If Things Had Been Different Ch. 05

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I enjoyed writing the “If things had been different” series so much I wanted to add a few more chapters. At the end of chapter 4, Julie & Sarah had agreed to holiday together on a regular basis to keep their relationship alive, the rest of the time Julie would live her life somewhere in the murky shadows, and Sarah would lead a normal life spending her time with her husband & her daughter Michelle. I may cover some of those adventures at some point in the future, but in this chapter I have jumped forward 18 years as I want to focus on Sarah’s daughter, Michelle, aka Mitchie.


Michelle cursed softly as she heard the doorbell ring and glanced at the screen and sighed softly. The chat room she was in had started getting juicy and she was torn between getting even more intimate with a guy whose bio read ‘Bruce, Male straight, 25, 6′ blond/blue, sexy surfer from Oz, 8″ uncut always ready for a laugh’ or a woman whose bio described herself as ‘Miss Lush, bi female, 40, divorced, 5′ 6″ fuller curvy figure seeking to help younger girls explore their hidden feelings.’

The doorbell rang again, and again Michelle swore, as she knew that the caller wasn’t going to go away. Michelle glanced at her own bio which was 100% accurate. ‘Bi curious female 18, 5’3″, 34b, brown/brown, looking for fun,’ though she wondered if her screen name of ‘UAlbanyGirl’ was perhaps too honest. Michelle quickly typed in the box “brb some idiot at the door won’t go away,” before looking round the room for the clothes she had discarded earlier in the conversation. Not bothering with underwear she wriggled into a skin tight pair of light grey yoga pants and threw on a baggy Yankees T shirt that fell just below the cheeks of her small ass. Michelle giggled to herself as she looked round the room, there was something deliciously naughty about getting naked in the large family room adjacent to the kitchen when she was alone in the house. On many more than one occasion, she had bought herself to an orgasm in the very spot where a few hours later she had stood innocently talking to her parents about career choices after university.

The one thing her bio hadn’t stated about her was that she was still a virgin. Sure she had the odd grope and heavy petting sessions and although she had let boys fondle her small breasts, she never let them get their hands inside her panties. She had used her own fingers and sometimes a toy she had bought one day across town, which she panicked about all the way home, fearing it would magically start buzzing in her back pack so letting the whole carriage know what she was carrying. The reason she had written bi curious was linked to an event that had happened a couple of weeks earlier, a scene she had replayed in her head many times as she bought herself to a shuddering climax. A scene that made her think she desired more than just a cock but to cross over and taste the delights of another woman.


Michelle had hit it off with Jenny from day one at university, even though Jenny was a boarder, and Michelle commuted daily. Jenny was a few inches taller than Michelle, and had corn blonde hair with bright blue eyes, when put together with her 36C breasts, gave her the look of west coast bimbo. Whoa betide anyone who underestimated Michelle’s Californian friend and treated her that way, as beneath the almost ‘Barbie doll’ look lurked a razor sharp & highly intelligent brain. A few weeks back there was a party at the campus and the two girls concocted a plan to get Michelle some freedom. Michelle explained to her parents how it would be dangerous for her to travel back but it would be OK as her friend Jenny had agreed to put her up overnight. To her relief her parents agreed on the promise that there would be no drinking, even though she was 18.

After quite a few drinks, and with a lot of giggling about which boys they fancied , Jenny snuck Michelle into her room. The two girls stripped down to their bra and panties before Jenny got into her bed and Michelle snuggled into the sleeping bag on the floor, falling asleep within a few seconds of her head touching the pillow. Michelle woke a few hours later disoriented as to where she was but quickly realised what had woken her was the noises coming from her friend’s bed. From the glow of the moon coming through the window where the girls had forgotten to draw the blinds, Michelle could see her friend quite clearly like a spot light was on her. Jenny had kicked the covers off and the reason for the noises was quite obvious as Jenny’s right hand was inside her panties while her other hand was rolling the nipple on her right breast, bursa escort bayan that she had freed from her bra.

Because of the layout of the room, the two girls were at 90 degrees to one another, with Michelle’s head at Jenny’s feet. Michelle could hardly breath as she watched. She had seen other girls naked before, she had touched herself before, but never seen the two combined. Rather than being shocked or embarrassed Michelle found the whole scene highly erotic, and to her surprise, as she had never had feelings like this before, very turned on. Michelle had to bite her lip to stay silent as she heard Jenny moan loudly, and by the way her hand was positioned Michelle guessed she had at least one finger inside herself.

That question was answered a moment later when Michelle saw Jenny’s other hand leave her nipple and pull the brief material to one side to allow her action hand free access. Michelle felt the dampness between her own legs as she watched Jenny start to use two fingers in and out, and she knew she had to touch herself or burst. Michelle’s hand dived inside her own panties and sought her engorged clit which she started to rub in time with Jenny’s fingering herself.

Michelle inhaled deeply and could smell the heady aroma of musk which filled the room, accompanied by the squishy sounds of Jenny’s fingers driving in and out of her obviously wet cunt. Michelle was now sliding her hand across her clit and pushing her fingers into her soaked pussy as she heard Jenny’s breathing get more laboured and her moaning louder. Michelle raised her own fingers to her mouth and tasting herself had a flash in her head wondering what Jenny would taste like. Shaking that random thought away, as Jenny had always talked about boys and never once mentioned any form of bi leanings, Michelle returned her hand to her own pussy and continued pleasuring herself.

Michelle closed her eyes for a brief moment , as she felt her own orgasm build, heightened by the thoughts of what it would feel like if it were Jenny’s fingers inside her, instead of her own. Michelle opened her eyes and fixed them on Jenny’s open pussy and the fingers sliding in and out, glistening with juices. Suddenly Jenny arched her ass off the bed and cried out loudly as her orgasm burst through her body. The noise and sight sent Michelle over the top, though her orgasm was more restrained in order to stay quiet.


The sound of the doorbell jerked Michelle out of her daydream and she rushed to the door, still a little flustered from the visions of ‘what ifs’ running through her brain. She wanted to get rid of this persistent caller quickly so she could get back to chatting and bring herself to a delicious climax.

Flinging open the door, the brusque words she had formed froze on her lips, as she stared at the woman standing there. She stood a good 5 or 6 inches taller than Michelle’s diminutive frame, and when she pushed back the hood of her ankle length grey leather coat, her auburn brown hair cascaded down to her shoulders. A wry smile played on her lips, as she studied Michelle with her

piercing blue eyes, which Michelle felt were staring into her soul. Michelle felt herself redden as her nipples hardened and she felt the familiar wetness between her legs.

It suddenly dawned on Michelle who this was. This was Julie. The Julie with whom her mother would go on holiday, and always return more bubbly and relaxed. The mysterious Julie whom she had only seen in pictures. The Julie who she shared her middle name with, and here she was standing on her doorstep.

Her voice flowed like molten chocolate as she said, “My, my Michelle, you are all grown up now,” and then she laughed softly, sending tingles through Michelle’s body, adding, “But still short stuff like your Mum.” As the eyes transfixed her to the spot Michelle felt a bead of sweat trickle down her spine before Julie smiled broadly as she said, “Cat got your tongue?”

“Oh you are British,” Michelle stammered before blushing even redder, this time from embarrassment.

Julie laughed kindly, “your powers of deduction have clearly not diminished even if you have been … errr …. exercising.” She drew out the last word as an unformed question, a smile playing on her lips like a cat about to devour it’s prey, as she focused her gaze toward Michelle’s damp patch, with a raised eyebrow.

Looking down at herself Michelle realised the damp patch between her legs was showing quite clearly against the light grey yoga pants and her nipples were poking against her top. “I will just get changed,” Michelle said hurriedly as she headed to görükle escort the stairs, “please make yourself at home,” though inside her head her brain was screaming, ‘take me I am yours.’

“Don’t bother changing on my account,” Julie said under her breath as she watched the pert bottom vanish up the stairs, wondering to herself if it would be wrong to seduce her lover’s daughter. Deciding it would be questionable at least Julie wandered into the large kitchen and spotted the open laptop.

Michelle stripped quickly before diving into the shower, letting the water cascade over her body as she washed. The hot online conversations coupled with the recollection of her voyeurism with Jenny had caused a heat between Michelle’s thighs that was like a raging fire, and finally getting to meet Julie was too much for her not to touch herself. Michelle knew that Julie was a lesbian, as she heard her parents mention it before, and leaning against the tiled wall started to imagine it was Julie’s fingers probing her wetness, rather than her own. As she pushed a finger deeper inside while rolling her nipple with her other hand, Michelle had just started to wonder what Julie would taste like, when a blinding flash hit her. “The LAPTOP!” she exclaimed with a squawk, the knot tightening in her stomach at the realisation that she had left it unlocked. Leaping from the shower, Michelle dried quickly and threw on some shapeless sweat pants and top, and flew down the stairs two at a time.

To her relief, as she entered the kitchen, Julie was no where near the laptop, but staring out of the large patio doors with her back to the room. The grey leather coat was thrown over a chair and Julie was clad in a long silver evening dress that looked like it was sprayed on. The dress plunged in a ‘V’ at the back to almost the top of her buttocks, and by the lack of any lines it was apparent she was naked under. Michelle walked to the counter and Julie never moved or turned, almost like she hadn’t heard her. Breathing a soft sigh, Michelle reached out and in doing so the laptop screen came to life. Michelle’s mouth dropped open as what she saw was not her normal display picture but a picture of a naked young woman from the neck down with her legs drawn up and spread wide apart, and embedded deep into the woman’s pussy was a large pink vibrator. Michelle recognised the picture immediately as she was the young woman in the picture and before she could speak, without even turning round Julie’s voice filled the room with a quiet but firm authority.

“You take a nice picture young lady, but you really should learn to lock your laptop.” Michelle stood frozen like a rabbit in the headlights as Julie went on, “I take it your parents don’t know you parade your body around the internet.” Michelle was speechless, unsure what to say or do but once again she could feel the dampness spring between her legs. Julie had turned and was studying Michelle intently, her eyes boring into her, silently assessing her.

“So what are you bi curious about?” Julie said as she moved very close to Michelle’s body.

Michelle could hardly contain her excitement knowing that perhaps this was her moment, but before she could verbalise her thoughts and desires she heard a key in the front door.

“Mitchie,” shouted her mother from the hall, calling Michelle by her pet name, “we are home,” which was followed by a squeal of delight as Sarah entered the kitchen and saw Julie. “You came …. And did you get them?”

“I said I would, didn’t I short stuff,” Julie laughed, holding up tickets in her perfectly manicured fingers.

Looking at the fingers Michelle couldn’t help thinking to herself that if only her parents had been a few hours later they could have been deep inside her body by now.

Her mother’s voice snapped Michelle out of her sexual daydream, “Michelle, look after your Auntie Julie, your father and I need 30 minutes to get ready.” With that John, her father, gave both Julie & Michelle a quick peck on the cheek before disappearing upstairs after his wife.

Michelle turned to face Julie, not quite sure what to expect but hoping her parents’ friend would ravage her in their family kitchen over the next half hour.

Julie smiled softly as she read the emotions on Michelle’s face and said, “your first time should be special, and it will be, which means it won’t be hurried and won’t be here, so go and get changed you have 30 minutes,” then glancing at the slim expensive gold watch on her wrist went on, “28 minutes now.”

Michelle just stared confused at Julie who chuckled as she went on, “I assume you still like the ballet, bursa escort bayan and as it’s a box, there is room for the four of us. Consider it a belated coming of age present.”


The evening flowed wonderfully, leaving Michelle feeling like she was floating on a cloud, as she sat in her parents’ formal lounge. The private box was the height of decadence, the dancers were amazing, the champagne flowed copiously, and the late supper after the show in a private dining area was simply heavenly. In the limousine home, Michelle had tried to sit next to Julie, but her mother beat her too it, so she had sat next to her father, studying the two women.

Michelle felt her eyes growing heavy as her father said, “time for your bed young lady, and think I will go up as well. Thank you again Julie for a memorable evening.”

“I will be up later,” Sarah said, “Julie and I have some catching up to do.”

Just as Michelle snuggled into bed a thought ran through her head. “Julie was a lesbian, her and her mother seemed close, they went away on holidays, maybe her and Julie were…” then laughing to herself she dismissed the idea as foolish thoughts and settled down to working out how she could possibly seduce Julie.


Michelle woke about 3 hours later and needed to get a glass of water, as she passed the guest bedroom Michelle wondered briefly if she could accidentally stumble in and see what happened. Rehearsing the words in her head, Michelle carried on downstairs, leaving the lights off as she enjoyed moving around the house in the dark, as naked as she was now.

Getting her water Michelle noticed there was a dim glow coming from the formal lounge where they had all been chatting earlier. Michelle was going to leave it but recalling her parents’ lectures about how saving electricity helped save the planet, she entered to switch it off, before putting into action her ‘getting lost in her own house’ plan, which she was still developing in her sleepy head.

The sight that greeted Michelle’s eyes caused her to gulp in surprise, as she recognised the back of her mother’s head, by her light brown hair. The surprise was that her mother was naked and kneeling between Julie’s open thighs, and by the noises coming from both of them, was clearly licking Julie’s pussy with great enthusiasm.

“Oh, how I have missed your talented tongue, Short Stuff”, Julie groaned with pleasure, as her hands gripped Sarah’s hair, pulling her closer.

Michelle carefully and quietly placed the glass down and watched the scene before her in awe, standing in what she hoped was a concealed corner in the darkness of the room. Without conscious thought, she parted her legs and started rubbing her swollen clit, biting her lip to stop herself moaning.

“Fingers,” Julie moaned, and Michelle suddenly realised that Julie had locked eyes with her and was speaking to her. Michelle’s mother thought Julie’s comment was for her, and breaking from her licking, drove two fingers deep into Julie’s pussy, oblivious to her daughter standing witness on the other side of the room.

Michelle heard Julie moan deeply as her mother’s obviously skilled fingers plunged fast and deep into Julie’s pussy, before bending her head to nibble at Julie’s clit at the same time.

Julie clamped her thighs round Sarah’s head, so muffling the sounds in the room and mouthed the word ‘finger’ again to Michelle. With raging lust Michelle drove 2 fingers deep inside herself and without breaking eye contact with Julie, savagely finger fucked herself, arching her hips towards Julie and her mother’s back.

“Cum… soon,” Julie croaked and Michelle wasn’t sure if it was a warning or a command, but chose to see it as a command. Biting the forearm of her left arm to stop herself from crying out, Michelle shuddered in orgasm nearly falling to the floor, as she watched Julie arch up from the couch, her fingers tight in Sarah’s hair, as she bucked in pleasure.

Her orgasm had barely stopped, when Michelle found herself cumming again, as she heard her mother’s lust laden voice say, “cum hard on my fingers my love, then I want you to fist me to heaven and back.”

Realising the two women would soon be changing positions Michelle stepped back behind the door and out of sight. Knowing that if she dared venture in again her mother would surely see her Michelle stood on wobbly legs, feeling her juices trickle down her inner thighs, wondering what to do next. In a silent snort of frustration, Michelle climbed the stairs as she heard her mother say, “oh yes Julie, that feels so good,” followed by moans that seemed so loud that she wondered if her father would hear.

Michelle lay on the bed in the guest room waiting for Julie, all thoughts of accidental entry gone from her head. As she gently massaged her swollen clit keeping herself on the edge of orgasm she waited for her mother’s lover to come to bed and make her curious no more.

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