Independent Study Pt. 04

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When I awoke the next morning the clock showed 8:23. Mike was lying next to me with his head propped up on his right hand, carefully studying me. His expression was anxious.

“Morning, Matt,” he said with a grin.

It took me a minute to get my bearings. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and felt his hand wrap around my morning hard-on.

“Hey, Mike,” I finally responded, “how’d you sleep?”

“You snore,” he chuckled.

“Well…what did you have to pay for the room?” I asked with a smile as I took him under my left arm.

He laughed.

“When can I suck you?”

There was an urgency in his voice and he stood my cock up under the sheet to form a roomy tent at my loins.

“You know how to start a coffee maker?” I asked as I caressed his shoulder.

“Yes, sir.”

“Then how about a cup of wake up juice first?” I suggested.

“Okay,” and he scrambled out of the bed.

When he returned he pulled the sheet down off me and climbed back into position, running his fingers through my chest hair. He cuddled up to my side and started nursing on my left nipple, heaving a contented sigh.

My cock flexed and lifted off my hip. I placed my left hand on the back of his head, gently stroking his soft hair.

Mike moaned and we lay like that without talking until the coffee maker gurgled out its last gasp. I slid my hand down his back and patted his butt. He went and poured us each a steaming cup.

I dragged his pillow on top of mine and propped myself up, watching his morning wood bob as he brought one to my side of the bed and then, turning sideways, slipped between the bed and the wall to set his down on his nightstand.

He crawled up next to me, resting his head on my shoulder, and pressed his stiff cock to my hip. Closing his eyes he took my dick back in his hand.

“I love how big this thing is,” he sighed as he lightly stroked it.

I had to admit that in his slender hand it did look considerably larger than it does in mine…and especially Bart’s. It was an arousing sight.

Taking another sip of coffee I smiled and said, “Drink up. I like a warm mouth.”

He sat up beside me and took his hard-on in one hand as he reached for his cup with the other. After several sips in a row he smiled and let go of his dick. He lifted my left hand to his mouth by my middle finger and slipped it in.

“Ah-h-h-h! Perfect!” I said, “Go get a condom from my travel bag.”

“Do you have to use one?” he pleaded, “I trust you, and the risk of HIV from giving oral is way low anyway.”

“Yes, I do. You only have to trust the wrong person once. Besides, HIV isn’t the only STD you have to worry about,” I told him.

I felt a sudden pang of guilt for my own careless conduct the day before.

“You’re right,” he acknowledged.

He scooted off the bed and went to the bathroom.

“There are some flavored ones in there if you like,” I called out to him.

He came back with a yellow tinted one and grinned, “I thought banana seemed appropriate.”

I laughed and he stared at my round paunch shaking as he climbed back on the bed.

“You have the sexiest belly!” he gushed, giving it a rub.

“I’m kind of attached to it, I’m awfully glad you like it,” I said.

He laughed and opened the condom, then set about rolling it on. Although he still struggled a little with the head, he showed much greater competency at the task than he had the night before.

“You’re already getting the hang of that,” I bragged on him.

“I still say you need a Magnum,” he replied, stressing his correct pronunciation.

“I’ll make a note of it,” I said and ruffled his hair.

“I want between your legs they way you were with me last night.”

“Good, that’s my favorite view.”

He looked proud, as though he’d just given a correct answer to a question in class.

I spread my legs and he crawled into position. Next I explained how I wanted him to hold me; with his thumbs under my balls while flattening his fingers against my pad to depress it.

My full length displayed and he waggled my dick from side to side before his smiling face. I couldn’t help laughing at his youthful fascination with it. He pecked my balls with a boyish kiss and blushed.

Opening wide, he slid his mouth over my cock till the condom nearly vanished, then loudly gagged.

“Easy there!” I said as I watched him violently recoil off me.

“Guess my eyes were bigger than my mouth!” he jested, tearing up a bit.

I laughed and then watched him sink back onto it more carefully. Cradling my cock head in the back of his mouth just shy of his soft palate he closed his lips around my shaft and began to gently nurse.

“Very good!” I encouraged him.

Seeing the unabashed pleasure he took in displaying my hard-on teeming from his lips, I felt on top of the world.

He secured them to my shaft and began noisily sucking in earnest, twisting his head around as he bobbed. His eyes clamped shut and he looked as cute as a puppy discovering its first chew toy. topkapı escort I laid a hand on the back of his head and enjoyed the show.

“Mmmmmhhh!” I sighed as my cock began flexing in his tight suction, “Your mouth feels SO-O-O good!”

He stayed on me with amazing stamina, skillfully varying the techniques I had demonstrated on him. It was as though he had a telepathic connection to the nerves in my dick.

He knew exactly when to go deep, when to maximize his suction, how to use his tongue and when to work his lips over my knob.

After quite a few minutes had elapsed he lifted his head off me and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Getting tired?” I asked.

“You do seem to last a lot longer than I did,” he sighed, looking a little defeated.

“Well, you were already close to coming when I started on you,” I consoled him, “I’ve had a lot more of these. And I’m a lot older so my trigger’s harder to squeeze. Be patient and hang in there. You’re definitely going to get me off at this rate.”

“Tell me this,” he said as he continued resting his neck, “I get why I’m pressing your pad down. You want to see your whole dick in my mouth. But why am I lifting your balls up with my thumbs?”

“Just a little trick I stumbled into several years ago,” I said, “It’s probably cheating, but when I get a man’s cock down my throat it makes it easier to press my chin to them. Men love that.”

His eyes went wide and his mouth dropped open.

“I might not be able to swing that on you…today, anyway,” he said in disbelief.

“You’ll get there,” I said with a grin as I guided his open mouth back down on me, “And when you do you’ll know what to do next.”

He went back to work. His neck had recovered enough that he successfully ramped up his game.

“More noise,” I coached him.

Sucking noises began to fill the air. He tightened his suction and bobbed more fiercely, giving me a stunning performance for his fist time out. As I watched him intently laboring on me my loins began to tingle.

He pulled up beaming and observed, “My thumbs under your balls makes it easy to tell when they start drawing up, too!”

“Loosen your lips and tease your throat on the head when that happens,” I instructed him.

I quickly guided his head back down to regain the momentum he’d established. He offered no resistance as I fitted him onto my cock head.

“Now, let me hear it! Let me hear it!” I panted as I locked my gaze on his display.

Again he obeyed. He gazed into my eyes looking blissfully submissive and soon my ears filled with the wonderful sound of his deepest recesses massaging my firm, rubbery glans.

The longer he stayed at it the more fearless he became. The more fearless he became the more rewarding the sensations he imparted to me.

“OH-H-H-H…HERE IT COMES!” I bellowed after a few minutes, easily loud enough to wake any neighbors we might have had.

He slid his hands up onto my belly and as soon as he felt me begin to convulse he removed me from his mouth to watch.

He stared in amazement as the reservoir tip inflated like a balloon while I pumped up my gusher of a morning load into it.

“You come buckets!” he exclaimed.

My jolting orgasm settled down and I felt proud watching him study my load as it crept down the condom around my shaft. He grinned up at me in admiration.

“Let me up and you can rest your neck on these pillows,” I told him, “You’ve worked hard this morning and you did a great job, young man!”

He rose up on his knees and beamed down on his accomplishment. I drew my legs up to swing around and sit on the side of the bed.

Walking toward me on his knees, he threw his arms around my neck and gave me a lingering kiss.

“You’re the best teacher ever!” he avowed when he released me, “I’ll never forget you for this!”

I slipped my arm around him and said, “Well, we all remember our first…it’s that second one that usually gets lost in the cobwebs.”

He laughed. I stood up and he fell on his back onto the pillows, playing with his erect cock as I walked away.

I went to the bathroom and pulled my condom off. Dropping it in the toilet, I took a noisy piss and flushed it all away. I dampened a rag and wiped my cock clean, then went back to join him.

Crawling up between him and the wall I rolled onto my back. I turned my head and watched him shift to face me.

His dick was harder than ever and I decided I had to relieve him before we could consider the encounter properly concluded. I started thinking how best to do it.

We hadn’t yet done anything to satisfy his curiosity about how strong I might be. I sensed that he wanted to experience some kind of playful show of physical dominance.

I slid my right arm between him and the pillows and then rolled his way to take him in a bear hug. Drawing him tightly to my body, I rolled onto my back again and dragged him up on top of me. He was laughing wildly.

His hard-on poked at my belly so I began undulating beneath him to stimulate it. He tried fatih escort to free himself as his laughter rang out, but only half-heartedly.

I tightened my grip on him with a force that surprised him. His eyes got big and he went momentarily silent before resuming his laughter.

Next I slid a hand down to the small of his back and pressed his dick to my belly. His laughter became nervous as the friction against it increased.

I laughed with him as he struggled in vain to free it from its pleasurable confines.

Lifting my hand from the small of his back I tightened my left arm around him and made a big show of sticking my middle finger in my mouth, liberally coating it in my saliva.

When I withdrew it he looked suspicious. I reached down and gently worked it into his rectum past the second knuckle. His shocked expression as it sank in and began to wiggle was priceless.

He didn’t know which way to go. Any attempt to escape the stimulation of my finger resulted in him grinding his cock on my paunch that much harder. Easing the stimulation to his hard-on required him to push his ass back onto my probing finger.

“I’ve got you now!” I growled with mock menace, “You’re trapped!”

He guffawed as he playfully pounded his fists on my shoulders. Suddenly he got a panicked look on his face.

“Oh, GOD! Matt! Please…stop! I think I’m going to come on you!” he begged.

I laughed more maniacally and doubled down from both sides.

“I know you are!” I told him, “Think I’m going to leave you high and dry after the top notch blow job you just gave me?”

He then realized his dilemma was my design and that there would be no escape from it. He stopped struggling and gave in to the intensely pleasurable sensations washing over him. He sank his fingers into my shoulders and began riding me with abandon.

He feverishly edged himself closer and closer to the orgasm I was determined to give him. Soon he buried his face in my bearded jowls.

After about a minute he began convulsing and I felt him slipping around on his viscous emissions as he squirmed atop my mounded paunch.

“That’s it!” I urged him, “Empty those balls!”

When his thrill finally subsided he went limp against me. Eventually he folded his arms around my neck and let out a sustained, deeply satisfied moan.

I chuckled.

I relaxed my left arm and let it simply lie on his back. He pushed himself up to look in my eyes, bracing his hands against my shoulders. The mixture of joy and surprise in his expression made me feel like an X-rated Santa Claus.

“Did we take care of that pesky hard-on?” I asked as I slowly pulled my finger out of his butt and gently patted it.

“You are so AWESOME!” he almost yelled.

I broke out laughing.

“Totally AWESOME!” he seconded himself.

“Yep!” I jested as I rolled him off me.

He watched as I smeared the hand I’d used on his ass in the coating of seed he’d left on my belly. I lifted it to his face and he pressed it to his mouth, licking my palm clean.

“You’re going to make some big bear a very happy man someday,” I bragged on him.

“He’ll have you to thank for it!” he beamed.

He then stared at me with a quizzical look in his eyes, still holding my hand to his lips.

“What brought all that on?” he asked.

I watched as he licked all my fingers clean but the middle one, which he couldn’t resist bringing to his nose for a whiff.

“I don’t know…I guess I just didn’t want to let you get away without showing you that safe sex doesn’t have to be sterile. It can be…nasty…messy…just plain fun,” I confessed.

“Lesson learned!” he said with a devilish grin.

“Let’s get a shower and go for breakfast,” I said.

I scooted off the foot of the bed and turned to let him admire my belly hair matted in his ejaculate.

“Come on,” I said.

We brushed and then I bent over the tub to start the water. He couldn’t resist playing with my balls and then I felt him lightly trace a finger up my crack.

It was difficult but I managed not to crack up when I looked over my shoulder at his reflection and saw him lift it to his nose. It was awfully damn cute!

We soaped each other up and rinsed off. He was especially thrilled when I offered up the trophy of my belly for him to clean.

We toweled each other dry and dressed. I laid the room key on the dresser and we left.

When I answered my door the night before he had skulked in looking the insecure boy he was. As we exited that morning I could see that everything about him had changed. He was walking out a confident and sexually experienced young man with his head held high.

We went across the street to a little cafe on the opposite end of the block from Trax and ate a couple of huge breakfast platters. When we were done he escorted me back across the street and gave me a bona fide bear hug as we parted company.

He looked to be on cloud nine as he swaggered off toward his apartment.

I, on the other hand, developed a sinking eyüp escort feeling in the pit of my stomach on the drive home. Testing for STDs from my lack of restraint at the bookstore would have to be done as soon as reliable results could be obtained.

I also knew I would have to confess my transgressions to Bart, both the unprotected oral I’d enjoyed and waking up to someone other than him in my bed. I wasn’t looking forward to that.

Once I got home I called his cell phone. He was on the job site when he answered but he was glad to hear from me.

The job had been a difficult one but he expected to wrap in time to be home by Wednesday. We arranged for me to drive up and take him out to dinner the following night.

When I arrived at his house he greeted me with one of his characteristic, bone crushing hugs. As he enfolded me in his big, furry arms his touch electrified me in a way no other man’s does.

I got a lump in my throat at the thought it might be the last one. What if my news shook his trust in me beyond his ability to find comfort in our decidedly non-traditional arrangement?

I managed to get us out of his house before any sex play could develop and, at the restaurant, I cleared the air about everything that had happened while he was away first thing.

He looked at me poker-faced and said, “You big dumbass.”

“I know,” I replied as I looked down at my food.

“Let me tell you about a man I met,” he continued.

My heart sank.

“I was at this party,” he began, “standing in the kitchen…feeling like the cock of the walk…being a pest…eating up the hors d’oeurves almost before the hosts could get them out to the dining table.”

His set up had a familiar ring to it.

“Thirty five years old and there I stood…work boots and a gimme cap sporting my company’s logo pushed back on my head…a tee shirt and ripped jeans, all chosen just the right size too small…showing just the right amount of belly…just the right sized lump in my crotch. Everybody was dressed in pretty much the same uniform, but I just knew I wore it like nobody else.”

I was a little confused by this trip down memory lane.

“In walked a man…a little older…maybe forty five. He had on a nice sport shirt…smart looking slacks that hung over his round haunches…patent leather loafers. It looked like he had walked into that party straight out of a…a…”

“Classroom?” I asked.

He snapped his fingers, “Exactly! He was dressed like nobody else…yet suddenly I felt self-conscious.”

He took a bite and chewed, pausing for effect. His expression revealed nothing to me at that point. I waited for him to continue.

“Maybe 300 pounds…about six feet tall…almost as thick as he was wide…round, but the only thing that gave that away was he had his shirt neatly tucked in.”

He paused again.

“Huge arms hung from his short sleeves. They rolled and rippled at the slightest movement of his fingers.”

He took another bite.

“His shirt draped over the contours it hid so that you couldn’t stop wondering about them. You just knew he had to be stronger than anyone you’d ever met.”

He stared at me.

“This guy was no bear…he was all man…and he carried himself like one…not a boorish oaf, just…a man who was completely comfortable in his skin.”

I let him go on, still wondering where he was leading me.

“He had this beautiful beard…soft looking, neatly groomed…reminded me of Steve Reeves in those Hercules movies…you know, if someone had stuck an air hose up his ass and blown him up like a balloon.”

I laughed at the mental image he’d conjured. He seemed to lighten up.

“He sure thought you were the handsomest thing he’d ever seen…even in that silly get up,” I said, filling in what I thought was an important gap.

We laughed together.

“For the first time in my life I knew I’d do anything that man wanted if he would just take me…anything,” his beautiful blue eyes bore into me, “If he expected me to be completely submissive then I was willing to go there as long as I got to experience him. He has that effect on everybody…and he’s oblivious to it.”

My heart swelled.

“I couldn’t believe my luck when I ended up getting him home,” he continued, “I got his shirt off and I’d never seen anything like him…meaty chest hugging a perfectly round belly…muscles everywhere…not bulging like a bodybuilder…just thick slabs of it that covered his body…like armor.”

I got a lump in my throat at his recollection of my former glory.

“I thought this potato-shaped dick of mine was going to break before he could get me out of my jeans.”

We had never shared each other’s memory of our meeting before. I was almost speechless at his.

“It was some work…they were spray painted on,” I contributed.

We laughed again.

“He got me under him on my bed and fucked the daylights out of me,” he said looking wistful, “I figured that was that…he was done with me. But no…when he saw how hard I was after he got done…he swallowed my cock to the root and mashed his chin to my balls till I came like a teenager!”

“Trust me, swallowing that ‘potato-shaped’ thing was no easy trick that first time!” I recalled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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