Is Sex So Beautiful!

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The erotic literature cannot provide much originality in the description of the sex act itself beyond a particular level. It is the development of situation leading to such acts that is the literary input. One important ingredient of developing such a situation is the element of surprise or the ingenuity with which a situation is created, even artificially, to lead to the sex act with wife/husband, with friends of wife/husband, with a group of people, with family members causing it to be incest, with unwilling partners and so on. I therefore decided to describe the development of such situations with particular stress on the element of surprise. In some cases they were true situations based on information shared by friends. As these do cover foreplay, exploration of each other’s bodies and sex with different women, I would place them under ‘erotic coupling’, but the first one being a description about the first time could have been placed in that category. Sexual description is not aggressive but is presumed to be beautiful, as it should be. I hope you would like this first submission in this series.

Unlike in western countries, most of the boys and girls in towns and villages here still do not indulge in sexual acts at school level. Many girls and a few boys are virgin until they are married. I was studying in a professional college and even though I fantasized about sex, I was still a virgin. I used to visit a cousin of mine in the town during weekends primarily to have ‘home food’ as the hostel food was bland and tasteless. On one such weekend I happen to visit them about midday. The door was locked from inside so I knocked a couple of times. The delay in opening the door indicated that my cousin’s wife might be taking a bath. I was planning to come later when she opened the door slightly to find out who the visitor was. Seeing me she asked me to come in. I closed the door and as I turned I saw bursa sınırsız escort that she was really taking a bath and had wrapped a towel to open the door. The towel did cover her breasts and buttocks, the two parts I used to eye whenever I visited them. She had a well-proportioned body as I had seen her many times with no bra under her blouse or housecoat. She did notice that my eyes were fixed towards her assets. She smiled and said that she will complete her bath and in the mean while requested me to make some tea.

I was busy preparing tea when she called for me from the bathroom asking for the other towel from her bedroom as this one had become wet. I was familiar with the house and took another towel that turned out to be not as large as the one she was wearing. She asked me to hand over the towel and I deliberately tried to have a peep inside. I found her standing naked giving me a sideways look at her beautiful left breast. I turned about pleasantly shocked by what I saw. Soon she came out but this time the towel covered her only from nipple level to just the upper thigh. Further it just about wrapped her body. I was excited and badly wanted to see more of her. The tea was ready so I deliberately offered her the cup fully realizing that she would not be in a position to hold it without risking a show of her body. She looked at me and said, “It looks you are dying to see me drop the towel to take the cup from you.” I stammered that it was not so and offered to put it on the dining table in the room. She, however, decided to take the cup and some how managed to hold the towel in place. My disappointment was easily visible although I discretely turned my face away.

What I heard next hit me like a bombshell. She was saying behind me to hold her towel till she finished the tea. I was speechless as I turned and saw her holding the tea in one hand and her towel in the other bursa üniversiteli escort with her naked body in front of me to see and admire. I extended my hand without leaving my eyes from her beautiful breasts and took the towel. She coolly sipped her tea and asked me to do the same otherwise it would get cold. I reluctantly started to sip the tea. We were still standing in front of each other and my eyes stole a glance at her pussy that was covered with dark black hair. AS she finished her tea she handed back the cup to me and started to walk to her bedroom for dressing. This provided me a long look at her round and smooth buttocks. My cock for the first time was hard and poking at my pant zip excited not by just a thought of sex but by actually seeing a the breasts, pussy and buttocks of a naked lady. My hand moved to it not knowing whether to soothe it or play with it.

I was so engrossed that I did not hear her coming back. Another bombshell hit me. She was standing behind me wearing her housecoat and said, ” Let me do it for you”. With that she moved her hand down, unzipped my fly and took out my cock and started to move her fingers over it. This development was so unexpected but I did not want to loose this moment at any cost. My hands moved to her face and I pulled her to me and kissed her lightly but for a long period of time. I had kissed other girls but did not go all the way. She was continuing to play with my cock, which now was extended like a pole in front. She said that she was waiting for an opportunity for this as she had seen my cock while I masturbated in the bathroom during my previous visits and was keen not only to handle it but also to taste it and eventually to make it enter her. All this talk was making me so excited that I blurted out that I was still a virgin. Her eyes brightened to hear this and she said, bursa anal yapan escort ” Then it would be my privilege to make a man out of you!”

She pulled me with one hand to her bedroom without taking away the other hand from my cock. I had put one hand around her and was holding her left breast from top of the housecoat. She sat down at the side of the bed and pulled my shirt, pant and underwear in one go. She stood up and threw her housecoat away. She stood up and kissed me, as I had never experienced a kiss before. Her tongue moved inside my mouth and I did the same to her mouth. Her both hands were playing with my cock. My hands had moved to her breasts. I lightly pinched her nipples and bent down to kiss them one by one. My one hand next moved down to her pussy while the other caressed her buttocks and also pulled her to me. My cock was almost touching her pussy. Suddenly she sat down and took my cock in her mouth. She moved her tongue up and down my cock sending a shiver in me. I pressed her head to my crotch. I pulled her up as I felt I would not be able to control myself further. It was my turn to bend my knees and for the first time saw a woman’s pussy from close quarters. I played with the public hair and kiss her clit, which caused her to cry out. She pulled herself away and climbed the bed lying on her back that gave me a full size view of her marvelous body. I again kissed her pussy and mouth. She asked me to sit in between her extended legs. My hard cock was ended in front. She looked at it and said that for a young man like me the length was pretty impressive. She held it and placed its tip at the entrance of her cunt. I was too excited and impatient to enter her. Realizing this she guided its tip inside and asked me to enter her fully but in a slow motion. I did as ‘tutored’. Soon I reached the very depth of her. I started to move in and out in a slow but determined motion. Encouraged by her calling out ‘Fuck me’, ‘Give it to me’ and so on, I increased the speed of my in-out motion. Suddenly she shouted ‘Now’ ‘Come on’ ‘Now’ I increased the speed more and soon I filled my first woman with cum while she cried out in unison and became very tense which she explained later that it was her orgasm.

Thus I became a MAN.

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