Jake’s Tales Episode 02

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Several weeks ago, I once again had the pleasure of meeting up with Charlene at the Belvedere. I had a blast at my first visit to the Bel (see Jake’s Tales Episode I) so I was looking forward to seeing her again. I arrived just before 2pm and a middle aged gay guy opened the door for me as he saw me approach. He said he was standing in for the owners. So I gave him my ten bucks and headed down to the first theater.

Couldn’t see a damn thing. So I adopted the classic “Englishman Abroad” position (back against the wall, hand on wallet) until I had some visual confirmation on the shapes I sensed moving around me. Crouching a little, I was able to line up the back of the last row of seats with the movie screen, enabling a quick silhouetted head count and confirming that GA3 had yet to arrive (Charlene would be easy to spot, she’s the kinda gal that draws a crowd.)

Ok, now I’ve got the scene down; two guys to my left in the corner (now I’m glad it’s this dark!), three to my right on the other side of the door. Light traffic up and down the center aisle, elderly guy comes up left side aisle and stops to play pocket billiards while watching the corner show.

I slide myself right, to lean against the left door post, giving myself a view of the corridor to the theater entrance. It’s only a few minutes before Charlene arrives and chats with the stand-in doorman. Oh yeah, its go time!

I had IM’d Charlene a few times but this was the first time my free time had coincided with her play time since the party at Gary’s house. Actually I was due to be at a gangbang this afternoon, but I heard yesterday that it had been cancelled. Bummed out, I was online at about 3am and saw Charlene listed as online on my IM friends list. I hit her up and found out she was coming to the Bel today. “Great”, I said, “I’ll come and empty my nuts into you instead.” She replied “Works for me!” Now there’s a great slut showing her mettle. Who else do you know that would gladly offer up her Beylikdüzü escort services at short notice to relieve a stood-up gangbanger? Email me at [email protected]

So Charlene powders her nose and comes down to the first theater. She recognizes me right away and we exchange pleasantries while her eyes adjust. She slides into a seat on the back row, right hand side, about 3 in from the center aisle. I give the punters their chance, but they just bunch up on the wall behind her, or sit in the row ahead, looking back. Amateurs.

I plunk myself down in the seat next to her, unzip my pants, whip out the old trouser snake and move Charlene’s left hand onto it. “I recognize this” she says as she begins nice slow handjob. Ah, that’s nice. I settle back to watch the porno, with Charlene working my wand. It’s so much better to have a lady jerk you rather than doing it yourself.

I had reminded Charlene in my IM chat with her that I had cum in her ass and pussy on previous occasions, but although she had always sucked me, I had yet to cum in her mouth, and I was eager to complete the Grand Slam. She is the 3 hole slut, after all.

Charlene leaned over and took my erect member into her hot mouth and began to suck me off. Although most guys would gladly let any girl suck their dicks, oral sex is one area where experience matters, and there are many men here who would attest to Charlene’s skills. She is top notch. In fact she should give classes, and I hereby volunteer my services as a prop for classroom demonstration.

One of the pervs behind us copped a grope of her tits and Charlene pushed him back. Please guys, you had your chance. Have some decorum. Geez. Anyway, the position was uncomfortable for Charlene, so she asked me to stand up. Always one to help out a lady, I gladly obliged. This allowed be to get my belt open and let my kegs drop to my knees. Now this was great. Her hot mouth sucked on my cock as her redhead bobbed my knob. One Beylikdüzü escort hand cradled my balls, the other held the base of my rock hard cock. Oh yes, this is what it’s all about: great head from a great slut.

I gently ran my fingers through her red hair while she blew me. Getting bolder (and remembering her admonishment from our first theater fuck, but deciding to push my luck anyway), I put my hands either side of her head and began thrusting my hips forward, to face fuck this hot cumslut. I love to face fuck, especially when the fuckee moans in pleasure as I take her mouth, as Charlene was now.

I close my eyes and enter “The Zone”. It’s just me, the head and the rhythm in The Zone. Oh yeah, pump it, pump it, pump it good. I feel Charlene’s hands move to my hips, encouraging my pumps. One hand strokes back to by balls, the other slides down my thigh as her third reaches round to my butt.

Wait. One head, three hands? I’m yanked out of The Zone.

A quick check of the perimeter, and I find a Latin gent has his hand on my bare ass. I quickly remove the offending hand. Nothing pulls you out of The Zone faster than a gay guy giving you the old reach around, no matter how silky smooth your hands are, Pablo.

Slightly off my stride, I pull my cock from Charlene’s mouth and jack it while she smiles up at me. Some girls would be offended, thinking that their sucking wasn’t good enough, but Charlene knows better than that, and she knows what’s coming.

“You’re bad” she says, smiling.

“YOU are bad” I reply and feel my cum about to burst. She slips her lips back around my cock and I explode in her mouth, shooting hot cum to the back of her throat, which she swallows with glee. Oh yeah, that’s good. One, two, three good spurts and Charlene’s licking my cock clean like a good cumslut. Its all for you, baby.

“That makes three” she says and I laugh.

I take a break to let my fellow theater attendees have their turn. After grabbing Escort Beylikdüzü a Coke from the machine I return to watch the movie. I must say the movies at the Bel are good. A lot better than the truly awful crap shown at the Twin anyway.

Charlene blows a couple of guys, but seems to be disappointed in the group. A bunch of them are sitting around her, looking at her, but keeping their cocks in their pants, despite her offers. I just don’t get guys like that. But each to his own I guess.

So I sit there for like 10 minutes, finishing the can, getting hard watching some 18 year old chicks getting fucked on the screen. Feeling ready for more, I go stand against the back wall behind Charlene. She’s turned to one side, working on a guy standing behind the seats. He finishes and she sees me. I unzip and show her my erect cock.

“I know where’s that’s going” she says and comes around to lube my meat. She bends over the back row and guides my cock into her ass. I ease it in gentle and then start a rhythm. “Somebody put a cock in my mouth!” she demands, and a guy does. “God, I love the way you fuck my ass!” moans Charlene as I get into my butt fucking routine.

Pump and grind. Side to side. Spiral. Get it deep and hard. Yeah, I’m fucking her good and hard and she’s loving it. There’s a tight young ass getting butt fucked on the screen too, that always helps. I time my trusts so my balls are slapping against Charlene’s butt cheeks the same as in the movie.

Feeling the feeling, I put my hands onto the back of the seats to support my weight as I shuffle my feet back and stretch my body, while stilling pumping that ass hard. I’m in an elevated “push up” position and breathing hard as I fuck. Charlene’s panting, I’m pumping, my nuts are slapping. Charlene loses the cock in her mouth and hangs her head and moans as I pick up the pace. The second cum is gathering, cock pulsating and then I’m pushing that ass into the seat back as I empty into her. God, I really had to dig deep for that cum. My nuts are empty.

I pull out and pull up. Charlene turns, grabs me by the t-shirt and kisses me. She says thanks, but the gratitude is all mine. You are a legend, Charlene.

Until next time,


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