Isabella’s Reversion Pt. 05

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Note from the Author:

This is a story about ABDL. The first word being Adult. All sexual encounters center around Adults, above the age of 18. This story also contains BDSM, plushophilia, watersports, and various other fetishes. For those that are grammar freaks, please don’t comment on my improper grammar use. I could care less. At least it doesn’t have LMAO or IAMO. I do ask for all to comment on their thoughts of the story, but don’t down any fetish or other things you may not like to do or not do. Thank you again, and please enjoy!


As the morning sun awoke Isabella, she heard a slight fart coming from the backend of Jade’s diaper, as her little soft snores continued. Knowing Jade never farted without a baking a fresh brownie, Isabella lifted the sheets just enough to see the backend of Jade’s diaper, watching as her knowledge of Jade was proven right.

“You really do enjoy it, don’t you sissy,” a groggy Jade softly said.

“I do. I can’t decide between having you open presents, or fucking you and licking you clean.”

“It’s ready?”

“Yes, but I do really need coffee first,” Isabella told Jade.

“Sounds perfect. We can both pump while we enjoy coffee. So we don’t leak while having fun.”

Jade made both of them coffee, knowing Isabella’s preference for breastmilk and sugar, while Isabella grabbed the dual battery operated breast pumps from upstairs.

Isabella and Jade slid in the other’s flanges into the bras nipple openings, as they kissed, then enjoyed their coffee and a cigarette.

Isabella couldn’t help herself from grabbing a plushie from the couch, and putting it beneath her diaper, as she enjoyed the sensations the breast pump were sending to her clit.

“Does breast pumping make your clit twitch also,” Isabella asked Jade, enjoying the plush bunny beneath her own diaper.

“All the time. It is even worse when someone enjoys it fresh though,” Jade admitted.

“It seems, if possible, I am actually even hornier now,” Isabella admitted.

“It is. I am constantly horny all day long, because most of the time my nipples are sore or being pumped, and in between they hunger for attention.”

“But alot of times you can’t play with you breast or you leak,” Isabella asked.


Jade had already changed out both her bottles and they were half full, by the time Isabella needed to change out hers.

“You also produce the most in the mornings. I do about four to five bottles worth,” Jade explained to Isabella.

By the time coffee was enjoyed, and breast were pumped, Isabella had filled three bottles.

“You just put the time and date with a dry eraser on the bottles you put in the fridge. But I know both of us are going to enjoy a couple of yours.”

“Sounds wonderful.”

“Do you want a sippy cup,” Jade asked, as she emptied one of Isabella’s bottles into one for herself.

“Please,” Isabella replied, as Jade handed her a pink sippy cup.

“Does anyone ask you about a mysterious baby,” Isabella asked.

“Quite a bit. I just reply she is four,” Jade said smiling with four fingers held up.

As they entered the playroom, Jade found a huge, a large, and a medium present wrapped in pink satin finished wrapping paper that had white pacifiers all over it.

“We both have the same, but my stuff is in the closet,” Isabella explained.

Jade quickly began ripping off the paper off of the biggest one, as Isabella sat on the floor still enjoying the plushie she had been humping, while working her breast through her bra.

Jade pulled out a jumbo pink shaggy teddy bear with white padded feet and arms from the first present.

It was wearing black satin under the bust corset with thick satin shoulder straps. The corset showed off the D cup size breast that had white satin areolas and erect nipples. Jade couldn’t help but to massage them to find they were silicone breast forms and that the stitching was hidden.

It looked like the teddy bear had dark pink eyebrows with black eye shadow, and full red lips made of satin, that had a slight part to them.

As Jade’s finger roamed over the lips, she pressed the parted lips with her middle finger to find it actually went in all the way. She also noticed when she added her index finger the opening stretched to accommodate both fingers.

“So we can put a dildo while humping our cunny’s,” Jade softly noted to herself.

“Or we can also watch Jennifer get a blowjob,” Isabella added in a sensual teasing voice.


As Jade continued looking down to find a pink and black plaid silk school girl skirt that went down to mid thigh, she noticed it was poking out. So Jade lifted the skirt’s hem to find a 10 inch furry cock that was a bit thicker than Jennifer’s and Hazel’s hard cocks. It was poking out from a hole in the thin black plastic panties that covered what looked like a little girl’s pampers diaper with a hole in the center. The shaft was the same pink fur a the teddy bear, but the partially covered tip was also the same satin white.

As she began konya escort playing with the fur around the upper shaft and tip, she noticed that it actually slid up and down like foreskin.

“I got the idea from Jennifer, because of how wonderful it feels inside the cunt,” Isabella explained.

“Oh my. Really sissy. I fucking love it,” Jade said, letting her hand roam all over it.

“Look at the right arm,” Isabella told Jade.

On the right arm’s padding was embroidered “Honey”, in gold cursive letters.

“Wonderful,” Jade said ecstatically.

“Honey and Cream can fit in anything adult size medium, and I did get them a few changed of clothes. Look in the box again,” Isabella told Jade.

Jade did, and found a small cat o nine, and old school yard stick, and a black leather contraption of some kind.

“You enjoying playing teacher and mommy with the plushies gave me the idea. They are our sex slaves. I reinforced the stitching, so we can be as rough and raunchy as we want to. The leather harness is to make it easier for us to hold and fuck them while standing up.”

“That way we can have their wewe in us all day long,” Jade said realizing how it would work.

“And if someone is over then we can just hold them, so we can appear to just holding big teddy bears,” Isabella began.

“But we can actually be fucking them. Very nice sissy,” Jade finished, still stroking the thick furry cock.

“I thought you might like that,” Isabella said.

“Sissy I love everything about her. We will have to get slave collars for them though,” Jade added with a wink to Isabella.

“Now your making me want to pull mine out of the closet,” Isabella admitted, as she felt her vaginal lips swell.

Jade began unwrapping the next present to find a large sized light tan teddy bear also with C cup breast, but no poking in the skirt of the silk pink cocktail dress she was wearing.

“Put you hand down her panties,” Isabella suggested.

Jade did, and found a almost hidden crevasse, reaching her fingers in she found what it was hiding, a six inch thick light tan cock.

“Open the third, and you will find out why I thought of making it,” Isabella said.

As Jade put her hand on the top she found a thick and large diaper pad sitting atop it, and looked back at Isabella with confusion.

“Open the present sissy.”

Jade did, and pulled out a purple teddy bear with back pack straps, wearing a white little girls frilly Easter Sunday dress, complete with white rumba panties. It even had little budding breast.

Jade barely noticed the dual zipper that was almost camouflaged by the back of the ear.


“Open it,” Isabella interrupted, know Jade was about to ask about the diaper pad.

Jade did, and stuck her hand down to feel a satin and plastic type thing she pulled out.

It was a pair of double sided pink satin dixie belle panties, with a plastic panty in the middle, and white ruffles that went around the front and back. The sides had four pink satin covered eyelets that had a white satin ribbon laced through them, and tied into a bow at the top.

Jade split the little opening in the crotch, and was able to touch the plastic panty. She quickly removed the strip that covered the adhesive of the diaper pad, and put it against the plastic layer.

“What? What these? What are these for,” Jade stammered out.

“You,” Isabella simply said.

Jade placed the one she had been looking over down onto the box, and began pulling out several more pairs of the panties. Each one different. Some had lace, some plain satin, some black, or pink, red, yellow, and even pink. All having a plastic layer in between and the same side closures.

“You have actual panties you can wear now,” Isabella told Jade, not knowing if Jade was happy or sad about them.

“You made me pretty panties to wear. Really,” Jade said, still stunned and shocked by what a truly wonderful thing Isabella had done for her.

“These are the most wonderful and joyous thing I have ever been given,” Jade said looking at Isabella, with tears of joy streaming from her eyes.

“As the pads get full you can just change them out. I actually tested out a pair last night, and they work perfectly.”

Jade did nothing else but embrace the woman whom she felt had preformed a miracle for her, as she sobbed for the joy and love that was bursting from her heart.

“Do you like them,” Isabella asked, still a bit self conscious.

“I fucking love them. I can really wear panties now. Although what about brownies?”

“Remember how much we enjoyed them wearing my panties the first time we met?”

“Really. I loved that.”

“I know. That’s why I put the satin on the inside. I noticed your washing machine can soak and has a hand wash cycle, so they are easy to clean.”

Jade began feeling Isabella removing her diaper tabs, and allowed her to. She wanted to try on a pair as badly as Isabella wanted to put them on her.

“The ribbons are sewn in at the bottom so we can fully untie konyaaltı escort them. I made two pairs of the same. They can be loosened so we can put larger plushies in them instead of diaper pads, such as the other teddy bear. And like everything else I used double reinforced stitching.”

“Really. I can even keep enjoying plushies in my panties?”

“Oh yes. I have a panty plushie in the pair I am wearing now,” Isabella admitted.

Jade pulled down Isabella’s diaper to reveal the same pair as she was putting on her now. It was black satin with pink satin ruffles in the front and back, and pink lace along the leg openings.

Before pulling the panties all the way up, Isabella took the small pink teddy bear from her panties that she had used as a diaper pad, and placed it into Jade’s panties.

“It’s so warm and wet,” Jade commented.

With the panties fully tied up on the sides, and having put a diaper pad in her own panties, Isabella said, “Now look in the tablet compartment of the backpack.

Jade did, and pulled out two envelopes. The first was a full resignation letter to Isabella’s boss, offering that they put her second in command in her position, and requesting the two months of built up vacation be paid to her, and offering herself as a temporary consultant after a two week vacation.

The other envelope contained two first class tickets departing Sunday in the early evening, and a Harry Potter getaway vacation package, with a four night stay at Universal’s Cabana Bay Resort.

“Are you sure,” Jade asked with true concern in her voice.

“I am. I worked very hard, and now it is time to play hard.”

“What about Jennifer though? She will be all alone for a few days.”

“I have a few gifts for her to make it up, and one especially made to enjoy anywhere including at work. Plus she wants to go to Disney World in Orlando during their whole Christmas Celebration,” Isabella explained.

“Is Jennie coming over tonight then,” Jade asked.

“Yeap, but there is one more surprise in the belly pouch of the backpack.”

Jade found the slightly hidden dual zipper, and pulled out something thick and had a feel of latex.

It was a small elephant made of black shiny latex, wearing a pink latex bra and panties. It’s larger than should be trunk curved up. The ears, arms, and legs were folded down, and Jade immediately knew what it was for, especially since the curved part of the trunk had a nub like texture at the base. It had Mandy written in black cursive on the front.

As Jade was still looking it over, Isabella unlocked her Note 3, and pressed the on button on a widget, and the elephant’s trunk began vibrating

“Do you know how often this will be in my panties and diapers,” Jade asked Isabella with loads of sarcasm.

“As much as mine will be,” Isabella replied, pulling out her own pink one from a drawer, which had Mindy written in gold cursive just below it’s black latex panty waist line.

“It is not only activated by Bluetooth, but it has a charge of up to 10 hours, and recharges in a little over an hour. Lift the back of the latex panties, and you will see a rubber flap that makes the charge port water proof for up to five feet,” Isabella explained.

Jade did, and replied, “Does it come like this?”

“Oh no. I got some a set of dual Bluetooth vibrating bullets which are plugged into a phone recharge case that has a ten thousand miliamp battery, and put them inside of the elephant before sewing up the back,” she explained.

“Wow I would have never thought of that,” Jade said.

“Well, I have been toying with the idea for a while. When I would be in a Think Tank conference we would stay in the conference room for as long as it took to resolve the issue, and my cunt would be horny as fuck. But vibrating panties and other devices do give off sound. But the stuffing of the elephant’s trunk and it being in our who whos cancels it out.”

“Oh and they do warm up quickly,” Isabella added smiling.

“You’ve used yours already,” Jade asked, acting astonished.

“Both,” Isabella replied smiling mischievously.

“Also smell Honey’s cock,” Isabella teased.

Jade did, and inhaled the scent of her lover’s secretions all over it.

“There is one more thing. Look closely at the bottom of the teddy backpack,” Isabella said, knowing this last thing would put Jade over the edge.

Jade found a hidden zipper, and felt more of the panties along with something furry as she pulled it out.

“Oh fuck me,” Jade said, holding up a pair of pink panties, made the same as the others but with a double ended furry dildo sewn into it. The inside furry cock had a slight cure so it would fit better into the vaginal opening, but both were just as long and thick as Honey’s cock was.

“I need a cigarette, ” Jade said, walking out the door with Honey, and pushing aside the crotch of her new panties so she could stuff Honey’s cock inside her needful vaginal opening.

Jade sat on the ground, holding Honey up against her, as she began using konyaaltı eve gelen escort her hips and legs to ride her. Holding the teddy bear up against her so both her breast and the fur covered Teddy’s breast would rub against one another.

“This is really a fucking sex slave,” Jade said, already pouring thick honey down the furry cock.

“Do you like I also made them Adult Baby’s also,” Isabella asked, sitting down on Cream.

While beginning to ride Honey faster, Jade replied, “Now your just being a meany to my cunny.”

“Wow they even have balls,” Jade exclaimed, as she felt below the teddy bear’s cock.

“What did you make Jennie,” Jade asked.

“A large jumbo teddy bear like ours, but with a who who and bum openings. She can even lift the snout a little and enjoy it’s mouth. Then I made her Lacey,” Isabella explained.


“Oh you’ll see. I want the rest of her stuff to be a surprise for you also.”

“Ok. Ok,” Jade replied.

“You can help me pick her teddy bear’s name though.”

“Della, after us,” Jade said, after thinking for a few minutes.

“Sounds perfect.”

“I marveled over Joan, but you really are damn good at this. You should make more and sell them.”

“Nah. I do it for pleasure and relaxation only. I will probably just post the designs online though.”

“Sissy, I have a secret I need to share with you before you meet my parents Sunday,” Jade said, sounding resigned.

“You know you can tell me anything, sissy,” Isabella replied, noting Jade was starting to grind down on Honey as she rode her.

“It’s about me and my mom,” Jade added, working up the courage to tell a secret she had shared with only one other person before.

“Go on. I’m listening. You don’t have to be scared of me. I love you with all I am and will always be here for you,” Isabella reassured Jade.

“I kind of have the hots for her,” Jade was able to get out.

“Sissy, I can tell you want to spill your guts, so do so. I promise you it doesn’t bother me.”

“Ok. It honestly started out innocently. As I began to get older I missed wearing panties and being like the other girls my age. You have to remember that my mom made me always wear those extremely thick medical diapers. I wanted to try on a pair, but my mom always went shopping with me. Since she was mainly a stay at home mom. She would work out of our home office as my Dad’s secretary when needed,” Jade began explaining, and sparked up a cigarette just as she had finished another, and had begun riding the teddy bear even a little harder and faster.

“Go on. I’m still here my love.”

“Well one day I sneaked in my parents room, and took a pair of panties from her dresser. After I showered I put them on, and tried to hold everything in that night. But by morning I had filled the panties along with the diaper I was wearing over them. I threw them away so she wouldn’t see them. I tried again during the day a few weeks later thinking it was because I had been asleep. That was until I was reading and felt a brownie come out. I tried a few more times, but with the same result.”

“I’m so sorry sissy,” Isabella said with sympathy and genuine concern in her voice.

“Well I thought if I couldn’t wear panties, I would just enjoy the way they felt. Then I found out about humping one day when I was holding onto a pair, and laying on my body pillow. I fantasized about wearing panties and looking sexy. That continued through high school. Then after I graduated and in the summer before I went to college, without thinking about it really, I grabbed a pair of my Mom’s dirty panties when I was helping washing clothes, so I could just feel the nylon material as I humped that night. Well my curiosity got the better of me when I was humping, and I wanted to see what a real woman smelled like. I actually orgasmed just from the scent and thought of who had been wearing those dirty panties.”


“Well it gets worse. When I started at college at University of Texas, I sneaked a few pairs of my Mom’s dirty panties in my stuff. They had bought a house for me and Hazel to live in while in college, so I wouldn’t have to stay in the dorms. Sometimes after showers, I would wear them a short while while I humped my plushies, and enjoyed the scents of one of her dirty pairs.”

Again Jade continued to chain smoke, and Isabella could tell she had already orgasmed several times with Honey.

“On my third summer break I stayed at home, and realized I actually lusted after my Mom. I finally worked up the courage to tell her but didn’t know how. Knowing she would be coming through the living room shortly, and that my Dad was away on business, I humped one of the throw pillows on the couch while watching some lesbian porn on my laptop. She just came through and whispered “Good girls wiggle in their bedrooms.” I felt rejected, so I left it. One day during my last Spring Break I walked in on my mom humping a white silk neck pillow full of ruffles. I was at the top of the stairs, and could hear and see her watching a lesbian pee porn. I couldn’t help but to stick my hands down my diaper and rub my swollen clit as fast as I could. I think she heard me because she turned up the tv. But I figured it was to just cover up the noise I was making. Sometimes I still wished I had gone down those steps, but I just left it.”

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