Jefferson’s Therapy Ch. 02

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“Wake up sleepyhead,” Dr. Benoit said.

Jefferson awoke, groggy.

“How does it feel knowing that I can put you to sleep with the smell of my worn high heels?” Dr. Benoit asked her restrained patient.

“Well I’ve always been turned on by this Candy.”

“And that turns me on Jefferson. Jefferson I want to gag you and I want you to choose what you are gagged with.”

“Aren’t you the one dominating me?”

“I am but I want to know what gags you like and what gags you don’t. If I’m going to dominate you you will be in my ropes, chains, harnesses, and what not a lot and many times I am going to have you gagged. It’s not really bondage if the victim isn’t gagged.”

“Am I victim if I am here of my own will.”

“I like thinking of you as a victim, it turns me on. I fingered myself to orgasm twice while you were out just looking at you bound like that. I wanted to have a gag on you but I want you to be awake when I gag you.”

“Any particular reason why?”

“It fucking turns me on Jefferson, isn’t that enough reason?”

“I guess so.”

“You’re starting to learn.”

“And I am ready to learn.”

“And you need me to teach you.”

“I should be grateful I have you to teach me.”

“You should be grateful because I’m a great teacher.”

“So what comes next.”

“Let’s have a drink.”

“Don’t you have to untie me to have a drink Candy?”

“Not really, I’ll feed it to you.”

“What are we drinking?”


“That shit goes down like water.”

“I know it does.”

With that Dr. Candy Benoit got up and fixed her self several shots of DiSaronno, gulping down each one.

“So when am I going to get to have my drink Candy?” asked Jefferson, in a manner that indicated a thirst for intoxication on his part.

“Now. But Jefferson I’m not going to let you drink out of a glass. See I’m dominating you and I need to train you to appreciate my dominance.”

“And how are you going to do that.”

“Well…” Candy said, taking off her shoe. She walked up to Jefferson and put it up against his nose “…smell that Jefferson, I want you to take deep deep sniffs.”

Jefferson complied with doctor’s orders.

“It’s intoxicating you isn’t it Jefferson?”

“Yes Candy.”

“I have a wonderful foot scent don’t I Jefferson?”

“Yes Candy.”

“You wish you could smell that forever don’t you Jefferson?”

“Well I mean Candy you know what my ambitions are and I can’t do them if I’m always tied up smelling your shoe even if it is a heavenly scent.”

“But in theory it would keep you a horny mess if I always kept you like this Jefferson?”

“Yes Candy.”

“That’s what I like to hear, slut. You don’t mind if I call you slut do you Jefferson.”

“You’re the boss Candy.”

“Yes I am Jefferson and you are a slut. And you like being a slut. I am bringing out your inner slut. Do you like being a slut for me?”

“I am turned on right now, Candy.”

“That’s not what I asked Jefferson. I asked if you like being my slut.”

“How do you want me to answer Candy?”

“I want you to say you like being my slut.”

“You want me to say I like being your slut? But do I like being your slut”

“I think you do. Don’t you like being my slut, Jefferson?”

“I do.”

“So then say you do.”

“So then say you like being my slut.”

“I like being your slut Candy, I like being you slut a lot.”

“I’m glad you admit it slut. And do you know what I do with my sluts?”

“What do you do with my sluts?”

“I tie them up so they can’t get away from me as I use them as my sexual toy.”

“Well you have me tied up.”

“Yes I do Jefferson. Ready to be used?”

“I guess so. That means you’re going to fuck me?”

“I’m going to fuck you Jefferson, I am going to fuck you in ways you have never been fucked before and you are going to like it. You uşak escort are going to want to fuck me all the time. You know how to you like to drink that energy drink Cocaine?”

“Cocaine is good shit as an energy drink. Red Bull isn’t good for shit unless you mix it with like fucking Vodkas and shit, but that Cocaine drink will amp you the fuck up.”

“Well that’s because that cocaine drink has like 300 mg of caffeine in an 8 oz can. Drinking two of them is like taking 3 no-doz.”

“It’s a trucker’s dream.”

“But you aren’t a trucker Jefferson and we aren’t up on crippled creek.”

“But if I spring a leak will you mend me?”

“Why would I mend you. You’re going to be leaking a lot of cum and some of it I’ll drink, some of it will go in condoms, some I’ll dip my fingers in and rub back on your face.”

“You are a kinky bitch, Candy.”

“And I have you tied up in my office.”

“So what’s the point of us discussing the Cocaine brand energy drink?”

“Because I’m like cocaine the drug. You’re going to be so addicted to me Jefferson. That’s why I’m willing to help you because I know you are a future Senator and perhaps even Secretary of State and better and I’ll be able to watch you knowing how you became puddy in my hands to my ropes, my gags, the smell of my worn high heels, my presence, it’ll turn me on and it will be something I tell my own daughters so they can use it on powerful men themselves.”

“I’m glad to be such an inspiration Candy.”

“You are Jefferson, so do you want to know what comes next?”

“Dare I ask?”

“What do you know about the g-spot Jefferson?”

“I know if you can stimulate it you make the woman go mad with pleasure.”

“That’s a good good boy, you know our anatomy. You know I’m going to expect you to find my g-spot often with your tongue.”

“I look forward to it Candy.”

“That’s what I like to hear.”

“I aim to please Candy.”

“And you will please me often as part of my helping you. But Jefferson see men have a g-spot area too.”

“We do?”

“You do. It’s your prostate. And the prostate when stimulated will give the man the same kind of full body orgasm we women have when we truly orgasm.”

“It must feel good.”

“It does and I’m going to help you get there Jefferson. I’m going to give you your first prostate orgasm tonight.”

“And how do you give me a prostate orgasm.”

“By sticking a stimulating device in your ass.”

“You’re going to stick something in my ass?”

“Yes and you aren’t going to be able to scream for help or anything else because I’m going to gag you.”

“Do you really need to gag me?”

“Well you told me the idea of being gagged turns you on. And it turns me on too. I want you to ‘mmmpppphhh’ it makes me feel more powerful. That’s what turns me on, making you serve my sexual power.”

“I’m happy to serve your sexual power.”

“And you are going to serve my sexual power. Jefferson would you like to take another whiff of the inside of that heel?”

“Do I have a choice tied up like this?

“No you don’t. I want you to take big whiffs. Take big sniffs. Let my scent intoxicate you. I have worked hard all day. Inhale that work.”

Jefferson complied and breathed in her heavenly scent.

“Keep sniffing Jefferson.”


Candy kept the shoe on Jefferson’s nose for about a minute and a half.

“Have you had enough, Jefferson?”

“I’d love to have more if you want me to.”

“I’m glad you love my foot scent but I need to get you alcohol drunk.”

That’s right, Jefferson was supposed to have a drink of DiSaronno just as Candy did and he could notice she had gotten tipsier as their banter had gone on.

“Well Jefferson, it’s time for that drink.”

“I’m ready.”


Candy took the DiSaronno and poured it into her heel.

“How do van escort you like my glass for you?”

“Isn’t that going to make it sticky?”

“I can have it dry cleaned Jefferson.”

“But to wear out of the office?”

“I have other shoes.”

“So you want me to drink out of it?”

“Yes cause inevitably some of my sweat will make it into the drink.”


“And you’ll be getting drunk on that. It’s part of my dominating you and you know you like it.”

“I guess I do.”

“You do Jefferson, now drink up.”

Jefferson drank, basically chugged the drink out of her shoe.

“You’re such a good boy Jefferson, you drank that like a baby drinks milk out of a tit.”

“That’s an interesting way to put it.”

“Would you like to drink milk out of my tits?”

“Don’t you have to like have a baby to do that?”

“Would you like to?”

“I take the fifth because I’m not having any children unless I’m married.”

“That’s not really a good answer.”

“It wasn’t a great question. I didn’t tell you anything about sucking milk out of a tit.”

“No you didn’t but it turned me on to bring it up.”

“I’m glad it did.”

“So Jefferson are you ready for that gag?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Tied up like that you really don’t.”

“So you’ll gag me when I’m ready.”

“Yes but first I want to talk more about the g-spot. Now in women DHEA is shown to increase arousal and pleasure.”

“Isn’t that a steroid of some kind?”

“It’s a dietary supplement but yes it’s a steroid. Athletes have gotten in trouble testing for it. But at any rate to stimulate the prostate there are prostate wands, butt plugs, dildos, anal beads, anal vibrators, and so forth.”

“And you’re going to use those on me?”

“Yes I am, tonight in fact. I’m going to give you an anal orgasm tonight. It’s an important part of your therapy.”

“It is?”

“Men who have prostate orgasms become real relaxed and happy. You need it Jefferson and you don’t know it yet Jefferson and that’s why I have to have you bound and gagged for it but you’ll love it.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.”

“You really can’t avoid it because it’s how men’s bodies are wired. At any rate what do you want me to gag you with?”

“I have a choice?”

“You do. Now I have balls gags in several sizes both breathable with the holes and the standard ones, I have a muzzle gag, I have a bit gag, I have a ring gag, I can take some cloth and make a cleave gag, I can put some tape over your mouth and gag you, I can stick some cloth in your mouth and then stick the tape over it, I have a jawbreaker gag, and I even have a dildo gag.”

“I don’t think I’m interested in a dildo gag.”

“I didn’t think you would be.”

“Well those gags sound interesting.”

“You know there’s also a rope gag where you tie rope into the mouth and turn that into a gag. I can gag you with my panties, my stockings, athletic socks, my bra, if I have a pair of tights laying around I can gag you with it, I can stick tissue in your mouth and tape it over it. I have a jawbreaker gag you might like. I could even gag you with fruit of course you bite down that and chew your way into being able to talk. I could stick a towel in your mouth also.”

“Thanks for letting me know doctor.”

“So what gag will it be?”

“Your heels smelled pretty good. Maybe your stockings will taste good.”

“You want me to gag you with my stockings?”


“You want me to gag with me my filthy stockings, the stockings I have been walking around in?”


“You want to taste those stockings?”


“Then beg me Jefferson, beg me to gag you with my stockings.”

“Please Candy. Please gag me with your stockings. You have me so turned on. Gag me so if it becomes too intense and I try and scream for help no one will hear erzincan escort me and you can keep going on. I’m a slut and need to be gagged with your stockings.”

“Why should I gag you with my stockings? Maybe what you need is a good ball gag.”

“Please gag me with your stockings Candy. I am such a slut. I am a slut for your stockings. Please please please stick them in my mouth. Please put tape over my mouth then so I can’t spit them out.”

“But what if I want to gag you with a ring gag so I can pour more alcohol down your throat?”

“Please gag me with your stockings. I know from how your heel tasted they’ll taste so good. And that will shut me up as you need and feel good for me too.”

“Why shouldn’t I gag you with that bit gag and ride you around like a horse, Jefferson? After all I’m the dominant one here. You’re tied up. I can do whatever I want to you. Why should I gag you with those stockings.”

“Please please please gag me with those stockings. It shows how submissive I am to you to have those stockings in my mouth and with that tape I can’t spit it out. They’ll be there and I’ll be sucking them and you’ll have your way with me. Please gag me with the stockings.”

“I like that you want to be gagged with my clothing. Maybe I should gag you with my panties or maybe I should just put several strips of tape on your mouth with no cloth inside.”

“Please please please gag me with your stockings Candy. How about this, will you gag me with the stockings, balled up and all, if I kiss your feet.”

“Hmmmm, let me think about it.”

“Please Candy pretty pretty pretty please.”

“Ok, you’ve convinced me. You’re such a good beggar Jefferson you ought to stand downtown with a cup in your hand to collect change. Alright I’ll gag you with my stockings and I’ll put the tape over it but you will kiss my feet.”

“Yes Candy.”

Dr. Candy Benoit brought Jefferson down to the level of her feet and made him kiss her feet. She did this for several minutes.

“Alright that’s enough, it’s time to shut that mouth pretty boy. But I want you to start talking about how much you want me to let you go.”

“But I don’t want you to let me go.”

“Just do it Jefferson, remember I’m in control.”

“Please let me go Candy. Please untie me. I promise I’ll be good. Please let me go. I’ve got places to be. Please let me go. Please le…mmmppphhhhh.”

Candy stuffed the balled stockings in Jefferson’s mouth.

“Now for the coup de grace!” exclaimed Candy.

Several strips of duct tape went over Jefferson’s mouth, one right after the other, pressed on by Candy in as seductive a manner as she could muster.

“Now try and scream for help mister. No one will hear you. You’re in my clutches now little captive. And it’s time for me to stimulate that prostate of yours.”


Candy got up and left the room for a minute, she came back with a pink cylindrical device and a remote control.

“This is a butt plug Jefferson. A vibrating butt plug. It is designed to stimulate that little prostate of yours. Now I am going to use plenty of lube to make it as gentle as possible but this is going in your ass.”


“Don’t try to fight it. You can’t bound and gagged like that. You can try and struggle and resist if you like but this is going in your ass. It’ll cause a bit of discomfort at first but soon it’ll be very pleasurable and you’ll enjoy it. Dr. Candy Benoit knows what you need Jefferson. And you need this. Just relax and accept it. I’m not going to hurt you. This is for your own good.”


“You’ll see.”

Candy took out the lube and started lubing the device and Jefferson’s ass. She then eased the butt plug in.

“Don’t fight it baby. It’ll hurt at first but as it stimulates your prostate you’ll feel good and when I take it out you’ll feel naked without it. And I’m going to turn the vibrate function on.”

Jefferson was sort of stunned at this point, he never expected Candy to break this out. But still he felt strangely comforted by her especially as she ran her fingers through his hair and caressed him. She was giving him what he needed.

And the night was only beginning.

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