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Mike sat at his computer watching his messenger waiting for his Girlfriend to get home from work. He had just gotten home himself and opened his email to find a letter from her:

Dear Mike,

We have talked online for almost a year now and have been a couple using this and the phone for the last three months. Well I have some time off from work coming soon, and it just so happens to coincide with the start of your summer vacation. I was hoping that tonight when I log on we can discuss when and where we could meet, I know you have been wanting to for a time.

Hope you like this surprise! Talk to you tonight.

Yours Always,


He read the letter over again, smiling to himself. Summer break was coming up soon, It was his second year of college he was 21 and had taken a year off after twelfth grade to ‘find himself’. He met Natasha the last few months of his first year, it was finals week and he was online looking up some information and had gone into the chats to get some information straight from the source. “ReligiousPaths”, he had entered the room to attempt to question a few of the people on different beliefs in order to write a paper for his Psychology class. Natasha had been in there arguing with people about Paganism. Talking with her about her beliefs it was only natural that the conversation would move onto other things. It turned out that they had a lot in common and they clicked well.

However, the familiar ring of an instant message then interrupted his remembrance of the first meeting:

Natasha: Hey Sweetness! How was class?

Mike: Class was fine but lets skip all that, I’m excited about you coming here, and I want it as soon as possible! Where will we meet?

Natasha: I thought you would feel that way so I booked the flight in the day after your summer break starts, I have reservations at that Hotel you mentioned down the street from your apartment. We can either meet at the hotel or at your place.

Mike: You should stay with me! Cancel the reservations and stay here at my apartment with me.

Natasha: That’s sweet but the room I got has a Jacuzzi and well, I was hoping you would come and play with me in it.

Mike: Sounds good to me! I will pick you up at the airport, I have to go for now, early tests in the morning. I’m going to call you so get offline hun! LOVE YOU!

Natasha: Okay sweets!

She and He logged off and he called her, they discussed shortly when the plane would arrive and he wrote it down.

Time passed and the day finally came, Mike drove to the airport to pick her up. There she was standing 5’7 her perfect body and 36C breasts in a beautiful black dress with a slit riding Şanlıurfa Escort up both sides to her mid thigh, a black sweater clinging tightly to her. She smiled stepping to Mike and kissing him deeply, her brown eyes staring into his green ones with love and his in return. Her black hair pressed against his own black hair as she rested her head to his shoulder He smiled down to her, being 5’10 himself.

She whispered softly into his ear, “So, your place or mine?” she giggled a little as he smiled kissing her.

He chuckled softly, “Let’s start with the hotel love.” Natasha and Mike walked into the hotel room, Natasha hopped on the bed while Mike closed and locked the door.

She giggled looking around the room, “Nice room isn’t it?” The room was a moderately sized room, A king-sized bed rested against one wall a TV resting a few feet in front of it. A table was positioned a few feet from the bed across from an alcove like area where the Jacuzzi rested.

Mike smiled and laid down on the bed next to her, he smiled softly, “A very nice room.” He leaned over and kissed her, he was happy to finally be with his lover face to face. They sat there and cuddled softly, making very small talk before a soft silence took over.

Nighttime came softly outside and the single light shining in the room caused a soft dream like atmosphere. Looking to his lover Mike whispered, “Remember how we talked about, how will you know when its right to have sex for the first time?”

She turned her head to him softly, her smile coy, “Yes I remember, why?”

He smiled, “I feel like the time is right.”

She than smiled darkly at him, lifting his chin and kissing him softly, “I was waiting for you to offer.” She crawled off the bed softly looking to him. She laughed a little walking to her purse and pulling out a condom tossing it to him, “Lay back on the bed, keep that at your side,” she smiled at him moving to the foot of the bed putting one of her legs on the bed. The slit on the side of her dress parted softly allowing the fishnet stockings that had gone unnoticed before to be seen. Her legs where smooth and shimmering lightly under the stockings and she smiled as she pulled her sweater off her breasts resting in a tight fitting black bra as she watched him. She turned her back to him her black hair hanging across her back softly, the soft pale skin looking erotic in the soft light. She smiled softly slipping the dress slowly down her hips exposing the black thong below it lightly, “How bad do you want me Mike?” She paused in the slow disrobing of the dress to look back towards him.

Mike smiled softly looking at her his arousal very noticeable in Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan the pair of jeans he is wearing, “I want you more then you know my love.” She slide the dress down letting it drop to the floor, she turned to the bed and crawled across it towards him lightly and took his hand moving it to her thigh, letting it run over her fishnet stockings softly.

“Do you like how I feel my love?” She whispered softly as she kissed his neck.

He moaned softly closing his eyes for a moment, “Yes my love, you feel so good.” He shivered softly at the kiss. He moved his hands across her thigh to rub against the front of her panties. The smooth shaved mound below felt through the thin fabric.

She moaned, kissing and nibbling his earlobe, “Do you like it? I shaved just for you.” He smiled softly as he slid his hand into her panties teasing it across her soft smooth sex, her moan low into his ear as she pulled off his shirt. She reached back and undid her bra sliding it off she threw it to the side looking at him lightly, she giggled softly unzipping his pants, “Mmmm, I want to taste your hard cock.” He moaned hard reaching over to squeeze her breasts softly for a moment, rolling her nipple between his fingers a moment before she pulled his cock free.

Looking at her softly, he moaned out, “I love you Natasha.”

She grinned at him, “I’m going to show you how much I love you Mike.” She moved her lips down to surround his cock teasing her tongue softly around the head of it, his moans seemed to encourage her. She dropped her mouth to envelop his seven inches of flesh in her warm wet mouth. He moaned softly, playing his fingers through her hair softly as she moved her head up and down taking all of his manhood into her mouth. Her tongue pressed hard against the bottom of his cock as she started pumping up and down on his cock hungrily, she looked up to his face which was twisted in pleasure.

She paused for a moment, “Mike, cum in my mouth please I want to taste you!” she went back working him hard and fast. Mike moaned as he savored her warm mouth as it worked his hard cock, her soft hand playing with his balls softly. She stopped sucking for a moment, wrapping her hand around his cock pumping at it licking up its length she could feel him coming close to release. She sucked on the head of his cock pumping at him fast, moaning on his cock with desire, her wet sex dripping on the bed softly as she pumped hard at him. Mike moaned hard as he came into her mouth, she swallowed down his seed hungrily.

Moaning she stopped the sucking and pumping she brushed the condom off the bed grinning at him. “I want only you in me, I love you, Escort Şanlıurfa Fuck me Mike. Fuck me now!” she lay back on the bed sliding her panties off, the wet juices glistening across her smooth sex.

Mike watched softly, his cock stiffening up again from the sight of her wet mound offered out before him, he looked at her, “Are you sure?” he looked at her as he pulled his jeans off completely, pushing them off the bed.

She buried a finger between her sex’s lips, rubbing it in-between the wet folds, “Fuck Me now or finger me.”

Needing no coaxing beyond that Mike crawled over pressing his cock slowly into her eager sex, entering her he met resistance, he looked at her, “You’re a virgin?” She smiled and grabbed his hips pulling him into her hard, she moaned out loudly tearing up softly,

“It hurts so good! I love you Mike FUCK ME NOW!” She was nearly crying in need thrusting her hips up against his.

He smiled softly leaning down to kiss her neck, “I love you.” He started to pump his cock into her slowly at first, he pressed his hands against her hips so he was in control. She moaned out, her hips involuntarily pressing up against his hands as he rocked into her deeply. He slowly increased his speed, his cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy he let her hips go to allow her to match his speed.

She moaned out softly grabbing her breasts panting softly, “Oh gods Mike you feel so good, Fuck me harder please!” Mike started to pump against her faster as he moved a finger to play with her clit softly as he fucked her, her scream of pleasure told him she was enjoying it as he pumped faster against her, her body started to shiver softly, “Mike! Something’s happening!” Her hips started to thrust sporadically against him as she came, She cried out, “OH MY GOD MIKE IM CUMMING! CUM FOR ME MIKE CUM IN ME!” she was crying in desire and pleasure as he started to pump faster against her. Natasha’s hot juices dripped around his cock and down on his balls as he rocked into her, the sensation of her cumming and her hot juices on his cock threw him over the edge and he came in her hard grunting out as he did. She pulled him close kissing him hard and deep, his cock still in her she was panting and obviously worn out.

She moaned softly as he pulled from her, sighing she pulled him close snuggling tight, “I was saving myself for the right man, you’re the one for me Mike, I want to be with you always.”

Smiling he kissed her, “And I with you my Love.” She closed her eyes softly and fell into a baby like sleep holding his loosely. He stood lifting her up and put her under the covers of the bed and sat watching her for a few minutes admiring her as she slept. He wondered to himself whether to return to his apartment or stay with her. He decided to stay with her, he curled up next to her turning off the light. Light shone softly on them through the loose curtains on the window. He kissed her forehead lying down against her. Her arm wrapped around him lightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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