Hooking Chassidy

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Reminder: This story, as well as all characters in it, are real. However, all names including my own have been changed for privacy, and likewise with the names of the towns in this story. Also, ALL characters within this story are now above 18 years old and have been for a few years.


After taking Chassidy’s virginity, my night at the lake was a great one, Heather made sure of that. Same with the following morning, a Saturday. However, I wasn’t able to stick around for long as I did have to drive two hours east for a club soccer game scheduled to kick-off in the early afternoon. We did okay, winning 4-2, I scored the first two goals but missed a penalty kick.

After the game, I went back home, then went to town to meet up with the usual group in the town Dairy Queen for dinner. Only this time, one of my other long-time friends, Bristal, got to show up as well. (Remember that name for another story.) Nothing much happened there, just a lot of small talk.

However, as we all left to go home, Heather and I stopped out on a curve on a lonely dirt road near her place, and I fucked her from behind, with her leaning on the tailgate of my truck for support. Luckily no one drove up on us, although I’m sure the middle-aged couple out power walking down that road a few minutes after we left may have seen the evidence pooled on the side of the road, Heather having peed it out after we finished up.

Saturday night and most of Sunday were uneventful, but at a quarter till midnight, I receive a message on Facebook. It’s Chassidy.

“We need to talk.”

I reply, being a bit of a smartass. “What about?”

I can practically hear Chassidy’s usual response to smartassery, a half-exasperated laugh, when she messages back. “You know exactly what about, Scott.”

I do recognize at this moment that she may not have been laughing, but I doubted it. After our unplanned romp Friday afternoon, she had been unhappy at first, but seemed to change her mind fairly quickly: she occasionally locked eyes with me during the get-together, a small smile playing across her lips. Then, as she was leaving, she even made a positive comment of “thank you” to me. In any case, if she had planned on getting me in trouble, she’d have reported it by now.

So I had a good feeling about this ‘talk.’

“Ok. Where and when?”

“The old Red water Creek dirt road, that turn that goes south towards town. Tomorrow at 7, after I’m done with tumbling and work.”

“Alright. See you there.”

“Ok.” She goes offline.

‘Ha, Red water Creek road. I was just there with Heather yesterday,’ I think to myself. The corner I spoke of was where we’d got our rocks off at. This flat dirt area branches of the corner on the east side, where large garbage disposal tanks had once been before the county government took them away. It was a good spot to look out from the tree line at the cotton fields to the north and east. The creek cuts across the eastern field on a southwestern route, and a little wooden bridge to the south of the corner helps to cross it. A nice little spot that doesn’t get bothered by people all too often, with only the sounds of local wildlife and the lively little creek to be heard, along with the occasional tractor in the distance: in short, a good spot for some backwoods love-making, with only a small risk of being seen.

Monday comes along, with a grueling practice for club soccer (it’s a year round thing) in the afternoon. I get a quick shower and bite to eat when I get home, then tell my parents I’m heading over to Brent’s house, where me and the guys are gonna play some video games. That’s true, only we’re not supposed to be pulling up until 8. Not that my parents know that. I’m parking at the corner at 7:04, get out and put my tailgate down facing out to the eastern field, and wait.

A familiar yellow Mustang drives toward me from the west a couple minutes later, and parks next to my truck. Chassidy steps out. She’s wearing hot-pink short shorts and a sleeveless, form-fitting white tank-top (I can see her white bra through it), and must’ve got a tan since Friday night, as those amazing legs, as well as her arms, neck, and face, are a few shades Şirinevler escort darker than they were just three days ago. She also made an effort with her makeup apparently, her eyes have a smoky look around them that helps bring out her big baby blues.

“Hey, Chass,” I greet her, getting up off of the tailgate and walking over to her.

“Hey, Scott,” Chassidy replies in a flat tone. She’s doing a good job at keeping her poker face, and she’s barely blinking at she maintains eye contact with me. Silence between us.

“So,” I say, trying to prompt her. “What about Friday do you want to talk about specifically?” I decide against saying: “Is this about the awesome the fuck we had was, and you want to do it again, or what?,” as that sounds very arrogant and condescending to me.

Now she looks away. Her left hand goes up across her body to her right arm, and she rubs her elbow. She shifts her balance from one foot to the other.

As she finally turns back to look me in the eye, she asks, “Why the hell did you pull that stunt on me the other day? You know, I didn’t set my mind to hooking up when I went to Kat’s lake house.”

“I could tell,” I say. I glance up and down her body, an act she’ll notice but not mind, then continue. “And I didn’t set my mind on having sex with you, either. Well, until I got there and we started chatting. And besides, even if I had plan on taking you- and I didn’t, trust me- so what? Y’know, every guy in the school sees how hot you are. They all want you.” I take a couple steps back and sit back down on my tailgate.

Her cheeks flush a little and her mouth twitches, just barely betraying a smile for a split second.

I press on. “You could’ve actually stopped me, too.” She raises her eyebrows questioningly. I nod. “Yeah. If you’d been dead-set on staying a virgin and REALLY let me know it, I’d have backed off.”

“I DID tell you I didn’t want to fuck, though,” Chassidy says, but as she says it, she glances away, her voice growing quieter until I can barely hear the word “though.” I think her cheeks grow a little warmer.

“Yeah, I know you kinda didn’t want to, but at the same time, you also kinda did. For one, you never resisted making out with me for long, and when you stopped, I could tell you were enjoying it. And then you said okay, giving me the go ahead to take it further, and you even moved my hands to your ass, took my shirt off for me, and told me to keep going once I went in. Say I’m wrong,” I say back.

Chassidy’s cheeks flush redder than before. She opens her mouth, the word “you’re” clearly in it, but it doesn’t come out. She glances away again, and closes her mouth. She looks back at me, and raises her hands in the air for a second.

“Alright, so I did kinda feel like it. You are kinda cute, Scott,” she says. Now it’s my turn to just barely fail at hiding a smile. She sees that and flashes me a full smile of her own. “And, if Lance. . .” she stops, the smile gone, her eyes glisten for a split-second. Chassidy swallows to steel herself. “If he can go around screwing someone other than me, I guess I can go around screwing someone other than him.”

“Well, yeah, you’re right,” I agree. She walks over and sits on the tailgate right next to me, with almost no room between us.

She looks me in the eye, on the verge of saying something else. “And . . .” she starts, then looks away. I reach over, take her chin in my hand, and gently redirect her to look back at me. No “you can look, but don’t touch” can be read on her face now.

“Go on,” I prompt her.

“And I kinda want to do it with you again,” she says, her smile returning and her face a brilliant red.

I knew it.

I grin. “‘Kinda?'”

She doesn’t even blink. “Well, I’m more like, what’d you say earlier? Dead-set on doing it with you again.” She glances down at my crotch, where my member has been slowly hardening since Chassidy got out of her car. “Can I see it again, Scott?” she asks, uncertainly.

So much for slowly hardening. My dick feels like a diamond in my pants after she asks to look at it. I nod and say, “Yes, of course. But Chassidy, you got to get up and take it out for me.”

She Şirinevler escort bayan doesn’t say anything, but Chassidy does as told, standing up and moving to get in front of me, nervously reaching for my pants and undoing it. I lean on my elbows and raise my pelvis up to help as she tugs my jeans down to my knees.

She looks at it straining against my dark red boxers. I see her swallow again, a look of anticipation on her face now. She pulls my boxers down to be with my pants, and gasps as my fully engorged tool, all 8 inches of it, swings up and down to a standstill. No pre-cum is on it at the moment, but the opening is glistening.

Chassidy drinks in the sight of it. “Wow,” she breathes, and takes a nervous hold of it, sending a jolt of sensation up my body. I groan in pleasure.

She giggles and strokes me, still nervous though so it’s not as good as Heather’s hand.

“Get up here,” I order her, patting the spot on the tailgate she’d just vacated. She obeys, and we start making out: my left arm around her shoulders, my right hand on her smooth leg, her right arm around my waist, her left hand on my cock, stroking away more firmly and certainly.

We start kissing slowly, as Chassidy is clearly still nervous, she’s shaking. After several minutes, though, she’s getting into the mood, moaning into my mouth and picking up the pace, even reintroducing her tongue to mine. Just as the speed ramps up to “desperate” levels, she breaks away for air and says, “Take me, Scott. Now.”

We separate as I stand up and get in front of her. “Lean back,” I say, and she positions herself on her elbows as I grab her by the waist and pull her closer to the edge of the tailgate and spread her legs. There’s no room between our sex organs, and only her short shorts are keeping me out.

Next, I run my hands back up her body and feel her firm breasts through her shirt and bra. She throws her head back, closes her eyes, and moans in pleasure. I then reach for her shoulders, and pull her tank top and bra straps down off of them, then pull the clothing down to her stomach, freeing her lovely tits. I bend down and gently nibble and suck on each, using my hands to push the bottom part of her top up her body, so that it’s all bunched up just above her belly button.

She pulls my shirt off and tosses it back onto the bed of my truck, reaches to run her hands up and down my back. She whispers, “C’mon, Scott, take me.”

I pick her up and move us to the right hand doors of my truck, the vehicle having been parked at an angle to the northwest, so that where we stand now is barred from view by anyone driving to this corner from both the south and the west. I push her up against my truck.

Now I undo Chassidy’s short shorts and pull them, along with her matching pink underwear, down to her feet. She steps out of them and drops them in the bed of my truck.

Instead of just going into her with my member, I kneel down and begin to blow Chassidy’s mind with my mouth and tongue. Very quickly, Chassidy’s legs begin to quiver away, to the point I have to firmly grip them so she doesn’t lose her balance. All the same, I take a risk and lean back, stimulating her with a finger to her g-spot instead of my tongue on her clit. That does the trick.

“OH, Scott!” Chassidy exclaims, and she cums hard, rhythmically releasing her fluids onto my hand, her legs, and the ground. When she comes back down, I stand up and position myself, rubbing my cockhead on her wet clit before putting it between her pussy lips. She raises her right leg and rests it against my waist. We stare longingly at one another for a few seconds, then I ease into her.

“Mmph!” Chassidy bites her lip but the sound still escapes her. She may no longer be a virgin, and she’s sexually aroused as hell, but she’s so incredibly tight still. It takes about a dozen slow mini-thrusts before I’m halfway into her, at about which time she has her second orgasm already: she wraps both legs around me and squeezes in rhythm to her pussy’s muscles clamping harder onto my dick, she leans back and gives a small gasp that’s also timed with each squeeze. Eventually, I’m able to slide in almost all the escort şirinevler way. I hold her still so she can get used to have a little over 7 inches inside her, then I start bouncing her up and down on it, speeding up over time.

“Oh! Oh! Ye-!” (squeal) “Ugh! Yes! Scott! Fuck! Me!” Chassidy wails, only able to get one word out at a time, each one matching a thrust. After that, all she can do is let out a prolonged “Oooh!” as I hammer into her faster. Soon enough, here comes orgasm number three.

Chassidy slumps in my arms, then rewraps her legs around me. I pin her against the truck and slow down the pace.

“Where do I come this time?” I ask her in a whisper.

“In- I- Inside me, Scott,” she whispers back. I stop thrusting and grinding to look at her.

“I love you, Chassidy,” I say, and we both laugh.

When we’re done laughing, I lower her down, she unwraps her legs from around me and I slide out.

“Turn around,” I tell her. When she does, I make her bend over, holding onto my truck for support. I give both of her ass cheeks three good smacks each, Chassidy giving an “oh” sound with each one, then reentered her dripping wet pussy doggy-style.

At this point I’m starting to feel the urge to nut. “Are you sure you want me to cum inside you?” I ask her.

Chassidy gasps as I ram into her hard. “Yes, Scott, f- oh! Fill me up!”

I begin grinding the underside of my pole on her inner wall, stimulating her g-spot and my frenulum region. The pressure begins to build rapidly, just as her legs begin to quiver once more.

“Oh, Chassidy, I’m about to come,” I tell her.

“Me too,” she pants.

Maybe ten seconds pass, then she cums yet again, just as I’m pulling out to turn her back around: I wanted to blow my load inside her while we looked into each other’s eyes. I help her stay on her feet even as I spin her around, which takes a little longer as she’s shaking so much, spraying her fluids all over the place.

Before she’s done cumming, I’ve got Chassidy in position and go in one last time; she wraps her arms around my neck. Barely a minute goes by, and then it’s my turn.

“ARGH!” I grunt loudly as I push as deep into her as I can, and my dick pulses hard and long, releasing one long rope of pearly cum after another deep into Chassidy’s love canal. I thrust with each blast, pushing her against the truck and making it shake.

“Oh, yes, Scott. Cum, cum in my pussy. Cum in my pussy,” Chassidy moans repeatedly, this pleading look full of desire on her face.

I ease her back to her feet and pull out. This is probably the emptiest I’ve ever been, which is saying something as Heather really knows how to milk me. For a moment, we don’t move or speak, we just stare into each other’s eyes, panting hard. I feel a few leftover drops of sperm drip off of my softening cock and fall to the ground.

Chassidy speaks first. “Wow. You feel so good inside me, Scott. Especially when you cum like that.” She pulls me in for a long kiss heavy with tongue play.

When we break apart, she says, “You made me cum so much. Again.”

I grin. “I aim to please,” is all I say to that.

“You sure know how to hit the bulls eye. Keep doing that, and I’m yours to do with as you please anytime,” she says in a sweet voice, beaming away up at me.

“Well, then. How about you come over tomorrow to my place, same time? My parents are gonna be out for date night, won’t be back until sometime after eleven,” I offer, thinking about how good Chassidy would look in my bed, ass-naked and loaded with my baby batter. I take her breasts in my hand and play with them again.

“Mmmm,” Chassidy replies, biting her lip. Her hands run up and down my arms, back, chest, and abs, feeling me. “Sounds like a GREAT idea. I’ll be there, Scott.”

I take a step back and put my arm around her, as she needs help getting to her car- I’ve done a number on her again. We grab our clothes that we left in my truck bed along the way, I dress while Chassidy gets some wipes from somewhere in her car and cleans the long trail of nut creeping down her leg. Before she puts her clothes back on properly, she goes over to the ditch, pops a squat, and expels the rest of my seed.

We hug and kiss each other bye, hop in our vehicles and she heads off towards home as I go south to Brent’s house. As I drive, I couldn’t help but smile all the way.

I’ve got Chassidy hooked on my dick. And for the time being, I don’t plan on letting her off for a good while.

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