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I’ve been thinking the past couple of days, how hot it would be, to have you in every corner of my house, on the kitchen table, the couch, on the bathroom sink, & in my shower also. I could see coming from work after a long day, and finding you in the kitchen, starting to cook dinner, everything smelling delicious and you, looking so sweet and sexy & hot, with your back towards me. I’d been looking forward all day to coming home to you, and now that I see you, I want you immediately! I’d walk up behind you, wrap my hands around your waist, & kiss the back of your neck, very slowly.

Running my hands up the front of your shirt & then inside, squeezing your breasts, pinching your nipples & pulling on them as I’m kissing the back of your neck & then around..taking your earlobe in my mouth, sucking on it and breathing heavily into your ear, whispering how much I want you RIGHT now! I run hands down to your shorts and unbutton them.

Standing behind you, I slide them down your thighs & off you. I then raise your shirt up & over your head so you’re standing there with only your bra & panties on. I take your waist in my hands again, getting nişantaşı escort on my knees and kissing your back as I lower myself to the kitchen floor, you’re slightly bent over & your ass is right in my face as I take your panties and slowly slide them down, hard & eager to kiss and taste you from behind…spreading your thighs apart as you grab hold of the counter to steady yourself.

Your pussy already warm & moist as your panties go down to the floor, I grab the front of your thighs and slide my tongue between your thighs, the tip of my tongue spreading your pink pussy lips apart, and enjoy every drip that flows out of you as your thighs shake and you moan in ecstasy…pushing back on my tongue and grinding as the licks become deeper & longer, from your ass to your clit, over and over again! You taste sp incredibly good, I don’t want to stop. My cock growing hard in no time…but i don’t want to turn you around yet.

Sliding my tongue inside you, I take it deep and squeeze your ass as i do, making your body quiver & your pussy ache. I stand up, taking your waist in my hands & bending you over a bit more, arching your kağıthane escort back, and pulling back towards me a bit. Your pussy soaked, ready for my cock to slide, deep and easily…I’m stiff & throbbing for you now, as i reach around and take your breast in my hand, pinching your nipple between my fingers as my cockhead, slides inside you…a little at a time…teasing you a bit & making you ache even more so. I’m dying to be inside you too, but want the feeling to last as long as it possibly can, and savor everything about how you look feel sound and taste at this very moment.

Your body feels so good in my hands, pushing back against me, as I give you all of me at once, filling you up, listening to you moan making me harder. It feels amazing being inside you, you’re so tight & warm and wet…I want to fuck you all night long!

Pumping your pussy now…your breasts resting on the countertop as i pull back on your waist, and bounce you off my cock, over & over, driving it inside you and hearing how wet you are with each hard deep thrust, turns me on all the more! I reach around you, sliding my fingers between your thighs osmanbey escort and rubbing your clit as I fuck your sweet pussy. My fingers soaked in your juices, I rub faster but gently as I ram my thick cock inside, so easily sliding in & out!

I want to fill you up & explode inside you! First though, I turn you around, and prop you up on the counter, your thighs open and your pussy ready for me! I want you to wrap your thighs around me and pull me as deeply inside you as you can, holding me tight as our bodies become one and my cock fills you up completely, our hips rocking together! I’m getting soo close to cumming and want you to cum with me…squirting all over my cock, as we look in each others eyes & then kiss deeply…my tongue wrapped around yours, and the feeling unbearable! I need to cum right now!! I start fucking you as deep and fast as i can, you grabbing my ass now and pulling me inside you even deeper..I feel your body tightening up as you’re close to cumming..I want you feel you flowing out, down my cock & balls when you do!

We cum simultaneously, both of us moaning loudly and letting loose, cumming hard & long, feeling every vein and curve of my cock as you squeeze it soooo hard!!! I cum for what seems forever, until we finally collapse in each others arms…having forgotten all about dinner and going back to the bedroom now, for dessert!! mmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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