Hunger Ch. 02

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Swallowing his load that is redolent of bleach and egg whites, I turn and slowly crawl back up the length of his body leaving a trail of wet kisses in my wake. My tongue darts at a nipple and I laugh when he twists away from the sensation, signaling that his nerves remain overloaded, frazzled by the electric charge that has just ripped through him. I lay where I started, with my pouty lips against his ear and rise up to give him a salty kiss.

“Feel better?” I purr. “Did you like that?”

“Yes” he replies, tucking his chin to his chest as he tries to block me from kissing his neck again. He is so ticklish and sensitive. “Stop it” he cries and with a sudden twist he rolls over and pins my arms to the bed.

“You are such a girl.” I laugh at him as I try to raise my mouth to his. “C’mon, kiss me.”

Bestowing a disappointing peck, he lets me go, swings his legs over the side of the bed and looks at the clock. He stares and watches until the red numbers change. It is 8:15 on Saturday morning and he turns to look at me. Running a hand through my hair he makes a face.

“I have to be at the airport in less than two hours.” he says.

“Hope you’re all packed Jack.” I respond. “I don’t envy you at all. How long will this flight be?”

“It’s Tokyo. Fourteen fucking hours each way for a twenty-four hour visit.” he replies bleakly as he stands up and walks to the bathroom.

I watch him stride away and stare at his body, watching his him glide, muscles tensing with each step. His deeply dimpled ass does not jiggle at all. He is a hard-bodied man. I lay on my back and let my fingers drift down to where my legs meet and feel the warm humidity that continues to escape from my body. I draw a finger up my slit and notice that I am drying out. I press my finger on my softened clit, trying to find where it has crept to and feel it back in its hood, resting and recovering below the soft curls that I twist as I see him close the bathroom door behind him.

Knowing I will be alone now for a several Escort Beylikdüzü minutes, I close my eyes and bring my other hand to my mouth, lick my fingers and reach down for a nipple. I tease one of my dark brown buds, and feel the little bumps of my aureole rise like flowers to the sun as I barely touch them with the liquid on my fingertips. A quiver of warmth runs down from my chest to my pubis as I feel the blood rush back to where it is needed. My little shaft wakens and begins to grow as I to graze my nipple with my fingernail. I open my legs and reach to fondle the inside of my thighs, stroking myself from just above my knee to just where my labia announces the entrance to my lust. With a feather’s touch, I run a finger along the outside of my lips. First one side and then the other, I am teasing myself and not giving it to the desire to either dip my fingers into my well or to rub my little root that is straining for attention. I look down and see it, a pink staff protruding from the short dark forest that drapes my mound.

I close my eyes and think of them; the two men who always come to satisfy me. They are there when I touch myself. They are there when I suck his cock or when I fuck him. They are there beside me when he licks me. I think of them when I go to sleep and sometimes when I wake. I am obsessed with them yet I don’t know what they look like. I never see their faces, only their bodies or their cocks, or their asses. And they do anything I want them to. If I am alone, they are in my mouth and my pussy when I stroke myself. If I am with him, they can be watching or one can be in my mouth while he fucks me. They fill my holes, they never complain, they aren’t selfish. They are there just for me.

I am wet again and I bring the soles of my feet up to my crotch as I try to spread my sodden hole wider. I run two fingers down the sides of my pussy, transferring my slickness from inside my vagina to the puffy lips that surround my hole. The wisps of hair that Beyoğlu escort dot the lips are matted with my moisture and I can feel it drip down to my asshole. I take an oiled digit and slide it from my puckered anus back to the bottom of my open cavern. Down, up, in, out, repeat. My hand is awash in my fluid and my pussy feels soft and squishy. It is begging to be filled. I jam two fingers inside myself and twirl a thumb around my slippery clit. I open my mouth and in my mind I strain to get one of their cocks deep down my throat while the other takes a nipple into his mouth. I push my hand deeper and grind the heel of it into my pubic bone, crushing my clit in an attempt to elicit further pleasure.

I have my rhythm. One hand trails a finger up and down my perineum. One hand is thrust against me, anchored by two fingers hooked inside my valley. My hips work to meet the pressure of my hand as I rock my wrist back and forth. My head is back and my mouth is open and I feel myself gasp for air, my breasts heave and my nipples ache to be pinched but I can’t stop myself from urging forward the tightening sensation I sense in my womb. I rub furiously; sprinting to a sloppy finish and feel my walls begin to clamp down on the digits that are plumbing my depths. I imagine a prick, long and thick, stabbing me, thrusting so far up my cunt that I feel it in my throat almost touching the head of the other cock that has been rammed in my mouth and that is sliding in and out of my maw. I see myself spitted on the enormous rotisserie prongs of my two faceless lovers. And I cum in an enormous spasm of delight that makes my body shake as I drench the sheets beneath me in a rank pool of moisture that feels like it had been drawn from every orifice.

Exhausted, sated, spent, used up, the terms fill my mind as I lay with my eyes clamped shut and, as I rejoin the living, sense the images of my ‘lovers’ fade into the recesses of my head where they will remain until I need them again.

“Wow.” I hear Bomonti escort bayan from across the room. I open my eyes to see him standing naked with his towel flung over his shoulder and his cock held loosely in his fist.

I have often masturbated for him and am not embarrassed by his utterance or the fact that he must have stood watching me for several minutes as I worked myself into a frenzy of self-induced passion.

“Too bad for you.” I tease. “You have to leave soon. And you just took a shower. Put that thing away and get ready.” I know there is no way he could recycle that fast anyway. It is mere wishful thinking on his part.

Acknowledging the truth and wisdom of my statement he starts to get dressed pulling a pair of dark blue briefs up past his thighs to his waist. He wriggles his hips and grabs his balls like a baseball player at home plate adjusting his package before a pitch to ensure comfort and unfettered movement.

“So,” he says while sitting down to put on the track pants that he always wears on long flights, “What can I bring you back from Tokyo?”

Sensing that this will be the best opportunity I have to up bring the controversial topic I try to add a touch of humor to my voice and say, “How about a nice Japanese dong to play with us?”

His eyes flash darkly and I realize it was a mistake.

“Just kidding.” I say holding my hands up in surrender.

“Why can’t you just drop it?” he demands. “How many times do I have to say that I have no interest?”

“I know, I’m sorry.” I sigh. “You know, it’s a big fantasy of mine. I just keep thinking about it.”

“They are called fantasies for a reason.” he says softly.

And, with that, he pulls on his sweatshirt, picks up his bag and goes for the door.

“I think I’m going to leave a little early.” he says. “Make sure I get there on time and maybe get a little something to eat.”

I know he is leaving to avoid further conversation but I don’t stop him.

“Sure.” I nod. “Sounds like a good idea.”

We hug at the door and give each other a deep kiss.

“Have a safe flight.” I say.

“Thanks babe.” he replies. “I’ll call you later.”

He walks out the door and I shut it quietly behind him, turn the locks and then go back and collapse on the bed and think about the weekend ahead.

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