Household Chores

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I had gone up to bed early and, have to admit, left the curry dishes and the containers on the kitchen table. I was just drifting off to sleep when the bedroom door opened and I feared the worst.

There was no reprimand and she slipped silently into the bathroom; close escape there then. Time plays tricks on you as you drift in and out of consciousness but she seemed to take longer than usual to prepare for bed.

Then the bathroom door flew open and she said “Right” in a loud commanding voice. I struggled back to consciousness to see her silhouetted in the doorway. I had to suppress a gulp as I now knew why there had been no reprimand earlier. Carrying her old riding crop, She was wearing only stockings and suspenders, with silk french knickers over the top and vertiginous high heels.

“I said RIGHT,” she announced as she swished the air menacingly with her riding crop. “Who forgot to clear the table and put the plates in the dishwasher? They don’t jump in by themselves you know. And you left the stinking containers out, so I shall have to punish you.” And she brought the crop down forcefully on the bed with a scary karabağlar escort whack.

“Get out of bed…now…stand over there by the window… Take off your pyjama top…now drop the bottoms…” I stood there naked and sleepy but my cock was beginning to twitch. She tapped it with the riding crop just hard enough to make it sting but that only made matters worse.

“Don’t think you are going to see any action tonight until I have thoroughly taught you a lesson…turn round…hold the curtain pole with your hands above your head… Legs apart a little more…now let me see, no table cleared, that’s 2 strokes,” And she traced the business end of the crop across my buttocks and tapped them just hard enough to cause a tingle of expectation.

“No dishwasher loaded, that’s another 4.” Now the crop traced the crack of my bum “and those stinky containers left out, that’s got to be worth 6, so how many strokes can you expect?”

“12” said my mouth.

“12 what?”

“12 strokes miss.”

“That’s better, and any more insolence will cost you dearly,” and she traced karaburun escort the crop up the inside of my thigh slowly and tapped my recently shaved balls.

“Do I make myself clear?”

When she had finally finished my buttocks were tingling with 12 new bright red stripes. She took the bottle of jojoba oil from her bedside table and massaged some into my burning cheeks. This made my burgeoning erection rise to full attention.

“On the bed on your back…” She commanded as she dropped the crop on the floor, then she knelt on the bed by my side, her excitement starting to show as a line of moisture on the front of her french knickers. She straddled my hips, facing me, and with a sexy smile took my cock and rubbed it on her sex on the outside of her knickers.

“You are going to have some lovely new stripes on your bum tomorrow, all red and sore! Her breath was getting shallower as her excitement rose. I felt my cock twitch as the expectation took over.

“Now you are going to pleasure me…and you may not cum til I tell you you can…understood?”

“Yes mis.” karşıyaka escort And she slid my cock through the leg of her knickers, into her waiting moistness. Her pussy swallowed the full length in one powerful stroke, spanking games always made her flow freely, and she started to grind her hips back and forth against mine.

The familiar sensations were getting more and more powerful but I knew it would be bad news for me if I were to cum too quickly. I fought the temptation for what seemed like ages, then her thighs clenched tight against mine, she ground our pelvises together with her full weight and shuddered.

“You may cum now,” and with that I lifted my hips and felt the tip of my cock touch something deep inside her, the sensation was overwhelming and my cock jerked violently as I came. She collapsed on my chest and giggled.

“Fuck that was good,” she laughed, “fuck, fuckety, fucking fuck fuck. How was it for you?”

“Very powerful, I knew it was going to be special when I saw your silhouette in the doorway but hey my bum is stinging!

“Well that’ll teach you to keep up with your jobs, won’t it? Do you need some more massage to ease the pain?”

I smiled, “No the tingling is all part of the fun and I can’t wait to see my stripes in the morning. That was brilliant, I so love it when you take control but what the fuck am I going to say at the gym tomorrow when I take a shower?” We had a giggle, cuddled up and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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