Jennifer Wets The Bed Ch. 02

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The feather’s tip teased, causing Jennifer’s clitoris to emerge from its silky sheath. Denise drew tiny circles around the swollen, fleshy bud, flicking the soft barbs across the stiffening shaft.

Mistress D had prepared a mysterious concoction of cayenne pepper, other herbs and stimulants for the occasion. She swabbed the feather, painting Jen’s shaved vulva with the reddish mixture. She squirmed and inhaled.

“How does that feel pet?”

“Oh. It b-burns Mistress.” Denise smiled and daubed more onto the quills. The moist, pointed tip eased between Jennifer’s pink hued cunt lips, invading her urethra. She swirled the boney shaft like a cocktail swizzle stick, irritating the sensitive, inner membranes. Jennifer sighed. The tickling sensation was maddening and to make matters worse, she had to pee…badly.

The dream was vivid. Jennifer’s body subconsciously copied the actions of sighing and squirming.

In dreamland Jennifer realized her thighs and lower legs were firmly strapped to the medical chair’s stirrups. Her wrists were crudely duct taped together and gripped the brace behind her head. A sharp line of pain inched across her abdomen, the need to relieve was eminent.

“M-mistress. This one…this one…has to urinate. Please allow Your slut to piss. P-please?”

Sitting Escort Bayan upon the stool between the woman’s outstretched legs, Denise admired her handiwork. The red powder was not bright as lipstick, Jennifer’s entire mons swollen and aroused. The pleading was lovely to hear, the shiny pearl continued to elongate and pulsate erotically.

“Oh yes pet. Soon.” Denise whispered, deliberately feathering around her irritated pee hole.

“Remember to smile darling. This will be a wonderful video to display.” Denise smirked. Through a veiled haze, Jennifer sat forward to view the blinking red light. The camera would capture the entire humiliating act.

Sharp pain etched across the tethered woman’s abdomen. An overfull bladder. The need to piss overwhelming now. Tickling. Need to scratch. I must pee. A trickle of warm liquid escaped. More. Please let me. Please!

Jennifer’s slender fingers worked fitfully inside her satin panties. The moisture from the dream was reality and pissy digits caressed her erect pearl.

“Ohh. Mmm.” Damn what a dream, she thought. Have to admit, love that scenario. Being trussed and teased and on camera. Oh wow. God I have to piss. Feels so good.

Morning sunlight softly filtered into Jennifer’s bedroom. Palming her cunny, she re-entered the fantasy Bayan Escort with her tormenting Mistress lover.

“Please. Please let me piss.” She whispered to the imaginary woman. “I need to pee so badly!”

Jennifer quickly pulled off the damp, sticky material and stretched like a cat. She lightly fingered the crack of her dampened ass. I’m such a bad girl. Both hands sadistically pushed down on the enlarged stomach area. Wicked girl!

She knew what she was going to do. Jennifer usually indulged with this act in the tub. She sighed. The need, the desire was overpowering.

Grasping the backs of thighs, Jennifer flipped her legs backward and up over her head. The balls of her tender feet touched the cushioned headboard. Allowing tense muscles to ease, she carefully lowered her long legs further back. Jennifer’s nails deliberately gripped fleshy ass cheeks and soothingly stroked her straining vertebrae.

The sight was beautiful. She loved her pussy. The sleek contours of labia mere inches away. The aroma of arousal oozed from her slit and permeated the small space. Her tongue stretched, wishing it could reach the Promised Land.

Jennifer slapped her right buttocks loudly. “Oww. Ohh Mistress is the camera on? I’m such a slut. Your pissy slut. Will you please let Escort this one urinate now? P-please?”

The answer was silent but affirmative. There would be no turning back now. Jennifer was thirsty. And horny. And in need of her special essence.

She watched intently as the lips of her coral hued flower parted. A miniscule dribble of clear liquid gurgled and spilled into Jennifer’s trimmed patch of pubes. C’mon. Piss. Let it go now. She pulled her hips lower and stared at the marvelous urethra opening pulsating. Piss baby. Yes. Piss.

Jennifer groaned. A powerful stream of yellowish pee immediately showered the pillow and Jen’s sleep ruffled hair. The release was heavenly. She aimed the hissing torrent onto her face. Splattering against closed eyelids and flared nostrils, Jennifer gloriously tasted herself. Her wide open mouth captured the salty fluids and eagerly swallowed.

Oh yes. More. So lovely. All me. Jennifer gagged, impossible to imbibe the gushing amount of sweet piss. The river sprayed across her white neck and breasts. She drank her fill. Small pools of pee surrounded her twitching shoulders and covered the cotton sheets.

Cunt muscles fluttered as the stream subsided and she sighed contently. The taste so divine. Jennifer slowly allowed her torso to unwind and legs eased back onto the wet bed.

She reveled in the ultimate, dirty passion. Her fingers lovingly stroked her swollen clit, building towards the first morning orgasm. Taste buds lingering with the tangy liquid that was her. All her.

~To Be Continued~

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