How It Began: Foot Fetish Mistress

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I am writing this to confess that I, or should I say we, have a secret life. I am a foot fetish mistress. Oh, by the way, I am married. My husband agreed to my part time career because of two things: I charge $250 per hour, and I agreed to tell him the stories after they happened while he plays with my feet and pleasures himself. It’s his biggest turn on.

What started it all was an innocent occurrence at our home one evening. I am telling you this while my husband Phil is on the end of our bed fondling my socked feet. My socks were recently slipped on my size 6 feet after a bath.

I used to hide my feet. I had no idea how many guys liked feet until I met Phil. He says my feet are perfect, for him at least. I have a nice arch, and toes that go across from big to small at a very straight angle but not too sharp of an angle either. If you are a foot lover you likely understand. My nail beds are deep, my nails painted a hot pink, clipped quite tidy and short, and my toe tips are very round and not pointy like some women’s feet are, I am told. The plumpness of my toes seem to be exactly right as there are no gaps between my toes, creating cute toe cleavage when I have the right shoes on.

This story is about Phil’s friend Ralph coming over one night before he was home from work. There was a pile of childrens’ toys and clothes on the livingroom chair so the two of us sat on either side of the sofa as we waited for Phil. At that time, I had a pair of jeans on and some pantyhose because it was winter and my feet were a little bit cold. I was wearing this crazy pair of bunny slippers that I got for my 30th birthday a few weeks ago. The slippers were the type that the front of my foot slid into and the back was bare. They were fuzzy with a bunny face on the fronts and two long ears on either slipper.

“What color were the pantyhose,” asked Phil. “Were they reinforced?”

They were a light brown with sheer toe, I told him. Just a seam running across all five toes on either foot.

“Ummmm” he said, placing my socked toes right up to his mouth and began Ataşehir Escort kissing them passionately and smelling them. They likely smelled like lotion and bath soap, but Phil says they never smell bad even if I am out shopping all afternoon.

I turned on the TV and his friend and I began watching an old movie which we both said we liked, while we waited for Phil to get home.

At first I was just sitting normally but eventually I curled my pretty feet inside my bunny slippers beside me on the middle cushion. I looked over to see that my feet weren’t invading Ralph’s space and saw him glancing down at my slippers as well. I asked him if he minded my feet being there and he said no. In fact I was a little surprised at his enthusiasm because he actually said, “No, absolutely not. Relax, your feet won’t bother me at all.” Then he commented about my bunny slippers and grabbed the ears of one slipper and gave it a playful tug as the slipper came loose and covered less of my right foot.

“He reached over and grabbed your slipper?,” asked Phil. “But he didn’t take your slipper right off did he?” No I said and glanced at Phil rubbing his bristly face up and down my socked soles. He was getting rock hard as the story progressed.

About 15 minutes into the movie the effects of the day were getting to me and I began resting my head on the side of the sofa. I had to slide down a little to do so, and of course my pantyhosed feet and bunny slippers slid a little closer to the friend.

“Did he notice? Did he look at how close they were to his leg?” asked Phil.

I am not really sure I said, because I was a little tired. Phil pealed my sock down over my heel now and worked his cock between the sheer cotton sock and my bare sole. He began lightly grinding my toes with his cock head and kissed the bare naked heel on my other foot. Licking it, sucking it.

Although I was shutting my eyes a little instead of watching the movie, I could feel that Phil’s friend had moved his right hand from his lap and placed it beside his leg. He was very Kadıköy Escort stealth, moving his hand in short intervals and then taking a break in between.

At first I could feel the sole of my slipper moving away from my foot, and next I could tell that he had placed his hand between the slipper and my hosed soles. There would be about a 30 second break with no movement and then suddenly the back of his hand would be caressing the arch of my foot for a few seconds. As he got braver he worked his fingers down the slipper until they were lodged between the slipper and my toes.

“Oh my gawd,” Phil said, now humping my foot vigorously for a few seconds and then stopping for half a minute and then doing it again as I continued the story. He was obviously trying to prolong his orgasm.

I could feel the air getting to my toes now as he opened the space between bottoms of my feet away from the slipper. I could tell he had grabbed the ears or fronts of the bunny slippers and was sliding the slippers off both of my feet exposing the little cuties encased in nylon.

I looked down at Phil going at it with my feet, still pausing as he humped my toes but now he pulled the sock right off the foot he had to his mouth and was licking and sucking my pink toes as he was getting hornier and hornier as I told him about his friend playing with my feet.

I knew I had another foot fiend in my midst, so I remained pretending to sleep and actually rolled over so my face was covered by the back of the sofa. Both slippers fell to the ground and in getting comfy I pressed the toes of my left foot against Ralph’s leg. The bending of my toes accentuated my arch and Ralph was quick to place his hand on my little hosed arch and began gently rubbing it – careful not to tickle me. My right foot was pulled back and hanging slightly off the couch.

“Ohhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhh, ” groaned Phil as I told him about his friend rubbing my pantyhosed foot. He was licking my undertoes very lovingly now as he was gyrating his cock between my sock and bare skin.

To expose Ümraniye Escort Ralph as a foot fan at this point I swung my top foot on top of his thigh now and my toes were down between his legs just inches from his dick. He went completely silent, not a movement for a minute. Then I could feel him wiggle down in his seat a little causing my foot to touch his crotch. With both hands he began rubbing the dangling right foot hanging between his legs and the movement was guiding my foot into his crotch time and time again. I could feel how hard his crotch was, and I was a bit animated with my dangling foot like I needed to stretch and pressed my toes under his balls for a moment.

“Oh Gawd. Oh, gawd. He was fucking your foot. Your feet are so beautiful and perfect. He must have been in ecstasy,” said Phil. Phil began pressing his cock now up and down my sole inside my sock and stuck all five toes from my other foot inside his mouth. He came hard and he came aggressively against my little foot. I could feel the pulsation of the underside of his cock against my sole and his cream quickly drenched my toes. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” he grunted and jerked uncontrollably.

I hadn’t even got to the end of the story where Ralph came in his pants. Or at least I think he did. He couldn’t help a suppressed groan himself when I slid my toes up against his crotch from beneath his balls. Suddenly he moved my foot from his lap and went straight to the washroom. He seemed desheveled when he came out and just a few minutes later Phil arrived. I went to bed early and the boys played darts and drank.

After this foot fetish event, and finding out Phil loved these stories, we began advertising for guys who might have wanted a foot mistress. Many guys wanted or even needed my feet in their life for a time. Others longer. Many guys needed different services but they all involved touching my feet in various situations. It seemed harmless to me. It was quite impersonal, and I felt like I was really giving men something they could not get. Many married men are sometimes with women whose feet they are not attracted to. Others are too shy about their foot fetish to even admit it to a woman – sometimes their wives.

The advertisements worked and my life as a foot mistress began in earnest. Stay tuned for my adventures. I know Phil enjoys them.

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