Holly and (What’s Left of) the City Pt. 03

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Holly lived in a skyscraper on the edge of the central city. Holly and Maria walked silently for an hour before arriving at the lobby. As they walked in Holly called an elevator.

“Taking a refreshing walk outside was nice and all, but I don’t think either of us is eager to climb forty floors on foot, right? Holly said as they waited.

“Are you sure the elevator can handle you?” Maria sounded concerned, “I mean, remember what you did to Anna’s car?”

“Don’t worry,” Holly tried to calm Maria, “The car couldn’t hold me because I was really full… Besides, this elevator was designed to carry heavy loads. It’s labeled for 3 tons so it should be okay.”

Maria didn’t know how to react to what Holly said. It seemed like every time Maria thought she understood Holly’s miraculous body, the futa pulled a new trick out of her hat. A ding brought her back as the metal doors opened to let the two inside. True to Holly’s word the elevator cooperative and started ascending to Holly’s floor.

The climb was long and Holly used the time to whistle a tune as it dragged on. Now that Maria could relax and focus properly she noticed the details on Holly’s dress. It had a charming butterfly pattern on the hip, it was colored with bold oranges and blacks but Maria thought it complimented Holly’s figure. She also noticed Holly’s cock had considerably shrunk down. It was still huge by and measurement, but much more manageable.

Another ding and the doors opened to a hallway. Holly and Maria walked out and approached the first door on the left. Holly unlocked it with a key and invited Maria inside. The place was big and stylish, a combined space that hosted the living room, dining area and kitchen. A few doors led to other rooms, but Maria didn’t want to snoop around.

What caught Maria’s attention next was the massive window that lit the room with sunlight. It overlooked the suburbs. In the far distance Maria could see Anna’s overfilled body, still resting where they left her over an hour ago.

“You said you have a meeting…” Maria pointed out as Holly closed the door. Just as the words left her mouth the intercom buzzed.

Holly picked it up without thinking twice, “Yes,” she said, “40th floor, I’ll leave the door open.”

Holly clicked the buzzer and opened the door, “Can you just hold that thought, Maria,” she said casually as the elevator sounded again and a pizza boy walked it. He carried a dozen trays which he handed Holly. She thanked him and walked to the dining table with the mountain of trays, “Can you please locked the door?” Holly asked.

“Sure,” Maria thanked the delivery boy and closed the door.

“I am famished, feel welcomed to join in, girl,” Holly declared. The futa sat at the white table opened a tray and took her first slice.

“Is this the meeting you were talking about?” Maria wondered as she walked over.

“Sure is, a girl like me has to eat, you know.”

“I have a million questions,” Maria said. She tied her hair into a ponytail, took a seat next to Holly and treated herself to a slice.

“Right,” Holly said as she munched down on another piece of pizza, “as long as you don’t mind me eating I’ll play your game.”

Maria leaned towards Holly, “I have to know, just how big is Baby?”

“I don’t really know, is ‘really big’ an acceptable answer?”

“Do you mind being a little more specific?” Maria tried to get a straight answer, “I already saw you after you left Anna, you were at least 15 feet long.”

“Oh, that? that was just a little outlet,” Holly grabbed another slice and gobbled it down, “I actually have no idea how big I am, biggest I ever measured was about a mile.”

“Fucking hell…” Maria mumbled to herself, “you’re talking about a mile of cock, right?”

Holly didn’t seem too bothered with her eating frenzy, the young lady nodded as she sipped half a gallon of water, “Baby is amorphic, it can be three feet long and it can be a mile long, it depends on a million variants…”

“How are you like that?” Maria asked the million-dollar question.

Holly stopped eating, “Listen, girl, I know you want to know the answers, but you need to come to terms with the fact that I don’t know everything.”

Maria stopped eating her slice and looked down, “Sorry…”

“It’s okay,” Holly tried to calm her, “I really don’t know how my body does what it does. It’s not magic or science. This is just the way I was made…”

“Were you always like this?” Maria asked as she returned to eating. She hardly finished a single slice but Holly was now making her way through the second tray.

“No, I had two stages of puberty,” Holly explained, “the first was when I was 17, it was a real letdown…”

“What happened?” the black-haired girl with glasses wondered.

“Mostly nothing, I grew a little but nothing serious.”

“From what I’ve seen so far, you mean you only had a 50 feet long cock.” Maria tried to get onboard with Holly’s oversexed body.

“No, I was about 2 inches…” Holly recalled, “like I said, a letdown.”

“And Gaziantep Escort Reklamları the second puberty?” Maria inquired.

“That one compensated,” Holly said with a smile as she finished another tray of pizza, “it came when I was 18 and things became like this almost overnight.”

“Sounds scary…” Maria tried to imagine herself in Holly’s shoes.

“It was at first,” Holly recalled, “one day I was just playing with myself in my room and all of a sudden I felt it growing.”

“How big did you get?”

“Not too much, about 4 feet long,” Holly seemed to smile when she thought of what happened, “The orgasm was something else…”

“I saw what you can do, I imagine your room didn’t survive what came next.” Maria assumed.

“Sadly, the room and part of the street lost the battle, it was quite a mess…” Holly still kept a wide smile on, “that was my first breeding,” she sighed nostalgically.

“I’m not sure how to ask this,” Maria prepared the question, “but how… Well… Are you fertile?”

“Yes, I can get women pregnant, I’m sure you figured that out yourself,” Holly finished another slice of pizza, she was speeding through the trays, “I can also get pregnant myself.”

“You’re something else, Holly, do you have children?” Maria followed up with the first question that came to mind.

“Got that right, girl,” Holly approved, “I don’t know how many children but it’s a lot…”

“Wait, Holly, how old are you?”

“I’m 25, is that a problem?”

“You’re about my age,” Maria said, “but you say you have children already? Can you tell me how many?”

“Again with the hard questions, Maria?” Holly pointed to the window, “you see Anna out there?”

Maria turned her head back and looked out the window, “I can see her… She’s still where you left her.”

“She is permanently pregnant, do you understand what this means?”

“I apologize if it comes off as rude but It’s pretty self-explanatory. She is pregnant and will be like that for a long time.”

“Forever…” Holly corrected calmly.


“Anna will be having my babies until the day she dies…” Holly explained, “it can fluctuate a little but I went easy on her. She will probably give birth about once every other month.”

“That’s one hell of a mindfuck, Holly, crazy…” Maria felt a storm of emotions stirring inside her heart. She found it hard to understand that Anna’s life changed so drastically in such a short timespan. Meanwhile, Holly was blasting through the trays of pizza as if they were nothing. Before Maria noticed she was taking care of the last tray.

“It’s hard to keep track of children like that, Anna is only a light case,” Holly casually tried to help Maria wrap her head around the situation, “you have to understand Anna is just one woman I have to keep tabs on. I have many more women like her…”

“Can you give me an estimation?”

“I’d say we’re talking in the half a million range, give or take a few.” it was clear Holly made no attempt to be accurate, she simply threw the last number she recalled, “the oldest should be turning seven now.”

“Before you fucked her, Anna’s radio mentioned something called Aeston…” Maria recalled what happened.

“Ahh, Aeston,” Holly sounded nostalgic, “that was my hometown…”


“Something kinda possibly might have destroyed it…” Holly was trying her best to sound innocent.

“Could that something be you and Baby?” Maria gave a guess and Holly immediately nodded yes. “Can you tell me what happened?” she was truly curious.

“You asked for it girl…” Holly gave Maria one last warning, “remember the massive orgasm we just talked about”

“Your first big one?”

“Right, it turns out the government doesn’t like it when you destroy a street and impregnate 30 women. I was dragged to court and sentenced to 10 years in prison…”

“Shit, really?” Maria felt sorry for Holly.

“Yeah, one of the girls I accidentally impregnated was the mayor herself, used her ties and money to make sure the trail went her way.”

Maria was doing the math in her head, “Did you escape jail?” she feared the answer.

“I’m not a criminal, Maria, I served my time,” Holly calmed her down, “the government simply decided to sweeten the punishment.”

“To how much?”

“6 months,” Holly’s eyes saddened when she finished the last slice of pizza, “Baby’s had a hard time…” she whispered as if she hoped no one but Maria will hear. Maria didn’t say a word, she was puzzled by the futa before her. Both girls leaned back in their chairs and remained silent for a few moments, busy digesting.

“Care if we move to the living room?” Holly offered.

Maria nodded in agreement and both girls got up and repositioned. Outside the window, they could see a crowd of people gathered around Anna’s inflated body. It looked like they were trying to move her, but all the trucks and mobile cranes surrounding her looked like children’s toys beside her huge body.

“That’s a waste of time,” Holly determined with a light chuckle, “Anna won’t move no matter what they do…”

“You have to give them points for effort…” Maria joked and Holly joined her.

After a good laugh Holly came down and her voice took a more serious tone, “Okay, I’ll tell you what happened when I was in jail… Thank you for not pushing me to talk.” Maria looked intrigued. She didn’t push Holly because she felt even a girl like her needed some privacy in her life.

“I stayed in jail for six months. They gave me a private holding cell and it wasn’t so bad. The problem was that Baby couldn’t drain…”

“Which means things got difficult?” Maria asked.

“Not really, Baby was actually doing great. Sure, six months inside and my balls filled most of my cell but Baby was on top of its game, not even a drop escaped.”

“Impressive, Holly,”

“It was mostly because the guards were all male, Baby and me, we don’t like boys…” Holly went on, “everything was fine, they even started building an extension to my cell so I could have more space for my balls.”

“Sounds great,” Maria agreed, “but something went wrong?”

“That something had a name, Liza.” Holly seemed a little angry when she said the name, “She was too good looking and I warned the staff not to let her guard me.”

“Didn’t help?”

“Not one bit,” Holly’s mind returned to that day, “I was just waking up, Baby was already awake but remained modest and behaved nicely. Liza came to check on me and decided to tease me a little…”

“I’m not sure teasing you is a good idea Holly, especially in the state you were in.”

“She called me over to the bars,” Holly continued, “I followed her orders and, before you know it, she opened the buttons on her shirt and showed me her boobs. It might come off as a surprise for you Maria, but I really like big boobs…”

“Is that why you let me tag along today?” Maria wondered, grabbing her voluptuous breasts and giving them a light jiggle.

“Yes, it’s a weakness of mine…” Holly admitted and seemed to blush lightly, “Baby had a hard time dealing with the test Liza gave it, six months of abstaining made the test impossible. Me and Baby, we lost control…”

“Got an erection?”

“Yes, the bars couldn’t hold me in, I started growing fast. It took me about a minute to outgrow the cell but after that, I went on a frenzy. Liza was my first permanent pregnancy, and the most severe one.”

“What did you do to her?” Maria wondered.

“I didn’t do much. It was Baby who did most of the work, I just held her hips in place,” Holly tried shifting the blame, “the moment Liza saw she set us off she undressed and teased us. She took Baby inside her and before I even had time to understand what was going on Baby went off.”

“Wait, Holly, are you telling me Liza asked for it?”

“Yes, when she teased us she asked we fuck her…” the futa tried to explain herself, “we were so backed up there was no way to stop us. We inflated Liza …”

“As big as Anna?” Maria was clearly fascinated.

“She was as big as Anna after the first two blasts. I remember Baby’s first outlet was 20 blasts, and Maria, let me tell you, it felt amazing. Every blast sent me soaring to heaven and back…”

“So 20 blasts went into Liza, how big was she?”

“I actually don’t remember,” Holly admitted, “I can tell you how big she as after I finished using her, but that was 5 full orgasms later. She covered the whole of Aeston.”

“You filled a girl to the point she covered a city?” Maria screamed and jumped to her feet.

“We were really backed up Maria, don’t judge us…” Holly answered calmly.

“I’m sorry,” Maria sat back down and took a deep breath, “I didn’t mean to attack you, I just find it hard to wrap my brain around what you just said. I would have said you’re bluffing if I didn’t see what you did to Anna. Can you please tell me more about what happened?”

“It’s okay, I know I can make people emotional sometimes,” Holly went on, “Liza is the most severe case of permanent pregnancy I ever caused. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but I was unloading condensed cum into her body. I can make some for you now.”

“Please,” the dorky girl said with curiosity.

“Hope you won’t gross out touching my cum.”

“After seeing everything that just happened a little blob of cum is okay,” Maria said with a smile.

“Okay, wait one minute and I’ll show you,” Holly said. She lifted the bottom of her gown and exposed her cock. It was about three feet long and seemed erect. Holly looked at it intently, her gaze transfixed on the long pole, it pulsed once, then twice. The pulses went on for a few more times before holly reached for her tip. Before Maria’s eyes, Baby started letting something white out of its cum-slit. As the white orb came out, holly grabbed it with her hand, it looked like cum but acted like a solid.

Just as quickly as it became erect, Baby calmed down enough for Holly to cover it with her dress. She looked back at Maria, “This is cum,” she stated and placed the orb on the sturdy wood table between them.

“How?” was all Maria could say through the confusion. The thing was about the size of a baseball and seemed to constantly change between a liquid and a solid.

“This is what my cum looks like when it condenses. Looks like a little ball, right?” Maria seemed truly perplexed by the wonder that was Holly. “This is actually about 50 gallons of cum.”

“Are you telling me this little thing is 50 gallons? No way Holly, you’re fucking with me…” Maria got on her feet.

“Pick it up if you want, just don’t let it touch your body unless you want to end up pregnant,” Holly warned her.

Maria placed her hand around the orb, it was noticeably hotter than the room was, but it felt pleasant. Maria clutched her hand around it and pulled it off the table, the thing didn’t budge an inch. Another hand reached for it, adding to the struggle. It was no use, the orb simply remained where Holly left it, ignorant of Maria’s best efforts. “Jesus, does it stay like this?”

“It decompresses over time Maria, it will melt and vaporize in about a week,” Holly explained, “That is what I unloaded into Liza, it was probably even denser than what I just produced.”

“Did she survive?” Maria’s hand was covered with Holly’s cum. She went to the kitchen to wash it off and came back to her chair.

“She did, but the experience earned her the title of most prolific mother,” Holly giggled, “she basically gives birth every day, sometimes twice a day. Her body is going through what the doctors call multiple parallel pregnancies, each about a day apart.”

“Will she ever stop?” Maria wondered.

“Of course she will stop Maria, that’s such a funny question. We all die in the end…”

“You mean she won’t stop until she’s dead?”

“Right,” Holly confirmed, “But Baby didn’t stop there…”

“Let me guess, you fucked every female in the town and flooded the whole area.” Maria gave her wildest, most bombastic guess, going as overboard as her imagination allowed.

Holly’s face changed into something Maria couldn’t figure out. It was a mixture of disappointment and surprise, “How did you know? I thought you never heard about what happened in Aeston.”

“Calm down, Holly, it was just a lucky guess.”

“Oh, sorry,” Holly lowered her guard, “I fucked all the women of Aeston after Baby finished with Liza. In hindsight, it was about 10 thousand people, but at the time I couldn’t tell you. We were in a frenzy after Liza, I just needed to unload until I couldn’t anymore.”

“That’s insane,” Maria marveled at Holly’s abilities, “in the end, what stopped you?”

“I passed out. After two weeks of constant fucking, I passed out.”

“Didn’t you sleep sometime during those two weeks?”

“I slept,” Holly remembered, “but while I was sleeping Baby was still filling girls like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Please don’t take it the wrong way, Holly, I’ve met other futanari in my life, but none of them comes close to what I saw you do to Anna. If I wasn’t there when it happened I would have called you a liar after hearing your story.”

“I feel a but coming up…” Holly smiled again and played with a strand of her red hair.

“But I was there when you did Anna, I know the story you just told is true… I want to know what happened next.”

“Once Baby calmed down the police arrested me,” the futa resumed, “I was brought on trial again. The prosecution wanted me to serve a life sentence.”

“Jesus, what did your attorney say?”

“I didn’t take one, I represented myself, I had a pretty compelling case…” Holly sounded proud of herself.

“This is rich, what did you tell them?”

“I told them what happened in Aeston was the result of half a year in jail and one bad guard. Then I asked that they try and imagine what ten years in a cell and another corrupt guard would make me do.” Holly presented her case.

“The judge let you off the hook?”

“The whole system let me off the hook, Maria, that’s why Anna didn’t arrest me back there.”

“You can do whatever you want and the police won’t stop you?”

“Not exactly, I will still be punished if I steal or kill people. I’m not accountable only when it involves Baby…”

“Wow,” was all Maria could say. She got up from her seat and made her way to the window to look at Anna’s body. Then she turned her eyes back to the kitchen, where twelve trays of pizza rested empty after Holly had her way with them. “How did you manage to eat so much?”

“Baby can’t make cum only out of thin air, Maria, we need to eat and drink to produce it…”

“But what you gave Anna was far more than a few trays of pizza, you need to eat a lot more to have so much in you…” Maria tried to get the math straight.

“The doctors call it synergetic production, it’s a fancy way of saying my body is efficient.” Maria seemed a little confused so Holly kept going with her explanation, “say I eat a pound of food, Baby should turn it to a pound of cum, right?”

Maria nodded with her head, “Yes, that’s how it should basically work, but your body also needs some of the energy to-“

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