I Seduced a Str8 Teen Boy

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Big Tits

I was camping and planned to stay in an RV park for several weeks.

I knew it was time to wash the roof of my RV, but I wasn’t looking forward to the work.

I had been chatting with an old-timer RV’er (Josh) who said, “There’s a kid living in that trailer (pointing to an older rig) that did a great job washing my roof, and he washed and waxed my whole rig. He’s a nice kid.”

I had returned to the RV Park from grocery shopping.

Making my way back to my RV site, I looked over at the trailer where the kid was living who Josh recommended.

I noticed a kid standing outside in front of that trailer in shorts and no shirt. The closer I got, the better he looked.

Upon pulling up, I rolled down my window and motioned him to come to my truck.

I introduced myself, “Hi, I’m Austin. I own the rig over there” – pointing to my rig. “Josh said you washed his roof, so I was wondering if you’d be available to wash mine.”

He was very polite and said, “Yes Sir, I can.”

I asked, “What’s your name.”

He said, “I’m Corbin Sir.”

I said, “You can just call me Austin.”

He said, “Okay, Mister Austin.”

Sweet kid.

The whole time I was talking with him, I couldn’t help cruising up and down his perfect body. He had a beautiful swimmer’s build, a beautiful slender waist, and a perfect butt.

He had longish brown hair, a nice tan on his beautiful smooth skin, and just a little bit of a happy-trail hairline from below his navel going down.

While we were talking he had lifted both arms over his head, exposing his hairy underarms. The hair was light brown and looked so soft and delicious.

He was wearing shorts, so I noted the light hair on his legs – slightly more hair below his knees.

I said, “Well Corbin if you stop by in the next day or two, we can work out a deal so you can do my roof. If you’re good, I’ll pay you to wash and wax my rig too.”

God, All I wanted was to watch this adorable kid in shorts, no shirt, and his young teen boy sweat dripping from his hairy underarms.

A few days later there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and there was Corbin, looking just incredible.

“Hi Mister Austin,” Corbin said.

I said, “Hey Corbin,” as I walked out and took a seat at the picnic table on my site.

Corbin took a seat across from me. I was astonished by how good looking this kid was.

Corbin asked if I still wanted my roof washed.

I said, “Sure. How much?”

Corbin answered, “How about fifty bucks.”

I laughed out loud.

I pointed to my rig and said, “This thing is 45 feet long and eight feet wide. I think your prices are too low.”

Corbin said, “Mister Austin, you can pay me whatever you think it’s worth after you inspect it.”

Goodness, I was amazed by how sweet this kid was. I wanted to just hug him.

We began gathering up everything we needed to get started. We were missing a good stiff brush – two actually – to scrub the roof.

Corbin said, “There’s a Home Depot right up the street.”

I said, “Okay, let me get my keys.”

I went inside to retrieve my keys and came back outside.

Corbin made a real point to say, “I have my temps,” referring to his temporary driver’s license.

That meant he could legally drive as long as he had a licensed driver, and Corbin was drooling over my dually diesel truck.

I asked, “Do you have your license on you?”

Corbin said, “Yes Sir,” as he pulled it out and handed it to me.

Looking at it, I said, “Wow, happy birthday …three weeks late.”

Corbin had just freshly turned eighteen.

I looked at him, tossed him the keys, and said, “Great. You’re my chauffeur.”

I have to admit, I was willing to give Corbin anything he wanted.

Goodness, just to see this teen boy naked, I would have given him my truck. …well, that might be a stretch.

We got in the truck and I showed Corbin how to adjust the seat, steering wheel, and mirrors. I showed him where the basic controls were, and assured him that I would do anything that needed to be done so he could concentrate on driving.

As Corbin began driving, I looked down at his young crotch and I could see that he was sporting a nice little pouch.

Corbin was being super-careful.

I asked Corbin, “So did you get what you wanted for your birthday?”

Corbin answered back, “Well when I blew out the candles, a beautiful naked princess didn’t appear.”

We both laughed.

I just said, “Yeah, I remember being your age. I only thought about one thing.”

Corbin smiled and asked, “What was that?”

I just said, “Being horny, …all – the – time.”

Corbin let out an exaggerated sigh, saying, “Pfffffft, yeah, that’s for sure. All – the – time.”

There was something hot about looking at this beautiful little Adonis with his shirt off, his underarm hair visible, and thinking to myself – this kid probably jerks off four times a day.

I imagined Corbin masturbating. ‘Imagined?’ Dear reader. Yeah, you caught me. Okay, I fantasized Antep Escort Bayan about Corbin masturbating.

Corbin asked, “So what did you do about it when you were my age?”

I said, “Same as you. I always had two dates ready to go. Sometimes the right hand, sometimes the left hand.”

Corbin blushed a little, along with spontaneously laughing out loud.

Corbin said, “You’ve seen how small our trailer is. I have a Mom and a sister – no privacy.”

Corbin seemed comfortable talking about masturbating, so I sure wasn’t going to stop it.

I said, “There must be someplace you can go.”

Corbin replied, “It’s only if we’re camping where there are public showers. And these days, I get to do it so infrequently, it’s just messy.”

My God, this perfect shirtless little piece of dripping sex appeal basically just told me that he has masturbated, his likes to masturbate, but he doesn’t get to masturbate as much as he would like. Even hotter, Corbin just told me that when he does jerk off, he cums like a stallion.

Damn. Now that was hot as hell. I sure did fantasize about Corbin’s ‘messy’ …activity.

We arrived at the Home Depot and Corbin parked. He had a t-shirt tied around his waist, which he put on.

Seeing Corbin lift his arms and expose the nice bushes of soft light brown underarm hair was a turn-on. Damn, he was sexy.

He was looking for the door lock, and I said, “Here let me show you where it is, which was located on the door panel on his left side.

I reached over Corbin, and “accidentally” l let my elbow brush against his crotch pouch. I just wanted to see if there was any reaction.

His legs just kind of naturally came together as I brushed his boy penis. But, he had no other reaction and didn’t say a word. I could feel that he was packing a nice young teen boy cock.

We bought the brushes we needed and returned to the trailer.

On the drive back, we had a little bit of talking and laughing.

I made a point to touch, with my full hand, his inner thigh probably about six inches from his crotch. Low enough for it to be [barely] innocent, but high enough that if there were discomfort, he would have moved his leg. He didn’t.

After we returned, Corbin and I worked on scrubbing the roof and the trailer. We had fun working together. His personality was delightful, and his sense of humor and wit made him even cuter than he was just physically. What a total doll.

It was hot outside, so Corbin took off his shirt, and his young body developed a nice shine from all of his teen boy sweat. It was obvious that he had no friends in the RV Park. We quickly developed a bit of a bond.

Several times I “accidentally” rubbed under his arms so I could get some of his teen boy sweat on my hands.

Corbin had a nice musty natural body scent. His sweat was coming off his young body that had showered just hours before, but still had the wonderful scent of a hot young teen boy.

I watched from below while Corbin went up the ladder.

Looking up the leg of his shorts, I noted he wore briefs, so I could see he had a nice bush of hair, and I was able to see that smooth area between his scrotum and his leg. It was hard not to just reach up and feel his beautiful package.

Given how hot it was, we both drank a lot of ice tea. Several times Corbin needed to use the bathroom in my rig.

I stood outside the door so I could hear him pissing. The tone of his piss filling the toilet told me he had a nice size package.

For some reason, I thought he might have known that I was listening and he was forcing his piss out harder to make more noise – showing that he had reached his manhood.

We decided to call it a day. We put off the waxing for the next day.

The following day, Corbin showed up around noon. I invited him in and offered him an ice tea, which he accepted.

I could smell that he had just taken a shower, and his hair was still a little wet. I had a nice wipe-on / wipe-off wax, so we got the trailer knocked out in an hour, after which we went inside and enjoyed the cool air conditioning and another ice tea.

As we sat and visited, I couldn’t take my eyes off of his beautiful shirtless upper body, his underarms, and the light thin strip of hair that went from his navel on down – his happy trail.

I’m pretty sure Corbin caught me staring at his crotch.

While I was trying to look up the leg of his shorts, I think he noticed, and he spread his legs apart a little, which exposed his beautiful pouch even better.

As we sat and talked, Corbin kept stretching his neck to the side.

I asked him, “Does your neck hurt?”

Corbin replied, “A little, I think just from holding my head back so much while we were waxing.”

I motioned for him to sit next to me and said, “Let me give it a little rub and see if that helps.”

He didn’t even hesitate. He sat next to me, leaning a little forward so I could rub his neck.

The whole time, Corbin was quietly moaning and said, “Ahhh, that feels great.”

I said, “If I use a little hypnosis on you, it can cause all of your muscles to relax and feel a lot better.”

Corbin said, “You think you can hypnotize me?”

I said, “Maybe. It doesn’t always work with everyone, but if you want to try it we can.”

Immediately Corbin said, “Yeah, let’s try it.”

I had a suspicion that Corbin knew that I was seriously craving him, and he was so horny, he was hoping for an opportunity to get off.


The whole ‘hypnosis’ thing was total bullshit. But, it gave a straight teen or early twenties boy the ability to allow himself to be voluntarily seduced, but have the cover that he was hypnotized.

Part of the ‘hypnosis’ was the ‘suggestion’ that ‘when you wake up, you won’t remember anything that we did.’

I had done this several times before, which gave a teen boy the excuse that he never knew what happened. So, whatever did happen while he was supposedly asleep, he could justify because he would supposedly have no memory of it after he woke up.

Yeah, I admit it was sort of an attempt at seducing Corbin. But, since it was just a total façade, he and I were both fully aware of what we were doing.


I told Corbin to lie on the floor with his hands to his side and his legs a little apart.

Just to help get the legs apart just right, I put my hand on his inner thigh, up even a little closer to his crotch, and put a little pressure signaling him to spread his legs a little more.

My hand on his inner thigh, up nearly touching his crotch met with no objection at all.

I began by telling Corbin how he was getting sleepy. I had him start with each toe, counting to ten, and telling him that his body is going into a deep sleep. After we got through each toe and all of his fingers, then we did the same with each arm and each leg.

Finally, I told Corbin, “You are now in total deep sleep, and all you can hear is my voice.”

I asked, “Corbin, are you asleep now?”

He slowly gave an affirmative nod that he was asleep.

I asked, “Are you in a real deep sleep now?”

Again, he gave a slow nod that he was asleep.

I put my hand on Corbin’s forearm and asked, “Can you feel me touching your arm?”

Corbin nodded in the affirmative.

I said, “Okay, you feel me touching your arm, but when you wake up, you will not remember that I touched your arm, do you understand?”

Corbin nodded, ‘Yes.’

I asked again, “Can you feel my hand on your arm?”

Corbin nodded that he could.

I asked, “When you wake up, will you remember that I touched your arm?”

Corbin slowly shook his head ‘No,’ that he would not remember.

I went through touching Corbin in various non-sexual areas, and each time he acknowledged that when he woke up, he would not remember me touching each specific part of his body.

I told Corbin to clasp his hands behind his head. He immediately did, exposing the soft light brown sexy hair under his arms.

I lightly rubbed the hair under his right underarm, asking, “Do you feel me rubbing the pubic hair under your arm?”

I wanted to call it pubic hair to give him a little bit of a hint so he was fully aware that I was probably referring to pubic hair in more areas than just under his arms.

Corbin acknowledged that he felt me rubbing the hair under his arm.

I asked, “When you wake up, will you remember that I rubbed your pubic hair?”

He shook his head ‘No’ – he would not remember.

I did the same with his left underarm – feeling the soft public hair, and then asking, “When you wake up, are you going to remember that I was rubbing your pubic hair?”

Again Corbin shook his head that he would not remember.

I asked Corbin, “Do you have pubic hair in other places too?”

He nodded, ‘Yes.’

But at the same time, I noticed his facial expression sporting a smile that he was trying to conceal.

There was the first indication that Corbin knew that I was sexually seducing him. It appeared that Corbin wanted me to sexually seduce him, especially since he had the cover, that he ‘wouldn’t remember.’

I rubbed Corbin’s light happy trail from his navel to the top of his pants.

I asked, “Is that some of your other pubic hair?”

Corbin nodded ‘Yes.’

I continued to lightly rub Corbin’s happy trail, and let my hand very slightly go below the waistline of his pants.

I asked, “Does that feel good when I rub your pubic hair like that?”

Corbin nodded that ‘Yes,’ it felt good.

I asked, “When you wake up, are you going to remember that I rubbed any of your pubic hair, in any place that you have pubic hair?”

Corbin slowly shook his head ‘No,’ he would not remember.

That was pretty much the open invitation to be able to touch and rub all of Corbin’s young soft pubic hair.

I started to rub Corbin’s inner thighs and asked if that felt good.

He acknowledged that it did feel good and that he would not remember that I rubbed his inner thighs.

My hand moved up his thighs to his crotch.

I knew from looking up the leg of Corbin’s baggy shorts while he was up on the ladder, Corbin was wearing white briefs. So, there was no visible bulge that he had a hard-on.

I wanted to see if Corbin was getting an erection from me rubbing up against his thighs around his crotch, and that we were both playing this little façade toward sexually seducing him.

I bumped the area under Corbin’s balls, to see if his pelvic floor muscle was getting swollen.

As I barely bumped the area, it felt swollen.

With two fingers, I held both sides of his pelvic floor muscle. It was very swollen, indicating Corbin had a good hard young erection.

He didn’t even flinch or move when I was rubbing the most sacred private area of his young body.

I gently stroked up and down his swollen pelvic floor muscle for a minute or so.

Then I asked, “Does that feel good? Do you like that?”

Corbin nodded that he enjoyed me rubbing his most private areas.

Corbin was sporting a full erection.

As I was rubbing his inner thighs up around his crotch, I realized that I was going to taste this young teen boy’s penis, his balls, and probably his cum.

I kept rubbing up around his inner thighs and balls and I asked, “Do you like that – does that feel good?”

Corbin again nodded that he liked my rubbing and that it felt good.

I asked, “Do you want me to keep rubbing you like that?”

Corbin kept nodding his head, ‘Yes.’

I asked, “Are you going to remember that I was rubbing you up there when you wake up?”

Corbin shook his head, ‘No,’ he would not remember.

As I was rubbing Corbin’s inner thighs, I pulled slightly signaling him to spread his legs a little further apart.

He did – Corbin just spread his legs more while I was rubbing his inner thighs up all around his crotch, and the side of his young scrotum.

Again, as I was rubbing the sides of his scrotum, I asked, “Does that feel good?

Corbin nodded that it felt good for me to rub his young scrotum.

I asked, “Do you want me to keep rubbing you there?”

Corbin nodded his head, ‘Yes.’

I had no doubt that Corbin wanted me to sexually seduce him.

At freshly eighteen, Corbin was in his sexual prime. He had nearly zero opportunity to masturbate. He was definitely at five-alarm, nuclear level horny.

I put my full hand over his full scrotum and balls and rubbed and squeezed gently.

I asked, “Are you going to remember that I was rubbing you here when you wake up?”

Corbin shook his head ‘No,’ he wouldn’t remember.

I continued rubbing Corbin’s scrotum, and let my hand slide inside the leg of his briefs. I was now rubbing Corbin’s bare ball sack, feeling each of his young testicles between my fingers, and the soft hair on his young ball-sack.

I asked again, “Does that feel good?”

Corbin nodded, ‘Yes.’

I asked, “Do you like me rubbing you here?”

Again Corbin nodded that he did.

I asked, “When you wake up, are you going to remember that I was rubbing your balls?”

Corbin nodded ‘No,’ he would not remember that I was rubbing his young balls.

I moved my hands up to start rubbing his beautiful young boy belly, down under his belly button.

I could see his hard-on was bulging, pointing toward the left. I moved my hand down to just slightly inside the waistband of the front of Corbin’s shorts.

I asked Corbin, “Does it feel good when I rub your pubic hair?”

Corbin nodded his head, ‘Yes.’

I slipped my hand down the front of his shorts until I felt his bush of soft pubic hair.

I asked, “Does it feel good when I rub your pubic hair down there?”

Corbin immediately nodded, ‘Yes.’

I moved my hand even slightly deeper down the front of Corbin’s shorts.

I asked, “Would you like me to rub all of your pubic hair all over down there?”

Again, the nod was an immediate, ‘Yes.’

Corbin was very horny, and he clearly knew that I was working toward satisfying and hopefully relieving his horny young genitals.

I said, “I can rub you better down there if I pull down your shorts. Would you like me to pull your shorts down?”

Corbin quickly nodded, ‘Yes.’

I asked, “When you wake up, will you remember that I took your shorts completely off and that you were naked?”

I wanted to make sure that he knew I wasn’t just going to pull his shorts down, but take them off and have him lying naked in front of me.

Corbin gave me the head shake that he would not remember me stripping him naked.

I slowly unbuttoned the top button of his shorts. There was no zipper, just four more buttons.

As I unbuttoned each button, I gently pushed against his crotch, several times brushing his erect penis.

When I got to the last button, I began pulling down his shorts. He instinctively lifted up and I slid his shorts off, leaving his underpants on.

The lifting up was another subtle indication that he was fully conscious and that he was enjoying having me sexually seduce him.

Corbin’s hard-on was protruding, it was a good size and I could see that it throbbed with each of his heartbeats.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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