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‘Ladies and Gentlemen,’ all ears craned to hear the PA, ‘I am pleased to announce that flight BA657 to London Heathrow can begin boarding shortly.’

Some sighs of relief, and a few small cheers went up from those of us sitting in the seating area. Truth be told, the delay hadn’t been very long, an hour at the very most, but, as it was Friday night, and most of the passengers had clearly been on business in Berlin, most were just anxious to get home to their families.

Not me though. Yes, I had been in Berlin on business. But no, no one was waiting for me at home. I had broken up with my most recent girlfriend over 6 months ago, and while there had been a few pick ups in bars, a couple of dates and even a drunken fumble with a colleague at work, my last sexual encounter was longer ago than I liked to remember. Tall, blond haired and blue eyed, I would have called myself relatively good looking, and at thirty one I was still young enough that being single wasn’t a big deal. But the dates and get togethers with women had been more infrequent of late, a fact I was only too aware of.

That was probably the reason I had spent the best part of the last hour observing the young lady sitting opposite me. She was well dressed, but I guessed quite young, especially considering she didn’t seem completely comfortable in the grey business jacket and skirt, white shirt and black heels she was wearing.

The skirt was short and she spent quite a bit of time pulling it down her legs each time she shifted her position. She also seemed conscious of how tight the shirt was across her chest, pulling at her jacket at regular intervals. Not that she needed to worry on either count: her legs were stunning, slim and toned, and her tits, stretching the shirt, looked perfect, like two ripe melons. She had a beautiful face, with perfectly proportioned petite features, and gorgeous wide brown eyes. Her hair was a light brown, cut so as to frame her face.

If I were to be completely honest, she was way out of my league. But a guy can dream can’t he? And that is what I had been doing for the past hour. Dreaming of all the nasty things I wanted to do to her, and all the nasty things I wanted her to do to me!

The PA announcer shook me from my day dreaming.

‘We would like to begin boarding all platinum, gold and executive club members first,’ it called, ‘would those members please come forward with their passport and boarding cards ready?’

As this essentially meant “first class”, I assumed this is where I would leave the beautiful girl sitting opposite me. How wrong I was. As I begin to gather my bags, she stood up and started walking to the gate ahead of me. I follow on behind and was transfixed by her ass in her skirt. It looked delicious; tight and toned, and completely in keeping with her obvious athletic frame.

We passed through the gate one after the the other, and I followed her down the access ramp. The light scent of vanilla and peaches hit me. She smelt as gorgeous as she looked.

‘Welcome Miss Johnson,’ we’d reached the plane door and the air hostess checked her ticket, ‘seat 3A is just here.’ And she pointed to a window seat near the front.

I looked down at my ticket. 3B. Fuck yes!

‘Mr Brown,’ the air hostess was now checking my ticket, ‘here you are sir, right next to this young lady.’

I moved down the aisle and as I started to take my seat I smiled at my neighbour. She looked up, and flashed the most amazing smile back at me.


‘Hi.’ I replied.

I was going to spend the next two hours next to this gorgeous lady. This day had suddenly hit a bright spot.


We got ourselves sorted, and the other passengers started to take their seats. I realised for the first thine that Sivas Escort no one had actually followed us when “executive club” flyers had been announced, and indeed as the rest of the seats filled up, no one sat down near us at the front.

The pilot apologised again for the delay and informed us all we would begin the flight shortly. The air hostess shut the curtain between us and economy, took their seats and soon we were airborne.

The first 15 or so minutes were uneventful, I open my book and my neighbour turned on her Kindle. I tried to zone out of everything around me.

Except I couldn’t. I couldn’t help myself steal glances over at the gorgeous lady sitting no more than a metre away. The skirt kept riding up, showing more and more of her thigh, and then I noticed a gap between the buttons in her shirt, showing my the merest glimpse of her breast. ‘Shit!’ I thought, ‘She’s not wearing a bra.’

The air hostess came over the tannoy and knocked me from my daze.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, we will shortly begin passing through the cabin with drinks and snacks, a choice of which can be found in the booklet in front of you.’

As we were at the front, they came to us first.

‘What would you like Madam?’

My neighbour, Miss Johnson (I didn’t know her first name), contemplated what to have.

‘Er…. A glass of red wine please.’ She looked almost embarrassed ordering.

‘Ok, no problem madam.’ The air hostess checked herself for a moment, ‘I’m sorry to ask this but could I ask to see your passport to verify your age?’

Miss Johnson continued to look embarrassed, but reached down in to her back and came back up with her passport.

‘Of course,’ She said, ‘here you are.’

As she turned and reached over across me to hand it to the air hostess, the gap in her shirt widened and I was able to see more of her breast. This time I could see a nipple. Just from the side but it was enough to make me hold my breath. It was very pink and very hard. No wonder she was trying to pull her jacket across her chest, she would know that anyone could easily see through her shirt if she didn’t.

A hundred questions raced through my mind: Why was she wearing that shirt with no bra? Why wasn’t she wearing a bra? Why were her nipples hard? It wasn’t that cold in here.

The air hostess checked the passport. ‘Nineteen!’ She sounded surprised. I was surprised too. ‘Apologies Madam, but I hope you understand I had to check?’

‘Of course. No problem.’

The wine was poured and handed over.

‘And for you sir?’

‘The same please. Do you want to check my age?’ I joked.

The air hostess finished pouring and looked up straight at me. When she realised I was joking, a smile started to creep in at the sides of her mouth.

‘That won’t be necessary sir. But thank you for the offer.’

She handed me the poured wine, opened the curtain to economy, moved inside and closed them again behind her.

‘I haven’t been IDed for years.’ I said, as much to myself as to my neighbour.

‘I get asked all the time,’ she responded, ‘but I don’t mind. I may look younger than 18 now, but at least when I’m 40 I might look like I’m in my twenties.’

‘That’s true,’ I said, ‘unfortunately I’ve always looked my age.’

She paused and stared at me. ‘Early thirties?’ She blurted it out and then coughed suddenly, ‘Arhm! Sorry, I don’t know why I do that. Sometimes my mouth works faster than my brain.’ She looked embarrassed again, and turned her head away from me.

‘Don’t worry,’ I said quickly, ‘it doesn’t bother me.’

She stayed looking out the window.

‘You’re right you know. Thirty one.’

She turned back to look at me with a smile on her face and laughed.

‘At Sivas Escort Bayan least I got it right!’

I smiled back, ‘Yes you did.’

She held my gaze. She then started to blush but didn’t look away.

‘Jennifer.’ She said, and offered her hand.

‘Jack. Jack Brown.’ I replied and shook her hand.

‘You know…’ She started, then paused.

She tried again. ‘Do you want to know what I’m reading?’ She nodded her head towards her kindle. I raised my eyebrows quizzically but didn’t say anything. She handed me the device. I stared at it for a few moments and then turned it on. I started to read:

“She was now lying back on the bed, skirt up around her waist and her underwear somewhere across the other side of the room. Her smooth, recently shaved pussy opened slightly as though encouraging him in closer. He leaned in, and took one long lick, finishing at her clit. Ahhh,’ she sighed.”

Woah! My eyes shot back up to hers. Why was she showing me this? A grin had remained on her face.

‘I saw you staring at me back at the terminal.’ It was my turn to look embarrassed. Dammit, I didn’t think I was that obvious.

‘I didn’t mind,’ she continued, ‘in fact the combination of that and reading this story was…,’ she paused, looked over the back of the chairs to check we were alone and lowered her voice, ‘….turning me on a lot.’

She leaned in closer to me, her voice barely a whisper. ‘I’m really wet.’ She breathed.

She leant back and widened her legs slightly. Her skirt rode up her thighs even further than before. She licked her lips. ‘Do you want to feel? I’m not wearing any panties.’

Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! Where had the shy girl from earlier gone? My cock, that had started to stir when reading her book, was suddenly straining against my trousers. I shifted in my seat and reached down to rearrange myself. She notice and her grin got wider.

‘Poor you,’ she said with a pout, ‘looks like you’re getting turned on too.’ She looked down at the bulge in my trousers.

‘Tell you what,’ she whispered, I’ve got a better idea. How about I suck your cock? I bet that would make you feel good. You can repay me afterwards.’

I stared at her in amazement. I didn’t know what to say. She leaned over and started to kiss me tentatively on the lips. I couldn’t do anything else but kiss her back. I was in a daze.

Suddenly, I snapped out of it. She obviously sensed the change in me as she pulled back. I reached my hand behind her head and guided her back towards my mouth. This time we kissed passionately. Her lips were warm, soft and wet, and by the by the time we both pulled away we were gasping for breath.

‘Suck my cock you say?’

She nodded her response.

I looked behind me but the curtain was still firmly closed. I looked down the aisle towards the front of plane and there was no one about.

‘What if someone comes?’

‘You’d better hope I’m good.’ And she winked.

She reached down and began rubbing my cock through my trousers.

‘Mmm. Ohhhh yeah.’

She went back to kissing me, probably as much to shut me up as anything. I felt her fingers fumble with my zip but in no time she had pulled it down. My cock was straining for release. Her hand reached in to my boxers and gently tugged it out.

‘Shit!’ She whispered, ‘That’s big!’

It was true I was on the larger side, but I wasn’t enormous.

‘I’ve never, ever had anyone this big. It looks tasty.’

She wrapped her hand around my girth, fingers not quite making it all the way round, and slowly started pumping it up and down.

I moaned in to her mouth, ‘Mmmmm!’

She pulled away from kissing me. ‘That’s nothing,’ She whispered, ‘what about…… this?’

Just Escort Sivas as she finished speaking her mouth engulfed my cock and she shoved it as far down as she could get it.

‘Ohhhh!’ I moaning again.

At three quarters she stopped and I heard a slight gag. To be honest I was impressed with that, the furthest anyone had ever got before was halfway.

She slowly drew her mouth back up the shaft until only the head of my cock was in there. She swirled her tongue around the underside of my cock head, eliciting more moans from me.


She then pushed her mouth back down until she gagged again. She repeated this over and over, each time me getting slightly faster between the pauses at the top and bottom. Eventually she was just bobbing her head up and down on my cock, slurping and gagging her way around it.

I was in ecstasy. This was probably the best blow job I’d ever had, and given by a woman I had met barely an hour ago. She evidently couldn’t take anymore as she pulled her mouth completely off my shaft, gasping for breath.

‘Ahh.’ I sighed, my hips thrusting my cock slightly up and down. She leant up and gave me a soft, wet kiss. I love “just used” blow jobs lips. They way they’re slightly plump; softer and fuller, turned me on even more. She lazily stroked my cock while she kissed me, then whispered in my ear: ‘I bet you want to come right down my throat, don’t you?’

‘Yes.’ I crocked.

‘Hmmm.’ She was pretending to think, ‘Ok then, but only if you repay the favour.’

I nodded profusely and murmured my agreement, then decided to move things along. I held her hair at the back of her head.

‘Ooh,’ she smiled, ‘I like a man who takes charge!’

I guided her head back towards my cock but really she needed no encouragement. She starter slurping away on the top as soon as her lips touched the head, then she opened her mouth wide and plunged down.

She picked up the pace quickly, bobbing her head up and down on my shaft. I was getting close.

‘Ngh!’ I tried to control the noise as much as I could, but she was doing such a great job it was difficult.

‘Ngh, ngh, nghhh!’ My balls felt twice as big as usual, my cock stretching her mouth, and then I suddenly burst.


I spurted once, twice, three times, and still there was more. She swallowed and took the rest: four, five, six. The seventh was slightly smaller and she swallowed again. I squeezed out a couple more pumps, she swallowed for a final time and released my cock from her warm, succulent mouth.

‘Fuuuuck!’ I breathed out slowly, ‘That was….well…..just amazing!’

She chuckled, ‘Thanks! Glad you approve.’

She collected a stray drop of cum dribbling down her chin, and slid it back in to her mouth with her finger.

‘Mmm. You taste good.’

It was my turn, ‘Thanks!’

‘I need to go freshen up. Don’t miss me too much.’ She joked. She collected her back from under her seat, stood up, squeezed past me and moved towards the bathroom.

I sat back in my seat. Wow! Was all I could think.

The air hostess came back through the curtain pushing the drinks trolley. Fuck, a few minutes longer, I thought, and we would have been busted. She smiled at me, and I smiled back. If I didn’t know better she seemed like she knew what we were doing. Maybe.

Jennifer came and sat back down. As soon as she did the captain came over the tannoy.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen please take you seats, the seat belt sign is now on. We will shortly begin our descent in to London Heathrow.’

I sighed inwardly. It must also have shown on my face as she said, ‘Don’t look so down, I’m still going to hold you to your promise.’ With which she raised her skirt and showed me a bare and completely shaved pussy. ‘We’ll just have to move this to my hotel room. They’ll be more space for other stuff as well. Think of the sleep we won’t have!’ She winked at me and blew me a kiss.

I blew a kiss back. This I was looking forward to!

To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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