I the Sauna at the Gym

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Ok, 40 y/o straight guy here, been divorced for almost 10 years and have gotten more pussy since my divorce than I ever did when I was married or before. Never had to go more than a few weeks between women. When I had to move to the Jersey Shore area for work about 4 years ago, things got even better.

Before all this virus crap started, I’d been at the same gym for a little over 2 years and had heard from a few of the guys I worked out with that there was occasionally some guy on guy action going on in the showers and locker room, but I never saw any of it myself.

I had to work late one Friday night and didn’t get home until after 11 and didn’t get my workout in. So, I got up early on Saturday and went to get a good cardio workout in… four miles on the treadmill, ten on the bike, and another two on the elliptical. By the time I was done, I was beat.

So, I figured I’d go relax in the sauna for a while before I went home. I stripped down to just my towel and headed into the sauna. I sat down on one of the lower benches, leaned back and closed my eyes. I’m not sure how long I was there, I might have dozed a bit, but two other guys came in and were chatting about their work out routines.

I gotta admit, I was a bit annoyed, I just wanted some peace and quiet şişli escort to relax. I looked up and then leaned back again and tried to relax while they continued their conversation. I was about to get up and leave when they stopped talking and things were quiet again except for the hissing of the steam. A few minutes went by and I opened my eyes to see if they were still in the sauna, thinking I might have dozed off again.

When I looked at them, they were sitting close, side-by-side, their towels off, stroking each other’s cocks!! I had never seen another guy’s hard cock before except in porn and here were two of them less than ten feet from me!!

I didn’t know what to do except watch. All of a sudden, my cock got rock hard!! I couldn’t help it and I couldn’t stop it!! My cock was throbbing and just about pushing its way out of my towel.

One of the guys noticed and smiled at me, he said “You’d probably be more comfortable if you just take your towel off, we don’t mind!” I tried to adjust my towel but just brushing my cock through the towel sent electric tingles through my body…

I kept trying to adjust and make my cock less obvious, but the more the towel rubbed, the harder I got. Finally, I said fuck it and just opened my towel and let my cock out. I’m not çapa escort huge, but all seven inches sprang straight up and I was already dripping pre-cum down my shaft. I was like WTF was going on!?!? I had never even considered looking at guys or gay porn before, and here I was turned on like never before!

They were both looking right at my cock and still stroking each other. The older of the two, a guy about my age, started talking to me about my cock, how he liked the size, he said he loved how thick and veiny it is, how he liked the way my hair was trimmed very short and my balls were shaved smooth… I was getting so turned on my cock was turning deep red and throbbing…

I couldn’t take it anymore, so I grabbed my rod and started slowly stroking. That released a huge flow of pre-cum, it dripped over my fingers and I rubbed it all over my head and shaft. They were stroking each other pretty fast by now and both watching me.

All of a sudden, the younger of the two, a blonde guy about in his late 20’s moaned and said he was gonna cum! He shot a big load as high as his chest and covered his stomach in cum! He used his towel to wipe up and I thought they were done.

But the guy who already blew his load got up, walked towards me and got on his knees between my fındıkzade escort legs!! He looked up at me and asked if he could suck my cock!! The other guy said, “Let him, he’s a really good cocksucker!” I just nodded and he swallowed my rod!

He sucked me for a minute when the other guy got up, walked up behind the younger guy and slid his cock right in his ass!! Before that day I had never even seen another guy’s hard cock and here I was spit-roasting a guy in the sauna!

This went on for about five minutes and I could see the guy sucking me was hard again… Suddenly, he just started grunting and I watched him cum again all over the floor! He wasn’t even touching his cock, he just came from the dick in his ass!

The guy fucking him really started hammering that ass now. He was driving his buddy deeper on to my cock with every stroke, my balls were slapping against his chin.

I knew I wasn’t gonna last much longer and was about to say I was gonna cum, but the other guy just started grunting UH! UH! UH! UH! as he dumped his load in the guys ass. I instantly unloaded too! I didn’t know I could cum that much anymore!

When we were both done cumming, the guy in the middle just sat there on his knees smiling. I was spent and didn’t know what to do. The older guy said, “You can leave if you want, were gonna stay here and relax for a while.”

I think I said something like uh, thanks. I grabbed my towel, wrapped it around me and left. Never saw either of them in the gym again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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