Holi the Festival of Color

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Hi I am Amruta, I live in Nagpur a city located in India. I am 30 and separated from husband since 2 years. Our matter is now in the court.

I am living in 1bhk flat as tenant. I live on second floor. Three students are living with me in the neighboring flat. We share common washroom. They are doing their graduation.

I am working as a nurse in the private hospital. I am slim, 5feet and 4 inches high. My completion is very fair. I have flat tummy and flat breast. I have flat buttock as well. After all I am average type woman.

Three students always look at me when I do my household chores live doing laundry, Washing floor etc.

One day one of the boys fell down from bike. Then he came to me to get injection of tetanus.

“Hi mam are you busy.” He said to me.

“No, what’s the problem.” I replied.

“Mam my bike slipped today and I got minor injuries. But I think it is safe to get tetanus injection. So I brought it from medical store. Will you please give me that injection?” He asked me.

“Sure, it is my duty.” I said.

“Sit on the table and show me your wound. I will do the dressing first.” I told him.

He sat on the bed. I washed out his wound of his left calf and then apply some Dettol on it and I washed it with medicine and tie the strip on it along with cotton and medicine.

“Sleep sideway on the bed. Lose your pant.” I said by taking injection from him.

I went to the kitchen to boil water to sterilize needle and syringe. I had big and thick steel needle and glass syringe. I took it from my cupboard. gaziantep masaj salonları When water boiled, I washed needle and syringe in it. And I made injection for him by putting in the all medicine in the syringe.

I came near him. He did not remove the buttons of his pant. He might have felt shyness to get buttock naked in front of young lady of 30 wearing sari.

“Unbutton your pant.” I said harshly and went to the door and closed it.

I came to him with big needle injection. It hurts very much I knew. When I gave it to the women they could not walk properly for a week.

He was looking towards the wall. And he unbuttoned his pant. And he looked shyly me and injection. Then he unzipped his chain and pulled down pant slightly and gave me small space to inject.

I got irritated by his action. I put my hand in his pant and pull down his pant and underwear synchronously till his ass crack. And I fitted his pant in his ass crack. I darted injection in the middle of the ass. He screamed loudly. I din’t care I administrate the whole injection. I saw the glimpse of his fully erected penis. I knew men and boyes got erected when I gave them injections.

He got up with massaging his ass. I smirked by seeing his hand on his bump. He went to his flat limping by one hand on his bump.

Next week there was holi a festival of color. We play colors on that day. The same boy who got injection came to me.

“Let’s play holi together madam.” He said.

“Why gaziantep masaj salonları escortları don’t? Sure.” I replied.

Then on the day of holi early in the morning at 7’o clock three of them came to my flat with water gun in their hands. color buckets and color powder.

I had worn a red colored sari and red matching blouse.

They dashed liquid colure on me I got completely wet. Then one of the boys smeared soft color powder on my face. One uplifted my sari up to the waist and pulled down my panty to the knee and smeared red color powder on my naked ass. While one opened my blouse and bra and smeared a green, pink and yellow color on my boobs. I could not hide my boobs because one boy was holding my hands tightly from behind. They were squeezing and pinching my boobs. One boy was groping and squeezing my ass.

Before I say something boys unzipped their pants and bring out there big penises in front of my eyes. I could not stop myself I began to suck them one by one. One boy went behind me and began to spank my ass with color. He removed my sari and petticoat. And he tore my panty in pieces. He shoved his penis from behind while I was sucking penises of two’s while fucking my pussy from behind. darted his middle finger into my ass. I got double stroke. I enjoyed that.

They pull my hairs and throw me on the bed. One boy held my one leg and other held my second. And third put his penis on the door of my pussy. He fucked my pussy hard. His penis was masaj salonları gaziantep touching my womb. I moaned loudly. Then he finished inside me other climbed up onto me and fucked me for 1 hour. Then third boy fucked my ass. I frightened as he put his big long penis on my shithole.

“No.” I said loudly but he didn’t care. He held me like a whore. He pulled my hair as I was sleeping on my stomach. And he shoved his big penis through my ass like a knife. I began to cry as he entered inside my crack. But I was helpless. He spanked me hard while fucking my ass. One of them put his penis into my mouth so I couldn’t cry. My mouth and ass both were eating penises. I was enjoying the pain through my body. I got orgasm many times that day. Other boy sat up and he replaced his partner towards my rear end. His penis was smaller than first. It is affordable. I could accommodate his penis smoothly in my ass. I sighed and breathed relief. And now I was really enjoying my ass fuck.

After 15 minute they made me turn around and sleep on my back. One boy slept on my body and kissed me like a mad. He kissed my boobs. He bit them. I said nothing. Then he spanked my boobs very hard till they got red. He put his erected penis between my legs and he fucked me like a bullock. Then pour his juice inside me.

They made me on my all fours. They held me by my legs and spanked my buttocks harshly. One boy smeared solid color on my ass globes. One of them inserted water gun in my asshole and squirted liquid color into my ass. I felt quick movement of water in my stomach. I jumped on the spot and ran to the toilet. I do the latrine fast. But they were waiting for me outside. After I done I opened the door. I was stark naked. They caught me by hairs and drag me to the bedroom. They all fucked me hard one by one for 3 hours and then left me. I played my most memorable holi of my life with them. My sexual thirst of two years was fulfilled by three big, long, rough and tough penises.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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