Housewives Club Pt. 03

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Double Penetration


Luscious Dimples got assignments more often, she was selective with her clientele. While Ted contacted her regularly through HWC, Chris eliminated HWC as the middleman. She did turn down some high profile clients. HWC, especially Anna, did not seem very happy about it.

On her family front, David interacted very little with her. Mark kept to himself. She missed being his mother. Jane was unaware that David was gay, and that he moved out with Bill. Alice nor Chris were going to tell her.

Early November, Jane called Alice to help plan and prepare for the Thanksgiving get together. Chris was out of town. Alice thought that he may be with one of his mistresses.

Alice arrived early. Jane, 5ft2 165 lbs., D cupped in her long T down to her knees, opened the door to greet her. She noticed a changed Alice. She observed her confidence, her improved grace, and the purposeful movements.

“My! You look lovely. There is something different about you.”

Kissing her on her cheeks, Alice brushed off the compliment. They moved to the kitchen table and were soon discussing the menu for the Thanksgiving dinner. Alice observed that Jane was not her usual self. She did not want to pry. She knew what Chris was into. She was intrigued to find out more.

“Mom”, she called. Jane looked at her.

“Is everything alright? You don’t seem to be yourself.”

Jane immediately burst out crying. Alice was taken aback.

“I feel so lonely. Chris seems to have moved on.”

Alice contained herself. She reminded herself of the HWC confidentiality agreement. Jane went on to express her loneliness, frustrations, and finally desires.

“I just want to be loved.”

Suddenly standing up, she dropped her T shirt to the floor and stood naked in front of her daughter-in-law. Her breasts were firm for a 50+ year woman and she had a hairy muff covering her aging cunt. Alice stepped back and closed her eyes for a second. She could not believe that Jane just did that. When she finally opened her eyes, Jane was still standing there bearing all.

“I don’t think Chris wants this anymore.”

Alice appeared sympathetic. She remained silent as Jane continued. She wanted to tell her, she had him in her. She pressed her lips together to stay silent.

“I am loosing Chris. I think he is seeing other women. It’s ok that he does, I would like him to do me too.”

Jane went on for the next few minutes to openly tell Alice that she wanted sex and she kept going back to Chris not fucking her anymore. She asked her for suggestions to help her out. Alice wondered if she should bring her into the HWC membership.

Jane being naked turned Alice on a bit. She wanted to drop her clothes too. Her eyes constantly moved to Jane’s muff.

She recollected what Chris said about Jane – “She is very possessive and jealous, likes her pussy eaten. She watches gangbang porn. I taught her how to swallow cum. She now loves it.”

Alice decided to verify if Chris knew his wife’s needs. She calmly asked Jane, “What are you and Chris like in bed?”

Jane hesitated to answer. Alice put her hand on her naked thigh, “I promise not to tell anyone.”

She moved her fingers closer to her muff. She wanted to feel it. She could smell her strong fragrance. Jane felt a shiver coming on as she felt Alice’s hands reaching out to her cunt. She enjoyed it and she let her do her way.

“Chris is a good lover. He is a good kisser and licks me down well.”

Alice smiled. Jane continued.

“I like his taste. I swallow. I enjoy it.”

She could not believe the confession she was hearing.

“I notice a change in you. You look different and appear more confident.”

Jane walked to pull the apron in the kitchen and wrapped it around her. Alice was glad she did. Her muff was distracting. With her ass uncovered, Jane told her how much she loved Chris and that she never loved anyone like she did Chris. Alice’s thoughts went back to the evening and the next day when Chris fucked her till she was sore. She could relate with her addiction to Chris.

“Is he a good lover?” she asked teasing Jane.

“On my Gosh. He is. He can fuck for hours, cum multiple times, and keep going on.”

“Really, Wow!” she pretended to show her surprise.

“But, I think he is fucking outside of our marriage.”

“Are you okay with it?”

“He is a good man, loves me. I want some loving too.”

“Have you considered doing other men?”

Jane smiled, “I want to. I am shy to explore.”

It was Alice’s cue. She liked Jane a lot and wanted to help her out.

“Share with me, Jane. What are type of men are you into?”

“Like Chris.”

“Sure, Sure. I am sure there are others that make you wet.”

Jane laughed, “God I feel like a young teenager again.”

“Wait till you get laid. You GILF! You MILF!”

“What are those?”

“Granny I like to fuck, Mother I like to fuck.”

“Oh.” She felt self-conscious and went silent.

Alice smiled. Jane took her time to answer.

“Brandon Jones – at the library – adıyaman escort bayan turns me on. I often imagined him in bed with me.”

Alice listened attentively. She did not want to bring Jane into HWC too soon. She felt insecure that she might lose some of her clientele to her, especially Chris.

“Brandon Jones eh! I can reach out to him for you. I am sure he will want a piece of your ass.”

She playfully slapped her exposed ass behind her apron.

“No. No. Don’t.”

“Nobody will know. Only Brandon, you, and I.”

After a short discussion, Jane agreed. Alice had to move quickly. She wanted to make sure Jane got her share of loving to free up Chris for her.

Brandon Jones + Jane

By 2:30 pm, she found herself walking into the library. She went over to the information desk.

“Hi, I am looking for Brandon Jones.”

The young girl behind the counter used the telephone to call him. Alice waited patiently at the counter. She heard a low pitch voice, “How may I help you?” She turned around and saw a medium height black man, few inches taller than Jane and her, well built – firm bodied, greyed hair and clean shaved.

She did not know how to start. She looked at him and confidently asked him, “Is there a private space we can go to? My request is personal.”


“Yeah, I have a proposition.”

She followed him to his office. He sat her down and went to the other side of the desk.

“What I can I do to help?”

She reached for her phone and picked out Jane’s picture. She flipped it around and showed it to him. As he looked at Jane’s picture, Alice softly spoke, “She is my mother-in-law and she wants you.”

He dropped the phone in shock and disbelief.


“She wants you”, she repeated. “She goes weak on her knees when you are around”, she lied.

He laughed, “Really”, and continued to look at Jane.

“Give me your number, I will text you the time and place.”

He looked up at her, “Listen, I don’t know who set you up for this, I am married and have a happy life.”

Alice walked around to him and bend to whisper, “Are you saying No to a white pussy?”

He turned to look at her.


She nodded. She reached for his phone on the desk, and dialed her number.

“Her husband is out for the next couple of days. She is ripe for your taking.”

Without waiting for his response, Alice walked out.

Few hours later, after dinner, she got a call.

“You got me. Tell me when and where.”

“Tomorrow morning 9:00 am. Oyster Shore, I will meet you there.”

As she put the phone down, she had an idea for her own business.


She called Jane immediately. Just as she told her of her meeting with Brandon.

“No way, wow! Did he agree?”

Alice moved too quickly for Jane.

“Mom, I will bring him to you by 10:00. Prepare yourself well.”

She left Jane in surprise and shock that she was going to have a lover other than Chris.

At 8:30 in the morning Alice picked Brandon from Oyster Shore. He had flowers in his hand. As they drove to Jane’s place, Alice and Brandon were amused by the turn of events.

“There is a first time for everything.”

“Yes there is”, he adjusted his crotch. He seems excited and ready for action.

As soon as the car pulled in, Jane opened the door. Alice glided into the house, Brandon took his time to follow her.

“I will leave you two together.”

Jane smiled nervously. Brandon walked in, giving flowers to her, kissed her on her lips.

“I had no idea you were interested in me. I saw you many times and thought you are a sexy woman.”

She took the flowers and found a vase for them. Brandon was high on confidence, he followed her as she watered the flowers, his hands on her hips and kissed her on her neck.

Alice sat on the couch watching him play Jane. Jane seemed reluctant and was trying to avoid the inevitable, when suddenly he picked her up in his arms and looked at Alice.

“I have been hard all night thinking of her, where is her bedroom?”

She pointed him in the direction. He moved fast and shut the door behind him. Fearing for her mother-in-law she quickly followed them in the room.

As soon as she entered, she saw Jane holding on her back, legs stretched, her dress pulled up to her waist, his head between her legs and mouth sucking in her hairy cunt. His thick lips pulled her tender clit into his mouth.

Jane closed her eyes, her hips raised, she was moaning and screaming. The sight was erotic. Alice’s pussy was wet watching them both together.

Jane erupted and her screams filled the room. His face was wet with her cum. He moved next to her and flipped her to her side. He unzipped his pants and Alice saw his chocolate thickness. He did not care for Alice’s presence. She saw him tap Jane’s cunt and exposed her pink cunt lips through her muff and then in one jerk his cock entered her wet slippery cunt.

“Oh Fuck. I never had a akkent escort bayan black male before.”

“There is a first time for everything”, he laughed as he said that.

He was pounding her cunt. He pulled her head back by her hair and kissed her as he fucked her hard. Jane took him in.

“Fuck me harder.”

He pulled out slow and then suddenly she heard her cunt being slammed hard. Jane’s eyes popped open wide with pleasure. Alice moved to sit at the bed to watch her mother-in-law being fucked by her fantasy man.

The dark chocolate fucking a white woman was exciting. Alice decided that she wanted an interracial experience too. She knew Jane wanted Brandon to herself. Alice rubbed her self over her panties as the couple fucked each other’s brains out.

After a while, Jane was on the edge.

“Pull out, Pull Out.”

He obliged. She raised her hips, her open cunt lips squirted s shower on the bed. He did not wait, he pushed back in as soon as she was done squirting.

“I am going to seed you baby. Here cums some black cum in your white cunt.”

Jane held his cock hard in her. She felt him grunt and jerk into her. She was clearly enjoying it. He was hugging her from behind, his cock filled her cunt tight. His black balls pressed into her splitting lips. Jane’s eyes met Alice. They read each other’s thoughts and nodded in appreciation.

Brandon’s hands moved down to play with Jane’s pubic hair. It tickled her and she giggled like a virgin. Alice was happy for her. She could tell that they were going to go at it again.

The phone rang. It was Chris reaching out for Jane. Jane was plugged deep by Brandon’s thick hard cock. Alice picked the call.

“Hi Chris, Alice here.”

She saw Brandon push Jane onto her stomach and his cock pressing into her from behind as she stepped out of the room. Jane was moaning and Brandon was at it again.

“What’s up, Chris?”

“Hey Luscious Dimples.”

“Now, now, this is Alice.”

“What is Jane doing?”

“She is in bed, doing her work.”

The moans and grunting were getting louder. Alice stepped out to avoid him hearing them.

“Where are you Chris? And what are you doing?”

“Well, please don’t ask. I don’t want to lie.”

“You horny bastard.”

“You know me I am oversexed.”

“Are you busy these days?”

“Not very, what do you have in mind?”

“I may have someone special for you. He is a single dad my age. Let’s chat about it later. Let me talk to Jane.”

Alice muted the phone. She walked back to the bedroom. Brandon was pounding her. Her face dug into the pillow as she received him.

“It’s Chris. He wants to speak with you.”

Brandon looked at Alice. He slowed down his humping to stop. Jane looked up and Alice placed the phone to her ears, unmuting it.

“Hi honey” she murmured. “No I am alright. Just getting some work done.”

Brandon’s cock was pounding hard in her gripping cunt.

“I miss you too”, she lied over the phone.

Brandon was impatient, he began to push in and out slowly. He knew had little time with his new white bitch and wanted to make the most of it

Alice took the phone and walked out again.

“Chris, I am taking her to the movies later. She will call back.”

Alice returned to watch Jane gripping the bed as he held her hips and manhandled her to his whims. Brandon was fucking her like an animal.

“Are you sure you belong in a library?” Alice asked him.

“I am glad I am in a library. I would not have got fuck this woman.”

He did not even remember the name of his sex bitch. Alice’s cunt was dripping watching them in action. He turned to her, “Unless you are going to join us, you have nothing to do here. Please leave.” Jane looked at her as she was ordered out.

She stepped into the kitchen. Her thongs soaking wet.

Their fucking continued.

Jane confessed to Alice. Jane was being roughed up and banged like never before. Chris had fucked her on that bed many times before. This time around, she felt like a virgin being taken by her first black cock.

Alice noticed a picture of Jane, Chris, and David. She had a happy thought of having her revenge on David for turning Gay on her. Jane and Brandon met often. At times, Alice saw them together in public places. She was convinced by Alice’s words, “It’s your private life. What Chris doesn’t know, won’t hurt him or you.”

“I am a GYLF. Thank you Alice”.


Luscious Dimples felt liberated. David was out of her life. Her father-in-law, Chris, loved her – rather she fucked him at will. Her mother-in-law, Jane, adored her for making her feel like a woman again. Chris and Jane took care of Mark to school him at a Prep School. Mark absolutely loved it there. Her HWC life was very active. She was in fantastic shape. She began Pilates and Yoga.

Confident, Alice began to expand her HWC operations. She was now travelling to be with her prospective clients. HWC loved her for it. She loved the variety and gaziantep anal yapan escort bayan diversity she was exposed to. While she enjoyed the fucks, to her the thought of new prospects, their sexual desires, diversity, and basic needs turned her on. More often, she found herself walking around with a wet patch on her panties.

Madison Wisconsin, her flight landed early. It was 10:00 am. The airport was deserted. Alice had 4 hours before her meeting. She wandered through the gift shop, slowly finding her way to the rental car counter.

Behind the counter, a Hispanic/Latin woman in her 30s, with a name tag – Jen, was sitting uncomfortably on the high chair trying to balance her pregnant bump. Her breasts were engorged, and her nipples were forcing her pasties out.

As they worked out the rental process, Alice struck a conversation.

“When is the baby due?”

She sighed “3 months more.”

Just then, a stout fit Latin male stepped in to the counter, “Which Car?”


“Nice, the BMW.”

He looked at Alice checking her out. Alice felt a strange twitch between her legs. She smiled.

“Are you okay, Baby?” He asked as he felt her baby bump. She turned her face to him and he put his lips on hers, his hands dropping between her legs. Alice envied the long kiss as she waited patiently for her car.

She sarcastically, “You guys should get a room.”

He turned to Alice, “Would you like to join us?”

“Ricky, watch what you say to our customers. We could get fired.”

Ricky read her right. She smiled.

Alice’s phone buzzed. A message read, “Sorry, meeting cancelled. Room and Car paid for two days and non-refundable.”

Alice looked at Ricky and Jen. She lowered her glasses looking at Ricky, “What time do you get off work?”

Jen answered instantly, “around 2.”

Jen turned to Ricky ordering, “Help her with her bags to the car.”

Alice walked behind him as he led her to the car. He was handsome, well built, and seemed well packaged. Alice’s panties were wet. As he loaded the car, she saw his strong arms and athletic body. He saw her eyes checking out his bulging crotch. They heard footsteps behind them. Turning around, it was Jen.

The three of them were alone in the rental parking lot. Jen and Ricky exchanged glances. Jen smiled and moved close to Alice, “Which hotel are you booked into?”

“That’s presumptuous of you.”

Jen gently moved Alice behind the wall, away from the cameras. Ricky moved in after them.

“I have heightened sense of smell. I can smell you are wet.”

Ricky unzipped and his thick hard cock popped out. Alice stared at his muscle.

“He is horny, so are you. There are things I can’t do for him, you can help.”

Alice replied, “Hilton Airport.”

“You don’t need a car. We can drop you by the shuttle.”

Alice felt her ass being caressed by Ricky’s big hands. In no time, Ricky was driving her in the rental shuttle to the hotel. Jen returned to the counter. He waited for Alice to check in, and took note of the room number – 601 before he left.

Jen knocked the door at 2:30 pm. She walked in with a bottle of Merlot. No sooner, she entered the room she hugged Alice.

“I feel a connection with you. A sister I never had.”

Jen’s body was warm against hers. Alice did not expect this. She felt Jen’s lips on hers and pulling her close to her. Jen moved slowly. For the first time in a while, Alice was out of her comfort zone. Jen stepped back from Alice. Unbuttoning her blouse, she unzipped her skirt to step out of them in her white laced bra and back panties. Alice wanted Ricky. Not her.

Her bra came loose, her darkened nipples stood erect on her swollen breasts. She pulled her panties down and laid on the bed. Her legs stretched out, her trimmed pubic hair was wet with her juices. She looked at Alice.

“Come on.”

Alice felt ordered, and in a strange way compelled to obey. She was about to go down on her knees.

“What are you doing? Drop your clothes and come on here.”

Her full naked, athletic, flexible, and yoga body came to view. Jen sat up and her face met Alice’s cunt. She inhaled her and her lips sucked in her clit, her tongue tasting her wetness. Alice swooned. She was wet and ready to let go.

She heard Jen’s muffled voice, “Got to get you ready for Ricky.” Alice found herself holding her head into her pussy, encouraging her to go at it. Jen began to flick her tongue around her clit and suck in her wetness like a pro. Alice was shaking, she was going to cum soon. Jen sensed it and slowed down her oral on her.

She laid back and touching her wet lips, “Go on, your turn to taste me.”

Alice never tasted a woman before, she hesitated and moved slowly. Jen reached for her hair and gently forced her down between her legs. Alice’s nose rubbed against her cunt and she put her tongue out to get her first taste of a woman. She heard her moan and raise her hips. Her cunt squirted a gush into Alice’s face. She received the shower as Jen moaned aloud.

“Woa! Wow!!”

Luscious Dimples enjoyed that.

Few minutes later, it was Ricky knocking the door.

Jen lazily walked to the door. She greeted him with a body hug and a kiss.

“You started without me?” he scolded her.

“She is ready for you.”

Ricky unzipped and his cock was erect, long, and amazingly thick.

“Don’t hurt me with that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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