It’s for Research Ch. 01

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“You did what?”

“I bought some sex furniture for the new house.”

“You did what?” Brianna was fuming mad. Her boyfriend always made decisions without consulting her. She was not even hearing what was being said. She loved him so much, but lately certain things he did drove her crazy.

“Let me explain.”

“No. We have no money. You know that. We agreed that we would buy only the necessities and then, as you got your royalties for your novels, we would furnish each room.”

“I didn’t actually buy them.” Nathan was always flustered when his girlfriend got upset. He had always been shy and reserved. He was trying to tell her what he had done, but it was not working.

“So you stole them? Oh great.” Brianna rolled her eyes. She was standing with her hands on her hips wearing a gray t-shirt and shorts. She looked average, but he knew that under her clothing was a tight one-piece black bathing suit. She had just come from work as a lifeguard.

Nathan took three steps and kissed her hard. He pushed her against the front door and slid his tongue into her mouth. He flicked at her tongue while his hands ran up and down her body. When she began to whimper, he pulled back.

“I’ve been asked to write reviews on sex toys for one of the sites I write for. They wanted someone who could actually put a sentence together and would not be jacking off half way through writing a review. They are sending me the things free. We get to play with them and keep them. The first thing they are sending us is sex furniture. I figured since our massive living room is empty that having some furniture in it would be nice.”

Nathan stared at his girlfriend and waited for a reaction. She knew that he used to write erotica and still did, although he had moved into more mainstream story writing now.

“Oh. I hate how you cannot communicate with me sometimes. You can write a fucking best-selling novel about the most romantic guy in the world, but can’t tell me that we’re getting sex toys for free.” Brianna was grinning. She knew she had been unreasonable.

“I’m sorry. I had a long day. I’m hot and sweaty and burnt a bit where I didn’t put sunscreen.”

“It’s O.K. sweetie. Go upstairs and have a warm bath. I will be up in a bit and I will read you the letter the company sent me.”

Brianna nodded and swayed her hips as she made her way up the large curving staircase. He heard her walk across the landing to the west wing and then heard her feet pat against the marble floor of the master bathroom. He imagined her turning on the water and putting in either canlı bahis the lavender or strawberry bubble bath.

Nathan and Brianna were high school sweethearts. They had met the first day of freshman year and had been a couple ever since. Their parents got a little worried at how quickly they fell in love, but now that they were both in their twenties, it didn’t really matter. Nathan was a successful author who also worked part time for his father’s landscaping business. Brianna was working on being hired as a teacher and, until then, had kept her summer job as a lifeguard.

Nathan entered their kitchen and looked around. It was their first home. She had picked it out. It was actually one of the smaller homes in the newly constructed neighborhood. He had told her to pick whatever she wanted, price is not an issue. He was worried that she had purposely picked the cheapest house, but she was quick to point out that the reason she picked this home was because of the lay out of the master bathroom and the office that was located next to the kitchen, but accessible from the outside. Nathan did not even think of why this was good, but Brianna told him that he could work without being bothered.

Nathan opened the freezer and grabbed what he wanted. They had a small collection of sex toys already, but in the summer time, this was what drove her crazy. He placed the phallic shaped ice onto the vibrator and walked up the stairs. He wondered what would happen when they had children. The ice vibrator had been laying out on the counter and the shape of the mold in the freezer evidently hinted at their sexual nature. He walked into the master bedroom and noticed he had left his sex toy on the bed. Thank heavens their parents lived so far away and did not just randomly stop in.

“You look gorgeous.” Nathan’s eyes lit up. She was sitting in the large bathtub. She had her red hair in a bun, but some of the curls were loose around her face. She had filled the tub up completely and the bubbles reached her breasts. She had indeed used the strawberry bubble bath and had some candles burning as well. The bathroom had windows on three sides that overlooked the park. There was a glass shower, two sinks, along with a water closet. Everything was decorated in marble. Brianna, the perfect decorator, had purchased thick beige mats for the floor so her feet would not get cold in the winter.

“Thanks. That’s not a new toy is it?” Brianna’s eyes shifted to the vibrator Nathan held.

“No. The first item will arrive sometime next week. I just thought since you said you were hot and sweaty bahis siteleri that some ice would be good.” Nathan grinned sheepishly. If anyone had guessed how he acted when he was alone with his girlfriend, no one would believe it. She had not believed it either when he told her he wrote erotica.

“Get in here. Now!” Brianna grabbed the vibrator from his hand and pulled him into the tub, fully clothed. He did not even have time to respond before he was pushed against the edge of the tub and she climbed on top of him.

“What’s gotten into you?”

“Sex toys. You know how I get in the summer. I am sorry I got pissed. I can’t wait to have even more sex with you.” Brianna slid up and was sitting on his chest. She grabbed the ice vibrator and ran it up and down her inner thighs.

“Can I at least get undressed? Knowing how horny you get I’d think you want my cock easily accessible.” Brianna stuck out her tongue at Nathan and sat on the edge of the tub. She ran the ice against her clit. She loved the cold against her sensitive clit and she did not even notice that Nathan had stripped naked, his wet clothes landing on the marble with a splat. He sat back in the tub and watched her play.

“Fuck yourself with it baby. Fuck your pussy with it.” Nathan reached and turned the vibrator on. It was the coolest toy he had ever seen and bought it without even asking Brianna. He had been roaming an erotic story site and accidentally clicked on the wrong button. He opened up the online sex shop and this was the first toy listed. It was a vibrator, but the shaft was made of ice. He had a mold with three other dildos waiting to be used. Brianna had loved it and he had caught her using it by herself a few times when he got home from work early.

Brianna slid the vibrator into her pussy and moaned. The cold and wetness was driving her crazy. She thrusted it in and out of her pussy with both hands.

“Suck on it. Taste your juices for me.” Nathan’s eyes were full of lust. He loved ordering her to do things, knowing that she would do anything for him. Brianna pulled the toy from her pussy and sucked on the ice. It was melting fast, which meant her pussy was burning hot, as always.

Nathan slid forward and grabbed the toy. He ran the tip against her tan lines. She had thin lines of redness where she had forgotten to put on sunscreen. Brianna shivered and tried to reach down to stroke his cock. The ice was almost completely melted and so Nathan stopped what he was doing and gave it back to her.

“Fuck yourself with it until you cum. I want you to feel how cold the bahis şirketleri ice is in your pussy. I want you to cum all over it and then I’ll fuck you with my cock.”

Brianna snatched the toy from him and began to fuck herself with it. She was an expert at this since he had wanted to take it slow when they first started dating. She had snuck out to buy a dildo and had spent many nights imagining it was his cock. She had even named it Nathan. She lay back so that her back was against the cool marble that surrounded the tub. Her feet were flat on the edge of the tub and she knew that it was the perfect height for Nathan to fuck her while standing in the tub.

Nathan reached out and turned the vibe on high. She began to buck up and down, moaning and screaming. Nathan loved how loud Brianna got when she came. She never screamed out that she was cumming. She did not have to. He knew that the way she moaned was her way of telling him he had made her orgasm. He grabbed the ice vibrator and turned it off. He placed it on the counter and then slid his cock inside her.

“Fucking hell.” Nathan whimpered and bit his lip hard. His cock swelled and he unleashed spurt after spurt of cum inside her.

“What are you like eighteen again?” Brianna grinned. Nathan normally could last a long time, but sometimes if he was in the right mood, he would cum like a teenager.

“Shut up. I am hard again. You want to be fucked or not?” Nathan was smiling wide. His cock had recovered quickly and he was slowly fucking her pussy. He had lost control because of the feeling of both hot and cold against his cock. Her pussy walls were cold to the touch, but were heating up fast. She was soaking wet and he could feel the difference between her fluids and the melted ice. He continued to thrust; bringing her pussy back to its normal burning hot temperature.

“You’re going to cum for me. You’re going to flood my pussy with your hot cum.” Brianna loved talking dirty to Nathan and when Nathan grabbed her hips, she knew he was close again. “Maybe you want to cum all over my breasts. Cover them in cum like a porn video.”

Nathan grunted. He did not know what had gotten into him, but he pulled out and barely had time to aim his cock at her breasts before he came again. He watched as Brianna rubbed the sticky cum into her round breasts. He sat back down into the tub and threw his head back.

“You’re going to wear me out baby.”

Brianna grinned and climbed back into the tub, lying on top of him. She nuzzled his nose.

“What’s the first toy we get to play with?”

“It’s this piece of furniture that rocks back and forth. Lots of great sexual positions.”

“We might have to play with it a lot, you know to make sure you have enough information for our review.”

“I think we’ll survive.”

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