It Hurts

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It hurt, it hurt a lot, she had never had anal sex before, not until about 5 minutes ago. How did this happen? Today should have been another average day in the in average life of an average 32 year old single woman living in an average sized town in an average Midwest state. Instead, today was anything but average. She was laying face-down on her bed with her hands and feet tied to the headboard and footboard and there were two men on the bed with her, two men who had just raped and sodomized her.

Sodomy…. not a word you hear too often, occasionally on the news, or in a joke, this was no joke! She had just been sodomized, ass fucked, corn holed, or whatever you wanted to call it, and it hurt.

The woman was no virgin, she had spread her legs for men in the past and she had given her share of blowjobs to her former boyfriends but had always drawn the line at any butt play, it just didn’t appeal to her because she felt that part of her was just a little too dirty to share with others. Apparently the two guys who had just butt fucked her had no qualms about her being a little dirty, they were both making jokes at her expense.

“Damn she’s nasty!” said the younger of the two, “Bitch sure is, look at the shit all over my cock” said the other one. The older one grabbed his shit covered cock and wiped it off on her bed sheets she had just recently purchased. This is ridiculous she thought, “Why did I allow myself to get in this predicament? Why did I not realize this was going to happen when I responded to that ad? I guess I am getting exactly what I deserve FUCK Gregslist!

She had not had sex in about 8 months, too busy at work, too emotionally drained from the last relationship to even think about a new relationship, too caught up in her day to day life to really enjoy living. The last orgasm she had was brought on by her little purple vibrator and some porn she had came across while web surfing one night. The porn she watched involved two men, the closest thing watching gay porn she had ever seen before was Broke Back Mountain. But this was hot, two young 20something studs sucking each other’s dicks, and then taking turns fucking each other in the ass. She had never been so turned on. Her pussy was dripping wet and she had her little purple friend so ddep inside herself she almost lost it. Her orgasm was amazing, the flood of relief almost matched the flood of come that completely soaked her thighs .

Over the next couple of weeks she tried to put the images of the two gay guys out of her head, but just like a good piece of chocolate she wanted more. Time after time she got her laptop, grabbed her vibrator and headed to her bedroom where she would find more videos and images of men having sex together that she would look at while she played with her pussy.

One night, after a hard day at the office, she stopped by a restaurant to have dinner. Her waiter was quite handsome and she tried flirting with him, but he was very professional and paid her no attention whatsoever. As he walked into the kitchen, she noticed another man standing near the door, the other man gave here waiter and pat on his butt. “Ahh” she thought, “he plays for the other team, the team I like to watch”. She quickly finished her meal and headed home, home to her computer, her bed, her vibrator and her next orgasm.

She fed her addiction to the gay porn until each day it became a habit, she fell into that routine and it was a good routine until one day it wasn’t enough, suddenly she wanted more, she wanted to see the physical contact between two men, she wanted to see close up the way men would use each others bodies, she wanted to watch up close and personal.

She knew how Gregslist worked, she had sold her old washer and dryer when she updated to a new energy efficient set. She began looking at the ads for sex. Most of the ads in the mfm were obviously placed by married men who were looking to have a fling with other married men. She laughed aloud as she read some of the ads, there were apparently a lot more cock suckers in the world than there were cocks, from her experiences with men, she would have thought just the opposite, they always wanted her to suck them, they never wanted to eat her.

After a few days of searching the ads, she finally saw one that interested her: two versatile biwm, 26 and 38, clean and dd free, enjoy oral, anal, looking for another to play with, please be ht/wt proportionate and have a place to play. She answered the ad with the following response: “Hello, I am a 32 yr old white female who is interested in watching and maybe participating in Demetevler Escort sex with two men. I am single, I weigh 140lbs, I am five foot six inches tall and have medium length brown hair. If you are interested, please text me at ———–.”

Within 15 minutes she received a text from a number she didn’t recognize ‘ U real’ it read, ‘Yes’ she responded, ‘any pics’ came the next message, ‘will send one in a few’ she typed back as she began taking off her clothes. She took a picture showing her body which wasn’t perfect, but wasn’t too shabby either. Her tits were a little on the small side, but she had a nice pair of hips and she always felt her legs were above average. She made sure her face wasn’t showing in the picture, then, with just a little pause of apprehension, she pressed Send.

Two minutes later: ‘Damn, nice what all u wanna do?’ ‘I wanna watch u two do each other’ I wanna see up close’ she sent back, ‘U any pics?’ she asked. Her question was reward a few seconds later with a couple of pictures of average looking men’s bodies, both with nice hard dicks, one a little fatter than the other and one that was obviously uncut. Her pussy began juicing up as she looked at the picture. The two guys were standing just inches apart in the picture! Hopefully she would see them in the future, the very near future.

After a few more texts, it was decided they would all meet at her house on Sunday afternoon, both the guys were off work and one could get away from his wife for several hours without any suspicion. On the day of the meeting the woman was a little tense and nervous. There was a nagging voice inside her head telling her to cancel this rendezvous, to call off this whole plan of bringing two men she didn’t know inside her home for the sake of satisfying her sexual curiosity. But she didn’t listen. She cleaned the house, made sure there were both beer and soft drinks in the fridge, took a shower put on a nice pair of lace panty hose and an expensive nightie one of her ex’s had bought for her yrs ago and then proceeded to wait for the doorbell to ring.

It rang. Her nerves were almost raw, she could feel her juices starting to flow, her face was flushed and she nearly stumbled as she walked to answer the door.

The two guys standing at the door appeared to be normal looking guys, both were in decent shape, clean and well dressed and had very nice smiles. She said hello and welcomed them into her home.

They sat in the living room for a while sharing small talk that amounted to nothing. The sexual tension that was in the air was very thick, the woman kept crossing and uncrossing her legs while enjoying the feeling of panties touching her swollen clit. One of the guys kept reaching over and touching his buddy’s crotch. The cock being touched was obviously responding by the size of the bulge it was making in its owner’s jeans.

She finally broached the subject at hand, she began telling both the guys about the porn she had been watching and how it had made her feel and how she really wanted to see two men have sex together in real life. As she was talking she couldn’t help but start to touch herself, first just a casual brush up against her thigh, but then gradually she moved her hand to her pussy and began rubbing her clit through her panties which were becoming more soaked by the minute.

She got up and motioned the two men to come to her bedroom. They immediately followed her and began stripping off their clothes as she was shutting the door behind them. The man with fat cock had an erection, it was very hard and the tip was wet with precum. The other one who was uncut was about half hard and the woman was amazed by the way it looked because she had never seen an uncircumcised man before.

She slid onto the bed and they both quickly joined her, her eyes never quite leaving the ever growing cock that was coming out of its shell. The two men began kissing each other the way a couple who know each other intimately kiss. She could see the passion and feel the heat between them. Her eyes were again drawn to their cocks, they were both rock now and she wanted to touch them. She reached over and gently stroked them both with either hand, she could feel both of them throb under her touch. She also felt her own body respond, she felt the familiar stirrings of her loins and it felt good.

The two men kind of ignored her a bit, she was, after all, just a voyeur in their afternoon of play, she was a spectator in an action sport. The older of the two men was obviously the dominant Otele gelen escort of the two, he quickly pulled his younger partner’s head down to his fat cock and the younger one began sucking him. The man who was enjoying the blowjob looked at the woman and smiled. The younger of the two moved his body around so his backside was in reach of his lover. Immediately his lover licked one his fingers and began to rub it around the others asshole. The woman was both enthralled and repulsed at the same time. She knew the two men were eventually going to have sex but now she wasn’t sure how much she wanted to see it.

The older guy moved his hand from the young ones ass and touched her on her breasts, this was the first contact they had made. The touch made the woman feel more assured of herself, maybe she would be more than a spectator. The man untied her nitey and pushed it aside, the other man raised up from the dick he was sucking and touched her wet panties with his hand , all three of them smiled at each other and the woman began to take off her clothes . She took off the nitey and threw it on the floor, the men helped her take off her panties and they each pulled a leg free from the stockings she wore. She was naked, sitting on her bed with two naked men, two naked men who liked sucking cock and getting fucked in their asses as well as they liked pussy. She felt so lucky as she knew all her fantasies were about to be fulfilled.

She reached out and grabbed their dicks, she wanted to touch them and feel what each of them was feeling. Both the cocks were hard, harder than she ever remembered any of her lovers being. Her pussy was so wet as if she had pissed herself she couldn’t ever think of a time when she was this excited. The men began kissing again and this time they included her so she had the feeling of her hands on their dicks and their mouths on hers. The younger of the two bent down and kissed her on the clit, the sensation was amazing, she shuddered with a little excitement and then gently pushed his head back down as he started to raise up. The older man smiled at her and said something in regards to how sweet the younger mans mouth was. The woman responded in kind by taking the fat cock into her mouth and sucking it like a pro.

The younger one continued sucking and licking on her pussy til she was almost ready to cum, he was working his tongue and fingers in unison and it was driving her crazy. She was sucking the other mans cock as hard as she could while he gently rubbed her back and ran his fingers through her hair. Suddenly, she felt a finger try to go inside her butt. She clenched her ass cheeks as tight as she could and the finger’s pressure subsided. She raised her head up from the dick she was sucking and let the guys know she could be a little dirty back there and that she didn’t really enjoy anal sex. The younger one never missed a beat as he fell back into licking and fingering her pussy and she went back to servicing the big fat cock in front of her.

The older man finally pulled his dick from her mouth and told her that he didn’t want to cum yet and then he pulled her face up to him and gave her a very rough kiss and told her what a good cocksucker she was and that he would enjoy her mouth again before the day was over.

The woman finally began to shake and shudder as an orgasm racked her body, she could feel it everywhere, brought on by both the stimulation of her pussy and her overall excitement. She looked down to see her young friend’s face covered in her pussy juices and he had a smile on his face that matched hers.

The older man moved himself where he could suck on his partners young uncut dick. The woman just sat there and rested for a few minutes, still in that warm state of arousal, but also her head was a little foggy, the orgasm had taken a little bit out of her. Once again the two men began enjoying each others like old lovers do, each one knowing by instinct what the other likes, the older one licking and nipping on the head of the cock in his mouth and the younger one reaching around touching his lovers ass crack and hole. The older man stood up abruptly and got his pants. He reached into the pocket and brought out a small bottle of lubricant and began putting some around his ass. The young man also took some and began rubbing some on the throbbing cock he had in his hand.

The woman could hardly stand the excitement, she was about to witness something in person she had masturbated to while watching on the computer so many times. She began to rub her rock Balgat Escort hard nipples with one hand and started to finger her dripping wet pussy with the other hand. As the older man got onto his hands and knees on her bed, she moved a little to her left so she could see his ass sticking up. The younger guy got on his knees and slowly pushed his dick into the waiting hole, the hole slowly spread out and the cock inch by inch slid in. The woman could not believe her eyes and she was pounding on her clit in excitement. Her moans of pleasure seemed to work on the two men as they found a rhythm that was close to hers. The man getting fucked was both cussing the huge cock tearing his ass up and begging for more at the same time. The younger man kept a steady pace and looked at the woman and told her how good it felt to fuck his lover, she told him how hot and excited it was making her to watch it. The three continued their fun and games for a few more minutes and then almost at the same time, the young man and the woman came.

When the man came, he fell onto his partner’s back obviously worn out from the fucking he had just given. His partner fell onto his stomach as he was exhausted from what he had received.

When the younger one raised up off his lover, the woman was a little shocked to see a brown stain on that beautiful dick, she instinctively knew what it was and at that same time, she smelled what she knew to be as shit. He had just literally fucked the shit out of his lover! And on her bed! Her eyes went to the other mans asshole, and she could see a mixture of white milky cum with flecks of brown coming out of his gaping hole. It was disgusting, that never happened in the videos she had watched. She always knew it could happen and that was the reason she never had let anyone do it to her, and now two perfect strangers had shit on them as they lay across her bed.

“Oh my god, he shit on you” she cried out.

“yes it happens every now and then”, “sorry dude” said his lover, “you were in me too hard and deep”. “no problem, it will wash”

The woman started to panic, she wasn’t comfortable looking at this and she didn’t know what to do, she started to get up to get towel from the bathroom when the younger one asked what she was doing, “getting a towel” she said, ” I want you to clean up before it gets on anything” ” Its ok baby, he’s got a hot little mouth that will clean up this little mess,”

With that the older man turned over on his side and took his young lover’s shit covered cock into his mouth and licked it clean. Then the younger man took his index finger and wiped the putrid mix of cum and feces off the other mans ass and stuck it into his own mouth.

The woman could not believe what she had just witnessed. She was grossed out and amazed. She started to get up and the younger guy put his hand to her chest and asked her again what she was doing.

“I am getting your things so you can leave my house” she said.

“We aren’t done yet baby” said the older of the two, “I haven’t cum yet and he has only came one time, and besides you said you might want to play too”.

The woman noticed that the easy nature of the two guys had suddenly changed, there was a different look in their eyes, not one of love and happiness but of lust and it made her feel incredibly vulnerable.

All the sudden the younger of the two forced her face down on the bed, she started to struggle, but he was a lot stronger than he looked and he held her arms out while his partner grabbed one of her stockings and tied her hands to one of the center posts in the headboard of her brass bed, she was still struggling and began to scream but her cries were cut short when her panties were balled up and shoved into her mouth.

“Now shut up cunt” said the older man, ”you wanted to play, lets play, you wanted to see two men fuck, well, I got fucked first, now I think you will get fucked next!”

“Remember what she said about being too dirty to fuck” said the younger of the two.

“Who cares” said the other she can eat her shit as well as I can eat my own” With that, he unceremoniously and without any lubrication other than the juices from her pussy that had ran down to her ass cheeks earlier, jammed his cock into her virgin asshole.

“Oh God it hurts so fucking bad, I cant stand this anymore” she thought as the man pumped his hard dick into ass time and time again, she started to draw her legs together but the younger one rummaged through her drawers and found stockings he used to tie her legs to either bedpost, now she was definitely at their mercy.

The brutal attack on her anus continued for what seemed to be an eternity, the whole time the two men were kissing and telling each other how much they loved the other one, she had just become a sex doll to them, something for the older one to continue to fuck as the younger one sat in front of her and jacked his cock.

To be continued……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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