Is A Friend Indeed

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If you have not read my first story, “A Friend in Need”, I recommend you do that first!

A few months have passed since my dream about Deanna, our secretary, and I had never told her about it. She has since separated from her husband but is still having some emotional problems as they try to work things out. On Thursday she was in a pretty good mood.

I said something to her jokingly and she replied, “Bite my booty!”

I told her to be careful what she asks for; I just may take her up on it. For the rest of the day I was kidding her about it, asking if she likes big hard bites or soft nibbles. She told me she likes soft nibbles followed by a big hard bite. I threatened to follow through and she was squirming. Since the “dream” I have toned way back on teasing her (in a sexual manner) … until now.

Deanna half-heartedly complained, “You know it’s really not fair to tease me like this, I haven’t had sex since March!”

Now it was my turn to squirm and turn a bit red and I usually don’t embarrass easily. She told me she was going to be all alone for the Father’s Day weekend and was trying to get a bunch of her girlfriends to come over and have a masturbation party while floating around naked in her pool. She said unfortunately none of them could come so she would just have to get out some toys and have her own party!

Well, she had me going now and my face was feeling pretty warm. Anyway, the day was over, we both left, and I didn’t really gave it another thought. Looking back at it now, I wonder what was going through her mind that evening…

The next morning, casual Friday, she came in wearing a fairly short black skirt with flat shoes, no stockings, white tank, and denim over shirt.

“Someone sure is dressed for booty biting today,” I remarked

With a big smile and a twinkle in her eye, Deanna said, “Yeah, maybe I am. Just don’t start with me today.” Then she glared at me and added, “I told you I haven’t had sex since March and I’m not sure I can take too much after your teasing yesterday.”

Well, I have to admit, that those statements got my pulse moving and shifted my perverted mind into overdrive. My face started getting warm so I retreated to my office.

As I sat working at my computer a thought suddenly dawned on me, “If she is ever going to see the story I wrote about my dream, this is the day!” I was a bit apprehensive about all of it, well paranoid actually what with all the crap you read about sexual harassment. So, I emailed Deanna a password-protected copy in PDF format with a note that it would give her an early start on her weekend. You know, masturbation party and all, yeah right.

I was really busy most of the morning running around more than usual addressing problems. Every time I passed by Deanna I clicked my teeth together to make a chomping sound. This got me a little giggle and a “Stop that!” comment. Well I was now in full tease mode and hatched a plan to really get her going.

I got a PC projector, hooked it up to one of my monitor cables, and was able to get a nice 70” screen up on my front office wall. I got everything set up and with lights out and blinds closed, tested out a really hot, 23-minute DivX clip from “The Voyeur

4” with Lisa Bella and Eric Leroi.

I got an email from Deanna asking for the password but ignored it, she was definitely curious! I knew Deanna was taking off early around 1:30 for a hair appointment. I had already agreed to tell any one looking for her that she simply had “an appointment” she needed to get to.

I finally got done running around about noon and stopped at her desk. Deanna asked me, “So… what’s the password?”

I told her it was a story I had written and she could read it if she promised not to get mad at me. I typed in the password and told her I would think about giving it too her later. Deanna started reading; I was feeling a bit embarrassed and headed back to my office.

A little while later I went back out to check on her progress. Deanna was looking a bit warm herself by now and just said, “OH MY GOD, this is really hot! Is this like a fill-in-the-blanks thing or did you really write this?”

I assured her I wrote the story and Deanna announced softly, “Well it’s got my heart really going and it’s getting me really wet!”

I said, “Yeah, right.”

Deanna replied, “I’m serious, my pussy is almost dripping – I’m gonna have to move to the edge of my seat if I don’t want to make a mess!”

Her chest was really rising with excitement and her heartbeat was literally making her big, luscious tits quiver to her pulse. I was getting a little hot myself and thought, “Whoa, Deanna is really going to freak when she sees the clip I have queued up for her in my office!”

Deanna finished reading story and asked, “Was that a real dream you had of me?”

When I assured her it was in every detail, she commented, “Damn, that really is THE HOTTEST thing I have ever read, I think you should publish it.”

“Really?!” I asked in surprise.

“Oh yeah, I’ve never read anything that has ever ankara escort got me this wet before!” she cooed. Then she asked “And, by-the-way, how did you know some of this stuff about me?”

“Like what?” I asked.

Deanna just looked at me with this big grin and replied, “Oh, nothing…”

After this last exchange I was almost in a panic. I thought well she’s really trying to get the best of me. Upping the ante, I calmly said, “Well your weekend send-off is not quite complete – you need to check out something in my office.”

I half expected it to end there. In her apparently heightened state of arousal from reading my story she jumped up from her chair with a big smile and said, “OK!”

I ushered Deanna into my office and I sat her down in the seat I had arranged for her. I closed my door, and turned off the lights. While I suspect she thought I would have some porn to show her, I think the projector caught her by surprise.

She asked demurely, “Oh my God, what do you have planned now?”

When she realized it was movie time but on a really big scale I think Deanna started having second thoughts. Always worried about getting caught, Deanna whispered, “We shouldn’t watch this here, what if someone comes in, we’ll really get in trouble.”

I assured her that it was lunchtime, bunches of people were out of the office, and no one would be disturbing us – where upon I started the clip in full screen mode in all it’s big screen glory.

“Deanna, it’s been a really long time since we watched a porno together and I thought you just might enjoy this clip today!” I remarked.

Other than heavy breathing, Deanna’s first reaction to the clip was, “Wow, I definitely want a copy of this! But turn the sound down really low. I don’t want anyone to hear this.”

“Yep, no problem” I assured her.

A little over 3 minutes into the clip the onscreen action was getting really intense with Lisa being slammed from behind with extreme close-up shots. Deanna started to sort of whimper.

“Deanna, what did you mean before about how did I know those things about you in the story?” I asked her.

She replied, “Well, the stuff about me trimming my pussy, the way I cum, how hard I cum, my nipples.”

“I don’t know, it was just part of the dream. I mean, I have no way of really knowing any of that stuff,” I explained.

As we continued watching, Deanna was breathing heavily and was starting to get this distant dreamy look on her face.

“I think we really should stop this, I really can’t take it much more of it!” she pleaded.

I simply asked, “Why?”

“Well, my pussy is so wet it’s starting to drip. I’ll get a big, embarrassing wet spot on the back of my skirt that will go through to your chair!” Deanna explained.

“Sure… after reading a story and watching about 3 minutes of a porn clip, you want me to believe you’ve soaked through your panties and are starting to drip on the chair?” I quipped.

Deanna’s eyes got big and she shot back, “No silly, that’s just it… I’m not wearing any panties today!”

Ah, huh! I saw the game she was playing. Trying to out-tease her teaser.

“Oh your not, huh? O.K., show me!” I calmly commanded.

Deanna smiled sweetly and asked, “So, you REALLY want to see my pussy? Huh?”

I shot back, “If your not wearing panties, sure, why not?”

Before I could react further, Deanna scooted forward in her seat, spread her legs, and pulled her skirt up over her belly!

There I was… mouth fallen open, wide-eyed… staring at a beautiful trimmed pussy covered with what appeared to be a very short, soft, light brown fur. I also couldn’t help but notice Deanna’s flawlessly smooth tanned thighs. She used to joke with me about going home and “laying out nekked.” As I studied her legs and pussy, I noticed the tan continued without interruption to her soft, smooth belly. I suddenly realized, teasing aside, she’d always been telling the truth about this shit!

She has really meaty outer lips that cover the inner fold of her pussy, but I could clearly see that she was pretty juiced up and fully aroused! I looked up at her face and her expression was one of urgency and anticipation.

I was hooked and was being reeled in! I started to act on autopilot, inexorably drawn by her wet, downy quim!

MY GOD, Deanna’s pussy really was just like in the dream!

Suddenly, I felt detached, overwhelmed, electrified – my heart raced, my breathing quickened. It has been over 23 years – more than half my life – since I have touched a pussy other than my wife’s! I departed reality and was floating – everything seemed somehow surreal as I quickly reached for Deanna’s luscious pussy. There would be no going back. No force on earth could stop this line from being crossed! My pheromone-addled brain was taking over – I was like a moth being drawn to its death in a bright flame.

I brushed across Deanna’s swollen cunt lips lightly with my fingers and the short hairs were even softer than they looked. She sunk down lower in the chair, pushing her pussy escort ankara onto my fingers. Her face contorted, she whimpered softly, bit her lower lip, and let her head drop back.

As I gently stroked her engorged inner lips and clit all I could say is, “Deanna, you have the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen!”

“You like?” she replied dreamily

“Oh yeah, I LIKE!” was my only response.

I pushed past her labia and thrust into her tight pussy first with one, then 2 fingers. I could feel her cervix fairly low in her vagina and that could mean only one thing: she was ovulating. Being at the peak of sexual receptiveness and a slave to her hormones, no wonder she showed me her pussy simply because I asked to see it!

As I continued to probe, she gasped and squirmed whimpering “Oh my God. Oh my God” over and over again as I found her G-spot and went to work on her in earnest.

Almost instantly, she came hard on my hand for the first time and just stared down at me longingly. Deanna then began moaning a low continuous moan and bit down on her lower lip.

As the juices flowed, her intoxicating scent filled the air. Deanna’s pussy smelled fantastic and she was just getting wetter and wetter. Her pheromones were wreaking even greater havoc on the reptilian center in my brain! No inhibition remained in either of us. All logic and reasoning was now lost to primitive wanton urges and raw desire.

We paid no attention to the clip that was still playing. Unbelievably, only a few minutes more had passed!

My tongue longed to explore her engorged labia and excite her clit. I had to taste her; taste the juice that was running down off my ever-busy fingers. It was as if her soaked, pulsing pussy commanded me as it rhythmically contracted on my fingers!

Unable to delay the inevitable, I leaned down from the side and attacked her pussy with my mouth. All the while, continuing the G-spot massage with my fingers. As I licked her pussy and sucked in her sweet juices I mumbled, “Deanna, you have the best tasting, most delicious pussy I have ever eaten!”

Deanna responded with nothing more than short, sharp breaths and quiet moans of ecstasy.

I reached up with my right hand and played with her surprisingly firm and more than ample tits. I found her growing nipples through her top and bra and tweaked them hard. As I reached into her right cup from above and began playing with her long nipple, Deanna began panting. Then she firmly grabbed on to my leg, and then more gently started rubbing my butt.

Deanna’s head was once again thrown back and she just said, “Harder, harder,” and began moaning a bit louder.

Overwhelmed from my stimulation, Deanna started shaking and came really hard, experiencing orgasm number 2 (if not 3). She seemed to maintain a continuous orgasm for a while until I ended my ministrations and gave her a break. Having played with nipples, I had to see her huge tits in their natural state. I had a primal urge to suckle.

As I pushed up her top, she began to help with an expectant look on her face. Without hesitation, she popped her left breast out of her bra for me to sample. I was awed…

HOLY SHIT, they were just like in the dream too! I massaged the soft, smooth flesh (yep, also tan). Then I started playing with Deanna’s nipples and they really responded.

“These are just how I pictured them!” I observed.

Deanna breathily said, “Yeah?”

As I’m inspecting her erect left nipple, which is as big around as a finger and almost 2 inches long, she pulls my head to her tit to suckle. Now, I love sucking tits almost as much as pussy. Whoever came up with that “more than a mouthful is wasted” crap really has no clue.

I went to town on her nipple alternating hard and soft sucking, raking its length lightly with my teeth, and flicking it with my tongue. The next thing I know my head was being held more firmly while Deanna started cumming again really hard with nothing more than nipple stimulation!

Just as she started to relax, I reached down, found her clit with my free hand and immediately got her to cum hard again. I pulled away from her having given her about 5 orgasms in not many more minutes! Reality was now exceeding the dream!

Deanna caught her breath and sighed, “I think we better stop now.”

While logic was trying to assert itself, her face still gazed at me with a look of wanton desire.

“You know,” I offered, “this was all at a sort of really awkward angle for me and I’d really like a chance to get a really good look at that beautiful pussy of yours.”

Grinning, she demurred softly, “Well… I guess that would be O.K.”

We scooted her chair sideways so I could get down between her legs. I stroked her smooth legs and she opened them wide giving me an unrestricted view of her charms – still flowing with juice and fully aroused. The spectacular view straight into her gaping cunt rendered me powerless at that moment. I was once again drawn to her wet slit like a doomed star to a back hole. I planted my mouth firmly on her pussy ankara escort bayan and went wild on her clit, once again making her cum hard on my mouth.

Deanna’s juices were once again in full flow. Lost in a torrent of our combined desire, I could have drunk up her heavenly nectar forever. MY GOD… this woman was on FIRE!!

I found her G-spot again and within seconds she was shaking, moaning, and having another mind-blowing orgasm. Her clit was throbbing and her pussy lips pulsed on my tongue. I greedily lapped up her copious she-cum as her orgasm continued unabated.

Just like in the dream, I never new anyone who could cum so easily, often, and hard. Deanna was like some kind of fucking orgasm machine. My friend of several years was truly a sex goddess!

I slowly withdrew and sat back in my chair just looking at her. Deanna for her part just sat there, slumped down, legs wide open with her seeping pussy on display; but still with a look of longing on her face that went straight to my core. I was breathing hard, trying to recover all my senses. I shut off the movie clip (It had not yet finished) and we started to relax in Deanna’s orgasmic afterglow. All of the above took place in no more than about 10 minutes. HOLY FUCK! It was like the dream on speed!

With my goatee and nose drenched with her juice, Deanna sat up, leaned forward, and initiated a long soft French kiss. As our tongues delicately danced, I was experiencing a different level of intimacy than I had with the raw sex that preceded it. I wondered if Deanna liked the inescapable taste and smell of herself as much as I did? As we broke the kiss I wiped my face and then sucked the thickly coated juices off the fingers of my left hand and observed, “Mmmmm, tasty!” I sighed with satisfaction and gave her another quick kiss.

Deanna followed with a feisty, “OOOH, you are such a bad boy!” Then in a soft, concerned tone asked, “Are you O.K.?”

“Yeah I’m fine, and you?” I asked in return.

She just took in a deep breath and sighed, “Yeah…”

“Well Deanna, I guess we really crossed the line now!” I thought aloud.

Still with a concerned look on her face, Deanna said, “Yeah we did.” Then brightening, she added in a lilting voice, “But like you said in your story – eatin’ ain’t cheatin’.” We just sat there looking at each other with shit eating grins.

In most normal stories, this is the part where we progress to raging hard-ons, etc. etc. But NOOOOO, not in this tale.

Through all of this in the office, dangerous experience, my dick laid low. I barely managed an unrespectable soft-on! It was if sex was the furthest thing from my mind for the last 15 minutes. Unfortunately, just like in the story!

Deanna still sat there and was again looking at me longingly – not knowing what, if anything, to do next. She asked if I had any reaction going on and I said, “You know me, able to maintain with perfect decorum! But I should check to make sure.”

I reached down my pants and found a lot of wetness from my leaking pre-cum. There’s nothing like a soft dribbling cock – sort of like a drooling old man – interesting, but not of much use.

With a renewed gleam in her eye, Deanna asked, “Pre-cum?”

I replied with an enthusiastic, “Oh yeah!”

I think I can safely say we had both regained some powers of reason and probably should have stopped at this point. To attempt anything more would be dangerous, however, I sensed there was still some curiosity on Deanna’s part. After all, she had completely opened herself to me but the exchange was really all one sided. While Deanna is separated, in continuing I faced the most potential complications in what is an otherwise solid marriage. We really do value our friendship, but I had come this far and decided, yes, I wanted more of Deanna.

So, as Deanna continued the sit passively: I reached out, took her hand, and placed it on my semi-flaccid, jeans-covered crotch. Deanna’s lightly bit her lower lip and her face once again took on a distant, dreamy look. She started rubbing my balls and dick though my jeans and was just starting to get a rise out of me. Deanna’s taking control of me was definitely turning her on.

Rubbing harder and leaning in close to me she said, “Maybe he would feel better if I could rub him up and down my wet slit a little.”

Those words were all it took and my dick started to twitch and get a lot harder! Deanna cooed, “Ooooh, you better get that thing out of your pants while you still can.”

We were quickly being consumed by a re-ignited lust. Logic would not reassert itself after all. Reason was once again lost to our rising primal urges. The new line we tried not to cross vanished and the ultimate line lay tauntingly just ahead.

With that realization, I stood up, zipped down and fished my still growing cock out. As soon as it was freed, Deanna got wild-eyed and attacked it with her mouth like her life depended on it. She almost instantly sucked me hard and it felt so intensely good I began to twitch and my legs just began to buckle under me. I couldn’t keep standing upright. My dick now fully erect, I sat back down and Deanna just looked at me longingly without saying a word. Her last bit of restraint quickly slipping away, she wanted my cock and I was going to let her have it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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