Hunt Club

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Hunt Club

A continuation of the story ‘The Hike’. Please read it first if you haven’t done so, otherwise, you would not know how this storyline was set up. All characters are imaginary and over 18.

Thank you, volunteer editor, P_Anderer, for editing the story for me. I hope this story is entertaining. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Thank you for your time.


“Hey Tracy, remember those pictures we took of you on the mountain?” Sam asked while he was balls deep into Tracy at her apartment. He and Harry had visited her there, now Tracy considered them friends with benefits. To them, it was a thrill to double team Tracy in her bed, leaving a very satisfied, cum-filled girl and a messy bed to clean afterward. There was just something about fucking her in her private space, Sam thought as he was enjoying sloppy seconds in her warm, wet, and slippery pussy, after Harry had had her first.

“How could I forget – since that’s how you two blackmailed me. You both are lucky I now enjoy being with you guys. You promised me that NO ONE would see them when I agreed to let you two have me again.”

“And again,” added Sam and emphasized it with his cock, as she looked questioningly at him.

“Well… we won a contest with one of the photos,” said Sam smiling.

“But you said NO ONE,” Tracy started to say but Sam interrupted her.

“Tracy, no one knows who you are, because your face is not in that picture. Remember the shot from the back when we spread your legs and pulled your pussy open with our fingers?”

She remembered exactly which picture Sam was referring to. Adam took the picture for them because both Sam and Harry were in the shot with silly grins on their faces. Adam had not told her about the pictures until Sam and Harry blackmailed her with them. That was one of the reasons she was done with Adam and had not seen him since.

“The gynecologist’s view of me showing my pink inside but with cum dripping out,” Tracy remembered clearly what they said when they were all looking at the pictures with her.

“Well, your picture won in our hunt club photo contest, over all of the other entries. We are the grand prize winners!” said Sam excitedly. “During the award dinner, Harry and I could re-enact how we got the shot. We hope you’ll agree to join us on the stage when we collect our prizes. You’d get a big prize too,” Sam beamed.

“But they would know who I am if I were there!” Tracy exclaimed.

“There is a club rule to protect your identity; you would be wearing a mask to hide your face. It will be exciting for you, and we’ll guarantee you’ll have lots of fun! We want you to do it with us, please, please, please Tracy,” Sam said, looking at Tracy intently while seesawing his cock into her.

By this time, Tracy had become somewhat sexually submissive to Sam and Harry, enjoying their ‘adventures’ with her. They had shown the things she hadn’t imagined before and enjoyed every bit of it. Whatever they asked her to do, Tracy would eventually comply. With Sam keeping her on the edge and needing to cum, she gave in to their requests readily.

Sam said, “Harry and I will get the props set up for the stage. Do you want Adam to play his part? I think Harry and I could ‘convince’ him.”

“I don’t want to see that asshole ever again!” Tracy exclaimed.

“Okay, I think I can find a stand-in for Adam. Maybe Joe, who you already met before when we played hide-and-seek in the forest.” Tracy remembered the day when they tied her naked to a tree, Joe then tracked her down with his dog, and then all of them enjoyed her afterward.

“Joe would be fine,” as Tracy gave her consent to be in the re-enactment with them.

Now with Tracy on board with the show, eve gelen gaziantep escort Sam turned to Harry with a big smile, then rode Tracy harder and harder with his cock. Full strokes in and out, just the way Tracy liked it, to go big over the edge. Sam held off until Tracy exploded with her climax, then extended it by blasting his cum inside of her, giving her the release she was dying for.

They were resting on her bed. “It’s coming up next month, so Harry and I will take care of everything. You just need to show up with us to the award dinner and be yourself just the way we like,” Sam said, giving Tracy a wink.

Tracy knew exactly what they meant – naked and available. Would it be exciting being in front of an audience but hiding behind a mask, she wondered?


A month later, Harry and Sam picked Tracy up for the hunt club award dinner that evening. But before that in the afternoon, they treated Tracy at the hairdresser with a full manicure of her finger and toenails.

Even before that, they had used the special depilatory cream on Tracy to make sure she was hairless and smooth except for the hair on her head. Both of her holes were cleaned so she was pretty and fresh both inside and out.

They showed her the deer mask she would be wearing to hide her identity: a half-mask of a female deer with eye holes, covering her head and the top half of her face but leaving her lower face and mouth exposed.

They drove Tracy to the hunt club and went in the back entrance to a room off to the side of the stage. They told her to wait and said they would come to get her when it was time. Dinner and drinks were waiting for her in the room. Harry said it would be about an hour or so for the dinner and the runners-up section to get through, and told her to relax in the room in the meantime. They would come to check in with her when they could.

Tracy had a few stiff drinks with dinner to build up her courage. She was feeling no pain when they finally came to get her. They took off all of her clothes and then put on the half mask securely. Harry said because they found her naked with Adam, that is where they will start, with Joe standing in for Adam.

Tracy smiled and said there was another difference from before. Both Harry and Sam looked puzzled at Tracy. “I had pubic hair when you first saw me, and now I don’t.”

They all laughed with Harry saying, “We don’t want to hide any of your charms from your admirers out there. They’ll get a better view with it gone.” They were glad Tracy was joking with them, meaning she was nice and relaxed for the show.

They led Tracy to the stage with the curtains still closed. Tracy saw there was a part of a tree trunk propped on a stand about the same height as the one Adam had bent her over. Some white stuff on the ground, assuming they were trying to put ‘snow’ on the ground for the re-enactment.

Joe came over to give her a hug and kiss saying, “I’ll be playing your ex-boyfriend. Here is some lube for you, since we’re starting from where Harry and Sam found you getting fucked bent over. Sorry, no foreplay to get you properly warmed up.” Joe already had his cock and balls pulled out of his pants just as Adam had done. Joe was considerate as his hard cock was already lubricated.

They bent Tracy over the tree trunk and spread her legs apart. Joe squirted some lube into Tracy, then entered her from the back to begin slowly fucking her. Harry and Sam went to the side to open the curtains. Tracy found she was facing across the stage with the audience on her right side. She estimated there were about 30 or so people out there sitting in a few rows of chairs.

Joe was doing gaziantep eve gelen escort a good job taking her mind off the audience by fucking her slowly, alternately holding her hips and reaching forward to play with her tits. Tracy smiled, as there was another difference, Joe was bigger and longer than Adam, fucking her better. In no time she was getting into the re-enactment with Joe behind her.

From the back she heard Harry and Sam setting the scene for the audience with their comments, pretending they just found the couple. Harry said he had his binoculars out and Sam said he would take some pictures as they described the fucking couple they found and the surroundings.

Joe whispered, “I’d love to fuck you longer, but I have to come on cue to play Adam’s part. Here come Harry and Sam,” as he continued to fuck Tracy for the show. In a bit, Tracy felt two more sets of hands playing with her boobs, just like they had done before, without saying anything.

Joe whispered again, “Tracy, look back and try to get up.”

They were ready for her as all three of them held her down with Joe saying, “Stay down, stay down, you will enjoy this I promise you!” pretending to be Adam. Tracy half struggled as they were all holding her down. She struggled a bit more, then turned back over the tree trunk as Joe continued to fuck her with Sam and Harry caressing her all over her body. Oh, how she loved all those hands on her, and that’s why she gave into them that time on the mountain.

Harry went around in front of Tracy, then took both of her tits in his hands to play with them, stretching and lifting her tits by her nipples to show the crowd. No need to pretend, Tracy was moaning and joyous at being pleasured by the three men at the same time. Harry dropped his pants and took his cock out. Tracy opened her mouth to suck him in, as Joe pounded her faster to cum.

Sam’s hands were gone from her clit, so he must be taking off his pants, Tracy thought. Right on cue, Joe came and blasted his load inside her. She remembered to scream, “NOT YET, NOT YET!!!” When Joe stepped back, Sam was there to replace him, entering Tracy in a single long and deep stroke.

Now came the spit-roast in her mouth and pussy, pushing her back and forth and then both in and out at the same time. Tracy had already forgotten there was an audience and was just thoroughly enjoying Sam and Harry fucking her, as they had been doing since that first time.

Here came the rotation, as both of them, pulled out of her to change places, with Joe jerking off to the side just like Adam had done. Sam pulled out of her pussy, walked around to re-fill her mouth and Harry re-filled her pussy. Both in and out, back and forth, then switching ends again. Hands playing with her tits and hands playing with her clit. Tracy didn’t have to pretend, as she relished Sam and Harry fucking her. Her moans and groans were giving the audience quite a show, along with the gyrations of her body.

By this time, Sam and Harry knew how to push the buttons on their ‘fuck toy’, to make sure Tracy would cum big on their cocks in front of their friends for the re-enactment. They also didn’t forget to slap Tracy’s butt and pull on her tits as they had done that first time, to which the audience roared their approval.

Tracy felt the men pounding her harder as they all neared their climaxes. Sam and Harry waited for Tracy to erupt first, moaning, groaning, and writhing on the tree trunk, before blasting into her mouth and pussy giving the audience a grand finale. The audience stood and gave them a big round of applause and cheers.


Sam then took to his camera to re-enact getting the gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan pictures with Harry’s help. To the delight of the audience, Sam’s camera was linked the widescreen TV, broadcasting the pictures as if they were looking through the camera. Starting from Tracy’s front, they saw Tracy’s face hidden by the half mask with cum and saliva dripping from her mouth.

Pulling back and a little lower, the screen showed Tracy’s tits and nipples, with hand marks from being played with. Moving to the side, they could see Tracy’s sexy body draped over the tree trunk. Her tits rested on the rough bark.

Sam spent the most time at Tracy’s rear end showing her cute butt with handprints. Harry helped by spreading her cheeks apart to show both of her holes, with cum dripping back out of her pussy in clear detail on the big screen. Joe then took the camera for the prize-winning shot, with Tracy’s legs spread wide apart and fingers pulling her cunt hole open. The people clapped again for a well-done re-enactment of the winning trophy photo.

Harry went to check on Tracy, still laying across the tree trunk, kissing her back and rubbing her butt. “You did very well, and everyone loved you,” he said as he continued to play with her, as he wasn’t done with her yet. Knowing how she worked now, coming just once wasn’t enough for Tracy nowadays as she was capable of much more – and loving it. “Would you like more?” he asked, already knowing what her answer would be, as he fingered her and circled her clit. ‘Her Switch’ for restarting her motor, he jokingly told Sam once.

“I want more please.” was Tracy’s answer, as she was squirming on the tree trunk with an empty pussy needing to be filled again. Harry smiled, giving Sam a thumbs-up sign.

Sam went up to the club president and asked if he would like to sample the trophy winner. Clothes were soon flying everywhere, as the club president went up on stage to plunge deep into Tracy’s wet and soft pussy. The vice president claimed Tracy’s mouth and lines were soon formed at both ends. It was heaven for Tracy, as she was the center of attention, being caressed and fucked again.

Since they were already ‘primed’ by the show, it didn’t take long for the two presidents to come inside Tracy. Two more cocks took over next, then two more took over again, to the delight of Tracy as she came with the new set of cocks, with more still waiting.

Someone had a great idea to take Tracy off the log, so they could fuck her ‘air-tight’ in all three holes at the same time. One laid on his back, as others helped Tracy straddle him, then lower herself on his cock. She bent over while another lined up his cock to her asshole. There was plenty of spunk leaking out of her to use as lube before entering. Once the two holes were filled, her mouth was taken again.

In the next round, they flipped her over, taking her asshole from the bottom, then her pussy from the top. Turning her face sideways for another in her mouth. Cocks were placed in her hands, with more hands all over her. Tracy was getting sensory overload with all those cocks and hands driving her to another climax. Even with all the activities, they respected her anonymity and did not try to remove her half mask.

Sam was working on his camera, capturing all the action, with a friend using a video camera to record the whole re-enactment. That would be some exciting pictures and footage for the club history file. Tracy took on the groups until they were done. She had lost count of how many more times she came with them, all very well satisfied.

Sam, Harry, and Joe helped Tracy to the bathroom where they had a large shower to clean up. Joe stood guard at the door while Harry and Sam tended to Tracy like they always did before and after playing with her.

Harry asked Tracy if she enjoyed it since she had not taken on so many before. Tracy said she was tired but amazed at herself, being at the center of this gang bang, and said she loved every minute of it. “So many cocks of different sizes. You guys have turned me into a slut and nympho, and I love it!!” They all had a laugh as they were leaving the club.

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