How Much Do You Want This Job? Ch. 02

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I’d been in the interview waiting room around ten minutes. This was the second stage, and after my experience in the first interview I was gently shaking with excitement, especially from the fact that she said another female would be interviewing this time too!

There were ten men in the room, all in suits, but there was no way they could all be waiting for interviews, the interviewers must be running late…

I eyed over the men in the room, knowing that they would all be fucking for their jobs just as I was and smiling that I wouldn’t be getting sloppy seconds as my interview was in 2 minutes.

“So what time’s your interview?” A man asked me on my left.


“Really?! So is mine? That can’t be right.”

“I’m sure mine is 10:15, probably wrong though knowing my track record!” I wasn’t wrong, I could picture the letter in my head with the time on it but I didn’t want to waste my mental energy arguing with some stranger before an important interview. He must be wrong.

Men around the room glanced at us with puzzled looks.

Suddenly Amy came rushing through the door, wearing a similar attire to the first time – a black mini skirt and white vest top. I tried to make eye contact, wanting to give her a cheeky smile, but she didn’t pay any attention to me.

“Right men!” She announced, “If you would all like to follow me.”

We all stood and followed, my eyes transfixed on her butt.

She took us into a large classroom-like room with a long desk at the front and ordered us to take a seat in one of the 2 rows of five chairs.

As I walked through the door I noticed a busty red head wearing a tight black trousers and a fitted white blouse, showing ample cleavage, watching us file in from her seat in the corner.

I took the first seat in the second row, noticing the chairs were quite far back from the first.

The hot blonde closed the door and stood in front the desk at the front, “Good morning men, this is Susan Quate,” pointing to the red head in the corner, “As you all know, I am Amy Rogers. There’s very little time so we need to press on… Now, from your experiences in the first interview, I assume you all have a general idea of what is expected, so I would like you all to stand.”

We all stood up. My mind flashed back to the first interview, they must be sorting us to go for our own private interviews.

“Now, I want all of you to drop your trousers and underwear and lift your shirts above your stomach. Mrs Rogers and I will come round and inspect you…” there was a silence while we all digested the order, “As for anyone who does not wish to cooperate, you know where the door is, cos I’ve got no time for time wasters!”

Her voice was dominating, filling me with excitement, but unsure of how to react – I didn’t quite fancy the idea of displaying myself in front of the other men in the room!

I stood still and looked around, my hands on my crotch debating whether to unzip myself. Mrs Quate had got up and now stood next to Amy.

I heard clothes shuffling to the right of me, followed by the sound of a zipper, then another followed, then a belt buckle. The men around me slowly lowered their own trousers and underwear, eyes glaring forward like soldiers standing waiting for orders. I quickly followed suit, pulling my trousers and pants down to my ankles before standing straight, holding my shirt up above my semi hard dick.

“Good…” Mrs Quate commented. We were stood in 2 rows of 5 in front of our seats, I was on the back left of the block.

Amy walked to the front right man and Susan to the front left. They both bent down slightly. My view of Mrs Quate was blocked so I concentrated on Amy. She continued to look at the package in front of her before bringing forward a hand and stroking it gently.

“Ooo…someone’s eager,” she said. The man blushed as she stood and moved to the next in line.

Amy and Susan inspected the next 2 and then both touched up the middle man of the front row, before crossing over continuing their own direction down the row.

My eyes watched as Mrs Quate came into view, inspecting the men previously touched up by Amy. They soon finished and moved to the next row. My heart was thumping as Amy advanced towards me, her eyes glaring into mine from an expressionless face.

She walked behind me! I looked out the corner of my eye, not wanting to move my head from facing front, but unable to see her.

She suddenly pressed up against asyalı porno my back, grasping my stomach with her right hand and sliding her left under my groin, cupping my balls before teasing a finger backwards. She stopped on my arsehole. I winced slightly as she pushed the tip inside. I could feel her breath on my neck and my cock hardening from the sensations of her touch.

Within seconds she flashed her head away from me and moved to the next man. I watched with envy as she groped his balls and cock, desperate for her to come back and relieve the sexual tension she had just filled me with.

Soon Mrs Quate was stood in front of me. She bent down slowly, never taking her eyes off my hard package. I stood firm before her, looking as if she was going to take my length into her mouth, her face so close I could feel her breath on my dick.

Her hand trailed down my stomach, over my pubic area, down the side of my penis and brushing against my balls. She did the same in reverse up the other side, grinned to herself, and moved back to standing in front of her desk.

I was furious, wishing her soft hands had touched my cock, but it was too late.

Mrs Quate was sat on the desk, giving us all a view up her short skirt. Amy walked slowly to the front then approached her. Every man in the room watched the event unfolding before them…

Susan’s eyes were transfixed on Amy’s, watching as she moved her hips in between Susan’s thighs. They locked in a hot kiss, exploring each others mouths, paying no attention to anything else in the room but each other.

Susan’s hands roamed Amy’s blouse, caressing her tits then pulling at the buttons as she tore it from her. The bra soon followed before Amy pulled Susan’s top over her head, their mouths re-attaching as her bra was unclasped and pulled off. Both women were now topless and each displaying a very fine pair of breasts.

Mrs Quate leaned back on the desk as Amy kissed her neck, trailing her tongue down to Susan’s breasts. Susan’s skirt was hiked up as Amy put her hand up it and caressed the mound beneath then peeling the thong down Susan’s legs before kissing her way back up the thighs.

I was hard as a rock watching these two hot women. Susan was looking down at Mrs Rogers while groping her own breasts and tweaking her nipples as she watched the younger woman begin to lick her wet pussy. She threw her head back as Amy’s tongue made contact with the outer lips.

I glanced to my side, all the men were engrossed by it. The man beside me had his hand on his cock, discretely rubbing himself while he watched. I couldn’t help myself, as if in a trance, my hand moved to my cock and began playing with it.

“Ooo…mmm…mmh…” Susan began to moan and wrapped her legs tight around Amy’s head, pulling it closer to her snatch. She pushed and pulled her breasts,

“Oh…ah…mhh…mmhhh…!” Mrs Quate was grinding her pussy on Amy’s face, riding through the peak of her orgasm, not holding in any emotion. Her cries got louder and louder, bucking her hips off the desk and thrusting her pussy into Mrs Rogers’ face, screaming as her orgasm wracked every inch of her body.

Mrs Quate began to calm and lay back on the desk, staring at the ceiling with her legs still spread apart, showing us her pussy as Mrs Rogers moved aside.

“You…here! Stick your cock inside her!” Amy snapped at the young man in the front right of the group. He took a slow step forward, wanting to do as he was asked but nervous, “Come on, she’s waiting!”

He edged forward until he was between Susan’s legs. She moaned quietly as he pushed his cock inside. We all watched in envy, every man in the room would have payed to be in his position!

Amy stood by the desk and finger beckoned the next man in the row,

“You…what’s your name?”

“Jimmy,” he replied.

“Right Jimmy…undress me!” He moved forward quicker than the first man had. She thrust her boot into his stomach, causing him to catch it instinctively, “Take off my boots!”

He undid the straps and yanked off her boot, then pulled the other up and off too. The first man was pushing and pulling Susan’s breasts, his strokes speeding up now as his confidence grew.

Jimmy quickly tugged open Mrs Rogers trousers and yanked them down to her ankles, followed by a skimpy G string. She sat back on the desk, lifting her legs so Jimmy could remove her bottoms fully.

He pulled them off and dumped them on the floor. Amy stood castajans porno and bent over, hands resting on the edge of the desk, facing the first man and displaying her naked ass to Jimmy,

“Come on then, stick your prick in my pussy!” Her hands were on the desk as he entered her, giving us a side view of them fucking.

Once his strokes had became more regular, Amy put her fingers in her mouth and moved her left hand onto the first mans arse,

“Oh…fuck,” he groaned as her finger pushed inside his arse. His thrusts sped up, pumping Mrs Quate with Amy’s finger up his arse, who in turn was being fucked from behind by another interviewee!

His thrusts became faster and faster,

“Oh…mmm…I’m guna…cum…!” He ploughed into Susan, “Oh fuck, fuck!”

Mrs Quate was breathing heavily, but not seeming to respond physically as gushes of semen flowed into her.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck!” Jimmy yelled, he had been inside Amy for hardly five minutes before bursting inside her,

“Mmm…that’s it, dump your hot spunk inside my pussy…mmm…” He had his eyes shut, pumping his seed deep inside the hot interviewer.

After the pace had slowed, Amy announced, “Right, you two go sit in your seats,” she looked to the next 2 in the front row, “Who are you two?”

“Ben,” said the first,

“Joe,” said the second. I could hear the nervous excitement in their voices,

“Ben, fuck Mrs Quate, Joe, you come behind me and kneel down, I want you to lick my arse,”

Suddenly Mrs Quate jumped up, “No way! Ben, lick my arse too! I need a good tongue fucking.”

She assumed the same position as Amy, her head close to Amy’s. The 2 embarrassed blokes moved forward to their positions. I was certainly glad I didn’t have to lick their arses!

The interviewees kissed each other, moaning as the two men began to lick their bent over butt holes.

I was now playing with myself freely, imagining myself inside Mrs Quate. Not as a preference of course, either of the two were equally fuckable!

Mrs Rogers pulled away from kissing Mrs Quate, “that’s enough, now stick your cocks inside us, I need a prick in my arse!”

The two men eagerly stood up, glad to be excused of arse licking and positioning their cocks at the anal entrance to their woman. Delight spread across the faces of the four as the men lunged forward, pushing their own pricks into the tight holes.

Amy looked to her left at the last man in the front row,

“Here! Get between us, let us lick your cock!”

He quickly moved in with his back to us as the two interviewers began hungrily licking and sucking his dick.

Mrs Quate grabbed his hips, pulling him into her mouth, causing his back to turn on Mrs Rogers. She took in a little at first, gently sucking and slurping as more cock filled her mouth, but she kept going, gagging as his dick entered her throat.

The man groaned, completely overcome by the pleasure of being deepthroated by such a fine woman. Amy began licking his arse, gently probing her tongue into his butt hole.

“Oh…oh fuck, mmm…..mhh…” he didn’t seem to know which way to thrust his pelvis as his cum filled Susan’s mouth, “Oh yeah…oh….yeah…”

Amy looked back at the rest of us, pointing to the one on the right back corner,

“You, who are you?”

“Rob!” He replied excitedly,

“Right, lie on the desk, I’m gonna sit on your cock,”

The man who had just been deepthroated moved away and sat down as Rob sat on the desk. Amy took his dick into her mouth with Joe banging her hard from behind,

“I don’t think I can…last much…mmh…!” Joe yelled,

“That’s it baby, cum in my arse, cum for me!” Amy yelled back between slurps.

“You, get here and sit in front of me!” Susan pointed to the next man in the row,

“I’m Pete!” he grinned as he walked up and sat on Susan’s side of Rob,

“I didn’t ask!” she slyly commented back before fondling his balls and engulfing his cock in her lips.

“Shit I’m gonna cum!” Ben shouted, reaching round and plunging a finger into Susan’s pussy as he assaulted her arse,

“Mmh…you fucking stud, you’re gonna make me fucking cum…!” Susan’s hand rested on Pete’s cock as she rode through her orgasm, “Mmm…fill my arse…I’m cumming!”

The excitement was really getting to me, there were 3 of us left and my turn was close!

Groanes, grunts, screams and panting filled the room as Susan and Ben came together. In the meantime, bangbros porno Amy had mounted Rob on the desk, sliding onto his hard prick as she caressed his chest,

“Mmm…” she moaned, “Someone get here and fuck my arse!”

The man directly to my right ran forward before me or the remaining other man could react. Within a few strides he was behind her and sinking his meat into her moist bum hole.

As Ben pulled out and moved back to his seat with a smug grin, Susan turned to me,

“You! On the desk!” Her dominating voice nearly made me cum on the spot, I paced over and sat on the desk next to Pete, my turn was finally here!

Taking advantage of the situation I forcefully pulled her dress down from her hips and off, wanting this fine specimen fully naked for the roasting I was about to give her. She seemed to like the idea, letting out a smile as she pushed me back on the desk and mounted me.

Her pussy felt amazing as she sat on my hard cock, sliding easily through her wet hole. I couldn’t resist grasping her breasts, squeezing the huge melons in my hands as I looked deeply into her eyes.

“Oh baby,” she grinned, seeming pleased by the way I was a little more adventurous than the other men.

The desk was hard and pressing into my back but the uncomfortable feeling was far overpowered by the mind blowing sensations given by this mature red head.

“Pete, get your little dick in my arse,” She slowed her pace and spread her arse cheeks, waiting for Pete to enter her. He blushed at the comment. I couldn’t help glancing across and noticing his package was smaller than your average.

I looked to the side, the final man was now fucking Amy from behind as she sucked on Rob’s meat.

Susan hardly flinched as Pete pushed his dick inside her butt. I felt his balls touch mine. He began nudging in and out. Susan looked into my eyes, without being big headed, I’d say she had taken a fancy to me! We smiled at each other as Pete created the rhythm, driving into her backside.

She leaned over and nibbled my neck, pushing her arse out further for Pete. I pulled her head up and we locked in a kiss, tongues exploring each others mouth. I felt great, having made more of a connection than the other men, not to mention the eagerness she seemed to have for more.

“Mmh…I’m fucking cumming!” I felt a slight pressure as Pete came in her arse, jolting back and forth as he rode out his orgasm. Susan didn’t seem to notice, we were completely engaged in each other.

As Pete pulled out I felt his cum dribble down her arse and onto my balls.

I sat up with Susan wrapped tightly in my arms, completely oblivious to anyone else in the room we were in our own world filled with passion and pleasure. I trailed a hand down her back as she bounced on my cock, allowing a finger to glide between her butt cheeks.

Her hole was slack as I pushed my finger inside, sliding easily over the cum that oozed out. I didn’t care that it was Pete’s cum, I was intent on bringing her to orgasm.

“Oh baby! Oh that’s it! Oh fuck baby, fuck me…mmm…” She rocked abruptly on my prick, her pussy tightening as her orgasm shook through her body.

I stood up, picking her up in my arms before laying her down on the desk, it was my turn to control the pace now!

I moved in and out slowly, capturing the moment as we gazed into each others eyes. My hands were on her hips and I pushed deeper, hers were groping her own tits.

My orgasm was fast approaching. I couldn’t hold back much more and began fucking her harder,

“Oh baby that’s it!” she screamed, gripping her legs around me, pulling me in deeper,

“I’m guna cum,” I whispered coarsely, “Mmm…”

I was now pistoning in and out of her sopping pussy as my dick jerked inside her. Cum flowed out, spurting deep into her love hole,

“Oh baby, I’m cumming!! I’m fucking cumming with you baby!”

Susan was panting hard, her pussy contracting on my spasming cock as I fucked her wet hole.

As I took a final few strokes she sat up, locking in a kiss as we embraced each other, my cum now slowly beginning to seep out of her.

The men beside us were coming to the end of their session with Amy, grunting and groaning as they came. She looked at us with a blank expression, seemingly unphased by the fucking she was getting and receiving no pleasure from it, glaring at Susan and me with envy.

“Is that the end of the interview?” I whispered,

“For now…we’ll be in touch,” she replied, winking as I pulled away. I dressed and left the room before the other men. The temptation was so strong to fuck Amy too but for now the job was surely mine, and hopefully it would offer more opportunities with the incredible Mrs Quate and hot Mrs Rogers…

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