How Large Can a Penis Get??

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The residents of the apartment building I live in call it the horseshoe because of its interesting U shaped design. Basically, it’s three sections joined at two 90 degree angles. My apartment is on the inner part of the U, on the corner between two sections which gives me an excellent view into the apartment diagonal to me. Because our windows are so close to each other, my neighbor generally keeps his curtains closed but occasionally he leaves them open and I can get a good look into his apartment.

As far as I can tell my neighbor is single, lives by himself and possibly works from home. He’s about the same age as myself (mid 20’s) and is neither attractive nor unattractive. Basically, average looking, average height and average build. Not overweight but doesn’t give the impression that he’s spent any time in the gym and if you saw him on the street you would likely not give him a second glance. Occasionally, I would bump into him and chat in the hall but he certainly wasn’t someone I would have been attracted to. In our short conversations I learned his name is Tyler and he’s obviously awkward around women. Tyler is always polite but rarely looks me in the eyes which I find a big turnoff since it’s a clear sign that he lacks confidence. There have been just a couple of occasions where I saw a female in his apartment but I couldn’t tell if it were a friend, relative or something more intimate since I never saw any signs of affection. I had considered the possibility that he might be gay although it was entirely believable that someone with his shy demeaner might be unable to initiate a relationship. He’s not physically unattractive so there are surely women who would date him if he would ever try.

One day, I was in my apartment with two of my girlfriends, shooting the breeze and having a few drinks. My one girlfriend, whom I’ll call Pam, was sitting on the couch when she excitedly told us to look out the window. Looking over, I could see that Tyler’s curtains were open and he was sitting on a cheap easy chair watching porn with his feet on a hassock. He was wearing grey sweatpants, a t-shirt and nothing on his feet. ‘He’s got his hand on his dick’, said İstanbul Escort Pam and it was easy to see that Tyler did indeed have his hand resting on his crotch. Because of the angle of our apartment I was essentially seeing the back and side of Tyler. His vision was away from us towards the TV but at the angle we were looking, his back wasn’t blocking our view of what he was doing with his hands. It was also noted that Tyler had a large container of lotion and a box of tissues on the table next to him. He was clearly prepared for action.

I felt really bad because Tyler has always been nice and this voyeuristic invasion felt wrong. On the other hand, he really screwed up by leaving his curtains open and allowing people to easily peer in. My two girlfriends were riveted and we partially closed the curtains to make our peeking less obvious. None of us had ever spied on a man masturbating and there was a legitimate curiosity along with the giggling and rude comments. Tyler pulled down his sweatpants and underwear and kicked them off prompting Jill to let out a little scream, ‘ahhhhhh, the show is starting.’ In my defense I did make a suggestion that maybe we should stop but I was completely overruled. Reaching over, Tyler pumped some lotion into his hand causing Pam to wonder if he was going to slather it over his entire body with the volume he used.

Despite the ethical dubiousness of our spying, Tyler had opened himself up for observation with his terrible carelessness. However, our girlish tittering all ended when Tyler reached down and pulled up his penis. The girls erupted into, ‘bullshit!’ and ‘that is NOT real.’ Tyler was gripping has penis below the head like a soft, fat sausage and it appeared to be more than a foot long. Pam was shaking her head and declared it undoubtedly a prosthetic. Tyler was kind of gazing at his own immense dick before yanking it upwards to three cries of, ‘holy fuck!!’ The penis stretched to an unbelievable length that from my vantage point looked at least a foot and a half and possibly more. I am not an expert on maximum penis sizes but I’ve seen porn with actors who are considered very large and Tyler looked Bayan Escort at least twice as large as anything I’d ever seen before. He certainly was far beyond any penis I’ve seen in person.

Pam maintained that it was a prosthetic but I wasn’t aware that a prosthetic could stretch and he was pulling his dick with his left hand while applying lotion with his right. So what was holding it in place and why put lotion on a prosthetic? It was also clearly becoming engorged as it grew thicker and longer. From where I was at, his dick even looked to be getting a darker, reddish color. If this was a prosthetic it was getting an erection. The three of us were stunned into silence as the only sound I could hear was Jill’s breathing which was heavier than normal. There is something sort of mesmerizing about watching a large penis grow erect and Tyler’s was riveting. My brain was swirling with thoughts that what I was seeing was simply impossible. He was no longer stretching his dick. He was simply gipping his gigantic tool with both hands and stroking up and down. It looked less like masturbation and more like polishing a bannister.

I couldn’t even fathom his size at this point. His hands were at least 6 to 8 inches apart and he was taking long, slow strokes up and down the entire fat, hard shaft. The thickness of his cock was such that he couldn’t even get his hands around it and Tyler had decent sized man hands. The three of us were so enthralled that when Tyler hopped out of his chair we all jolted out of our stupor and dropped behind the couch. Peaking over we could see that Tyler had gotten out of his chair and awkwardly wandered over towards the TV, his massive member swaying ridiculously. It was also clear by his naked ass that he wasn’t wearing anything to support some kind of absurdly realistic prosthetic. This was pretty much the final piece of evidence that what we were seeing was legit. He needed to carefully maneuver to avoid bumping his penis into any furniture.

Tyler picked up a cell phone and backed into his chair so that his gargantuan dick was resting on his hassack while his feet were on the floor with his legs bent. He chatted Eskort on the phone for awhile and then hung up placing the phone next to him. He put his head down and seemed to be collecting his thoughts before picking his colossal dick back up again to continue his work. His session went on minute after minute while we sat barely breathing at this point. It felt like if we spoke Tyler might hear and we’d be revealed. Tyler’s head started to rock forward and back and his stroking became more vigorous. I could see his chest going up and down faster and his legs straightened out as he started to lift his hips slightly.

We were now on the edge of our seats as it became clear that the literal climax was approaching. What would happen? Would his explosion match his penis size? Was he going to spray right up to the ceiling as it ejected from his cannon? Was he going to somehow catch his cum or erupt like a fountain? The answer was not what I expected. Tyler suddenly sat up straight, pushed the head of his cock into his mouth creating one long, thick, pink tube crotch to mouth. All he had to do was lean his head forward slightly to complete the circuit. In fact, his dick was bowed at this point and if straightened would probably have been too long for him to suck. I could see the rhythmic shuddering in Tyler’s body and could tell by his neck and cheeks that there was sucking and swallowing going on as his hands continued to move up and down the long shaft. This went on for a shockingly long amount of time and at one point I was looking over at Pam and Jill with large eyes and they were looking at me with an, ‘are you serious?’ look. It was probably 30 to 40 seconds but felt like several minutes.

Apparently drained, Tyler removed his cock from his mouth, reclined his chair and closed his eyes. That was it. We watched for a little while as his dick grew soft and then lay hanging along his hip down to the seat of his chair. The three of us talked about what we’d seen for awhile with general astonishment as if we’d just witnessed an event as shocking as an alien landing. For several hours afterwards we’d turn around to check out Tyler but he continued to sleep, buck naked from the waist down. At some point, we turned and Tyler’s curtains were closed. The show was over but we couldn’t just let this astonishing development end this day.

If I get positive feedback on my story I will continue in, Close Encounter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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