I Helped A Young Lad

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For 16 years we have lived in the same house in a wonderful suburb where all the local people are very friendly. Most of us moved into the area about the same time as it was a new housing development. We got on very well with the lovely couple next door and their young children were born about the same times as ours. They had a boy and a girl and we had a girl first and then a boy.

I must say at the outset that we all got on so well it was nothing for us to go to each other’s homes for parties and social events and we were always there to help one another should there be any trouble. Well disaster struck next door to us when my best friend Mary was killed in a motor accident by a drunken driver just 9 years ago. She would have been 37 this week if she had lived and her husband John is now 41 with John Jr. just turned 18 and Pamela just 15. They had married at 18 and were a very close family which was torn apart on Mary’s death. It seemed that nothing we could do would ever help them with their grief.

John Jr. was probably the worst affected of the family – he was very close to his mother and without her he became lost very quickly. My husband Ted and I spent a lot of time with the three of them and we did our best to cheer them up but although they were very grateful for our efforts they just couldn’t shake their grief.

I can remember vividly sitting in their lounge room, surrounded by photographs of Mary and the family, listening to Pamela sobbing quietly and John Jr. just sitting and staring out the window as if hoping his mother would suddenly appear. After being with them for several hours and this was only days after they had buried their mother I took John Jr. into my arms and hugged him. I told him I could never replace his mother but I would always be there for him no matter what it was he wanted! John Jr. thanked me and hugged me tightly and cried on my blouse – he was totally devastated.

Over the next few years they gradually came out of their grief but they were a very close family and they couldn’t seem to make friends with others even other children at school seemed unable to get close to them. John senior was perhaps the first to recover and he slowly tried to get around and make friends but he was really unable to do very much despite all of our efforts. We certainly didn’t try to match him up with any eligible females – it was obviously too soon for that.

Pamela was a frequent visitor to our home – she was always asking for help with clothing decisions, help with homework and generally I suppose I came close to being her mother. John Jr. on the other hand was reluctant to ask for help preferring to muddle along and work alone. He was always very polite and he would certainly come and visit us regularly but he never asked for help.

My own children, Sonya and Phillip, did their level best to try to help the family particularly the two children but they weren’t very successful.

The story I want to relate to you happened only about a month ago. John Jr. had had his 18th birthday and suddenly he seemed to have grown up. He dressed a bit better than he had earlier and he was extremely polite but he just seemed more grown up. One Tuesday morning while my husband Ted was at work and our two children were at school, John Jr. came over to our place and knocked politely on the back door as he usually did. We had a gate between the two houses and we always used the back door when visiting. When I went to the door he was standing there looking terribly embarrassed and he had his head hung down on his chest. He asked politely if he could come in and talk to me about a problem. Of course I invited him inside and we went into the lounge room. He explained he had stayed away from school today because he wanted to talk with me. He was such a good boy I was surprised he would stay away from school because he could have talked to me after school. I realized suddenly he would probably want to talk to me privately when the others weren’t around.

I asked him if he would like a cold drink and when he said he would I left him and got the drinks from the kitchen. When I returned and handed him his lemonade I could see his hands were shaking. I guessed he was either very upset about something or very embarrassed and I didn’t know which. He took huge gulps of his lemonade mainly I think to hide how he felt. I looked at him while he was silent and realized he had grown into a very good looking young man and I think he had grown several inches in the last year.

At last he gathered his thoughts and eventually placed his drink on the table and stammered his thoughts. “Mrs. Dixon, I hope you will recall when my mother died that you said you would be prepared to do anything for me that I needed. Well, Mrs. Dixon, you probably know that although I love my father dearly I just cannot approach him about personal matters because he just won’t talk to me at all. I have missed my school today because I want to talk to you about a very delicate matter and I hope you will help me as you promised!”

I felt proud that he had remembered what I had said to him and I meant every word of it – I would https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/” title=”kocaeli escort bayan”>kocaeli escort bayan help him with anything no matter what it was! I asked him how I could help him and, at the same time, I reassured him I would certainly do anything he wanted.

Again he started to stammer a bit but finally he said, “Well, Mrs. Dixon, I can’t talk to my father about sex. I have met a really lovely girl and I am sure she will allow me to have sex with her soon but I don’t know what to do about it all and I am hoping you will keep your promise and show me all about it.” I was taken back by what he had said and it was true I told him I would do anything for him but talking about sex with an 18 year old youth was perhaps a bit much for me.

I asked him exactly what he had in mind and he suddenly came out with “Mrs. Dixon I want you to show me how to get a girl aroused, how to play with her and how to fuck her!” I was shocked that this normally quiet lad would talk to me like that but I realized he was grown up now and I guess I had to expect that sort of talk.

When I questioned him further he started to relax a bit because he had made a start with his search for help and it seemed I had agreed to help him. He told me he wanted to know what girl’s breasts felt like and how he should handle them so that he aroused the girl but didn’t hurt her. That sounded like a bit of real logic and I thought I might be able to help him there. I started off by telling him a girl’s breasts were part of her private parts and they should always be treated with great respect. I told him they would be soft but firm and he shouldn’t squeezed them too hard but more caress them and that would make the girl excited. I also told him about her nipples and how they get aroused and hard and he took this all in very well. Then he said, “Mrs. Dixon, I have heard all you have said but I don’t know what they actually feel like – could I feel your breasts and see what you are talking about?”

This request shocked me and I didn’t know what to say for a moment. He took that moment to be a refusal to help him and he started to get up off the lounge. I quickly told him to sit down and I was thinking how I could help him. He relaxed a little bit and I decided I would let him touch my own breasts through my clothes so he could feel what they were like. I told him to come over closer and when he did, I took his hand and placed it gently on my breast! I felt a sudden shiver of excitement go through my body as he very gently began to caress my breast as I had told him. All up he played with my breast for about 2 minutes which is a long while for a woman to be played with by an attractive young man. He then moved his hand to my other breast and caressed that one. He asked about my nipples and I told him I had become excited by him caressing me and my nipples had begun to harden.

John Jr. began to undo the buttons on my blouse and soon he had them all undone and the front of my blouse pulled apart and my bra showing. I guess I was much more excited than I had thought because I did nothing to stop him undoing my blouse. He caressed my breasts through my bra and he began squeezing them gently and I became very aroused and began to wonder if I had started something I regretted. He looked intently at the front of my bra and noticed that the catch was at the front. He placed both hands on my bra catch and soon he had it undone and pulled aside and there were my bare breasts right in his face. He touched my breasts with his hands and I became so aroused I started to tremble. He took one of my nipples in his fingers and rolled it making it harder and standing out almost 1/2 an inch. I started to realise I had definitely gone too far with him but he was caressing my breasts and nipples and soon he had his mouth on my nipples and was kissing and sucking them. I hesitate to mention this but he got me so aroused I came while he was sucking my nipples.

He paused from sucking my nipples long enough to slip my blouse and bra down over my shoulders and I was sitting there naked to the waist in front of this grown young man. He could see I was aroused and so he kept hold of my breasts but he leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. I knew I was gone when I opened my mouth and he placed his tongue inside mine and we kissed very passionately. God, what was I doing here with this young man.

Glancing at the clock on the mantle piece I realized he had been playing with my breasts for over 30 minutes and I had cum several times. In this time he had been kissing my breasts and nipples and also my mouth and the kissing had become very passionate. He then asked me what a female sex organ looked like and would I show him what he should expect when he looked at this girl he is interested in. I knew I had to stop right there but somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him to go home. Actually I didn’t say anything and he took that to mean I wasn’t objecting when he placed his hand on my bare leg just above my knee. I jumped when he placed his hand there so he gripped my leg tighter and slowly moved his hand up along my leg until he was just an inch or so from my panties. I knew I had https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/kocaeli-sinirsiz-escort” title=”kocaeli sınırsız escort”>kocaeli sınırsız escort to stop him right there and I reached down and grabbed his wrist but before I could pull his hand away he went that little bit further and touched me through my panties. I knew they were very wet and I was quite embarrassed about him finding them so wet.

John Jr. kept on stroking my pussy thought my panties and I was really starting to get a buzz on and knew I had to stop him but didn’t want to! He suddenly caught the hem of my skirt and pulled it up near my waist exposing my legs and my panties. I tried to pull it down but he fastened his mouth on my nipple and sucked hard and at the same time he pressed his hand into my pussy. I stopped resisting and let him touch me through my panties. In a very quavering voice he asked me to take my panties off and let him see what I looked like under there. I know it was wrong but I lifted my hips off the lounge and he grabbed the top of my panties and pulled them down my legs and, after I had sat down again, he pulled them off my feet and threw them onto the floor. My dress was still up around my waist and he could see my pubic hair and perhaps the lips of my pussy.

I knew this was terribly wrong but couldn’t do anything to stop him – I’m not sure I even wanted him to stop. He ran his hands all over my pubic hair and around my genitals and eventually touched my lips and slipped a finger or two inside my cunt! Here I was, a 37 year old woman allowing an 18 year old young lad to look at and play with my genitals. He was very excited and I knew it. He told me to take my skirt off and without hesitation I slipped that off over my head. Now I was sitting there totally naked with this young man.

He moved my legs apart and looked closely at my cunt and I could see his eyes widening as he looked at me. He touched my lips and pulled them apart and looked very closely at me. He asked me where I was most sensitive and I pointed out where my clit was and he started rubbing that very gently. I came soon after that and I knew I shouldn’t have let this begin. He played with my clit and my cunt lips and soon he had his fingers inside me and he played like my husband does and I came again.

It was at this time when I was still recovering from my own orgasm that he stood up in front of me, slipped off his shirt and then his trousers and lastly his underpants exposing a very large, erect and thick cock! He was certainly larger than my husband and when I looked at his cock closely I could see he was dripping pre-cum from the end. I have no idea what came over me but I leaned forward and licked the end of his cock and sucked up the pre-cum into my mouth. He jumped a bit when I licked his cock and he asked me to lick it some more. I was completely too far gone now to worry about consequences and I licked his cock again and this time I took it into my mouth. Instinctively he started to fuck my mouth and I did nothing to stop him. Soon he grabbed the back of my head and held me in place as he increased the speed he was fucking my mouth and then he stiffened and shot a load of cum deep into my mouth! I came at the same time and he looked bewildered because that was obviously the first time he had been sucked to orgasm. I kept on sucking his cock long after he had cum and he was getting hard again. I pulled him back and I admired his long and hard cock sticking out in front of him.

He then said, “Mrs. Dixon, I am very grateful for what you have shown me so far but now I would like to know what it is really like to fuck a woman. Please let me fuck you!” I was sitting there on the lounge naked with this young man standing between my legs. He pushed me back gently along the lounge and then lowered himself so that his cock was touching my cunt! He moved it around against my cunt in a very amateurish manner but he was exciting me beyond my wildest imagination. Then with a very slight push he slipped his cock into my cunt and pushed until it was right up inside me, I was now being fucked by this young lad and I was enjoying it.

Poor John Jr. couldn’t hold himself for very long and I felt him starting to increase the pace he was fucking me and he came shooting a load of cum right up into my deepest places. He was shaking madly and so was I. He kept on cumming and I was having mini orgasms the whole time. Eventually he slipped out of me and I couldn’t move I was almost in shock. I had never even thought I would end up fucking my next door neighbour’s son like this. He laid down on the lounge alongside me and although it was rather cramped I enjoyed the closeness of his body next to mine. We kissed a lot more and he played with my breasts and also he had his hand between my legs and was playing with my clit. I came again and he wanted to know it he was doing everything right.

He sat up then and looked closely between my legs and my very wet and red cunt lips and he touched me gently moving the lips apart. He told me he could see some of his ‘stuff’ coming out of me and although I was embarrassed I felt good about him looking at my intimate parts.

I had just https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/izmit-anal-yapan-escort” title=”izmit anal yapan escort”>izmit anal yapan escort been fucked by my youthful next door Neighbor and although I felt wonderful I also felt very guilty about what I had just done. John Jr. kept on kissing and playing with me and I knew he was getting hard again because I was stroking his cock. He asked me to suck his cock again and I didn’t hesitate and took it in my mouth even with the cum and my pussy juices which were on it.

Before he could cum again I suggested we move into the bedroom where there was more room. He hopped up and helped me up and we walked into the bedroom with his arm around me and playing with my breast with his other hand while I held onto his cock and had my arm around him also. When we reached the bedroom he pulled me down on the bed and we continued kissing hard and he continued to play with me. I just loved what he was doing to me and I told him so. His cock was very hard again and he rolled over on top of me and I pulled his cock into my cunt and we fucked again. This was even better that the other time because there was more room and also because he now knew what to do! After we had both cum we laid on the bed somewhat exhausted. I am sure we both dozed for a while and then I woke him and told him we had better get something to eat to bolster our strength. We walked naked into the kitchen where I prepared some sandwiches and lemonade and we ate hungrily. I almost felt like a new woman!

While we were eating John Jr. kept on telling me he now understood what it meant to fuck a woman and he hoped he would be able to fuck this girl he liked soon. He also told me he was very grateful for the way I had helped him but he wanted to do me some more so that he could really know what to do. I knew in my own mind that I was in a real bind. The very fact I was sitting in my kitchen naked with this young lad indicated I was wanting to fuck him some more anyway but I didn’t want to appear too anxious for fear of making light of the subject. I did some very serious thinking while we were at the kitchen table. I realized that I loved my husband dearly and would never want to cheat on him but this had been different I tried to convince myself! I tried to make myself believe I had done this to help John Jr. but I knew I had allowed it to happen because I wanted him to fuck me. My husband has always been a good lover and we have had very good sex ever since we were married but the sex was almost routine and only happened about 3 times each month! I am a very sexual person and whilst I had always wanted more sex I had been content to slip into the pace Ted set and at times that just wasn’t enough and so I masturbated myself to orgasm.

Sex with Ted was always enjoyable and usually I was satisfied but nowhere near as satisfied as I felt right now having been fucked by this young man! I knew I wanted more and, as if reading my mind, John Jr. stood up (having finished his meal) and stood behind me. He reached down over my shoulders with his hands and was soon cupping my breasts and stroking me. I became very excited again and knew I just had to have this young man again.

I am rather proud of my body – the body of a 37 year old woman who has had two children – and I loved the way this young man was accepting me as I was. My breasts are just beginning to sag but they are large with very soft surfaces and my nipples are quite upstanding as I become aroused. My waist is really good for my age and my hips are about the right size in proportion to the rest of my body. I have thick pubic hair and a slight treasure trail from my navel to the top of my bush. I keep my legs and underarms shaved all the time and generally I consider I look very good for 37! Obviously John Jr. thinks so too because in response to him caressing my breasts and nipples I had another orgasm and he leaned around and began kissing me on the mouth and our tongues soon played with each other’s tongue. I was getting very aroused by John Jr. and knew I would be fucked very soon. I tried to reach around and play with his cock but he was just out of reach and I couldn’t hold him. The more he played with my breasts and kissed me the more I wanted him to fuck me! I whispered, “Let’s go into the bedroom again – it is more comfortable there!” John Jr. almost lifted me out of my chair and continued kissing me as we somehow walked to the bedroom. I said he was a grown young man and he surprised even me when he scooped me up in his arms and carried me into the bedroom. He placed me gently on the bed and moved around until he was between my legs and he was looking intently at my cunt. He wriggled forward enough to be able to start licking my clit and I started to tremble with excitement. I knew I was about to cum and although I tried to hold off I just couldn’t and came with an intensity I couldn’t believe. He looked up at me from between my legs and I could only see part of his face because the rest was hidden by my bush. He had a grin on his face as if to say I have done a good job on you, Mrs. Dixon. I knew his cock was hard – I felt it on my foot as he was sucking me – and so he pulled himself up along my body and soon had that wonderful cock right at my cunt lips. He needed no prompting and after a quick rub against my lips with his cock he pushed forward and entered me again! I know this is hard to believe but I came again as his cock entered my cunt. I was absolutely red hot and wanted to be fucked right now!

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