I rode her hard. I couldn’t keep up the brisker pace for too long and it was only a few more minutes and I was ready to call it a day. I gave Carla the hardest workout yet, ready to blow my load. Her arousal hadn’t died down significantly after her mini-climax and my renewed vigour was all she needed to really push her over the edge.

I was right about one thing. I saw her big intake of breath as she started to climax and slapped my hand over her mouth to stifle her scream, even as I was cutting loose myself and feeling like screaming myself.

“That was not what I came up here for,” she told me firmly as she quickly dressed. I was simply here to make sure we thanked you properly.”

“Trust me, I couldn’t feel more thanked,” I assured her, and she just gave me an indecipherable look. Then she shot out the door and vanished.

I relaxed for another hour or so and then strolled down to the diner’s restaurant and had some dinner. The girls came in for their dinner just as I was leaving, wearing bikini tops and skirts. I ran my eye approvingly over them, nodding a greeting, and if my eyes lingered a little on Fiona’s chest that was just my personal preference in action.

Half an hour later there was a knock on the door and this time it was Suzette. A query regarding Carla and Fiona drew the information that they were still at dinner. She also came barging in as she told me that, closing the door behind her and leaning on it.

“I couldn’t help but feel we stiffed you yesterday and that we owe you a vote of thanks for the lift you gave us today.”

“I was coming to Coffs anyway and the company made the journey more pleasant,” I said. “I will admit that you stiffed me yesterday. I was in that condition from where we turned back until we reached Bulong.”

“Oh, you poor dear,” she sympathised, lifting the front of her skirt. This promptly showed that while she may have been wearing her bikini top the same didn’t apply to the bottom half.

“My guess is that you have from five to ten minutes before the others come looking for me. What can you manage in that time?”

It took but a few seconds to have her across the room and bent forward over the end of the couch, one of my hands busy rubbing her vulva while the other was dropping my trousers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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