Interstate BJ

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Rolling down I-20 out of Weatherford Texas, I was watching for a truck stop to take a bathroom break and get a cup of coffee. Then I remember from traveling this road before that the old time West-N-Go was up around exit 278 in Abilene. It wasn’t much of a truck stop but out in the middle of nowhere it would work.

Swinging off the interstate and pulling up to the stop sign I could see the truck stop to my right. I waited for the one car coming and pulled around the corner and into the parking lot. Shutting down the rig, I jump down the ground and headed for the door.

Walking into the station I looked up to see a young gal with a streak of purple in her hair, smacking on a wad of gum and standing behind the counter talking on the phone.

“Bathroom,” I ask as she waved to the outside back of the station.

“You all need this” she yelled at me holding up a key hanging on the end of a ping pong paddle.

I family stroke porno hurriedly walked around the station to a door with black paint announcing . I started to put the key in the lock, turning the handle when I realized the door was already unlocked. I pushed it open to see a younger blonde woman in leather pants standing at the mirror combing her hair with her fingers.

“OOOPS sorry-excuse me.”

“No problem,” she said. “Almost done hun.”

I step inside and into a stall missing the door. Not real private but hell I wasn’t gonna wait any longer.

I started to use the urinal when I heard the door shut and lock. I looked around to see the woman coming up behind me. Fear set in as I did not want to be robbed. She reached out and put her arms around me. Not sure what was happening, she grabbed my cock and held it till I finished.

“What are you doing,” I asked? female taxi porno

“I’ll show you.”

I turn to face her and she still had my member in her hand.

“I know this will make you feel good.”

She started pumping my tool and it began to get hard. Once rigid she dropped to her knees, pulling my cock to her mounth.

She began kissing and licking it like an all day sucker she had purchased up front. Arching my back I leaned against the bathroom sink and closed my eyes.

She took my full erect throbbing cock and made it disappear down her throat.

Damn it felt so good I thougt to myself.

Her head started bobbing up and down my hard tool, turning my balls rock hard. I grabbed the back of her blonde head and started pumping her face first slow then with great force. The harder I pumped the more she groaned. This must have only last a few minutes female agent porno before I could no longer hold back and gushed a large white creamy load down her throat. My head got lite, my breathing was almost rasping. I pulled out of her mouth, pulling her to her feet and giving her a wet,deep kiss. I could taste my own sperm which even excited me.

I returned my cock to my pants as she turned and continue combing her hair with her fingers. Walking past her to the door I patted her on the sweet bottom.

“Thank you honey, that made my day!”

She turned to smile at me with one of those little girl smiles.

I took the key up front, handing it back to the cashier.

“You come back and see us hun” she said with a gleam in her eyes.

I got back up into my truck, started it up and was moving forward when a motorcycle with a guy and the girl in the leather pants went shooting by me. Tapping my air horn, they waved at me as they disappeared down the road.

What a way to start the day I thought.

Pulling back on the freeway,”Hell I forgot my coffee,” I said to myself. Oh well I thought. I need to stop here more often.

First erotic story I ever wrote and feedback is welcome.

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