Home Gym Pt. 02

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Home Gym Part 2

Joe E Hartley

August 2021

Vicky returned home after a very satisfying pasta dinner with her new neighbor, Stan.

After giving up on ever finding a fun partner, she was amazed to find a possible playmate right next door of her new home. Most of the men she’d met while working acted as if she would happily support them, and after she retired, she met another group of men who thought she would make a good nurse for them. Stan appeared to be different. He was self-sufficient and appeared to be healthy.

She only had a small pension from her previous employer, but it was enough for her to move out of the city and her expensive apartment. She chose a sleepy little neighborhood where she could just pursue all of the hobbies, she never had time for while working.

She looked forward to taking up jogging and breathing in the fresh air. She never felt safe jogging around the city after work or early in the morning and she neither had the space for a treadmill in her apartment, nor could she afford one. Here she thought about trying an early jog out in the clean crisp morning air, maybe even talk Stan into joining her.

She liked what she knew of her new neighbor and not just what she saw of his naked body. She liked that he did what he could to stay in shape without turning into an exercise nut always trying to show off his physique.

He seemed intelligent; she had noticed the books he had on a bookshelf in his living room and he could cook something that was worth eating instead of just warming up a prepackaged meal. He had shown an interest in her, but did not overdo it. She liked the way he looked at her, as if she were sexy.

It wasn’t that late yet and she had little in the house in way of food. She decided to check out the local store. She knew it was only a few blocks away, but if she decided to buy all she needed, it would be too much to carry. She hopped in her car and drove the four blocks to the small store.

Vicky found the corner market surprisingly well stocked with a variety of frozen foods as well as fresh produce. She filled her cart and accepted the help offered to load her car.

It took her about a half hour to decide where items should go since this house did not have a pantry. She thought she might acquire a bookcase to act as a panty for her cans and dry items.

She treated herself to a glass of wine before bed while she planned out the exercise program for Stan tomorrow. She also made sure she had fresh towels in the bathroom, for his shower after. She looked forward to that; she liked looking at him too. She again checked out her spare room for mats, blocks, straps and anything else she thought she’d need to get Stan started into aerobic exercise.

Vicky woke up feeling refreshed, and energized after a good night’s sleep. She prepared her morning smoothie and put on a pair of shorts and a simple Tee followed by her walking shoes. She wanted to walk a bit around the neighborhood and verify it was as safe and boring as she’d thought.

Vicky enjoyed her hour long walk and only spied one of her neighbors cutting a few flowers from her front yard. Vicky said hi and introduced herself. She chatted a bit with the elderly woman. She found that the woman rarely left her house, but her grandson came over almost every day to spend the day with her. Vicky wished her a nice day and continued on her walk.

She arrived back home and prepared for Stan’s arrival. She had not exerted herself at all and felt no need to shower. That could wait until after her aerobics workout.

Just before 10:00 Stan rang Vicky’s doorbell. She answered the door and was very pleased to see him wearing the same outfit he’d worn yesterday for the weight training. She enjoyed seeing him in the skimpy tank top a lot of body builders’ wear.

She led him back into her spare room and had him remove his shoes. “I normally don’t wear shoes for these exercises and stretches,” she instructed.

Stan removed his shoes and took the position on the mat as Vicky instructed. Stan then started to run in place as Vicky directed only to be told to raise his knees higher. She had him slow down so she could adjust his form, then had him speed up again. After 60 seconds of this Stan felt he had just run a marathon only to find out they were just getting started and that was just the warm up.

Vicky followed up with side punches. She demonstrated this exercise several times but Stan was not understanding. Vicky then had the brilliant idea of positioning his body the way he had hers yesterday; it had the added benefit of allowing her to fondle him as well.

She had him relax and allow her to move his body. She positioned one leg back and one leg forward. She then twisted his torso and had him throw a punch towards the wall. She then reversed the position so he could throw a punch towards the opposite wall. Once he understood the motions and had done it successfully a few times she had him increase his speed.

Stan needed to sit down Yeşilköy escort bayan and catch his breath after that routine, but insisted that if she could follow his instructions with the weight training yesterday, the least he could do was do this aerobics thing she did.

Vicky felt sorry for him. Most men thought that aerobics were easy and not real exercise, she knew better. She had been taking it very easy on him since most people stiffen up as they age and moving like this can be very difficult. She offered him one she felt certain he knew from high school, jumping jacks, but told him only to do 5.

He did know how to do these and felt he could now show that he wasn’t a wimp. Back in school he could do at least a hundred of these, 5 should be a cinch. He found that he was mistaken and almost lost his balance after the second one. Vicky called it a day and asked if he ever walked around the neighborhood.

She offered a walk as a way to cool down, but that they would only walk around the block. Stan handled walking much better and even offered to walk with her as part of the aerobics exercise.

Vicky laughed and agreed. “We now have a starting point for you and we will slowly increase the level just like you are doing for me with the weights. You may be surprised how quickly you advance.”

The walk did wonders for Stan and by the time they returned to Vicky’s house he could breathe normally again. Vicky offered him a drink she claimed would help revive him, before offering him a shower.

Stan gladly accepted her offer remembering their shower experiences from the day before. He stripped down and stepped inside the shower; he had not closed the bathroom door.

Vicky took advantage of the open door to step inside and chat with her naked neighbor while he showered. “Yesterday, I got to watch you work out while I rested. You haven’t had the chance to watch me do my routine yet. How about after your shower you come on out, get comfortable and I’ll show you the whole routine?”

Stan knew she was just making an excuse to watch him, but also liked the idea of watching her work up a sweat, “That sounds like a great idea. That way I can see how it is supposed to look. I’m sure you’ll make it look easy.”

“I’m not too sure about that, but I will work up a sweat and need a shower after,” she hinted.

Stan stepped out of the shower and waited until Vicky handed him a towel. He could not remember the last time a woman wanted to see him naked and the thought excited him. “I doubt that you have anything that would fit me, so I guess I’ll just have to wear this towel as I watch you do your routine,” he suggested.

“You’re right. Nothing I have will fit you, but I do think you look good in that towel,” Vicky commented back with a wicked grin.

They walked back into Vicky’s workout room and Stan took a seat to watch his neighbor as she worked up a sweat. He expected her thin Tee to become transparent quickly.

Vicky started out slow with the running in place she had Stan do, but quickly picked up the pace and after only one minute had sweat pouring down her face. She quickly shifted to the side punch that Stan had so much trouble with and followed that with another movement and then another. Stan lost track of how many movements she performed and didn’t recognize any of them.

Some of the movements she executed reminded him of the movements he’d seen in Kung-Fu movies and she performed them just as fast. The one thing he did keep his eyes on was how her sweat was making her Tee wetter by the moment. He also noticed that her nipples were becoming harder under his gaze.

Vicky could not remember a time when she enjoyed her aerobics exercise so much. She felt like she was the center of attention instead of being ignored. Her audience obviously enjoyed her performance if the lump forming under his towel was any indication. She enjoyed the soft caress of his eyes on her body. She found that she was becoming aroused by this exercise.

Vicky ended the exercise and stood in front of Stan. She was very much aware of the state of her top and also the state of Stan’s reaction to it. She enjoyed seeing his excitement to her wet top display. “What do you think?” she asked. She knew her question would confuse him. He would hesitate with his answer not knowing if she was asking about her nipple display or the exercise routine.

She decided to spare him the embarrassment after a sufficiently long pause. “The routine! What do you think of the routine?” She asked smiling.

“Ahhh…I’m not sure I could do that, but I did enjoy watching you do it,” he answered.

Vicky smiled. She enjoyed the open flirtation they did with each other, but still cautioned herself not to jump head first into a sexual relationship. If it turned out bad, like so many of the others, she’d have to move.

“I think I need a shower now too,” she announced. “Want to wash my back?”

“I might not be able to limit myself to just your Escort Yeşilyurt back,” Stan responded.

“Well after the massages we gave each other yesterday, I don’t see a problem if you want to wash my front too,” she teased.

“Speaking of that massage, I think I owe you one to match the one you gave me yesterday,” Stan retorted.

“Fair is fair,” she replied with a grin.

Stan suddenly became a bit more serious, “I’m have a lot of fun flirting with you and it seems that we are moving forward into more than just looking at each other’s bodies, yours is beautiful by the way. We have both been burnt in past relationships by moving too fast, and I don’t want that to happen here. I’m enjoying your company too much to screw it up.”

“I agree and, as a matter of fact, I was just thinking the same thing. Do you want to set some ground rules for our playful flirting?” Vicky asked.

“We have already gone past what I would have considered limits and we’ve only known each other a couple of days. How about we say that what we’ve done so far as acceptable, but not go any further?” Stan offered.

“On one condition,” Vicky countered.

“What condition?” Shan asked.

“We reevaluate after a week, I’m not saying I don’t want to move forward, I just want to not rush into anything,” Vicky answered with a sly smile.

“So, hands only for now?” Stan asked.

“And hugs, naked of course,” Vicky countered as she stepped closer to him.

Stan dropped his towel and Vicky stripped off her wet top. The hug lasted over a minute before they both headed to the shower.

After a wet half hour in the shower Vicky’s body was covered in suds thanks to a very thorough job by Stan; likewise, Stan was covered with suds. They finally rinsed off convinced that if they continued, they would violate the agreement they had just made. Vicky put on a short, and very thin nightgown and handed Stan another towel.

Vicky poured them both a glass of wine and they sat apart and talked about each other’s history. Vicky’s nightgown did little to conceal her breasts and erect nipples. She also wore nothing else, so when the short nighty rode up, Stan was offered a view he had trouble ignoring.

Stan had only a small towel covering his midsection and Vicky loved the way it tented indicating his arousal.

Vicky noticed the time and offered to make lunch. “I did some shopping last night and I do have some food. I haven’t prepared anything like you did last night, but would you settle for a simple salad?”

Stan agreed since he was trying to eat healthier. Vicky excused herself to the kitchen and came back with a salad full of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a couple slices of turkey breasts.

They chatted for a couple of hours and found things they would do with each other. Vicky also had a yoga routine she did at least once a week. Stan planned on joining her. They also decided to go on morning walks together. Vicky indicated that she had always wanted to draw and paint, but never had the time. Stan had been a starving artist for several years before he decided to just quit trying several years ago. He offered her artist materials and a bit of instruction. He would even model for her.

They agreed that they wanted to continue the massage of each other at least a couple times a week and encouraged the freedom of hands, for at least the first week. Maybe more in the following weeks. They would still do the weigh training three times a week, and the aerobics on the alternate days.

Stan decided to head back to his place just as the sun started to set. He had a very pleasant day with is new neighbor and looked forward to having her as a long-term friend. He stood and the towel fell to the floor. Vicky noticed immediately and smothered his cock with her hands. Stan’s arousal quickly spiked. They had agreed that hands were fine, but this was a bit more intimate than they had done so far.

“How about a hug?” Vicky asked without released Stans cock.

Stan dropped one of his hands between her legs and wrapped his other around her. They defined a new hug where they would caress and stroke each other’s intimate parts as part of this hug. Vicky finally released Stan and asked. “Wanna have a massage tomorrow?”

Stan did not hesitate with his answer and it was decided that after their morning walk, they would give each other a massage.

Stan arrived home thinking how lucky he was to have met such a healthy and sexy woman. He poured himself a glass of wine and stepped into his back yard to reflect on the events of the last couple of days. He cautioned himself not to move too fast no matter what his cock was telling him. Vicky seemed to be open and a lot of fun, but he knew very little about her.

Why hadn’t any of her friends help her with the move? How come no one had come to see her new place? Does she have kids? Grandkids? These were all questions that needed answers as those answers could indicate if he really wanted to get Zeytinburnu escort involved with someone living so close. He’d learned long ago that there was more to even a causal relationship than just sex.

He remembered his ex-wife, Ann who didn’t seem to have anything to do with her relatives, that is until after they were married. Her two brothers need a place to live and Ann had invited them to live with them. They turned out to be drug dealers and thieves. Stan had to file for bankruptcy and lost his home after only one year of marriage because of those two. She divorced him when she found out that he had no more money.

Then there was Karen. Sex was hot and wild with her and they did little else for about six months. When the sex calmed down a bit, he found out that she was hyper political and would start fights with him if he dared to disagree with her on anything. She treated her political view with the same fire she had before with sex. She even threatened to kill him because he wasn’t familiar with something she found important. She had gone to some week-long rally and since Stan was currently between jobs and planned on moving to another state where there might be more jobs, this seemed like the perfect time. She was the scariest person he’d ever met.

He didn’t know enough about Vicky yet, to get that close. He could exercise with her and make out a bit, but before things went any further, he needed to know more about her.

He went to bed and dreamed of having his hands all over Vicky’s naked body. This massage would be different from the last one he gave to her. Her muscles weren’t sore from working with too much weight, so he didn’t have to work her sore muscles. He dreams of making her bottom sore. He did owe her a spanking and she indicated that she might like that.

Stan woke up early, had a cup of coffee out on his front porch as he waited for Vicky to appear. He only had to wait a few minutes before she stepped out ready for their morning walk.

“I’m not sure how much you’ve walked before, but I’m not in great walking shape. I was never able to walk around my old neighborhood and never owned a treadmill. How about if we limit it to about a mile. I don’t have one of those step counter things so lets just walk for fifteen minutes then turn around and head back. A half hour walk should be at least a mile.” She offered.

“I’m good with that and it will allow us time to get to know each other a bit without being distracted by naked flesh,” Stan joked.

“Actually, I think that is a good idea. We have been pretty hot and heavy since we met and we don’t know anything about each other, except that we have both been burned by jumping into bed too soon,” she agreed.

They started their walk and Vicky started to tell Stan her life story from being a product of a broken home in a lower middle-class area of town, to working her way through college and ending up in a dead-end job with few opportunities. She told him about her marriage and how he left her when he found she could not have children, due to a medical condition she contracted as a teen. She assured Stan that she was healthy and not contagious, but she was sterile.

Stan shared his similar tale of woe of growing up poor and working hard for everything he ever achieved only to have it taken from him time and again. He admitted that he was comfortable now and did not want to risk losing everything again.

As they continued their walk they shared their beliefs with each other about such things as religion, politics, economic conditions, the role of schools, how important diet is to a healthy life, how much alcohol is too much, and several other topics.

They had forgotten to turn around at the fifteen-minute mark and Vicky was not certain where she was. Stan knew the area and they were only about five blocks from their homes; they had been walking for an hour, but neither felt physically tired.

They spent the time it took to get back home talking about their sexual preferences, until Vicky interrupted, “I think this means we passed each other’s test.”

Stan smiled, “I think it does, but if you want to think about my answers I’ll understand. I mean we don’t agree on everything.”

“True,” Vicky countered, “but our disagreements are not about big things like putting Ketchup on hot dogs.”

They both laughed and Stan held open the door to his house for Vicky to enter.

Stan offered her a glass of water as she took a seat at his dining room/kitchen nook table. He wasn’t certain if he should forgo their previous agreement or not. He really didn’t trust his instincts and felt he had a lot to lose if he were wrong.

“How about some breakfast?” he offered, to distract him from the erotic massage they had planned.

“That sounds great,” she relied.

“How about a fried egg and toast?” He suggested, “Would you like one or two eggs?”

“One egg will be fine. I don’t often eat eggs, but the added protein might be good for me,” she answered.

Stan got to work on making breakfast. He had the toast placed in the toaster and a couple of eggs cracked in the heated skillet when he felt Vicky’s hands caressing his back. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a squeeze. He felt her breasts press against him and almost lost his resolve not to jump her bones.

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