Hot Shower

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I came in from doing yard work, sweat trickling down between my breasts. I was out of breath and exhausted. After getting a glass of cold water from the pitcher in the fridge, I headed to the bathroom to shower. I stripped down to my panties and tight sports bra and camisole.

Turning on the radio, a techno beat with a smooth female vocal filled the room. Something about good techno has always made me feel like taking my clothes off. Since showering generally necessitates nudity, I took this as an opportunity to practice my strip tease moves.

Using the corner of the shower stall as a pole, I expertly dipped low, bending my knees, and then rising again, ass first, to the beat of the music. I turned, my hips gyrating along with the song, and performed for my imaginary audience, running my hands over my breasts, hooking my thumbs through the side lace of my g-string panties.

I pulled my panties part-way down, teasing…no one in particular, and turned, facing the shower and slowly slid them down my legs, bending only at the waist to give my audience a full shot of my ass and pussy lips. I stereotypically swung the white panties around my finger and flung them towards the hamper. They hit the first shot.

About this time I caught a glance at myself in the mirror above the sink. Specifically, I noticed the thick bush that had grown over my mound. ‘Time for a trim,’ I decided.

Shaking my ass to a few more beats, I made my way over to the small night stand that held my bath supplies. I pulled shaving cream and a fresh razor from the drawer, and grabbed a handheld mirror from the counter. After removing the rest of my clothes, canlı bahis şirketleri I sat on the edge of the tub with my legs spread and pressed against the opposite wall. I filled a nearby pitcher with hot water and used the shaving cream to lather up my bushy pussy.

I drew a line in the lather as a stencil, since I rarely like to go completely ‘shaved kitty’, and began to gingerly use the razor to create sexy, smooth labia. I felt myself becoming wet as the razor made contact with my lips. It only took about ten minutes until my pussy was smooth as silk, save for a patch immediately at the top of my mound.

I rinsed away some excess hair, and got up to shower off. I opened the stall door, and adjusted the water temperature to a comfortable level. Taking the band out of my hair, I shook my long, curly blonde hair free and stepped into the shower. The warm water felt amazing on my tired muscles, and I got my hair completely wet, relishing in the way the water felt running down my back.

Facing away from the shower, I planted my feet and leaned into the wall. With my hands spread in front of me for support, I arched my back, moaning as the warm water ran down the middle of my spine. It ran between the round cheeks of my ass, and over my freshly shaved, smooth pussy.

Reaching a hand between my legs, I stroked my bare pussy lips, amazed at my own velvety softness. I turned and grabbed the shampoo, lathered up my hair and rinsed, repeating the procedure with conditioner. Once convinced that my hair was clean, I picked up the body sponge from the shower rack and put some shower gel on it. I lathered until the gel canlı kaçak iddaa had created large white bubbles in my hands, and proceeded to run the sponge all over my body, starting at my neck and shoulders.

The suds felt soft, and I continued down to my full breasts. I lathering them up thoroughly, stopping and rubbing into my nipples a little longer than necessary to just get clean. I became more and more aroused, and continued to lather up the rest of my body. I ran my hands over my belly, luscious thighs, legs, ass and feet.

Once fully covered in the soapy foam, I put the sponge away and let my hands run over my entire body, celebrating my soft, warm skin. I felt my body reacting to being touched so lovingly by my own hands. I felt slick all over, the water and soap mingling to create a shiny, silky film on my skin.

I took my breasts in my hands and massaged them, stopping to pull lightly on my nipples, twisting them just a bit until I could feel the heat in my loins. My hand grazed my belly, and I moved lower to my pussy. Even with the wetness from the shower, I could still determine my own juice filling my pussy.

I moved the shower head so that the stream was beating a light rhythm on my smooth lips. I found my clit with my finger and began to trace circles around it, thrusting my hips forward to meet my fingers and the warm jet. I noticed the brush with the large handle that I sometimes used to wash my back hanging from the shower rack. I realized I had never paid attention to the size and shape of the handle before: Very long and about two inches in diameter, it was capped with a smooth, rounded pink tip. canlı kaçak bahis

I took the brush from the rack, and continuing to play with my clit, I slid the handle inside my pussy. I moved slowly at first, then quickly, grinding my hips up into the handle roughly, trying to allow my sex to take the entire thing inside me.

I braced my back against the wall and slid down slightly. In my new position, I was able to free one hand, as the shower was hitting my clit directly, causing me to writhe and shake. With the other hand, I thrust the handle in and out of myself, alternating the pace: slowly, then more quickly as I felt myself about to cum, then backing off a bit to let the tension build. I used my now free hand to cup my breast, teasing my nipples, pulling, pinching them.

I felt my toes tingle, and then begin to go numb, and I knew my powerful climax was inevitable. I braced my feet and began to fuck myself wildly with the handle of the brush. I lifted my pelvis to meet my efforts, as the stream of water began to send me over the edge. I moaned loudly, and at the instant the orgasm hit, I screamed out in passion and pinched my nipple roughly to intensify the sensation.

I continued to fuck myself, feeling my pussy spasm and grab at the handle, until the waves died down. Once they finally subsided I half collapsed on the shower floor, trying to regain composure. When my head finished spinning, and feeling returned to my toes, I stood again and rinsed myself off completely, as well as the brush handle.

Satisfied that I was both clean…and satisfied, I gave the handle a quick kiss on the tip with my lips, and turned off the shower. Stepping out, I wrapped my hair in the large bath towel hanging on the rack, and began to dry myself off, trying to decide what to make my sexy husband for dinner when he arrived home. Dessert, of course, would be my smooth, satiny pussy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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