Introductions Ch. 02

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Sheri opens her apartment door. My heart almost stops. My God My little honey looks delicious. From his/her woven bamboo open toe platform shoes and pink toe nails, to her robin’s egg blue mini skirt, to her white silk bare midriff blouse with the frill down the front, to her subtle makeup and pink lip gloss, to the powder blue scrunchie holding her blond hair in a pony tail.

He/she reaches up and wraps her arms around my neck. I told her to me for a long kiss. “We better get going. Another kiss like that and we’ll never get out of here.”

The old diner in the small town was still there. If we’d behaved Mom and Dad would stop there on the way home and get us hotdogs and pop.

A group of old guys were sitting at a table by the window. They watched us get out of my BMW, and followed us all the way to the counter.

“Look at them legs! They go all the way up and make an ass of themselves!”

“Oren, what would you do if a pretty little lady like that said ‘hi’?”

“Oh, I think I remember what to do.” Laughter from the table.

“Don’t pay them no never mind Hon. They’re harmless and deaf. They think they’re whispering. What can I get yous folks?”

Sheri got a chuckle watching the waitress flirt with me after bringing our coffees and butter tarts.

Another three quarter hour drive and we were there. The August First long weekend, My family cottage. Just me and my baby.

Sheri put the groceries away as I opened the shutters and turned on the water. I changed to my revealingly snug Speedo.

“Last one in is a rotten egg!”

Sheri chased me to the lake in a two tone blue vertically striped woman’s swim suit. We swam and frolicked in the refreshing water for a while.

On the deck I got out the tan cushions for the swinging couch, and we lathered each other with sunblock. I smoothed the white cream up Sheri’s smooth shaved legs. What’s this?

I pull the crotch of her swim suit aside and out pops her sweet little wienie. On my knees on the deck, her legs over my shoulders, I have her cock in my mouth.

“Mm, William!”

I lick the lake water off her shaved balls, then kiss and swallow her cock. So perfect. The warm sun, the waves rolling up the beach, a mouthful of my baby.

Sheri cums with a squeal. Good thing the cottages are well separated. I climb back onto the swing and we kiss and fondle. “Don’t go away, baby.”

Clamato, vodka, a dash of Tabasco in celery salt rimmed glasses, add a celery stalk, and there you have it. Cottage tradition, Caesars on the deck before making supper.

“To the long weekend.” We clink glasses and sip the spicy drink. Sheri strokes my thigh. We watch the gulls fighting over something on the water.

“You relax, I’ll let you know when to start the barbie.”

As she starts dinner I relax. I sip the last of my Caesar. Think how lucky I am. My family loves me just beyoğlu escort the way I am. I’ve a good job. And now I’ve found my true love.

“You can fire up the barbie any time, dear.”

Sheri’s voice pulls me out of my reverie. She’s changed into her yellow knee length sun dress with the box pleated skirt and ‘V’ neckline. She’s wearing her ‘Marilyn’ boobs. Medium size I guess you’d say. I don’t care either way, but she says they make her feel pretty.

Potatoes, sliced open and baked in foil with a slice of onion, a dab of butter and a sprinkle of garlic salt, strip loins, rare, and a salad. We eat at the table on the deck. A nice Niagara Region red wine to drink.

The breeze settles and the mosquitoes come out. We move inside and after doing the dishes sit in front of the fireplace on the couch. Too warm for a fire, but Sheri brought some scented candles, so we light one of them and set it on the grate.

“Want to watch a DVD Sheri? I brought your favorite, the one with the black body builder with the twelve inch..” Her finger touches my lips. Then her lips touch my lips. Then her tongue pushes into my mouth.

I’d dressed for dinner in shorts and my favorite ‘T’ shirt. Pink with white lettering.

“WE’RE HERE AND WE’RE QUEER. Toronto Pride Week 2013” Sheri always giggles when she sees it.

As we kiss her hand moves to my chest and she pinches my nipples through the material, then slides down and fumbles with my belt.

“I want desert, stud. Just lean back and relax, Sheri’s on the job.”


I lean back against the arm of the couch. One leg on the floor, one foot on the couch. Sheri sits sideways on the couch and kisses down. Her hair tumbles down onto my thigh. Her kiss is soft. Just the very tip. Her grip is firm. She licks up and down, then swallows. She pulls me back out of her sweet mouth and smiles up at me.

“Enjoying yourself handsome?”


“I thought so.”

Just my knob in her mouth. Her tongue flicks. She hums and swallows. I stroke her hair out of her eyes. Slowly she moves up and down. It’s like she’s adoring my cock. Up and down. Up and down. Slowly. Slowly. Then several quick bobs. Then slowly again.

I’m on the edge. My vision blurs. Then that glorious pulsing sensation as my sperm flows along my urethra. I cum and cum .

Sheri licks her lips. “Am I a good little cocksucker?”

“Baby, you are THE best. Ever!” She giggles, slides up and we kiss, sharing the gooey flavor.

We sit watching the candle flame flicker. Sheri cuddled under my arm. We realize we’re both fading. Time for bed.

Did I mention Sheri’s a clothes horse? She brought a big rolling suitcase for the weekend. I sleep naked in the warm weather. She comes to bed in a sweet see through, puff sleeve scoop collar white nightie that barely covers her tight little tush. I’m on my back and Sheri is snuggled sarıyer escort to my side as we fall asleep. Bliss.

Coffee. I smell coffee. Sheri is on the deck, mug in hand. “You missed a colorful sunrise Mister Stud.” A ‘good morning’ kiss. We sit holding hands and sipping coffee until the sun rising over the lake gets too bright.

I put on my pink T and speedo then start breakfast. Sheri changes to a tiny pink bikini. Her stuff bulging the bottom invitingly. Over it she’s wearing a floor length blue printed robe of light nylon. She makes a point of moving so it swirls, the front drifting open to reveal the snug little boy underneath.

“You look very elegant in that, Sheri. Elegant and sophisticated.”

“Why thank you, darling.” She twirls around before sitting, her hem flaring out. I bet she’s been practicing that in front to her mirror at home. I can see I said just the right thing.

After breakfast she drops her robe over the arm of the couch. “I think it’s time for a swim.” She wiggles her cute little butt to the lake. I follow, enjoying the view. I strip off my T and we’re soon splashing in the warm water.

Lunch. Beers and sandwiches on the deck. Sheri’s lunch outfit. Three inch rhinestone studded open toe stilettos, a very mini snug spaghetti strap creme sundress. No makeup. No boobs. She does have a ‘Dolly” set, but only wears them to the monthly ‘Drag Queen Night’ at the Pink Mink. I move behind her chair and stroke down from her shoulders. So smooth. She’s got the body of a twelve year old boy. I stroke her hair to her left and kiss her right ear. “Let’s go for a walk, There’s a hiking trail along the old rail right of way just up the road.”

Sheri changes to pink trainers, very short denim shorts and a white sleeveless T with a butterfly in sparklies on it’s front. I wear tan cargo shorts and a green T.

We don’t have the trail to ourselves. After a bit we meet a couple coming the other way. They stop and ask if there’s a place to get a cold beer along the way (no), and we chatted a bit before going our separate ways. When they were out of hearing range, we laughed, imagining their conversation. The wife answering her man. “Yes dear, they’re gay.” “No dear, I don’t think they have AIDS just because they’re gay. “No dear, I wasn’t afraid.”

Back at the cottage we had a swim to cool off. (Her one piece.)

Caesars, Sheri back in her yellow sundress with her boobs. Footlongs, salad and beers. We watched some forgettable TV movie. Sheri changed to a sleeveless red satin nightie with thin shoulder straps and a hem just above her knees. “Bedtime my stud.”

There’s a little foil pack and a tube of lube on the bedside table. Mm!

As soon as I’m stripped and into bed Sheri is kissing me frantically. Her hand ruffles the hair on my chest and she pinches my nipples. She licks my right ear. “My little cunt is feeling neglected maslak escort Mister Stud. Giggle.” Sheri kisses my neck as I reach for the Trojan. She takes it from my fingers. “Allow me, Sir. Giggle.”

Lots of kissing and fondling as she rolls it down my woodie.

“Just lay back.”

Kneeling either side of my knees she picks up the lube and puts a big dollop on her left palm. Her right hand pulls up the hem of her nightie. Her left hand moves to her behind. I know where she’s spreading the slippery handful.

Her sweet sexy smile. Her little pink tongue moves around her lips. She whips her nightie over her head.

Turning around. her back is to me. Her left hand grips and guides my cock into her butt cunt. So tight. So, ah, there, in! I watch her cute little ass sink down onto my cock. So snug. So smooth. She makes a sweet little moan. I do too.

Her hands are on my knees. Her feet on the mattress either side of my shins. She lifts her ass, almost out, then slowly back down. Again and again. Slowly, with a little wiggle. Slowly up, then plunging down. Again and again. The lube. I put a dollop on my right hand and reach around for her cock. I stroke her in time with her thrusts.

“Oh God. Oh God. Sheri. Oh!” I let go, pumping cum into her tight little boy cunt. She squirts and squirts in my grip. I feel her cum landing on my leg, and hear her sweet squeal.

Lifting my knees I wrap my arms around my baby, and still deep inside I pull her back, to lie on my chest. I run my hands from her shaved velvety balls to her hard pink nipples. I nuzzle her neck. She turns her head and we kiss. We roll on our side and cuddle. I gradually shrink.

We cuddle in a tangle and whisper into each other’s ear. This is beyond just sex, it’s total immersion in each other’s being.

Coffee on the deck. I’m wearing my Speedo. Sheri is wearing a long white satin robe with a wide satin sash. She pulls my arm over her shoulder and snuggles close.

“Swim and a suck before breakfast, Stud?”

The water is refreshing. We towel each other dry. I spread my towel out on the sand.

On my back. Sheri’s cock in my mouth. So erotic. Her beautiful talented mouth sends shivers up my body as she kisses and swallows my cock. Her cock is a prefect little snack. I grip her tight little buns and enjoy the hard treat in my mouth. Simultaneously we pick up the pace I want to please my little honey so much. She cums, and in a swallow I do too.

“Giggle. That was so wicked William! Right out in plain sight. Imagine if anyone came strolling down the beach? More coffee?”

Is she running out of clothes? She changes to her yellow sundress (with boobies), Her sparkley spike heels and red red lipstick. Jewelry too. Diamond stud earrings and a thin silver chain necklace. I make a quick trip to the bedroom.

“Those earrings are Pretty.”

“What? These?” Sheri brushes a lock of her hair back from her left


“Know what would set them off just right?”

“No, what?”

I open my palm. “This diamond ring.” I slip to my knees. “Sheri, will you marry me?”

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