Jade Pt. 01

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Hi there! I’m Jade. I’m nearly nineteen now. I want to tell you how I went from being a normal well behaved bisexual girl to accepting my role as lesbian sex slave to my best friend. I should probably start at the beginning, but that’s a long story. I suppose the fun part started when I was sleeping over at my best friend Abigail’s house for her 18th birthday.

As it was her eighteenth birthday, which is an important birthday, I thought I could give her a really special present. I decided that she would really like taking my virginity. Oh, I know, not all friends think like this. We’ve known each other a long time, and talked about these things. A lot. To make it really really special, and because of a really steamy chat we had this one time, I wanted her to be the first in both my holes. It made me shiver just to think of her doing it, so maybe it was a selfish thing for me too.

I thought about this for a while, and then realised that, while it was a great present, maybe it would make things weird for Abigail and her boyfriend Jaime if it was just the two of us. So I went with a threesome. I guess for some people that would have been weird, too. But, as I said, we’ve known each other a long time, and talked about these things. A lot.

There was some boring planning, and I touched myself a lot, thinking about it (added bonus). But then the big day came, and we fixed some just-us-time, which can be tricky, on an eighteenth. For most people a big birthday isn’t a very private thing. Good thing her family is so, well, special, and her house is so huge and big (you really wouldn’t believe it).

So, a bit earlier, before me and Jaime arrived, Abigail had managed to sneak into her older sister’s room and grabbed the big black strap-on we knew she kept in her bedside table. There were loads of other sexy bits and pieces we wanted to learn about in there, and, you know, the usual boring things like spot cream and nail varnish in really stupid colours. We were only borrowing the strap-on this time, though, so Abi could fuck me properly once we were all set and ready in her bedroom. We only found out later that her sneaky older sister was watching Abi’s every move.

So, once Abi got back to her room with the giant black rubber willy, she hid it under her pillow and went for a shower. I can see her now, throwing her lacy knickers in the corner – she’s totally messy, there’s underwear everywhere – and scampering naked into the little ensuite. Her tits are small but so pretty, and she has this mole, eve gelen escort and her bum cheeks are so cute, and they wobble just a little when she moves and when… oh yeah, where was I again? Right. So, Abi goes in the shower to get shaved, all over, and ready for us. My mouth waters just thinking about it.

But when she comes out, Natalie, that’s Abi’s big sister, has brought Abigail’s present from her room and put it on her bed, and is just lying there waiting for her. Abigail is in the shower, shaving herself all slippery, and smoothing in all of this body lotion. She smelled like heaven that evening, even more than she usually does, and I do love the smell of Abi. Whenever I’m allowed near her, if I get to kiss her, oh, and on my fingers, the next day, forever. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

When Abi finally gets out of the shower, probably after about a week, she sees Natalie lying on her bed, literally on top of that huge dildo thing. Panic! Nat was wearing this slinky shiny silky backless dress that day, she looked really hot, to be honest, although Abi won’t thank me for saying this. Sisters, huh.

“Drop the towel sis,” Nat said, “I need to make sure that little pussy is properly clean.” Abi must have tried to lie or something, but Nat just carried on. “We all know what you are planning and we approve. But we have big plans for Jade. She is going to be your very own slut. A slut is for life, not just for Christmas, you know? Like a pretty puppy, just for you. Don’t worry, sis, she’ll love it.”

Abigail was still wrapped in this big furry black towel, but Natalie walked over to her, pulled it away, and slowly ran expert fingers over her sister’s freshly shaved crotch. “You’ve missed a bit.” She shook her head. “Oh dear, Abi. Well, come downstairs with me to the beauty salon and we’ll have it waxed properly.” She ran her eyes over Abi’s pale skin, and tutted. “Your lips aren’t done either! We’ll get them sorted too.” When Abi reached for her black towel Natalie snatched it away and fixed her with a mascara glare (she wears loads, like a mad goth, but it kind of works on her). “You”, said Nat, “Will walk nude. Tamara is working today, she’ll be the one to wax you”. Natalie smirked at Abigail’s shocked gasp. “Don’t worry, you’re gonna have a ball.”

You might be asking yourself how I know all this, but Abi has told me everything about her birthday. A few times over, to be honest. It’d be boring by now if it didn’t get me so wet down istanbul eskort bayan there.

Abigail and Nat walked downstairs to the salon through their big big house. Think Playboy Mansion but, well, bigger. And more shiny. It is basically a palace, so she had quite a long walk. The salon is right at the very bottom, in the old servants’ floor. We weren’t allowed down there as kids, and when we’d tried we’d always been caught and waved back by the maids, so we were really curious.

Abi had to walk down all those sweeping staircases and long corridors stark naked, newly shaved and washed, damp blonde hair swinging over her rosy nipples and little bum cheeks jiggling. Those same maids smirked and giggled. She was furious and embarrassed and all sort of turned on. At least that’s what she says now. If she stopped or complained Natalie would just jab a long black-lacquer nail in her back. Nat’s pretty mean (and pretty pretty, if you know what I mean). She has a whole harem of people queuing up to lick her boots and bring her treats.

When they finally reached the taboo world of Downstairs Abi was met by three older girls she hadn’t seen before, sitting on a huge sofa as if they owned the place and all wearing these beautiful matching outfits in red lace, with thongs, waspies, bras, everything. Like an Agent Provocateur ad, really. After staring at her for a bit, the ice blonde and the East Asian-looking girl turned and nodded at the third, a tall dark-skinned woman, who smiled broadly at them, stood, stretched and took Abi by the arm. As she was led through one of several doorways set into the curved wall, Abi looked back to see the other girls sank giggling into each other’s arms. So hot!

Her new guide, who said she was called Tarama, walked quickly ahead, heels clicking in time with Nat’s on the chill marble floor. Nat says she’d never seen such beautiful buttocks as they swayed before her. She’s right – Tarama is gorgeous – but I prefer Abi’s little peach backside myself.

This salon is really, really not like your high street waxing place. It is more like, you know, a palace or some mad Vegas influencer’s idea of a salon. There are still the usual kinds of chair things, all shiny in blood-red leather, but there are also beds and things with straps and beds with straps and oh, bondage heaven, as well as sinks and big mirrors.

The magazines are different, too, obviously. Tried to sneak one out, one day, a Japanese import full of latex and wide-eyed fox spirits, rezidans escort but I got punished so hard it still makes me a bit wet thinking about it.

Abi told me they took her to a strappy bed – she was furious with Natalie about this, Abi says, but I think she got off on it a bit – and they got her up all spread out and stuff.

Still a little bit damp, and all sweet-smelling from that bath. What I’d give to see her like that! Then, then, big sister Natalie walked over to her and slowly, slowly leaned over, eyes locked on Abi’s, and blows on her little clit. She was already moaning, but then Tamara brought the hot wax and slowly, carefully poured it over the last few hairs on her exposed crotch. All the time Natalie is watching, standing there in that pure-sex dress and heels, and smirking through her blood-red lipstick.

When it was all cooled Tamara looked meekly at Natalie, who nodded briskly. Tamara then slowly peeled away the hardened wax to leave shiny new lips on her Mistress’ youngest daughter. She must have squealed, there must have been tears on those long eyelashes, but Abi insists her pretty pouting lips were sealed and she wore her dominatrix pokerface all the way through. I always believe my beautiful mistress, of course I do.

I suppose while all that was going on I was back home in the boring bathroom carefully shaving my own little vag with my own boring little razor, thinking about what knickers would match the silky stockings best. And which were clean, of course, rather than in a shiny pile of dirty things by my bed that I would definitely wash any day soon. Did I drop my vibe in that pile again? Should check.

Anyway. Some people have big houses and high-heel beauties to wash for them and wax them naked. Some of us have to shave ourselves. Ah well.

Anyway, enough of my complaining. I’m pretty lucky to have Abi as my mistress. I mean, she’s super -hot, exactly my type, and she lives in this palace, after all, and is probably almost as pervy as I am, nearly. So Tamara had carefully waxed

Abi’s poor little pussy all bare and smooth, and Abi was probably yelping about it way more than she admits, and eventually Tamara gave her a curt nod and, after smoothing aloe Vera cream all over her, just walked off, swaying on those heels.

As I think I mentioned, Tamara is all tall and curved like a Kardashian, and, after her long fingers had spent so long massaging that cream all through my girl’s lady bits Abi was pretty much beside herself. She’s made of tough stuff, but only human.

After all that, just when Abi is melting, Natalie slowly clicked her way over, leaned way down so her black-silk nips brushed Abi’s bare thighs, and slid up to kiss my girl’s yearning lips. I’m jealous now, just imagining it. And damp down there. Bitch. But so sexy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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