It’s for Research Ch. 02

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Brianna walked up the path to her front door and grinned. There was a package waiting on the step and she knew exactly what it was. She grabbed it and ran inside, locking the door behind her. She opened it up right there and giggled with glee. It was her new dildo.

Brianna had become very addicted to sex lately. She assumed that moving in with her boyfriend was the cause of this. Having easily accessible sex twenty-four hours a day was such a turn on. Nathan did not know she had ordered the toy. He assumed that she was using the very first dildo she had purchased, but last week she had lost it. It was a funny story involving it falling out of her purse and rolling under her car. In the attempt to pick it up it had rolled into the sewer.

She and her boyfriend had been trying out sex toys over the last few weeks. She figured he would not mind her buying a new dildo. She had spent hours online trying to determine the best one to buy. The last time she had bought a dildo, she was barely nineteen and had bought the first one she saw. Now she was almost thirty and more experienced and knowledgeable. She opened the package and smiled. It was perfect. She ran up the stairs to her bedroom.

She and her boyfriend lived in a mansion. He had earned enough from his last novel to purchase this home. She loved every part of it, but truly loved the master bedroom. The king size bed was so comfortable and there was enough room that you could have a party. She bursa escort undressed quickly and lay on the bed, holding the dildo in her hands. It was bright purple. She loved the color purple and was happy that it was thick and long. Lying back, she slid it into her pussy. She was already soaking wet and began to pump it in and out of her.

“God. I wish Nathan was here.” Brianna rolled onto her back and continued fucking herself. She thought back to the first time she had used a dildo. She had been dating Nathan for almost three years at the time and although she was not exactly begging for sex, she kept hinting at it. He had been persistent, saying that he wanted to wait. She was fine with that, but had decided to feel what a cock felt like inside her. She had loved every second of it and had told Nathan about it. She knew that Nathan had many masturbation sessions imagining her fucking herself with a dildo.

Brianna whimpered. She was lost in her own world and as her first orgasm hit her, she cried out. She continued thrusting it inside her pussy. She needed it deeper and finally sat up. She gasped as she saw Nathan in the doorway.

Nathan had heard the front door slam shut and had seen her run up the stairs with the dildo. He had snuck up and had undressed silently in the hallway. He was now stroking his cock gently, watching his girlfriend.

“How long have you been watching?”

“Long enough to want to know what happened to the first bursa escort bayan Nathan.” Brianna had named her first dildo Nathan. It was cheesy, but she didn’t care.

“I dropped him under the car and he rolled into the sewer. I didn’t think you’d mind me buying a new one.” Brianna was kneeling on the bed with her knees wide. She was straddling the dildo and bucking up and down on it.

“It’s purple. I like it. Don’t stop. I want to watch you cum again.”

Brianna threw her head back and continued fucking the dildo. Her hands tugged on her nipples and she loved knowing that her boyfriend was watching her, stroking himself.

“Fuck!” Brianna fell forward and moaned. She was cumming again and her legs could not hold her up. She pulled the dildo out and began to lick it. She loved the taste of her pussy juices. She knew why Nathan could spend hours licking her pussy.

“How do you taste?” Nathan had climbed onto the bed and was watching her suck on the dildo.


“Deep throat the dildo. Show me how much you love sucking on it.” Nathan ordered his girlfriend to play with the dildo and at the same time pulled her into his lap. He sank his cock into her pussy and rocked gently.

Brianna sucked and licked the dildo. It was a great taste and she knew he was being turned on.

“What do you prefer the dildo or my cock?” Nathan was leaning back on his hands with his legs spread straight out in front him. Brianna escort bursa was rocking back and forth, trying to put together a sentence.

“Your cock. I only want this when I can’t have your cock.”

“Good answer. I want to try something new. Will you let me?” Nathan had always used Brianna to try out new sexual positions. It was research for his stories, but she didn’t care. Brianna nodded in response.

“I want to cum all over the dildo and then I want you to fuck yourself with it.” Nathan could not believe he was saying that. He was so quiet and shy in real life, but the moment he got naked with his girlfriend, he was someone different.

Brianna held the dildo out for him and watched as Nathan jerked off. He used both hands and placed them one on top of each other. His thumb rubbed the precum into his cock. He would tug hard for a few strokes, then go hard, and fast for a few more. Finally, he began to squirt cum all over the dildo. Most of it landed on the dildo, but some landed on the expensive bed sheets. The moment he was finished cumming, he watched as Brianna pushed the cum covered dildo into her pussy. He watched as it collected on her lips and made her already wet pussy even more wet.

“How does that feel baby. Tell me.” Nathan watched his girlfriend fuck herself with the thick purple dildo.

“Good. Love your cum in me. It is so sexy. Want me to gush for you?”

Nathan nodded and watched as Brianna titled the dildo against her g-spot. She gushed easily and after only a few thrusts, she was gushing all over the sheets. She cried out and pulled the dildo out.

“Good girl.” Nathan cuddled Brianna against him as she recovered from her intense orgasm.

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