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I was working late, again. The boss was on a tirade about getting out more parts to suppliers and venders. I was already into twenty plus hours of overtime this month, and the month was only half over. I wasn’t a young kid anymore and the late night hours pushed my normal polite ways into a meanness I didn’t like. I would have to be extra careful not to hurt someone’s feelings, or say something I would be sorry for later on. “10:00pm… Hell!” I said out loud. I looked around and everyone was gone, everyone except me. Marie was probably already in bed and fast asleep, my girlfriend, Marie. She was sweet and such a loving person, but she would complain about me working too much, too often.

As I got into my car and headed home I thought what Marie said just yesterday,

“Hun, why don’t you quit that fucking job! Find something less stressful. A job that will let you be off in the evening so you can spend a little more time with me.” Then with that cute little giggle of hers, she said: “Wouldn’t you rather be here with me…huuuummm?”

She could put a big smile on my face anytime.

The traffic was light and I got home in less than a half hour. All the lights were out except for Marie’s gazillion night-lights. One in the kitchen, one in the dinning room, the hallway, and of course one in both bathrooms. I went into the bedroom; she was asleep with just a sheet covering her. She was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of panties. Not That I could see through the sheet, but that is what she would always wear to bed. Every night like clockwork: 10:00pm in the shower, 10:45 in bed.

I undressed, striped down to my birthday suit, put my dirty clothes in the hamper, and my shoes in the closet. As I walked into the bathroom I felt my dick beginning to become erect. Just the thought of snuggling next to Marie was making me hard. I was imagining her soft smooth legs around my neck and rubbing on my back as I buried my face in her pussy. woo! Goose bumps on my arms. I walked into the shower and got the water as hot as I could stand it. I couldn’t help but get aroused thinking about Marie. I slowly pulled the skin back on my dick slowly forward then back. The soap was helping my hand slide back and forth, oh, it felt so good to jerk off thinking of Marie’s legs and her plump ass, oh and that wet creamy pussy.

“Honey, are you in the shower?” Marie shouted,

“Damn-it… Yes baby, I’ll be out in a second.” I said as if I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar.

I dried off and splashed on a few drops of cologne. Lights out I opened the bathroom door, hurriedly walked to the bed and slipped in under the sheets. Marie wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself next to me.

“Ooo! You’re naked, naughty boy; and you smell good too” Marie said with the sweet almost hungry womanly way of saying she was ready for some hot and wet sex. She had her right arm under my neck and her left hand was wrapped around my dick, and we were kissing like two hormones-out-of-whack crazed school kids.

Marie then said between kisses: “You didn’t jack-off in the shower did you, you saved that for me right? I want to suck on that dick of yours, and I want you to suck my pussy dry, ok?”

I couldn’t hold back any more I went down on her, right Ankara travesti between her legs. As I went down she pulled off her t-shirt top and placed her hands on my head to help guide and move me around and around as I plunged into that beautiful pussy. She still had he panties on. I licked and nibbled on her vulva forcing my tongue to spread it apart and exposing her clitoris to my darting hot tongue.

“Oh hun that feels so good…huummm”

Marie was moaning and moving her hips up and down while she was holding the back of my head pulling and pushing me with both her hands. She had me so hot that I thought I was going to loose my load on the bottom of the bed. I love to hear her enjoying our lovemaking; it would make me so hot. With both hands I reached up and pulled her panties down, she lifted her butt off the bed just long enough for me to pull them all the way down, around her ankles, and then off. I went back for more pussy juice. I couldn’t get enough. I had my left hand squeezing her right butt cheek, and my right hand massaging her left tit.

Marie said: “I’m cuming honey, I cuming…oooo..”

I sucked on her until I could feel her thighs and butt quivering. I quickly raised myself up and got between her legs, I slid my dick into her wet hot pussy and we began to fuck hard. When we were both spent, completely wore out, we rolled over and hugged and kissed until we both fell asleep; Just as we did when we were first met, only now it seemed it was so much better.

With time and with age we began to trust each other more, and share more of what we wanted in the bedroom, and what made us happy as lovers, and sole mates. We were open-minded with how we wanted to experiment with sex and what we wanted to do to be satisfied while having sex. We had tried everything, or so I thought. We were both exhausted, and we fell fast asleep.

We had only been asleep for about two hours when Marie put her arms around me and whispered in my right ear, “Honey, are you awake?”

I half heartily blurred out “yep!”

Then she said: “Hun I want you to fuck me again.”

I said “ok…” almost back asleep.

“No.” She said: ” I want you to fuck me in my ass this time.”

I could feel her hand on my dick, and as she began to rub me my arousal brought me out of my sleep.

We began to kiss and she slowly rolled over onto her stomach spreading her legs toward the edges of our bed. I moved in position behind her and between her legs; with my right hand I rubbed her butt. Slowly I ran my hand down between her legs and massaged her anus inserting my middle finger in and up to my first knuckle. Marie began to move in rhythm with my hand and finger movement. My erection was throbbing.

I removed my finger and slowly I placed the head of my dick just inside of her hole slowly moving around and side-to-side. Marie responded, but she became more aggressive with her movement, pushing back harder and harder against me. Then, in a moment, I was inside her ass. She began thrusting herself back and wiggling back and forth against me. I just followed her.

I let her get the joy and satisfaction of this new and exciting experience. It was immense joy for me as well, but I wanted her to take the lead, Konya travesti since this was her idea.

I reached around her and began to rub her clit and pushing my finger in and out of her pussy. She was so wet and I was throbbing inside her ass. I could feel he begin to quiver and twitch, and I knew that any moment she was going to cum, and I was about to explode. I tried to hold back from squirting inside her but when she began to orgasm, I did too. We both exploded together.

“Well what do you think?” Marie said in a shy voice.

“I loved it honey!” I said with a big grin on my face.

“Good.” She said, “I did too, and I’m going to want that once in a while, ok?”

“Sure hun,” I said, “you won’t need to ask me twice!”

We laughed, hugged and slowly faded off to sleep.

The next morning was Saturday, and to say the least… we had slept late.

The noise of the bathroom shower woke me, I got up and went into the bathroom announcing to Marie that I was in there to brush my teeth and wash up.

She didn’t hesitate, “Come and take a shower with me hun!” she said as she opened the shower stall door.

I slipped into the shower and we spent at least an hour kissing and washing each other. I love that about Marie, she loves attention and caressing and isn’t afraid to ask. Not like some women I have known in the past, some seem to expect attention, but not by asking or flirting, more like demanding and then nagging when their demands are not met. Not Marie, she had such a sweet way of asking or using body language, or even just smiling and flirting with me. Gives me goose bumps just to think of her. I love that lady.

After showering and having a couple of cups of coffee we got dressed and headed out to the movie theater. Marie isn’t embarrassed to hold my hand or to let me hug her and kiss her in public. On the contrary, she initiates it most of the time.

We were watching the movie when Marie leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I sure had fun last night, did you?”

I had a mouth full of popcorn so I nodded my head up and down smiling as best as I could.

“Great, Marie said, “Then I have a surprise for you tonight, ok?”

“Sure” I said looking at that girlishly cute smile of hers.

I said inquisitively, “I’m thinking steak, baked potatoes and a salad, no?”

She giggled and said, “Yeah, that first.”

She immediately turned her attention back to the movie knowing she left me curious to say the very least.

On the way home we stopped by the grocery store and bought steaks for supper. Marie is an excellent cook. She could probably make a great meal out of peanut shells and banana peals. OK… Maybe that’s stretching it a bit; nonetheless, she is a great cook. We ate supper, cleaned the kitchen and then we sat down on the couch to watch a little TV. Nothing much to watch mostly re-runs.

My curiosity got the best of me, “Marie sweetie-pie, what’s the surprise you were talking about today while we were watching the movie?”

I saw her blush, and then smile. “What” I said.

Marie said, “Lets take a shower and go to bed early tonight.”

“O-K” I said, then I added, “What’s this all about silly girl?”

Marie just İzmir travesti giggled and said,” You’ll see.”

We showered playing with each other and kissing and rubbing, as we usually do, we got out dried each other off then went into the bedroom.

Marie lit several scented candles and pulled the covers back on the bed and said, “Hop in dear.”

So I climbed into bed and covered with just the sheet. The anticipation aroused more than my thoughts, I began to get very hard. Marie was getting something from her panty drawer and looked back at me in bed,

“The circus is in town!” She said the referring to my erection holding up the sheet like a tent. We both laughed.

But when Marie turned around and I could see her better, my laughter stopped rather abruptly.

“Well what do you think?” she said.

There she was, my Marie, my honey-bunch, standing right next to me with a strap-on dick.

“I want to return the favor,” she said.

I looked at her square in the eyes as my penis began to soften.

I was able to squeak-out, “Are you saying that you want to use that thing on me?” My voice kind of cracked…

“Well, if you are up for it. I thought you might like to try it out and see if you like it.” Marie said.

I was stunned… the words rolled out with a short pause between each word, “Now wait just one second here. You want to fuck me in my ass with that thing?”

Her answer was a very soft “yes hun, I would like to try it.” Then she said, “I have some KY Jelly.” And another cute little giggle…

“Ok” I said. But be gentle…” She smiled and kissed me hard on my lips.

She said, “Lay sideways on the bed and spread your legs out.”

I did and she bent down cupped her hands under my legs and lifted them.

Marie said, “Now kind of roll back and help me keep you legs up in the air.” She moved in directly between my legs and pushed my legs up and back.

I understood what she was doing because I had her in that very position plenty of times before.

“Ok here goes the KY Jelly…” she said as she started rubbing my hole with the KY Jelly. She inserted her middle finger and began fingering my anus, and at the same time she was rubbing her strap-on against my dick and balls. It felt good, and Marie knew I was enjoying what she was doing.

She said, “Just relax hun and enjoy it.”

Then I felt her strap-on penetrate. It hurt at first but then it felt good. Marie was beginning to pump in and out holding her left hand across my left thigh pulling me toward her and jacking me off with her right hand. I soon relaxed and moved with her back and forth motion. Marie was fucking me in my ass and playing with my dick and I loved it.

“Roll over and stretch out on the bed hun.” Marie said in an excited voice.

I could tell she was getting off to this new love making idea of hers. I repositioned myself lying on my stomach with my legs out the same way she had done the night before. Marie mounted me and began to pump that strap-on in my butt hole, hard. She reached around and started jacking me off again, and with in a few moments I was squirting cum all over the bed.

I could fell Marie’s wetness too as she pulled off the strap-on she continued to hump my ass with her wet pussy.

“Well hun how did you like my little surprise?” Marie said.

I rolled over and pulled her on top of me and gave her a kiss,

“Marie, honey, I love you; and now, I have a surprise for you too.”

To be continued later…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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