It is Him?

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She sits on her leather couch, folding laundry as the phone rings, a male voice

“Open the back door, turn the lights low and get naked on your stomach.”

She grins hangs up the phone wondering if she ever gave him an answer? Moves swiftly across the “L” shaped ranch, turning off all the lights and locking the doors. Opens the door to her bedroom , the dusky smell of perfume, sleep and sex linger faintly in the air. She smile at her image in the mirror as she pulls her shirt over her head turns to her left, shuts the light down and moves toward the back door. Pulls open the huge closet door which so conveniently hides the back door and unlocks the door springing open the storm door to make sure he can get in. She turns toward her bed and opens her jeans kicks them off and sits on the edge of her king size bed. Lets down her dirty blond curls, shakes out her head as they spill all over her back.

Feeling a bit chilly she looks at her erect nipples and smiles grabs them and lets them snap back. She than grabs her silk robe and puts it on a grin on her face as she begins to wonder …Will it be him alone? Will he bring another person, will it be male or female? … A slight pause in istanbul escort her actions… Will he tie me up, maybe I should put a blind fold on? Recalling what he said she lays face down on the bed, takes the robe off and just Incase he wants to tie her up she takes the belt off the robe and lays it on the bed next to her throwing the robe on the floor. What if he ties me up and blind folds me, than I would truly be at his mercy, she instinctively brings her wrist over her head and crosses them and waits impatiently for him.

She hears foot step and turns her head toward the door before she can even see who it is a male voice bellows

“Face down do not look little one!”,

She wonders is that him, uncertain she feels a little scared, her heart begins to race, and her body tenses up, she closes her eyes and swallows real hard…

He pulls her legs apart so she is just about spread eagle now, face down on the bed, she is a tiny girl just under 5 ft. He a big man was able to pin her legs buy turning out his hips placing his inner thighs on her bottom and upper thigh, and his lower calves crossing hers. His legs pinning her down, she opens her eyes and before she can even make şişli escort a move he slides his huge member into her wet pussy. She groans a bit, as he places a large hand between the shoulder blades of her back. She can barely move the way he has her positioned. he pumps into her and she feels her pussy let go as the juices spill out. Her nipples harden as she closes her eyes and let’s him use her still wondering is it him?

She turns her head to the side, and he bites her ear, she grins and opens her eyes, he turns her head with his huge hand so her face is down in the sheets and for a minutes she panics and fears for the precious breath of life. She takes a deep breath and the sweet smell of perfume mixed with the dusky smell of sex spire up from the sheets, the panic and fear mixed with the excitement make her insides ready to explode.

He pumps his big cock into her, moving her into another position she is slightly lifted onto her knees, she reaches a hand to feel his leg and he quickly grabs her wrists and puts it back over her head. He takes both wrists into one hand and he fucks her pushing his hard member into her, she wiggles her small hips back and forth as it is the only move this mecidiyeköy escort position allows and again she feel the wetness spill out.

She throws her head back and he grabs her dirty blonde curls. He pulls her curls like the reins of and horse she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror, his dark figure, behind her riding her. Using her like the slut she sometimes thinks she is. She grabs at his legs, he lets go of her hair and pulls her back to his chest grabs her tits really hard and squeezes and pull them so hard it almost hurts and she sees the hint of pain mixed with pleasure in her own eyes as she comes again feeling her pussy tighten around his manhood.

He pushes her back forward so her chest is pressed against the crisp sheets once a again a huge hand in the center of her shoulder blades as he holds her hips up. She hears her self say

“Yeah, fuck me please”, as his huge member swells inside her.

She moves her hips back and forth as the hot juices spill out, his hands grabbing her hips and pushing her onto him. She smiles a slight smile and wiggles back and forth peeks up in the mirror his head tilted back still she cannot see his face is it him or is it not? As his head falls forward he pushes hers down into the sheets. He gets off and tells her not to look or to move and out the door he goes…. As it slams she looks toward the door almost hoping he will still be there… Was it really him????

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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