How to Become a Hucow

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Amanda James’ small Prius drove down the long well worn state highway. She looked down at her open laptop in the seat next to her and the story she had finished just three days before. White Slave Ring Exposed was the headline she had chosen. Amanda had been undercover and worked her way into some pretty deep white slavery circles and even got to witness a female slave auction for her story. She had somehow managed to smuggle a list of high volume buyers off one of the computers at the auction site.

That was reason for this current trip, one of the bigger buyers was actually less than two hours drive away. His address was located a good distance from any authorities that might suspect something wrong. Amanda was still trying to formulate a plan in her mind on how to approach him. She had no idea who he was or what he did with the women he purchased.

Amanda’s GPS indicated she was close and she pulled off the highway and onto a long gravel driveway. She drove up to the large farmhouse and opened her car door to step into the fresh country air. It was still summer and the warm sun felt good on her skin. Amanda had dressed quite casually wearing jean shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes with her dark brown hair back in a ponytail. Her small 5’2 frame stretched her arms up high to relieve the tightness the long car ride had produced. Her bright blue eyes peered toward the white farm house looking for life from inside.

She waited a few moments before deciding to take a look around. She could see in the near distance a large metal building or barn. “Perhaps that is where the owner is or the poor slaves he bought.” She said walking headstrong in the barns direction.

She reached the barn and instead of opening the large door she decided to snoop around the corner to a window and get a peek inside. She stealthy peered her head over the corner of the glass pane to see inside. Her jaw dropped at the scene inside the barn. Somewhere in the number of thirty or forty naked women were in different restraints inside. She gasp watching that over half of them had their breasts hooked to different types of milking machines. Taking a longer look, she realized that almost all the women were in different stages of pregnancy.

She ducked back as she breathed deep to try and calm her nerves. These farmers had turned the free women into nothing more than cattle. They were using them to produce milk and breed. Amanda heard voices inside the barn.

“Jon, spend some time with Sow 37 today. She’s ripe and ready for another session with a stud.” A deep voice said.

“Sure thing boss. I can’t think of a better way to spend the morning than slamming my hips into 37’s ripe round ass.” Jon could be heard replying.

Amanda heard a different voice break up the conversation. “Boss, Who’s silver Prius is that sitting in the driveway? We expecting a delivery or sending out a shipment?”

“No.” he said sternly. “I’ll look into it.”

“Shit…” Amanda muttered under her breath. She sprinted as fast as she could to her car and made it a few feet from the hood when she heard a big booming voice behind her.

“Can I help you miss?” The farmer said surprisingly close behind her.

Amanda had to think quickly. She hadn’t exactly planned to run into this situation and spun around to face the man.

“Oh Hi!” She said with her usual perky personality. “I thought no one was home. So glad I caught you.” She extended a hand. “My name is Amanda James and I work for the Central Tribune. I’m writing a story on the local agriculture and its impact on our quickly growing city.”

The man met her with a big smile of his own. “Nice to meet you ma’am. I’m Bob Thomas owner and operator of Thomas Dairy Farms. We provide the city with some of the finest milk products this side of Texas.”

She half expected for him to assault and grab her and his response had taken her slightly off balance. “Would you let me interview you for my story?” She asked “Let me get my notes, pen and phone so I don’t miss any thing.”

He further surprised the beautiful dark haired reporter by nodding his approval. Amanda felt much safer knowing she had her phone gaziemir escort with her and she grabbed everything from the car and started the interview.

“Mr. Thomas, what kind of products does your dairy produce?” She asked.

He smiled and opened his hand gesturing towards the barn. “Allow me to show you, but let me have a disclaimer.” He paused. “We don’t deal with the typical cattle and products. Our products are more… Specialized.”

The pair made their way to the barn and Mr.. Thomas opened the door ushering Amanda inside. Amanda now saw close up what she had spied through the window. She froze in her tracks being so close to the slave women and hearing the humming of the machines that milked their breasts.

Mr. Thomas noticed her paused and broke the awkward silence. “No fear my dear. Nothing will happen to you here as long as you simply observe and record. We run the largest human milking dairy in the county.”

His words didn’t ease Amanda’s fears and her vision caught the farmhand on the far end of the room breeding Sow 37 like he’d been instructed to do earlier. She felt a strong hand on her arm.

“Be calm my dear. No one here will hurt you. We are providing the city with a vital service. Do you have any idea how much baby formula is consumed by newborns? Can you imagine the thousands of mothers who can’t naturally lactate but don’t want their precious babies drinking a manufactured formula? We are simply providing a much needed service.” He concluded.

“What about the pregnancies? Almost every woman here is pregnant.” She replied continuing the awkward interview.

“We prefer to use the terms breeding and bred.” He corrected her before continuing. “Adoption agencies are the worst. Imagine giving a couple a healthy baby without all the red tape and complications of adoption from an unhealthy mother. We can eliminate that by taking such good care of the mothers here.”

He had started walking down the center of the barn and Amanda slowly followed him. “Where do the women come from?” She asked quietly the fake perkiness from before vanished from her voice.

“You may not believe me but most are volunteers. There is actually quite the erotic fantasy online of being a Hucow. We just simply offer that fantasy to be fulfilled for some of the eager recruits. We do have to supplement with other less legal sources when supply is less than demand.” He said leaning in. “That’s strictly off the record.”

Amanda was shocked he was allowing any of this conversation to be “on the record”. She followed up the previous question. “If they are mostly volunteers then why are they restrained and bound?”

“It’s all part of the fantasy my dear.” He said as the pair neared the farmhand who was performing the duties of stud for Sow 37. “I’m sure even you have some fantasies that you’d like to live out. Some might even include different forms of bondage.” He turned to her and winked.

Amanda was actually starting to buy his story. She was no prude and had spent several hours browsing though her own sexual fantasies online. She began thinking who was she to judge these women for being into lactation, breeding and bondage.

She watched closely as Jon’s pace quickened on Sow 37. The blonde woman was on all fours and restrained. She seemed to be moaning and grinding her hips back to meet his deep thrusts. Soon his pushed deep and held inside the woman and her breeding session was complete.

“Who’s this doll?” Jon said as he withdrew his member and rose from his knees.

“She’s a reporter from the big city. Came all the way of here to check out our farm and I’m giving her a friendly tour.” Mr. Thomas said.

“Take her to the back. We just got those three fresh volunteers. Watching them processed would make for one hell of a story.” The man said as he pulled his jeans back up.

“Excellent idea. This way Ms. James, you’ll get to see the whole process from volunteer to hucow.” He said placing his hand on the small of Amanda’s back and ushering her past the hucow pens and towards double doors in the back of the large barn. Amanda sheepishly allowed güzelbahçe escort herself to be led deeper into the human dairy’s operation.

The double doors boomed open and into another room Mr. Thomas and Amanda went. This room was different from the one will all the stalls. It was almost clinical with while tile floors and white walls. Amanda was immediately introduced to another man.

“This is Dr. Allen. He is responsible for the health, well being and processing of our Hucows. Doctor Allen this is Amanda James a reporter from the big city doing a story on our little operation.” Mr. Thomas said introducing them.

Amanda looked at the middle aged man in the white lab coat and shook his hand. They exchanged pleasantries and the doctor turned to the three new specimens hanging from the wall. Amanda looked closely at the three women. They were all in some state of unconsciousness while two were still dressed in street clothes like Amanda but the third wore a familiar attire. A short single black loincloth was the woman’s only covering. Amanda recognized it from the slave auction she had witnessed the week before. It had been explained to her that all slaves were sold wearing the same standard outfit.

She immediately knew that at least the brunette on the end was not as eager a volunteer as the farmer would have her believe but she pressed her questions. “How are these new Hucows processed?”

The doctor stepped forward with with a smile. “Let me show you my dear.” He said stepping to the brunette slave. His hands untied her loincloth string and it dropped to the floor leaving her completely naked.

“Each Sow is cleaned and shaved but it looks like this one has already been cleaned well.” He said pointing out her clean shaven mound. Amanda shuddered thinking about the humiliation of her own mound being shaved like a portals or sex slave. The doctor then began recording measurements of her thighs, waist, hips, and breasts. Her weight and height were already recorded and the doctor showed Amanda some syringes. “One is a hormone that will induce lactation. The other is a fertility treatment.”

He plunged one treatment into the woman’s chest emptying half the syringe before repeating the process on her other breast. The woman stirred from her bondage but not enough to stop him from plunging the fertility treatment into her closest ass cheek.

The woman slowly awoke and the doctor unrestrained her from the wall and called for a farm hand to help her into the next room. “Well that’s the initial process. If we find a Sow is worth keeping long term they often have a barcode tattooed to their lower back so we can track them easier.” He said.

“Thanks so much Dr. Allen!” Mr. Thomas said. “I think you might have left something out. Before each slave is even brought in they are often evaluated based on their typical milk and breeding output.” He paused for a moment. “I have an idea. Why don’t we evaluate you Ms. James? Just to give you an idea of the process of course.”

Amanda stepped back slightly. “Oh. I don’t think that’s necessary. I get the idea.”

“Oh come on. Just for fun. Don’t be such a prude, it’s just the three of us and we’ve seen everything you’ve got before.” He responded.

Amanda shuddered at the thought of these men “evaluating” her for her potential as a breeding slave. It was an exciting thought to her. She was definitely becoming aroused at the thought. “Well, it’s not like I’m going to be stripped or anything?” She said.

“Oh no. Well keep it very professional.” The doctor chimed in.

Amanda nodded her acceptance of the evaluation and the doctor moved close to inspect her. His hands roamed over her t-shirt getting a firm grasp and feel of her breasts. His hands trailed down her flat stomach and then around to grip and squeeze her round ass cheeks. His last movement was to slide his hand down the front of her shorts. Amanda gasp as she felt his fingers probe her labia lips and then push inside. She blushed knowing he could feel how wet she was from the situation and his hands. Finally he withdrew and stepped back to his clipboard.

“Well izmir masaj salonları Doc. What did you think?” The farmer asked with a devilish smile.

“While her breasts are on the smaller side, I know the hormones would make her at least an adequate producer of milk. Her hips are excellent for birth and breeding and not to embarrass the young lady but she’s absolutely dripping in excitement. I bet with a little encouragement she’d practically bend over and let us breed her now.” He said jotting down his notes.

Amanda knew he was right. All the bondage and humiliation surrounding her had aroused a darker side of her she couldn’t control. She looked up with begging eyes to Mr. Thomas. “Please don’t…” She begging knowing her fate was all but sealed.

“Take your place where the other girl was.” He ordered.

Amanda’s heart raced and her feet felt heavy as she slowly made her way to the wall. She submissively turned her back to the wall, raised her wrists above her head and felt the cool shackles locked around her wrists. She watched the farmer whisper something to the doctor before leaving and the doctor begin processing the other two new slaves.

Once the two were ushered into the next room Amanda was alone with the doctor. She had watched him cut through the women’s clothing easily and he did the same with Amanda’s. In moments her jean shorts, shirt, bra and thong all lay in shreds at her feet. She blushed uncontrollably as he rubbed his hand through her small patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. She felt the shaving cream applied and a razor cut away her last shreds of dignity.

She was about to become a real sex slave, and not just used for pleasure but her body would be put to work as little more than a dairy cow. She knew she would be bred and milked, bred and milked, over and over until she couldn’t produce any more. She flinched as she felt the prick of the needle to her right breast. Her left followed shortly afterwards as she knew the hormones would soon induce lactation. She awaited the fertility treatment to further seal her fate but the doctor unchained her and called for a farmhand to take her away.

“No need for fertility treatment. I’m almost certain you’re ovulating and I have a hunch Mr. Thomas just wants to teach a snooping reporter like you a lesson. But I can always give it later if we decide to keep you.” He whispered in her ear. Amanda caught a glimpse of his clipboard with the measurements of her body. She was humiliated seeing the grades and notes made by the doctor.

Subject: Amanda James

Hucow designation: Sow 71

Height/Weight/Age: 62 inches/115 lbs/25 years

Breeding potential: Grade A, bondage and degradation seems to arouse Sow 71. She appears healthy and fertile, no fertility treatment at this time.

Milking potential: Grade D, initial breast size measured 32B, with hormones D or DD cup size can be achieved placing her below potential average production. Monitor output for resale if production is too low.

Amanda shivered at the words on the paper as she was handed off to a farmhand and he forced her to follow him. Amanda’s vision was becoming blurred and she stumbled around as the man led her to an empty Hucows stall. He pushed her to the hay covered floor and began placing her in restraints.

Amanda knelt on all fours as she felt heavy metal shackles locked around her ankles. The ankle restraints were attached to the floor by very short chains allowing barely any movement in the stall. Next wrist restraints were locked with similar restrictions to her mobility. She then felt a leather strap looped around her lower stomach and buckled behind her, another strap placed below her hanging breast and a last one above them. The three belt like straps were then attached to a chain pulley system above her. She was now completely restrained and immobile in the bondage that forced her to remain on all fours until someone released her.

The farmhand then moved in front of her and showed her a black leather collar with the words “Sow 71” written across it. Amanda leaned her head back submitting to the collaring and she felt a finality of her position as she felt if buckled around her slender throat. Her head was still spinning from the drugs and she felt her head slump forward as she rested in her restraints hanging from the straps and chains.

“Rest up Sow.” The farmhand said as he patted Amanda’s naked round rump. “When you wake up we’ll start putting that body to work.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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