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The first thing I heard was the shout through the door.

‘What the fuck is going on? What do you think your doing!?!’

I was glad I wasn’t on the receiving end of it, but was intrigued as to who was, and what exactly was going on. There was some more shouting, but nothing really audible, so I continued to focus on my task, folding napkins. Pretty tedious, but hard to get wrong.

I heard the door crash behind me.

‘Jesus! What a bunch of idiots!’

It was Alan. My boss.

I didn’t know whether to acknowledge, agree or ignore, so I stayed focused on the napkins.

He started banging around next to me: pulling open drawers, slamming them shut, knocking items around, generally making a mess. He then stopped. Took a couple of deep breaths and turned to look at me.


He looked down and took a few more deep breaths.

‘We’re just very short staffed and I don’t need people failing to do their own jobs, let alone not doing the additional work that’s needs to be done.’

I inwardly smiled but tried not to let it show on my face. Ever since I started working at the hotel a couple of months ago, it seemed as though there weren’t ever enough staff. The lack of them generally seemed to be top of Alan’s list of annoyances. I didn’t really know much about hotels, or the service industry at all, but even at 21 with degree from a decent university, jobs were proving hard to come by. This wasn’t perfect but at least I could pay my rent.

‘I know you haven’t been here long, but I’m going to need to ask you to help me out.’ He look at me and tried to smile, but looked tired. I felt sorry for him but wasn’t sure what he was going to ask. He sighed, ‘could you possibly clean out some of the bedrooms for me? I wouldn’t ask, but I desperately need someone who isn’t a complete moron.’

I wasn’t sure what to say. I’d never been involved in room cleaning so I had no idea what I would be required to do but didn’t think it could be too hard. I looked at his face and I couldn’t say anything else. ‘Ok.’

‘Oh god, thanks!’ He replied, ‘it’s not anything difficult. You’d just need to empty the bins and tidy up a bit. You can do floor 7 so it shouldn’t be too bad.’

He told me what needed doing, gave me a few pointers about dos and don’ts, and then sent me on my way.

Shit I thought. What had I let myself in for?


Up on floor 7 the first couple of rooms I did were completely uneventful. I knocked on the door, no one answered, I let myself in, changed the sheets, ltidied the rooms, emptied the bins and left.

This particular floor had some of the more expensive rooms. Businessmen, rich clients on holiday, that sort of thing, so generally they were out during the day and it was nice and quiet and easy.

Until I knocked on room 721.

Now this was the most expensive room on the most expensive floor. It covered one whole corner of the hotel. It was essentially four rooms in one: a large lounge area, a smaller room with a dining table and a bedroom at either end, both with their own en suite. I didn’t know who was staying here, but who ever it was had a lot of money!

I knocked and waited. No answer.

I knocked again, just to check, and still no answer. Like the other rooms, I carefully opened the door and called out ‘house keeping’, waiting for a moment before I came in. Still no answer. Definitely no one home.

So I went in and started with my tasks.

I’d only been in the room a matter of seconds when I heard one of the bedroom doors open behind me and some soft footsteps padding on the carpet. I turned to look and saw that a young women had come in to the main sitting room.

She was beautiful. Petite and slender, shoulder length brunette hair, delicate, elfin like features.

And she was completely naked.

On seeing me she had stopped, rooted in place. I too was frozen to the spot. We just stared at each other.

It was a matter of moments, a few seconds at the most, but it seemed to stretch on and on. I didn’t know what to do but it seemed as though she finally snapped out of it because she screamed.


If it was to shock me in to action it had the required effect. I turned away, started mumbling apologies and stumbled for the door.

I knocked in to a few things on the way to the door, but as I got there, someone started hammering on the door from the other side.

Bang! bang! bang!

‘Ms Davenport!? Ms Davenport!?’

He didn’t sound happy.

Bang! bang! bang!

‘Ms Davenport!?…..Isabelle!!’ The shouting continued but it was the use of the first name that worried me the most. Fortunately it also had an effect on the woman, Isabelle I presumed, still standing just inside the door of sitting room. She snapped out of her trance and started moving towards me and the door. As she did so she picked up a dressing gown from the sofa and in one flowing movement seemed to flick it on and started calling back to whoever was on the other side.

‘Justin!’ Şanlıurfa Escort She shouted, ‘Justin……’ I thought was done for. ‘…..I’m ok, I’m fine.’

Now that was a surprise.

They were still shouting her name and they obviously had a key as the door started to open. She was still moving toward me and as she got there, pushed me behind the door and then stopped it from opening more than a metre with her other hand.

‘I’m fine, I’m fine Justin, honestly it’s ok.’

‘What happened Ms. Davenport? Can we come in?’

She peered round the door. ‘I’m naked Justin, I’ve just got out the shower. I don’t really think that would be appropriate would it?’

I could hear the smile on his face, ‘oh I don’t know. You sounded like you needed help.’

‘Why did you scream?’ This was a new voice. Someone standing, it sounded, behind Justin.

‘I….erm….I…..stubbed my toe.’ She didn’t sound convincing, but then I knew she was lying. ‘I’m fine. Honestly. See you guys later.’ She went to shut the door.

‘Are you sure you’re ok? You sure you wouldn’t like us to come in and check? Justin again.

‘Check what?’ She replied, ‘There’s nothing here.’ And she said that, she lent back from the door, glanced briefly in my direction, and gave a barely perceptible wink.

‘Leave it Justin.’ It was the other voice again, ‘she said she’s fine.’

They paused for a moment more, then I heard them move away and Isabelle shut the door.

‘Who…? I began, but Isabelle put her finger to my lips and whispered, ‘Shhhh.’

We were still standing right by the door and she leaned forward, head to one side, and listened. She took her finger from my lips and put them to her own and again whispered, ‘Shhh. They’ll still be able to hear us here.’ She pointed over to the other side of the room where there were three sofas on three sides of a large rug. Her other hand was holding her dressing gown together and we slowly moved over.

When we got there we stood in between the sofas and she faced me, standing touching distance away. I could see her features even more clearly now, her hair framing her face, her grey eyes shining and a smile just touching the sides of lips. She smelled of vanilla, the soap she used in the shower I presumed, and I carefully inhaled. It smelled wonderful. She was so close I could feel the heat emanating from her body, she was glowing and looked radiant. I guessed she was about my age, but perhaps that was her confidence, which despite the initial scream and look of apprehension, was now exuding from every pore of her body. She was in chanted of this situation, she knew it, I knew it, and she knew I knew.

‘Who…?’ I started again, pointing at the door, but again she stopped me by placing a finger on my lips.

‘No, no. Before I answer any of your questions, you’re going to answer mine. Who the hell are you!?’ She spoke firmly but looked amused.

‘I work here. I’m cleaning the rooms. I’m sorry, I did knock but no one answered. I….’ I was stammering over the words now and she stopped me again.

‘Shh,’ her finger was back on my lips, ”Don’t worry. I’m sorry if I scared you, I just didn’t expect you to be standing there.’ She paused and looked at the door, then starting smiling, ‘That was a close one wasn’t it?’

‘Who are they?’

‘Security. My dad gets a bit paranoid. He’s rich, but he’s not as important as he thinks he is.’ She looked over her shoulder and waved in the vague direction of the room next door. ‘They’re in the room over there, but they can’t hear us in this part of room.’ She looked directly in to my eyes, ‘or in the bedroom.’ The slight grin was back. I wasn’t sure if she was teasing me or if it was just the way she was. Some people are naturally flirtatious.

She paused again, and carried on staring at me. God she was beautiful. I didn’t know whether to try and carry on this conversation or whether to try and leave. I was torn but serious conscious of the heavies next door.

‘So…’ I began. She didn’t let me go any further.

‘So,’ She started, ‘as you have interrupted my morning, what are you going to do to make it up to me?’

‘I’m sure I can speak to the manager and we can find something…’

‘Not the hotel silly,’ the interruptions were becoming a habit. ‘I don’t need anything from the hotel, I want to know what you can do to apologise.’


My mind was blank.

‘Well if you can’t think of anything, I certainly can.’ And with that she took a step backwards and sat carefully down on the sofa just behind her. Her legs were on the floor and as she leaned back in to the cushions, the bottom of her dressing gown starting rising up. Rather than try to stop it though, she let it happen, and then slowly started opening her gown. Suddenly she was completely naked in front of me. She licked her lips and spread her legs wider.

‘Come and lick my pussy.’

She said it so matter of factly that I initially thought I’d misheard. That certainly wasn’t what I expected, but who Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan was I to disappoint a young lady. There was just a nagging doubt at the back of my mind.

‘How old are…’ Again she didn’t let me finish.

’19. Now come on. Lick my pussy, or are you going to disappoint me?’

She stuck out her bottom lip in a pretend pout and with her robe still open moved one hand down and started stroking herself.

It was then I decided. I moved swiftly and knelt down in front of her. A broad smile spread across her face when she saw me move. I looked her again. She was small in every way, but perfectly proportioned. Her tits were probably an ‘A cup’, with cute little nipples on top. She had a beautifully toned tummy and as I looked further down could see she was completely shaven. Perhaps she had been grooming herself in shower just now: there wasn’t a hint of stubble.

I lent in, placing a hand on either thigh, and started with one long slow lick.

‘Mmmmm,’ she moaned, closed her eyes and tilted her head back further.

I repeated this again.


I then started slowly licking up and down, and after a few times began alternating this with some delicate flicks across her clit.

‘Ohhhh….ahhhh….that’s good!’ She panted.

She was already quite wet, and I was only adding more moisture. Her pussy was drenched in no time. I moved one hand from her thigh and placed a finger at her entrance.

‘May I?’ I asked.

‘Pleeeease.’ She sighed.

I slowly entered her and carried on flicking her clit with my tongue.

‘Ohhhh……ahhhhh…..yesssss! She hissed.

She started writhing around and bucking her hips as I started moving my finger in and out. On each inward thrust I went deeper and deeper until the length of it was fully inside her. I removed it, placed a second finger next to the first and slowly eased it back inside her. I’d stopped licking her clit at this point and was kissing and gently nibbling around her pussy, lower tummy and top of her thighs. She was very tight, but very very wet so the two fingers slipped in easily.

‘Mmmmm…..ahhhhhh…….ohh yes!’

Suddenly, she shifted in her seat and wriggled in arms out of the robe. I looked up but my fingers stayed where they were. When she was completely free she shifted herself forward and raised her legs up. She grabbed the back of her calves with her hands and pulled her legs even further back, ankles towards her ears. I was amazed at her flexibility.

She looked incredible, certainly from my perspective, and was even more open to me than she was before.

‘Don’t stop.’ She insisted, ‘You can get even deeper this way.’

I went back to licking her clit and, as she said, pushed my fingers even deeper in to her. She continued moaning, ‘Ohhhh….oh god yes…..’

I realised from this angle that not only was her pussy more open but that I could get further down too. I decided to try my luck. I withdrew my fingers from her and started tracing my tongue down. Eventually I reached her right little butt hole and flicked my tongue over it waiting for a reaction.


It sounded like she approved so I did it again and got a similar reaction. I carried on licking and started rubbing her clit with my thumb. The moans continued.


I moved my tongue back up to her pussy and moved a single digit further down. I placed it carefully at the entrance to her butt and waited for a reaction. There was a sharp intake of breath but she didn’t say anything. The area was extremely wet after all that work with my tongue. I pressed very gently and the tip of my finger slipped in easily.


She started breathing more heavily but still didn’t say anything. I took it out, with just of the end of my finger touching her opening and gently rubbed her hole. Again she moaned and I saw it wink at me as the muscle flexed slightly. I eased the finger back inside and started moving it back and forth very slowly, all the while licking her clit.

She continued to hold the back of her legs and pulled them back even further to give me greater access. Eventually my finger was all the way in, I was still licking her and I could feel her start to shake.

‘Aghhh….ahhhh…..’ She started biting one of the cushions and whispered loudly, ‘I’m cuming, I’m cuming….arghhhhhh!’ She was trying desperately to keep her voice down, presumably to stop the “neighbours” from hearing.

The shaking and the moaning slowed and then stopped. I lifted my head back and eased my finger out of her. She opened her eyes and smiled broadly as she looked at me.

‘Wow! That was fantastic!’ She sighed, ‘Just……’

She got up off the sofa and moved over to the door. I thought for a moment she was going to ask me to leave but she simply turned the dead bolt and turned to look at me.

‘Don’t want them disturbing us do we?’ She smiled. ‘Follow me.’ It seemed as though we weren’t finished Escort Şanlıurfa yet.

She walked towards where I assumed one of the bedrooms was and opened the door. It was a large room with a large queen sized bed taking centre stage. She took my hand and led me towards the edge of the bed and turned me to face her. She got on her knees, ‘your turn.’ She smiled and began to undo my belt.

Throughout the whole of our time on the sofa I had kept my uniform on, but it appeared that was about to change. My belt was undone, as was the button and zip on my trousers and down they came. My cock was bulging in my boxers, straining for release. I had never been as turned on as I was right now and thought I might explode as soon as she touched me. She rubbed my cock through the fabric.

‘Mmmm,’ She said, ‘nice!’

She reached for the waistband of my boxers and started easing them down over my hips and down to the ground. My cock sprang in to view and she was kneeling so close it hit her on the head.

‘Haha.’ She laughed, ‘I didn’t expect that. Now take off your shirt.’

My boxers ended up bunched with my trousers around my ankles and as I unbuttoned my shirt, she undid the laces on my shoes. I lifted one foot and she pulled the shoe, sock, trouser leg and boxer leg off that side, then repeated on the other. I had finished unbuttoning my shirt and took it off. Suddenly I was as naked as she was.

‘I thought so.’ She said to herself. She looked up at me, ‘you look good enough to eat, and that’s exactly what I plan to do!’

She put her hands on my hips and gently but firmly pulled my cock towards her opening mouth.

‘Ohhh!’ I couldn’t help letting out a moan.

She slowly took me in, stopped with about three quarters of my cock in her mouth and then started moving her head back and forth. It felt incredible but difficult to describe. Warm and wet and sensuous. She didn’t seem to rush anything she did, but was deliberate in all her actions. I guess it came from the confidence gained in being as well off as she was.

‘Hmmmm.’ She seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was and was moaning as she sucked and licked.

She pulled her head back and my cock came out of her mouth with a slurp.

‘You taste fantastic. It’s made me even wetter than I was. Now come I need to be fucked!’

Who was I to deny her?!

She scooted back on the bed a bit, lay down and then holding her feet, lifted them up and back towards her head.

‘I love it like this,’ she said, ‘you can fuck me really hard and I can feel it really deep.’

She was open and exposed and looked amazing. I climbed on to the bed, for between her and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I slowly eased it in.

‘Ahhhhh! Yes!’ She hissed.

I started working in and out, trying not to rush, following her lead from the blow job just now.

‘Oh god that feels good! Hmmmm! Aghhh!’ I didn’t want to come too quickly but her moaning was turning me on so I slowed down slightly.

‘Oh, you tease! Don’t stop.’

I grabbed the back of her legs, pushed them further back and then leant in to her more. I continued at the slower pace but could feel my cock go even deeper.

‘Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!’ She was really moaning now.

She suddenly let go of her feet and moved away. I was worried for a minute that she’d already come and that was the end. But she quickly flipped on to her tummy and suck her ass up in the air. ‘I love it doggy style too. Come on, put it back in!’

She had her head turned and was staring at me, anticipation all over her face. I got further upright, positioned my cock again and pushed in.

‘Aghhhhh! Yes!’ She hissed again, ‘that’s right! Just like that!’

She was so wet and it felt equally wonderful from this angle. I started moving back and forth again, this time harder than before.

‘Nnnn! Ahhhh!’ I was groaning as loudly as she was, and I knew it wouldn’t be long for either of us.

She turned to look at me again, ‘Stick your finger in my ass.’ I must have looked shocked, or at least wide eyed. ‘Come on, I fucking love a finger. Stick it in!’

Once again, who was I to deny her. I wet my finger in my mouth and started to tease her hole. There was a lot of moisture from my oral work earlier, and so with only a slight amount of pressure my finger eased in.

‘Ahhhhhh! Yes! Ahhhhhh!’ That clearly tipped her over the edge and she started to come. ‘Ahhhhhhhhhh!’

Playing with her bum as well as her moans tipped me over the edge too, ‘Nnnggg! Ahhh! Ahhhhhhhh!’

We both finished coming and our bucking together slowed down. She let out a contented sigh, ‘Ohhhhhh. Mmmm.’

I decoupled myself from her and moved away to the other half of the bed. She lay down fully on her tummy and turned her head to the side to look at me. A smile crept across her face, ‘That was fantastic! That was exactly what I needed.’

I lay back on the pillows and tried to think of something witty to say, but nothing would come to mind. ‘It…..I mean, you….. you were incredible!’ I mumbled out incoherently.

We lay there for a minute and then I looked at my watch and was shocked to discover how much time had gone passed. ‘Don’t take this the wrong way but I really need to go. I have other rooms to clean. I’m really late already.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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