It Begins Pt. 02: Playing with Fire

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After the initial shock of seeing Beth in my ballroom dance class, things pretty much settled into a comfortable rhythm. Though I did not dance with Beth all the time, we did manage to dance quite a bit, chatting the whole time. We even started dancing outside of class, not just because it was homework for the class, but because we wanted to.

She stands almost 5’7″ tall and has those classic hour glass type curves that draw men’s eyes, with long auburn hair. While she is a C cup, they are a generous C cup with virtually no sag at all, very long legs that reach all the way up to one of the roundest asses I have ever seen. The one that looks amazing even before she bends over, then well…you get the picture. She spends a lot of time in the sun, so maintains a bronze hue well into the fall. Fantastic tan lines…did I mention she has a fine ass?

Anyway, I continued to play it cool, making sure I mingled and danced with as many ladies in our class as I could. I basically had a blast, learning to dance and having a great time flirting with all the available women…it truly was a target rich environment, but I had no trouble keeping my options open. There was quite a bonus in this as when the topic of going dancing came up in conversation, a large amount of people wanted to go (including a lot of ladies), so I was never lacking for dance partners at a local dance place that had ballroom dancing twice a week.

Another new experience at these dances was that I had the attention of quite a few of the ladies, who appreciated my listening and having fun without putting the hard moves on them. I even had a number of drinks purchased for me, so I really was feeling very good about myself and certainly in no hurry to jump into a relationship or pursue a one-night stand. So basically, I was having a blast. It was not without some risk though. Ballroom dancing can quickly become intimate, like a waltz or a tango, with a whole lot of touching one normally does not do with anyone but a significant other, or at least someone you know very well.

One thing was definite though, there was still a significant amount of sexual tension between Beth and I, which garnered looks while we were dancing. It of course helped that we were pretty good dancers together…we just kinda flowed well. But since her lower back is pretty sensitive, I of course used that to my advantage by stroking her lower back while dancing…innocently of course. Right…pffft. I knew exactly what I was doing, so ruthlessly used that to my advantage so that I might send her home in a state of horniness. Of course that probably backfired as I was sending her home to a supposed boyfriend, but at least she would be thinking of me…you never know.

Neither one of us ever discussed the previous experience, but you know we were thinking about it.

So months went by and the weather got colder. The wonderful summer/fall clothing began to disappear, and sweaters ruled the day. For the dance outings, it was actually a nice excuse to wear dressier clothes, so the events took on a more formal tone, though still very fun. On one such night, we were all feeling pretty good and a number of us decided to have a night cap before going our separate ways. They chose my duplex for two reasons; it was close to campus, and it had an old fashioned fireplace for which I had plenty of wood.

I gave directions to everyone, then headed back to the house to get the fire started ahead of everyone’s arrival. It turned out to be a very nice end of the evening. One of the groups had stopped for wine and some other drinks for people before getting to my place. So along with the crackling fireplace, there was plenty of cheer being poured in glasses. Everyone was cheerful, just enjoying the warmth and chatting in a relaxed place with no reason to raise our voices. After about an hour though, the warmth brought yawns and soon people were getting up to leave. I got some good hugs and a few not so innocent kisses from a couple of ladies, before most everyone headed out the door…and some somewhat flat stares at the one person who was not quite ready to leave…Beth.

Beth was lounging on the couch, wearing a red form fitting dress, soft and a little stretchy so it clung to her curves, black heals and black nylons. Yum. I could honestly say I had been sneaking glances at her all evening.

“Wow, you are popular with the ladies tonight!” Beth chided.

“Ya, I know, it was a very nice evening!” I gloated. It had been very nice evening for me, receiving a lot of attention from the ladies. “Another glass of wine?”

“Sure” she said, eyes twinkling a bit as she smiled. “So, could I possibly sweet talk you into a shoulder massage? One of my dance partners was trying to dislocate my shoulders today with rough spins” she said, feigning innocence.

I just looked at her for a moment, trying to maintain a straight face, failed so I switched to quizzical. “You remember what happened last time there was canlı bahis any kind of rubbing…”

“Ya, I know, I pretty much left you hanging…”

“That would be somewhat accurate, I did not walk right for a week after that” I pretended to be hurt and reproachful, but again failed and grinned. “That was easily the worst case of blue balls I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Totally worth it!”

Beth giggled “Well, maybe we should just stick to shoulders this time then”

“Fair enough”

With that I went to the kitchen and returned with the last bottle of wine, refilling our glasses before sitting down. I scooted over to her on the couch and put up my hands, waggling my fingers and eyebrows at the same time. Beth giggled again, which of course made her cleavage jiggle fetchingly, then downed the entire glass of wine in one long swallow. After putting the glass down she leaned in front of me, reaching her right hand over my legs to balance herself in front of me. I noticed their was a fair amount of color in her cheeks and neck as she leaned over me. She smelled wonderful…focus focus!

After taking a deep breath, I moved my hands up to her shoulders and began kneading her arms over the top of her dress, avoiding the skin of her neck for the moment…baby steps.

“Do you like it hard or soft” I asked, then immediately had a “doh” moment as I realized I could have explained that better.

“Both,” she chuckled, then immediately moaned as I pressed harder on her muscles. “that feels wonderful, your hired.”

I changed my hand position slightly and began using my thumbs to knead up and down her spine and neck, staying high of course, no lower than her shoulder blades. Her skin, warm to begin with, began to grow a little hot. I also noticed the flush had spread up and down her neck, so even her ears had more color than before. Even with that, she moaned at my ministrations, but informed me that she was a little cold, so I suggested we move closer to the fire.

Beth refilled our wine glasses with the rest of the wine, then moved to sit down on the carpet closer to the fireplace. I closed the blinds to remove the fishbowl effect then went looking for a blanket for her. Once I found one, I brought it back and placed it around her shoulders.

“Thank you kind sir!” she quipped.

“You are quite welcome pretty damsel,” I returned “anythings else I may bring you?”

“Well you for starters, but I think some lotion might be nice, my shoulders are feeling dry too” Beth cooed while batting her eyebrows at me.

I laughed and went looking for some lotion. Fortunately I remembered that my former roommate, Lisa, had left some items under the counter of the bathroom. I rummaged around, not finding anything at first, but luckily spotted a small jar of Cocoa butter body cream. Perfect! Triumphant, I opened the jar to see if it was still good, running some between my fingers. I immediately realized that it smelled great and had the consistency of lubricant. When I realized this last, my downstairs member swelled a bit and I became desperate to think about anything else. Polar storm, ice cubes, nuns!

Hoping I had headed the little general off for a bit, I returned to the room to find Beth had laid down on her stomach in anticipation of a more thorough shoulder rub. I got down on my knees and pulled the blanket down off her shoulders so I had access and noticed right away that she had unzipped her dress, providing me with a larger area on which to work. Down boy!

Setting the cocoa butter down closer to the fire to warm, I scooped some out with my fingers and rubbed it between my hands, heating it up a bit before touching Beth. When it was warm enough, I placed both of my hands on her back and began working to butter into her skin, sliding smoothly along her spine and up over her shoulders. I used my fingers to firmly press along her shoulders and outwards along her arms under the sleeves of her dress to work around her biceps, then back towards the center of her neck. Once there I used my thumbs in circular motions over her neck, then proceeded downward along her spine until I got to the opened zipper, then retraced my steps. I repeated this motion quite a few times, while Beth moaned her appreciation of my efforts.

My hands have always been strong due to the work I do, so I could keep this up a long time, which I am pretty sure Beth had figured out!

“You know my boyfriend lives over on the next block.” She said between groans.

“I did not know that, in fact I know next to nothing about the fellow, only that he is a lucky man” Yes, I am that smooth.

“I’m not particularly happy with him at the moment. He won’t go dancing, always hanging with his friends, and never seems to make the time for me.”

Not knowing what to say, I just kept at the massage. She mumbled something else that I did not quite catch, maybe something like “I will show him” or similar, but after that did bahis siteleri not say anything further, just continued to moan softly as I kneaded her muscles.

“Are you still comfortable? I can get you a small pillow if you like?” I asked.

“That would be nice” she murmured.

I got up to find her a pillow, watching as she sat up slightly to grab her wine, once again downing the rest quickly, before laying her head back onto her arms. I grabbed a pillow from the couch, then it suddenly dawned on me that I had not checked the doors to see if they were locked. I told her I would be right back and made the rounds, locking both doors before returning. Once I got back, I noticed that the blanket was once again up over her shoulders so obviously she was still a little cold.

I had also brought a small bowl of water and a towel, just in case I needed to wipe excess butter of her, and set it closer to the fire to warm with the cocoa butter. I scooped up more cocoa butter with two fingers, which was now good and warm, and used my other hand to pull the blanket down off her shoulders so I could continue her massage. As I pulled the blanket down, it was very apparent that something had changed (for the better!) as there was no dress over her shoulders and all I saw as I pulled it farther down was skin. I pulled it about halfway down her back without finding a dress, but decided to stop there as I did not want to spook her. Belatedly, I noticed a black puddle of clothing near her feet that looked to be a bra…oh my word.

Trying to keep cool, and painfully aware of my throbbing member rising to the occasion, I applied the lotion to her back and continued the back rub. Careful not to poke her with the tent in my pants, I resumed the same technique I had before, but now rubbing both arms to her elbows, then back up, very aware I could now see the swell of her breasts below her body. Just as I remembered, the small sighs and moans she was making were very much like those in the hot tub. It would not be much longer before I would be able to cut diamonds with the fella downstairs.

Feeling a little bolder now that I had received no resistance from her, I added a little more cocoa butter to the middle of her back and expanded my territory. I splayed my fingers out, I rubbing widely across her shoulders and down either side of her spine, working the muscles in half circles and I moved down her back gradually. As I worked my way down, Beth had added some gasps to her moans, particularly when I found a muscle that was a bit tight. When I did, I lingered there to knead the tension out, before moving on. I basically repeated my pattern, starting up at her shoulders and arms, working my way down but was not as worried about where my fingers might stray now. As I moved my splayed hands around her upper back, I slid them under her arms and down her sides, occasionally grazing the sides of her breasts, but not lingering.

As a silent way of giving her blessing, she raised her hands and arms above her head, reaching straight now and placing her hands palm down on the carpet. Now when I ventured around her tits, I would watch as her fingers flexed and dug into the carpet, accompanied by long moans and sighs. To keep her off balance and guessing, I did not stay there, but continued my journey down her back, rubbing from the center and away to her sides, massaging without tickling her. As I neared the edge of the blanket, I took a breath and continued moving my rubbing hands down, seeing how far down her dress was without pulling the blanket back. I finally met the dress just below her hips and a little past the crack of her ass. Since I was exploring and rubbing lightly, once again I hit that extremely sensitive spot on her lower back, just above the cleft between the twin globes of that glorious hind end.

The reaction was immediate, as Beth arched her ass up to meet my questing fingers, silently (well not really) inviting me to explore further. I did not stay long, rubbing lightly, but hell bent to tease her as much as possible. There was no way I was going to allow her to orgasm as fast as she did the last time. A light sheen of perspiration now covered her skin, giving it a glow in the firelight as I continued the massage. Now that I had changed the massage to a more erotic one, her skin had begun to heat up under my touch, body vibrating under my fingers. Starting high once more at her shoulders, I was now stroking her skin lightly, touches light and definitely caressing instead of a harder pressure. As I moved down and under her arms and down the sides of her body, she pressed her hands hard against the ground, which raised her upper body up off the ground, revealing her breast almost completely to my gaze. Not wanting to waste the moment, I allowed my hands to slide down her sides and under both of her breasts, cupping them firmly and gently tweaking her nipples. She hissed in a breath and moaned loudly, arching her head back, before dropping it back bahis şirketleri down making mewling noises as she did so.

Again, I was bound and determined to keep her guessing, now very much wanting to test the boundaries and see how far this would go. I left her breasts behind, hearing her sigh of disappointment and continued stroking her back and sides, moving lower until I once again reached the blanket. I paused for a moment, while I adjusted my rock hard member a bit, then keeping a hand on her back, reached for more cocoa butter. Even though I was not stroking her at the moment, I could feel her body moving below my hand and watched as her hips gently pushed up and down against the ground, grinding her mound so slowly against the ground I almost did not notice it unless I had been looking right at her hips.

The cocoa butter was now pretty warm having been sitting by the fire for awhile, so I applied it directly to her skin, painting small circles in that sensitive spot on her lower back, immediately causing her to moan and grind her hips a bit harder. Beth’s movements had worked the blanket farther down her back as I watched her move her hips up and down, exposing the edge of the dress and just a peak of the cleft between her ass cheeks. Continuing to stroke her lower back slightly, I pulled the blanket down gently so that it was just covering her feet, noticing that the nylons were gone as well. I glanced at the little puddle of clothing and wondered what else might be there.

The blanket removed, I started working her lower back in earnest, alternating between the light stroking and firmer rubbing to rub out the goosebumps raised on her skin. I used her motions against her slightly as when I stoked lightly, she raised her hips up off the ground and pushed against my fingers, allowing me to edge her dress a little farther down when I changed the pressure to a firmer rub. It took a lot of patience during this process as I of course maintain my teasing mantra. Not wanting her to come to fast, I abandoned her lower back and moved back up to her shoulders, causing her to release a disappointed moan, until I worked my way down her sides and to her breasts again, spending more time massaging and tweaking her nipples. As she raised herself up, I leaned over and gently kissed the nape of her neck, nipping the soft skin lightly, before trailing my tongue down her spine.

The reaction was even faster this time as she dipped her head down, shivering, body once again covered with goosebumps. I slid my hands farther down, leaving her breasts behind, accompanied by another sigh of desire, while I watched her lower herself down again. My fingers rubbed the goosebumps out, while I quietly watched Beth slowly move her far hand down her body and cup her own breast, rubbing and squeezing. If that was not a sign that she was very into what I was doing to her, I don’t know what else would be.

About as aroused as I have ever been, I changed back to light stroking and moved down her back, still on my knees, my erection threating to peek out over the front of my pants. To be honest, all I could think of now was getting her clothes off and doing whatever my mind could invent to her body while I had the opportunity. I shook my head and continued rubbing down her back. I paused for a moment and scooped some more cocoa butter, but instead of spreading it out, I placed the small glob on her lower back, within easy reach for me as I took the back rub to the next level. As I started caressing her lower back, watching her hips rise up from the ground in response, I immediately slid my hands farther down her back until they reached her dress and the beginning of her ass. Without stopping I continued until my fingers slid under the dress so that I could cup her ass under the dress. Expecting her to lower her hips back down, I was surprised when the sharp intake of breath included her pushing her hips up higher, offering her ass to my hands. At the same time, my hands and the upwards motion of her hips placed a strain on the dresses hold of her hips, sliding past the widest point and all the way to the beginnings of her thighs.

Beth either did not notice, or did not care that her ass was now uncovered. Not only was it uncovered by the dress, but there was no underwear either, her panties obviously discarded along with the nylons earlier. I paused for a moment, stunned by the sight of a picture perfect ass, one I had been dreaming and lusting over for nearly a year or more. Even this late into the fall, her tan lines from her bikini were a sight to behold. Shaking myself out of the frozen state I had been in, I resumed rubbing her ass cheeks, cupping and kneading them, before moving back up to her lower back. I did not rub the goosebumps out this time, preferring to keep the massage as erotic as possible. I was immediately rewarded with continued moans, rising in pitch, mirroring the rotating motion of her hips that was much more obvious now.

I leaned over her lower back, bending down so that I could lightly kiss and lick that sensitive area on her back, moving down to the beginning of her ass cleft, before painstakingly moving back up. Her response was to get even more vocal.

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