Ice Cream Surprise

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When the wind blows sometimes things happen at night that make people feel things they never thought possible. Sometimes between two lovers, the wind makes the simple touch, seem like the best tasting chocolate, or softer than the touch of a pure silk sheet against your skin. These feelings for the first time are very hard to reproduce no matter how hard one tries. It is usually the first time that is the best and most exciting. Sometimes even to remember is the hardest, but there was once a couple many years ago that most people remember to this day. This is just one of there stories…

Let me describe Jessica for you. Jessica was in just about every way a typical blond goddess. Standing about 5’8 and having the most athletic but slim body. The kind of woman that you see on the beach in the smallest Bikini and every man looks on barley able to contain their cocks in their shorts. Jessica has blond hair that is about to her mid to lower back. She is a C cup and breasts that appear to stand perfectly in the air like teardrops. Like the girls you see on late night TV infomercials or something. She has the best ass in my opinion. Cherry drops pushed together with lat ever so sexy gap between her legs so you can see daylight. She had the picture perfect body in my eyes.

I am your average guy I guess, about 5’11 and 185lbs. I work out regularly and take care of myself and I guess it shows as I get looks as well. I suppose I should mention how big I am. Well Most men lie I guess, I think I am about average. But if number is what people want to hear I guess I will say that I can put both hands around my cock like holding a baseball bat or I guess a golf club and still have the head sticking out the top of my hand. I have never had a complaint. So I guess I am average.

The story of two lovers Michael and Jessica is one of many twists and turns, but not like most people associate romance with. This couple seemed to have a special chemical reaction to one another that made there love twist and turn in happiness and frantic love. This was especially clear with how they pleased each other at every opportunity they could. Michael seemed to always be willing and able and Jessica seemed to be filled with surprise not to mention Michael on many occasion.

One particular evening in the fall of 2004 when Michael and Jessica lived in Hawaii just after they actually met. Well Michael on this once occasion stepped out to pick something up for Jessica. You see Jessica liked Vanilla ice Cream, but having none in the house, Michael said he would go to the store and get some. Jessica said it was not necessary, but Michael just wanted to always give her things to make her happy. As Jessica stood at the door saying that Michael did not have to go for the Ice Cream, she kissed him and smiled and said all she needed was her husband. He said that it was not a problem and he would only be five minutes and back before she missed him.

Jessica new that Michael’s gesture was out of his love for her and not something anyone would do and although simple sometimes the simple things mean a lot. He would only be gone a short time, only about five minutes, so she thought what could she do for him. She was not thinking about Ice Cream anymore as she ran to the bedroom turning off all the lights in the apartment. She still did not really know what to do for Michael but she wanted it to be good.

You see the backroom casting porno special thing for Michael and Jessica was that they so much wanted to please each other that unconsciously they searched for different ways to please each other. It was not like a competition or even determined that a point system was being used, but for some reason they did things for each other just because. In fact they looked foreword to the very next chance to do these things for one another.

Therefore, with all the lights off in the apartment, Jessica began to look for a place to hide. Then she would stop and run into the other room. In the spare bedroom that was used as an office, she quickly stripped off her clothes. She was barefoot as she quickly pulled up her short shirt. Standing there in the dark with tight jeans and a braw she moved around like she was looking for a place to go. Michael could be walking down the hallway right now, but she was not ready. What could she do next? She ran into the living room and stripped off her tight jeans, kicking them with one foot to the middle of the floor. Now with just seconds away, standing in just panties and a braw in the living room, she jumped into a supposed sexy position on the couch. With one arm over her head, no both by her side doing her spontaneous sexy position, but not feeling right. She would pause for a moment and them adjust on the couch and see how it felt. Any Second now, but she was not ready. She did not feel it on the couch so she jumped up and ran to the bedroom almost running into the dining room table, just missing hitting her toes on the chair.

Entering the room she still did not know what to do, but she did not that if she continued all of this running around she was surely going to hurt herself. Breathing just a bit hard she felt strange and a little tired so she decided to remove her braw and panties. Now without a plan at all she laid face down on the bed on top of the soft comforter. It felt good against her naked body. In the room there was a fan pointing at the bed that was on and Jessica felt the breeze touching her naked body. It felt so good and obviously all the running around caused her to get a little hot, so the fan and open windows really helped her relax.

As Jessica relaxed she started to drift off. That point in sleep right before dreams and just after the time frame that you can wake suddenly, Jessica could not be more relaxed. It was at this time that Michael came home.

After opening the door to the apartment, Michael stepped in noticing all the lights were off. Knowing Jessica very well he knew she had something in store for him. Therefore, he did not turn on any lights in the apartment. Now Vanilla ice Cream was not a concern but he placed it in the Freezer anyway and decided to locate his Jessy Love. Just a bit hard to see in the dark Michael made his way through the living room, looking very hard because sometimes Jessica would jump out and scare the pants off him. Literally, but that is yet another story.

As he looked being careful not to step on her if she were there he slowly made his way to the hallway. He looked into the office but in the moonlight he could see that she was not there. Jessica must be in the bedroom. Turning in that direction he could immediately see Jessica on the bed. He stopped and saw her in the moonlight. In a white room with white bangbros porno bedding shining in the moonlight she looked like a moon goddess to Michael. Speechless and holding her beauty in his heart and almost in a single tear, he let his heart take control of him. From this point out Michael was not making the decisions, the pure love for Jessica would determine the outcome. Not one finger would move without the decisions of the heart. No words would need to be spoken, no pretend actions made or checklists followed. All Michael new at this moment was that he loved this woman will all his sole.

At this time Michael began to undress in the doorway of the bedroom. Pulling off his shirt, and dropping it in the doorway he could almost smell her sweetness. With a snap of his jeans he slowly separated them and started down the zipper. Slowly and continually looking at Jessica on the bed obviously sleeping he lowered his pants and underwear. Stepping out of his clothes he took a step foreword. He looked at her glowing body in the moonlight, and let his actions serve her, like he so much wanted to serve her each and every day and night they were together.

Michael took position at her feet. Like sneaking out of prison and in the position of approaching the barbed wire he took this posture as he approached Jessica’s feet. Michael started to breath heavy like an animal on the prowl. Deep breaths but quiet at the same time. He would breathe in her fragrance before he touched her. He now on the bed hovered over her beautiful body just inches away. Michael left reality behind and threw caution to the wind and let his animal take over inside him, surfacing like a black panther.

Kissing Jessica just above her ass seemed to wake her. She said Michael your home, I wanted to surprise you seemingly Michael told her to relax and it was still his turn.

With a gentle breeze in the room touching two naked bodies and the bright moon shining over each of them Michael started to kiss Jessica on her lower back. Jessica was now awake and feeling his kisses felt his soft lips and wished they were kissing her on the mouth. She imagined his lips over her and loving the kisses and wanting to turn over but did not move. He moved kneeling on the end of the bed gently moved Jessica’s legs just slightly apart so his knees were in between hers. Then lying down over Jessica, Michael pressed his body on top of her; Jessica reached down to touch his body, feeling his legs and hips. Michael kissed her over and over, making Jessica know, his desire for her. Then Michael again back on his knees behind Jessica pulled Jessica by her hips up to him. She could feel his erect cock from behind her pressing against her ass. Michael squeezed her hips tightly against his member, rubbing it between her ass cheeks. Doing this Jessica began to grind her hips against him until she came off the bed and crashed up against Michael’s chest.

I began to fondle your breasts firmly, rubbing them and at the same time kissing you over and over. You reach around and grab my ass with one hand and with the other guide my head to kiss you in harder on your neck. With our hips moving together in unison, in a circular motion my cock moved from between your ass cheeks to completely between your legs rubbing against your pussy. Feeling my rock hard cock against you move your hand from my head down between your legs and play with beurette tour porno your pussy lips and my cock at the same time. We are balancing in a dance of erotica at the end of the bed, both kneeling feeling each others bodies. I change positions with my hands having one join you between your legs. I place my hand over your as you touch yourself and begin to thrive with excitement. I press my hand against your adding pressure against your pussy which is now very wet.

Suddenly I lean forward and place a pillow at your knees, and then pushing you back down to the bed you are elevated at the waist. You sense the pending action and reach your hands forward grasping at the sheets. I look at your beautiful body and see your ass pushing upwards into the air. I position my cock at your ass and as I first touch it you feel its heat. I position my cock at your ass as I am about to enter you from behind. Starting slow I push slowly in your asshole. It is so tight, but I proceed to push inside you just barely. You feel me entering you and with one of your hands you move it underneath you and continue to rub your pussy. Barely the head of my cock is in your ass, and you start to ask for more. Slowly as to not hurt you I push it deeper inside you. You feel my cock pushing places inside you that feel so good; it makes you start to come almost instantly. You are becoming frantic with each continued push not knowing if you can take anymore. Then I slowly pull out, but not all the way. You feel so good and start to gently push your ass back against me and my hot cock. Deeper with each movement we make. Then pulling out again slowly, only to push again back into your hole. Now the movements are coming easier as I slide inside you and then again back out. Over and over I push my cock into your against your wanting hips. You tell me it feels so good and not to stop. As I pull back again you thrust back to me but I do not push against you. You seem to want more. I pull completely out and pull you off the bed.

Standing now you turn to face me and kiss me deeply holding my face kissing me very hard. Your hands are wet from your come from your pussy and you place them in my mouth for me to taste. I guide Jessica over against the large bay window and press her against the cool glass. Lifting one of her legs I enter her pussy with one grand thrust. Jessica grabs my back very hard and nibbles on my neck. Standing I make love to you over and over again. Thrusting in and out of your warm and wet place. You feel how hard I am and the feeling is fantastic for both of us. Soon my pace increases and I reach down and now holding both of your legs as I make love to you continuing our rhythm together. We kiss over and over as I enter you again and again.

Almost leaving my feet as I push deeper and deeper until I have all of myself inside you and then as we reach climax you start to shudder. Your cries of pleasure continue to get louder as you scream for more and more from me. As your body feels it is almost there you burst with yet another orgasm of joy. Now my pace gets even more frantic as I feel your pulsing orgasm fill around my cock. I climax completely inside you filling you with all I have, I hold myself in one position deep inside you as I come hot and hard.

Both of us completely covered in each others love and great joy we retire to the bed. We lay side by side holding each other for over an hour still dripping inside and out. Then at this moment I leave the bed saying I will return shortly. When I come back I have a great bowl of Vanilla Ice cream for us to share in bed. We laugh alone in the dark and when the ice cream is all gone, we stay up all night making love as the sun comes up to greet us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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